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((Madeleine Smith continued from ...Because I Can't Make It On My Own))

Madeleine Smith ran until she reached the base of the mountains. She stopped there, breathing heavily. It wasn't a long distance, but after all her time on the island she was getting way out of shape. Either way, it was nice to get away from the madness of the last building she tried to enter. Sitting at the base of the mountain, Maddy pulled out one of her water bottles, taking a couple sips. The lukewarm water was somewhat refreshing.

Maddy stood up again, stretching her arms. The break was great and all, but she still had things to do. She still needed to find Violet and Anna. It had been over a week since she began this mission, and she hadn't exactly done anything towards that goal. Sure, she pretended, kept saying to herself she was looking for them, but it was just a way for her to justify her not doing it.

So where to start? Maddy pulled out her map, realizing she wasn't too far away from the old road she started at. Maybe she should head back there, retrace her steps. It worked for other people, why not her? With a nod, Maddy folded her map, putting it back in her pocket. Shouldering her bag, Maddy walked towards the logging road, being sure to keep a wide berth from the building she came from.

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