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Oh, it is alive - people are scuttling here and there and generally just anticipating the start of Pregame. Anyway:

Welcome BC to SotF! You see all the good stuff linked here already - Mini, the new handler guide and what I always recommend the most, Chat (We're a nice bunch, come visit us)

Any questions though, again, are best directed at the people in purple, for they are the ones running this thing.
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SnoopDommyDommmy: specialist subject in Mastermind is "History of Defecation in Wrestling"

Ruggahissy: We are the law now and our law keeps the streets clean O_O
Kilmarnock: XD Good.
Kilmarnock: Yaaaay for being the law.

Kermit: I asked a kid who had a crush on me. But I pretty much only gave him a hug so I guess that wasn't nice of me
Kermit: My friends said I was rude not to have at least offered him a blow job
Kermit: Apparently that would have been the polite thing to do

SpiralAgnew: Here, have something sad-looking
Bikriki: I must add this to my collection of pics that show people crying.
SpiralAgnew: XD You actually have one of those?
Whirly: I was going to say "Ian, of course he has a collection like that. He's German."

cos frankly the idea of trying to turn all your straight female characters into lesbians amuses me hugely

Uno: You seem excited. did Bambi's mom get reincarnated as a bug you just swatted?

Skraal: would it be correct to say you've sucked on a lot of black ones?
TtMaR: They taste nicer
TtMaR: Better shape, too.
TtMaR: They fit neatly into your mouth,.

Bikriki: My hometown is not a very indication of my personality.
Bikriki: Because as far as I can recall, I am neither ugly nor full of minorites
Bikriki: Though I would not mind the latter.
Bikriki winks

Shangela: Facials for the greater good.

Shangela: I work you into climax, what happens afterward is none of my concern.
Wes: Says the world's most detached sexecutioner.


Shangela: Did you stop high school genocide with your cock, Sansa?
Sansa: yes yes i did
Sansa: sunshine and happiness wasn't working so i had to take drastic measures

Wes: Welcome to SotF chat
Wes: Your weekly forecast: Nipples n' butts, if the pattern holds

Ruggawork: Yeah Aloha was a zygot with a keyboard shoved up his mom's uterus

<WES> Riki would never say or do anything sexual. He is a flower of innocence and purity.
<WES> If he was heroin, he'd be blue magic

Ruggahissy - Today at 11:10 PM
When I was 10 a kid kept calling me "Victoria's Secret" so I chased him, knocked him down and then stomped on him
He stopped
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Heya, BC! Welcome to SOTF. We're quite alive--your account just got stuck in the queue for a little longer because I ran the requisite checks, thought I approved it, and then three days later found that I hadn't. It can be a bit in general, though, due to the manual nature of the process--there should have been an explanation somewhere around the terms and conditions page, but if it's not up I'll work on getting it restored. You've just so happened to join in the between-game lull, so there aren't any RPed threads going on at the moment.

Anyways, you may want to take a look at the Mini, the chat, and the New Handler's Guide. If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me or any other staffer (we have purple names). We hope you enjoy it here.

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Personally I'm undead.

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13:58 Gianni Oh come on you broke someone's heart
13:59 Gianni you are proud, not embarrassed
13:59 Christian Yes
13:59 Christian Be proud
13:59 Christian Do we not all strive to break a human soul?
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I like you already. For a certain definition of like.
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Cody Patton : That bitch.
Sean Mulcahy : The world was kind to reprieve him of his fear...
Jessica Sanders: She hoped it would be quick...
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20:17Sideliner:Toben and Ricky are like a sibling version of the Joker and Batman, only Batman is just as much of a mass murderer. He just hides it better.
19:58LaurelsHow does your dick smell like Fritos?

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Well, well. And here I was, thinking SotF had somehow stopped existing. Glad to know the community is friendly, at any rate.
I am new to the board.
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Remember, correlation =/= validation! And what I meant to say by that is it takes a few days for anyone. Trust me, we plenty active, just check the Chat. At any rate, welcome. Expect me to PM you in like two days about character relationships and stuff.
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I've been lurking for two months* now, made an account two hours ago, considering making a character since two months* ago. Greeting is nao/now**

*inaccurate estimate
**select firemode
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Heya, shotgun. Welcome to SOTF. We talked in chat, so I won't link you that, but you should also take a look at the Mini and the New Handler's Guide. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or any other staffer (we have purple names).

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Also, this thread has grown too big over time, and as such is being locked and replaced. New members, go here to introduce yourselves from now on!

If you're curious about this, after about 1000 posts threads cause extra strain on the board and become prone to glitches, so we tend to lock and replace them at around that point.