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((Will McKinley continued from (งಠ_ಠ)ง))

Will had left the asylum at this point, he needed to get away from what he'd done. Off the beaten path and into the forest. When he went to sleep in the office he had hoped to be alone with his thoughts in peace. And now He was. Or not in peace rather but silence. Too much silence. It gave it time to fester and grow. The thoughts in his mind wouldn't leave. He'd done something unforgivable and he knew it.

Sure one could argue that he was provoked into doing so, that he was too stressed out and tired to deal with the insane bullshit Darius was spouting out, but that would be the coward's way out of owning up. The fact of the matter was he killed someone for pissing him off. This wasn't like Alex who'd stolen something special to him that could never come back. Who killed Rea for no reason whatsoever. Didn't mean Will was better. He killed Darius for a reason, a shitty reason. Even now Will had besmirched her name, him insulting her was the justification, the trigger to it all.

He wondered how his family back home would take it, William McKinley shooting some drunk kid up over an argument, probably already disowned him for this shit.

He'd be lucky if they even bothered to pretend he existed.

He stopped at this point and realised where he was. The Storehouse, where Rea should have been before he fucked it all up. Blood splatter on the floor. Looking around the area showed nearly no change, without her body there it was almost like nothing had happened, the blood being the only reminder.

"I'm not making it out of this." She had told him before Alex stole her life. Words that haunted his dreams. Before Darius woke him up, there she was, she wanted him to stop. To turn back and help them. Ben and Penelope. he argued with her, "This is all for you." He'd say to her, she just looked at him like a monster children would spout fairytales about before Darius woke him up and it all went to shite. He should have proven her wrong. She deserved to live more than he did.

She had time to give him her goodbyes, maybe even come to terms with it. Darius was dead long before he hit the ground. He didn't get any goodbyes, poignant last words or a last hurrah. Nope, shot dead after pissing off an angry scott with a gun. Sounded like something from a black comedy, cept nothing about it made him laugh.

Maybe he knew it before he stepped in the room he'd die? He didn't have his bag with him or a weapon, maybe he did all this so he could die without killing himself?

Will shook his head, now he was rationalising it. He'd already done so with Alex, a murderer acting like a glorified high school serial killer version of Phantom of the Opera, but Darius? Acting like a shit didn't mean he could kill him.Would he be on their lists now? Darius was a known asshole sure, but Will McKinley, token scottish prick who hated Cochise and everyone in it sounds like a perfect story for them to spin, to band against.

He looked at the blood, examined it; seeing the small details left in it. Burning it into his mind his failure over the last few days. "I'm sorry." What had he done the last few days? Nearly lost his damn mind, threatened a girl near some cliffs, got the hopes up of the few people he respected before ruining them just hours later with a murder.

And now he was staring at his girlfriend's blood muttering shit that stopped meaning anything since this "game" started. It felt tempting to put the gun next to his temple and let it glow, just for a brief bit.

But he didn't, he remembered talking Penelope down from giving up, he'd be even more of a hypocrite if he did himself in over his mistakes. Maybe... he could still make it up to her, he just had to find him and be done with that. afterwards?

Who the hell knows.

((Will McKinley continued in Lord of Lunatics))
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