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Hey there! Could you draw Olivia Fischer please? Here's her appearance as seen in her profile.
[+] Spoiler
Olivia is a rather petite person at 5’0” and 103 pounds. Her light blonde hair is very curly and goes down past her shoulders. Her green eyes are almond-shaped and framed by thick, round glasses and thin, arched eyebrows.

Her lips are pouty, and often covered in peach lipstick. Her teeth are rather white, thanks to constant application of whitening strips, and straight. Her nose is quite broad. Her face takes on an oval shape, making her look quite young for her age. Her cheeks have freckles, although this isn’t quite noticeable due to the concealer she applies to her face. She’s somewhat conservative with makeup. She prefers using it to cover up perceived flaws, rather than to accentuate her face. Her skin is very pale, which leaves her quite vulnerable to sunburn.

Her nails are often painted in bright colors. This is so she can dissuade herself from biting them. However, whenever Olivia is going through a particularly anxious time, or if she’s unable to access nail paint, she tends to bite down her nails to the cuticles, leaving them somewhat bloody.

She tends to wear T-shirts and knee-length skirts, preferring skirts in particular because her skin gets irritated by pants. However, on the day of her abduction, she wore a plain pink T-shirt with light blue jeans, and khaki step-in shoes. She also wore a pink necklace gifted to her by her grandmother, along with silver fish hook earrings.
EDIT: Also your art is gorgeous I love everything about it
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22:28Gianni Hey Mara!
22:28Gianni Sup guys?
22:28Maraoone Not much. About to get off soon
22:29RuffDesperado gross
22:29RuffDesperado tmi
22:29Maraoone ?
22:29Gianni LOL
22:29Muu LOL AW
22:29Maraoone NOT LIKE THAT

12:18DuckyBWe're like Urban Dictionary, except we only turn incredibly classy things into deeply disturbed sexual deviancy.

10:09Dom"excuse me I would like to order a giant dildo to beat someone around the head with"

11:46NaftBacon, pick up your breasts. They keep hitting the floor.

07:52MoonlightDriveat least
07:52MoonlightDriveyou didn't get RIC FLAIR'S TURGID OLD-MAN COCK
07:52MoonlightDrivefor your forfeit name

09:31Gianniwell, the Mississippi is the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Alabama's Republic of the Congo

09:40ShangelaDemonic slumber parties always have cute plastic slides.

12:38ChainmailleAddictI am so square that I have 89 degree angles.

19:14DeamonThis is way more semen talk than I expected at 11:15am
19:14Mumuit's 6am here
19:14Mumusemen for breakfast yall

20:47KalopsiaBioshock Infinite can jam a fork in its metaphorical urethra

11:37WesIn some ways, the sex undies were part of all of us, all along.

11:08Naft"The carbon-coated steel flayed a little due to the erosion from the lubricant, but Gavin paid it no heed."

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18:23MaraooneDeath by dildo. That would be fun to put on the wiki.
18:23OhmWhich I don't regret giving to Vahka
18:24MedicI mean didn't someone trip on a vibrator and drown in v4?
18:24--- Namira is back
18:24Namiradat context
18:24NamiraI MEAN

Loretta - Today at 8:21 AM
i wa nt to eat necroplush dick now

Zee - Today at 5:00 AM
roasts Aloha
Aloha - Today at 5:00 AM
winces at heat
Kyoko Sakura-chan - Today at 5:01 AM
Wait, that's not how you roast Aloha
Here's how:
Espi - Today at 5:01 AM
saves Aloha with a bucket of cold water
Kyoko Sakura-chan - Today at 5:01 AM
In Hawaiian, Aloha means "Hello" and "Goodbye," the latter of which is appropriate considering how fast his V6 cast died

Pancapples - Yesterday at 12:38 PM
What is the record for shortest time spent between orgasm and death?
Ekanselttar - Yesterday at 12:41 PM
🕷man's control - Yesterday at 12:41 PM
I dunno but there was this guy who masturbated 42 times in a row before he died of dehydration
Pancapples - Yesterday at 12:41 PM
In-game, I mean.
🕷man's control - Yesterday at 12:41 PM

jimmydalad - Today at 1:42 AM
Also, how much protein and stuff is in human meat?

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Also now you've gotta do me.
Zee - Today at 12:46 PM
oh bby
The Homeless Beard(e) - Today at 12:46 PM
I do you, you do me.
Tell me when you get here how serious we're being.
Cause I will go in.

Ruggahissy - Today at 1:30 PM
I dont know if v6 had an all beige girl or boy
Aura? - Today at 1:30 PM
The streak is broken?
Ekanselttar - Today at 1:31 PM
if you streaked would that count as all beige? :eyes:
Ruggahissy - Today at 1:31 PM

Vole dog yo bro - Today at 10:24 AM
to be fair
rolle don top - Today at 10:24 AM
looks cross
Vole dog yo bro - Today at 10:24 AM
i thought a fleshlight was like
rolle don top - Today at 10:24 AM
I'm innocent
not pure
Vole dog yo bro - Today at 10:24 AM
a sexy flashlight up until now
Lolo - Today at 10:24 AM
rolle don top - Today at 10:24 AM
ok Yugi is more pure than me
I at least knew it was a sex toy
Zee - Today at 10:24 AM
how would you make a flashlight sexy, I'm curious
Vole dog yo bro - Today at 10:24 AM
well like
a flashlight you would use in sexual intercourse
Lolo - Today at 10:25 AM
Vole dog yo bro - Today at 10:25 AM
shine a light up the butthole I guess
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I am not allowing myself to talk about anything relating to my characters or scenes I'm in unless they are brought up in conversation by another handler. I am not allowed to use my characters' names OOC or mention anything relating to that character until another handler mentions them. This is not currently in effect for pre-game; these self-imposed rules do not apply until v5v6 starts. However, they will be in effect the second v5v6 is announced. When one of my characters die, escape, or are otherwise removed from the game, these rules are lifted for that character, and I am free to talk about that character as much as I want. However, the others will have to wait until they too are out of the game.

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Would you kindly draw Serena?
[+] Spoiler
Serena is rather short for her age, standing at 5'2" and weighing 130 lbs. She is Caucasian. She has a petite figure, normally standing straight with her hands behind her back, as it's a position she's comfortable in. She has a small round face, with a button nose, a narrow mouth and thin green eyes. Her hair is naturally brown, with curls that reach all the way down to her shoulders. She brushes her hair nearly every day, so despite her curls, her hair is pretty ruly and easy to manage. She regularly puts makeup on, although it's hard to tell, as she doesn't put a lot on and it's mainly used for her to hide pimples or other blemishes.

Serena dresses modestly, and tries to make sure that she doesn't show a lot of skin. What she wears though generally depends on where she's going and what the situation is; if she's going to school, then she normally tries to cover herself up, wearing large skirts and long sleeve shirts. If she's simply going out with friends, she'll be a bit more relaxed with her clothing choices; going for t-shirts and jeans over jumpers and long skirts. On the day of the abduction, she opted for her more relaxed clothing; wearing a pink T-shirt with a picture of a panda slapping another panda with the caption "I didn't slap you, I just Hi-fived YOUR FACE!" and a pair of blue denim jeans.
[+] Spoiler
Serena Waters
Will Mckinley
[+] Spoiler
Seth Dunn
Sean Leibowitz
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Very impressive Kotori!

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13:59 Christian Yes
13:59 Christian Be proud
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Mr. Danya
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Dang that's some good art.

Ngghghgh I can't not ask you if you wouldn't mind taking a shot at Nate, I like the style too much.
[+] Spoiler
Standing at 4’6” and weighing 83 lbs, Nate has proportional dwarfism caused by a hormonal disorder. His brown hair is cut short, to the point that it rarely needs combing. He has thin brown eyes, a straight thin nose and a straight lipped mouth, as well as a rounded face with small ears. As a result of his disorder, Nate looks younger than his actual age and more closely resembles a thirteen year old, in part due to his smooth features and leaner frame.

Nate wears handed down clothes from his older brothers, so his outfits have evidence of repair jobs and leftover stains. He generally favours t-shirts and jerseys with solid colours or generic designs on them, as well as sweaters in the colder seasons. He wears jeans when he has to, but prefers to switch to cargo shorts as soon as the weather warms up, and keeps to the same pair of worn black sneakers all year round.

On the day of the abduction, Nate was wearing a green t-shirt with orange horizontal stripes. a pair of light khaki cargo shorts, and his black trainers.

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Whoa, that looks really good!

Would it be okay if I requested Rene?
[+] Spoiler
Rene is a bit larger than the norm for a girl her age. Standing at 5’9” and weighing in at 175 pounds, she is on the heavier side. She is Caucasian and pretty much devoid of a tan due to all the time she spends either watching TV or on the internet. The excess weight seems to be regularly distributed throughout her body, with her arms, legs, and torso all having a generous amount of extra padding.

Rene’s facial structure is a bit wide thanks to cheekbones that stick out just a bit more to the side than normal. Her cheeks are rounded and she has some excess fat around her neck and chin. Her eyes are oval-shaped and dark green, with a slightly angled brow. Her dark hair goes down no further then her earlobes, with long bangs that just barely stay out of her eyes. Her nose is sort of a blunted point, not quite fat, but not slim either. Her mouth is somewhat wide with thin lips, and is almost always in a smirk or grin, as though she is thinking of a way to crack a joke at the current situation.

On the day of the field trip, Rene was wearing a yellow T-shirt with a large, cartoonish black spider graphic on it, dark blue jeans, and white sneakers with black soles.

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Hycanthe Eickenhorst
Piet Lick
Cedric Matsumoto [INSPO]
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Ruggahissy: We are the law now and our law keeps the streets clean O_O
Kilmarnock: XD Good.
Kilmarnock: Yaaaay for being the law.

Kermit: I asked a kid who had a crush on me. But I pretty much only gave him a hug so I guess that wasn't nice of me
Kermit: My friends said I was rude not to have at least offered him a blow job
Kermit: Apparently that would have been the polite thing to do

SpiralAgnew: Here, have something sad-looking
Bikriki: I must add this to my collection of pics that show people crying.
SpiralAgnew: XD You actually have one of those?
Whirly: I was going to say "Ian, of course he has a collection like that. He's German."

cos frankly the idea of trying to turn all your straight female characters into lesbians amuses me hugely

Uno: You seem excited. did Bambi's mom get reincarnated as a bug you just swatted?

Skraal: would it be correct to say you've sucked on a lot of black ones?
TtMaR: They taste nicer
TtMaR: Better shape, too.
TtMaR: They fit neatly into your mouth,.

Bikriki: My hometown is not a very indication of my personality.
Bikriki: Because as far as I can recall, I am neither ugly nor full of minorites
Bikriki: Though I would not mind the latter.
Bikriki winks

Shangela: Facials for the greater good.

Shangela: I work you into climax, what happens afterward is none of my concern.
Wes: Says the world's most detached sexecutioner.


Shangela: Did you stop high school genocide with your cock, Sansa?
Sansa: yes yes i did
Sansa: sunshine and happiness wasn't working so i had to take drastic measures

Wes: Welcome to SotF chat
Wes: Your weekly forecast: Nipples n' butts, if the pattern holds

Ruggawork: Yeah Aloha was a zygot with a keyboard shoved up his mom's uterus

<WES> Riki would never say or do anything sexual. He is a flower of innocence and purity.
<WES> If he was heroin, he'd be blue magic

Ruggahissy - Today at 11:10 PM
When I was 10 a kid kept calling me "Victoria's Secret" so I chased him, knocked him down and then stomped on him
He stopped
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This art: Very yes.

Could you draw Clair Belvedere, please?
[+] Spoiler
The first word that someone would think of when seeing Clair would be "scrawny". At 5'6" and 118 lbs, Clair is one of the skinniest girls in the school, which makes her seem quite fragile and sickly, which she most certainly is not. She has dark brown waist-length hair with bangs that fall over her right eye. Her skin is pale from being inside almost all day. Her face is rounded, her eyes a light brown, her nose small and button-like, and her lips thin. She eschews makeup, saying that it's a waste of time. Nevertheless, she's not ugly, and she may even turn a few heads.

She likes to wear thick clothing, such as sweaters, hoodies, and long sleeved t-shirts, unless the weather really doesn't call for it. She also likes to wear loose fitting pants that don't restrict her movement. She almost always wears a black toque. On the day she was chosen, she was wearing a dark grey zip-up hoodie with a white t-shirt underneath, dark green cargo pants, grey running shoes, and her toque.
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G024 - Yukiko Sakurai - Weed whacker with circular saw attachment - Sunrise
B048 - Corey Esposito - Swedish Made Penis Enhancement Pump - Something Something Movie Reference

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No requests, I just have to say your art is amazing, Kotorikun! And it's so cool you're willing to do this for us too.
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[+] Spoiler
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July 2nd, 2017, 2:58 pm #10

Holy crap this is awesome.

Could you please draw Alba Reyes?
[+] Spoiler
Alba stands at 5’8” and weighs 132 pounds. She has light brown skin, dark brown eyes, and black hair, reflecting her Hispanic heritage. Her hair reaches her shoulder blades and is normally worn in a high ponytail, with her bangs brushed out of her face that shows off her large forehead. Her face is round, although she has a sharp chin. Her nose is large and her skin is clear and blemish free. From her physical activities, Alba is a bit toned and muscular, particularly on her arms, and is also a bit broad shouldered. Alba is also fairly slim and has small breasts.

Alba likes to dress casually. She’s not a fan of feminine clothing, preferring her clothes to be simple and clean. This means a lot of her clothing is monochromatic or has small logos, as she’s not a fan of prints or loud logos. She is most often seen wearing a polo shirt or a t-shirt with jeans and white sneakers. In colder weather, Alba will wear zipper hoodies. Alba does like to wear skirts and skorts, although she keeps them about knee length or slightly shorter. Alba doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, usually wearing a minimal amount of foundation and eyeliner. Her ears are pierced, so she does occasionally wear earrings, although she mostly prefers studs.

On the day of the abduction, Alba was wearing a dark green t-shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers. She also had a black zipper hoodie wrapped around her waist and an old digital watch around her left wrist.
[+] Spoiler
Nadia Riva
"You don't think I'm pretty enough to be a model? And you're telling me while wearing that face?"

Noah Whitley
"You look like you could use a laugh, and I have just the joke for that."

Alba Reyes
"Woo hoo! Three holes in one! That's a new record!"
[+] Spoiler
Girl #007-Rachael Langdon
"I really am going to die, aren't I? Oh god, what am I going to do?"

Armed with a Solar Powered Scientific Calculator
Stabbed with a sword by Marcus Leung.
Girl #018-Claire Monaghan
"You know, I always thought I'd be seen by millions. Fuck Murphy's Law."

Armed with a Shotgun Flashlight (1 Bullet) and a bulletproof vest

Girl #035-Sophie McDowell
"People often find inspiration in the darkest times. I guess I can too."
Killed by a grenade thrown by Summer Simms

Armed with a lead pipe.
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[+] Spoiler

19:10 Laurelena: When octopi eat hamsters, the resulting laughter is a mix of colorful idiocy and dainty ice skating

18:10 Mimi: "how many nipples does Miss Piggy REALLY have?"

16:57 Mimi play Fergaliscious
16:58 Mimi Omg
16:58 Mimi feral-liscious
16:58 Mimi that's
16:58 Mimi blowing my mind

16:57 KamiKaze Laurie, if you ever become a mod, let it be known that one day you will critique someone's profile who had a girl killing her family friend because he raped her, and the person will insult you by calling you a talking Oshawott doll.

21:42Acidic i AM ANAL WART MAN


[+] Spoiler
[+] Spoiler

Rachael Langdon
[+] Spoiler

Rachael Langdon and Claire Monaghan
[+] Spoiler

Rachael Langdon

Claire Monaghan
[+] Spoiler

Claire Monaghan
[+] Spoiler


MK Kilmarnock
Mr. Danya
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July 2nd, 2017, 3:25 pm #11

Wow. This style's fuckin' sexy.

Welp, might as well get in before the queue gets to be a mile long. (Seriously, I wonder if the people who post in here understand the gates of hell that they're opening)

Here's Coleen Reagan. She's been drawn a couple times, but I kinda want to find out if you can draw her with her hair pulled back, thus showing off the scarring she has.
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19:58LaurelsHow does your dick smell like Fritos?

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July 2nd, 2017, 3:49 pm #12

Damn, you guys are fast! Thanks for every single compliment, I'm glad you all like my art. Makes me feel very happy <3

I don't think I've ever had anyone call my art style sexy, so bonus points for you, MK

And thanks for the detailed descriptions!

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July 2nd, 2017, 5:37 pm #13

Wow, you are really really excellent at this. Your style is super cool, too. I like how much emotion and character you're able to work into even stuff like the angle of someone's head.

I'm not sure if you're willing to venture into the perilous waters of Mini/older versions (since I just request the same handful of characters every time someone makes an art thread and since appearances are, like, the part of profiles I struggle most with so I procrastinate on them for new characters until the very end), but if so, would you be willing to draw Jewel Evans?
[+] Spoiler
Appearance: Jewel is a tall, thin girl, at 5'8" and 135 lbs. She has long, curly hair, reaching about four inches past her shoulders, which she has dyed black, though its natural color is light brown. Jewel's eyes are hazel colored. She has thin lips, high cheekbones, and a slightly upturned nose. Jewel's ears are both pierced twice apiece in the lobe. She also has a stud on the left side of her nose, and a naval ring. She had her tongue pierced when she was a junior, but didn't adapt well to it and allowed the piercing to close after a few months. Jewel's build is thin; she is not muscular and is slightly out of shape, maintaining her weight through a modest appetite and healthy dining choices rather than exercise. Jewel has long limbs and thin fingers. Her posture is acceptable, but she tends to slump a little while sitting, and often fidgets.

For fashion, Jewel tends towards darker colors and more ornate styles. Her parents are not particularly enamored with her style, but allow her to do as she pleases so long as she pays for her own clothing, viewing her as simply going through a phase. On the day she was taken, Jewel was wearing a layered black skirt that went to a little above her knees, black tights, black shoes, a black coat, and a black t-shirt with Zach Johnston's face on the front in red.
Thanks so much for showing your work! You're cool.

Mr. Danya
Mr. Danya
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July 2nd, 2017, 5:46 pm #14

Hi Kotorikun! Your art is super cool looking and I really like how you colour and shade it all.

With that said could you draw some1 4 me pls? I will pay you in cupcakes.
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Forrest is 5’6" and weighs 114lbs, her slim body a product of sleepless nights working on new mixes and a lack of exercise and food. Her face is slim with high cheekbones and large circular eyes that are light green in colour although her left eye is half brown due to a minor case of heterochromia; her nose is small while her lips are plump and her chin round. Forrest normally accentuates her looks by applying a thin layer of make-up to help make her eyes and lips, which she views as her best features, more prominent. Since she’s started high school Forrest has changed her hairstyle from its original long light brown ponytail to a style that is short, cropped and curled to one side with the other shaved and all of it dyed in rainbow hues.

For clothes Forrest tends to favour tank-tops and shorts, although she’ll don skinny jeans or a hoodie if the weather requires it. On the day of the abduction Forrest was wearing a white tank-top with the words ‘Drugs Saved My Life’ printed down it in black block capitals, a pair of black denim distressed shorts and a pair of Chuck Taylor All Star Pride Geostar trainers.
Forrest Quin - At the Zoo
Bret Carter - On a date
Aliya Kimia Nemati - In Training
Arizona - Practicing
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Kimiko Kao - &#9775; - &#9775; - &#9775; - &#9775; - &#9775; - &#9775; - &#9775; - &#9775; - &#9775; - &#9775; - &#9775; - &#9775; - &#9775; - &#9775; - &#9775; - &#9775; - &#9775; - &#9775; - &#9775;
Travis "Trav" Lynch - &#9822; - &#9822; - &#9822; - &#9822; - &#9822; - &#9822; - &#9822;
Cameron Herrig - &#937; - &#937; - &#937;
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Gray Emerson - "No. We don't follow."
Yasmin "Yaz" Carroll - "I don't really have a plan anymore."
Christopher Harlin - "You can look me in the eyes and shoot me."

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dude your art is very cool and good, dude (dude)

Could you please add Cass Prince to your queue? Their clothing is in the trivia section.
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Asha Sur: GIRL 018, armed with a TASER. "Let's all embrace nihilism and be nice!"
Cass Prince: HUMAN 001, armed with a MOP. "It's all falling apart, isn't it? We're unravelling."
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Harold Porter: BOY 034, armed with a COFFEE POT. "Hey - none of this... none of this is your fault, alright?" Messed up. Plain and simple.

Daniel Whitten: BOY 074, armed with an INDIANA JONES REPLICA WHIP. "Oh, hey, sorry. Didn't think there was anyone else-" Died early.
Alice Gilman: GIRL 064, armed with a ROTATO. "Just... Just wanted you to drop the gun. Thought you were gonna shoot." Died stupidly.
Michael Mitchellson:BOY 019, armed with a FUCKING AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN. Died a failure.

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Daniel Whitten

By Violent-Medic

Michael Mitchellson

By Violent-Medic

By Mimi

Alice Gilman

By TurtleTyrant