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((Jeremiah Larkin continued from Pool Slingshot))

Jeremiah and his parents watched a hockey match, but this time it was on an iPad. It was a birthday present for Jerome.

And Jerome, Jeremiah and Daniela weren't the only people who were watching the match. Jerome also invited his friends to his birthday celebration in the Bowling Alley.

The Bowling Alley was a building that's been in Kingman for a long time. During the years some businesses went down, but this one's still kicking. Jerome said that. Jerry believed that.

Jerry usually watched matches on the couch, it was more comfortable than staring at the screen of an iPad, while other people also try to do so. And at home Jerry falls asleep on the couch. That was the most comfortable way of falling asleep.

Until he wakes up and his left arm went numb.

After eating some snacks and singing Happy Birthday, the crew also went to play Bowling. Roy, a childhood friend of Jerome was pretty good at Bowling. Roy was weird, though. He had a weird accent Jeremiah disliked. It was weird.

Roy then won the Bowling game, Jerry wasn't even good at Bowling. There have been so many times where it just landed on the channel. And these shoes. Bowling shoes were weird. Luckily, nobody he knew from his class was in the Bowling Alley at that time. Because that'd be embarassing. But which 16-19 year-old person would go there anyway?

But it was a fun evening, the Larkins and friends had fun at the Bowling Alley. Greg wanted Jerry to drink some booze, but Daniela and Jerome declined that. Jerry felt awkward being one of the youngest. Except that there were other kids who also were there, but they were way younger than Jerry and busy with their iPhones or whatever they brought with them. And Jerry wasn't a kids person. His birthday parties were more fun, tho.

((Jeremiah Larkin continued in TROUBLE))