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Dan was frustrated to find that his grasp fell short of the fleeing strangers ankle, but he really didn't have the conviction right now to pursue him; once again there was the issue with his opponent having the higher ground, plus he was pretty sure he would be outrun once he reached the top anyway.

The arrogant douchebag looked down on him from his position halfway up the ladder and made an attempt to say something quote-worthy for the cameras. Nerds were always philosophizing to compensate for being physically unimpressive. Dan would bet money that any self-proclaimed genius would trade his intellect on a dime for muscles or money or a bigger dick or something.

"You talk too much," Dan replied, shouldering his bag in resignation as the pasty boy dissappeared from sight. There had been kids like him in the previous game. There had been kids like Dan in the previous game. Emo boy, too. The point was, a handful of them had underestimated Danya and payed for it. Underestimated their fellow students, too. And the game. The game was the most powerful of all. It altered peoples minds.

Dan wasn't going to kid himself. The odds were slim in his corner, especially with that shit syringe as his only weapon. He was playing because it was better than just crawling under a rock and dying; he didn't think he could win. Captain Pastyface was in for a rude awakening.

So now he was left alone in the rain, no better off than when he'd started. He didn't try to retrieve the dead emo kids samurai sword or provisions, as the river was murky now and getting higher already with the rainfall. All he could do was change directions; the forest was a dangerzone now, there was no shelter to the east, and that ladder was so fucking slippery it wasn't worth the risk of injury or death to climb it.

'Ehh, fuck the whole thing,' he said to himself, heading on back the way he came. There was a city or town or something in the middle of the island. It would be crawling with players trying to escape the storm, but at least it was more promising than this shit.

((continued in Storm A-Comin'))

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Everone ended up leaving, nobody payed obvious attention to the warnings of the sole heir to the Atlantican throne. Marimar looked helplessly as she was left all alone, unnoticed by her own people. Of course........That was it! Ursula probably cast a spell to brain wash them! "Thats what Flotsome and Jetsome are doing. Their glowing eyes have become enchanted so they will brainwash the citizens of Atlantica for her own benefit!" Marimar looked at the siwrling waters of the clear river. Oh, how it reminded her of home. Her true home! Not this insane polluted sea everyone lives in now.

"I've got to find Jetsome before he brainwashes more people!" Marimar walked to the rivers edge and looked at her reflection. Beauty, the true beauty of Atlantica and the rest of the seven seas shinned beneath her eyes. She sccoped up some water and drank it, feeling the essence of the ocean within her. It was a miraculous feeling, she was confident she would save Atlantica and the rest of the merfolk! if that was the last thing she'd do! Marimar hopped her way on rocks across the river, and continued to find the evil coursing through Atlanticas veins.

((Continued Elsewhere))

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