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(( Travis Webster continued from Stagecoach, and other vehicles... ))

Travis Webster had not gotten a lot of sleep that night. After fleeing from Tyler the psychopath, Travis had spent a considerable time patching himself up. He had no idea how to properly close a wound, so he had merely cleaned it and bandaged it in hopes of finding Joe, who'd no doubt know how to do it properly. As long as it didn't get infected. A fever would be death on this island.

Finally, after skulking along for hours, he'd found himself at a dock. He'd hidden himself away here, trying to stay low, all the while having his back to the sea. At least the monsters in the water wouldn't come out looking for him.

And so he'd spent his night there, sleeping with one eye open on the hard concrete. His dreams had only been darkness. Nothing vivid.

When he awoke around 8, he'd spent the first fifteen minutes adjusting his back. Once he'd finally cracked it out properly (whilst swearing profusely), he'd had his less than fantastic breakfast. But alas, he needed to keep his strength! He'd managed to avoid serious injury on the first day, but he'd tired himself out considerably, and he'd made a few less-than-optimal choices along the way. He needed to keep his head in the game if he wanted a chance to get out of this place alive.

He'd studied the map whilst eating his rather bland ration-bar. Apparently he'd gone back and forth across the island. Whilst Travis didn't have much experience with maps, once he'd found something as unique as the docks, it hadn't been hard to locate where he was.

Sure, it was windy, and he had been cold as fuck during the night, but that didn't matter. This place was safe. Isolated. He could hide out here for a couple of more days, given he got lucky with danger zones.

Whilst he was pondering other places to go to once this site was compromised, the announcement started.

He quietly listened to the man on the other end, awaiting the names of the people involved in the previous day's killings. It was critical to know who people would mourn, and who they needed to fear.

Dave Russell? Wasn't that the kid who'd freaked out over the pot brownies? The kid offed himself!?

Travis didn't really know the kid that well. On some level, though, Dave's death hit him hard. It hadn't been long ago since Dave's main concern was a little bit of pot in his system and now.... Dead.
Was this how it would feel every time the announcements came on? More and more names that you recognized, until finally, you'd have... nothing.

Gabriella Parker? She'd been in the group of girls he'd met up with at the start of the game. And by the sounds of it, she'd died relatively early in the day. Not long after he'd left them...

... Shit. This won't get easier...

Travis wasn't even remotely surprised with Hansel being a murderer. He'd seen the guy fight at the amusement park. Hansel was no good guy. This merely confirmed that the dude wasn't all talk, but actually a dangerous competitor, despite the injuries Trav had observed. He was on the top tier in the weapon ladder, while Travis was still crawling around at the bottom.

He also made a note of the name Theodore Fletcher. The kid was the classical early bloomer. Simply put, he would kill a ton of the weaker people, thinning out the ranks for the real players, but burn himself out by mid-game. Every kill takes a toll on both body and mind. Eventually, your luck will turn, and you get what's coming for you.
However, no matter how early this Theodore Fletcher might pop, he was still highly dangerous. Someone to keep away from if you wanted to play it smart.

And then.......



What? Joe Carrasco did... what?

He didn't even listen to the rest of the names. Didn't think about which tiers the different weapons mentioned were. He barely paid enough attention to the danger zones to hear that he wasn't currently in one.

Joe had already started killing. Trav's biggest concern with getting Joe on his team had been if Joe would be okay with the things that they might have to do to survive... But now...?

Travis peered out over the docks. No enemies in sight.

However, there was one large concern. The way the announcement told it, it sounded like Joe had shot his ally in the back. That hadn't been a smart play by him. Hell... Could he even be trusted anymore?

Or should he perhaps just be allowed to roam free? Should he just let Joe become another early bloom-killer. Have him burn out, just like Theodore would eventually? The less people the better, right?

Feeling assured he wouldn't get stabbed in the back by some unseen assassin, he turned his gaze towards the sea and looked out over the horizon. The sun had risen enough to cast a pleasant light on him. The sky was not as clear as it had been yesterday, but it was still beautiful.

"Guess I'm not hanging around here after all...."

He needed to find Joe.

(( Travis Webster continued in That's Crate! ))
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