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((Steve and Viki continued from Slow Chemical))

Steve cautiously led the way through some of the thick jungle, constantly checking that Viki was still close behind him. Steve had no idea what Viki was thinking and he felt bad for the girl. He knew that she felt a strong connection to Gabe just like he did, which is what was making it so hard that they hadn't found him yet. He wanted to say something like, 'Don't worry, we'll find him.' but even now as they continued their search Steve wasn't sure they would.

"Shouldn't be too much longer." Steve said as he trampled some more of the brush down, glancing at his map.

Why we're going to the quarry, I have no idea, but fuck if I know where to find him.

Steve knocked aside a couple more branches, and behind them was revealed to be the quarry they searched for. It wasn't as big as Steve had expected, but it would do for a temporary resting place.

Steve scanned the area and found no one around.

"Stay in the bushes for a minute, I'm going to go check out the whole place to make sure its safe. You hear any gunshots or me yelling, you run like hell."

Viki nodded and laid down on the ground in the bushes.

Steve wandered around the perimeter of the quarry, checking the indentations for anybody hiding and found no one. He rushed back over to where Viki lay and helped her up.

"There are a few places where we can see people coming from all angles, I say we just hang out for a bit and try to think of where Gabe would be."

Steve helped Viki scale the minor embankment into the main section of the quarry where the took up residence in one of the larger dynamite made blast holes.

The silence gave Steve a chance to reflect on everything from abandoning Courtney to getting grazed by James Brown's wild firing, to shooting Serenity and Shawn. All of those things were giving Steve a sensation he was all to familiar with. It was like he was back on the football field getting sacked and having four 300lbs linemen pile on him.
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[[ Taking over Viki here. ]]

Viki found herself without a lot clear thoughts going through her as she lay their on the ground as Steve had instructed for her do--well besides listening out for anything that might indicate trouble for either of them. Closing her eyes for a moment and allowing herself just a moment to breath and try and relax her shot nerves, though that of course was little to no use considering everything that had been happening... hell had been happening since she been unlucky enough to find herself waking up on this hellish place, slowly but surely everything just started going downhill. Going and going and unable to stop it's path until it laid waste to everything that dared to stand in it's way and she could really only wonder how long it would take to get the rest of the people she knew... until it got to her.

But really, what else did she expect was to happen?

A soft, barely there sound found it's way past her lips as she tried her best to keep her emotions in check, after all it was wouldn't of help to anyone if she started getting emotional now, certainly Steve had a lot more things to worry about than having to take care of a weepy girl. Closing her eyes once more and swallowing lightly, breathing out against her arms as she took a small glance up toward the sky and the cracks of light starting to span across the sky. Usually this would mean an announcement was about to issue across the island, wondering how many people had been added to the list of the dead since the last one that they had been graced with. Unsure if she could stand hearing if anymore of her friends had somehow ended up there, the unfortunate victims of those that had decided that the only way off this place was to listen to the sickening rules set before them. Though, as she had learned first-hand, not all those that killed were bad people...

Viki didn't give to much more to the thought as Steve returned to where she had been laid out against the ground while he had given the area a glance over, immediately finding herself glad that there didn't seem to be anyone... well any of the before-mentioned players of this game around. Quietly thanking Steve for helping her get herself off the ground as she brushed the back of her hand along the fabric of her clothing for a reason she really wasn't quite sure of, after all there wasn't a point in trying to keep her clothing clean... not after all this time. Still though, Viki glanced up as Steve spoke concerning the area and where they might be able to wait for Gabe, simply nodding her head along with his words having really nothing to add on her own at the moment.

The trek itself wasn't to hard thankfully, though she did find herself needing some assistance scaling over some of the slightly larger embankments until she found herself being led into a large hole, glancing around for a small moment before taking a place along one of the rough walls and sinking down into a seated position. Not thinking about much of anything before she found herself glancing toward Steve, eyeing the odd look of sorts that seemed to have graced his features, finding herself watching for a odd moment before smiling in a more-than-shaky manner. "He-hey, Steve... I just wanted to say thanks, for what you've done so far for me. And un, that what happened back there--with Sh-sha." She couldn't even say his name, shaking her head before continuing softly. "That... that wasn't your fault. Like I said, you did what you had to... yeah?"

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((Evan and Gabe continued from: 3's and 7's))
((GM of Viki is okay’d))

It had been quite a trek for the two boys. Struggling through some of the thicker parts of the jungle to avoid the dangerzones, especially after a shocker at the marsh, where according to their maps it was a safe zone, but they quickly found out it wasn’t when that heart stopping beeping began.

Both Evan and Gabe had been strangely quiet despite finally finding each other. It was a testament to the effects that game had on people that these two friends couldn’t think of many things to say. Evan had decided against asking Gabe about Kara, Blood Boy or Steve’s kill for that matter. Gabe had been almost stoic since the escape at the barracks. He’d gone back into his constant train of thought about Kara and his inability to avenge her.

As they entered the quarry they looked around. There wasn’t much to the quarry, but of what there was, they could see a lot of good places to get out of the rain.

“Lets head down in there and try to find somewhere to get dry for a bit.” Evan grunted.

Gabe nodded his head in agreement and the two began to climb down.


“I know it wasn’t my fault Viki, I truly do,” Steve replied looking back at her over his shoulder, “And you’re welcome, but its just really starting to bother me. Like I admit that when I first woke up next to Courtney I said I would kill if I had to. I would kill if it meant that I could protect myself and those people I care most about, but the feeling just doesn’t leave you. If I end up being the last person standing here, what am I supposed to do Vik? Walk up to Serenity’s house, the house that I’ve gone to for many a dinner and have great memories of and say, ‘Sorry I shot your daughter Mrs. Halos.’?”

Steve took a deep breath before he continued,

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have just lashed like that. I need to keep in my head that you are still alive and Gabe is still alive and that I need to be strong for you guys.”

Steve stood up in the make shift cave they were in and peeked out at the digging site. Even through the rain he could make out two figures climbing down on the other side of the quarry. Steve backed up and grabbed his rifle. Making sure the clip was loaded and the safety was off Steve made his way out of the cave, stopping at the front to speak once more to Viki, “I see some people coming in. I’m going to check it out, see if they are dangerous. Stay here. If you hear me yell your name, that means grab your shit and run like hell. I already checked it out, there is a fairly easy path out of here about 50 feet to the right of where of we are now. Take that and go the jungle if I yell.”

With that Steve slowly crept out the cave, using the boulders of the quarry as cover.


The spot Evan chose gave decent enough cover, but there was a slightly impaired view, but no worries Evan still had the Taurus on him. Deciding this was a good time to actually have the weapon at the ready, Evan unzipped his bag and drew the gun.

“Whoa dude…” Gabe said throwing his hands up and he entered the cave.

“It’s not for using on you dude, it’s for in case of attack.” Evan replied.

“Well yeah, I figured that but where did you get a gun?” Gabe asked, giving a slightly sceptical look.

“I got from…OH FUCK! Dude, I got it from that deaf girl Dawn and I fucking left her at the Barracks. She doesn’t know it’s a dangerzone. God fucking dammit!” Evan yelled as he kicked his bag against the wall.

“Wait. You’re telling me that you took a gun from a deaf girl, and then left her at the one time she’d need somebody to tell her she is in danger. Dude, you’re a dick.” Gabe said cracking a slight smile.

“I’m a dick? You’re the one smiling about her possibly dying.”

“True, but you gotta admit, it is kind of funny.”

Both of the boys then burst out into laughter.

“You know, just being able to smile feels good man. I’ve been dwelling on Kara and that Nate Harris fuck for the last bunch of days, and I know now that there isn’t really much I could have done.” Gabe said.

“We know dude. Hence why Steve, Viki and I split up to try and find you. We didn’t want you dead.” Evan said taking a more serious tone.

It was then that both of them smiled again. The smile was short lived though, as they both turned to look outside and there stood a figure in the rain whom they couldn’t make out from the glare of the setting sun with a rifle pointed at them.

Steve had managed to sneak over un-noticed and decided the best plan was to surprise them. He couldn’t make out who the two were in the dark of the cave though, but he did see a gun and that was enough reason to raise his own.

“Push the gun away from yourself now.” Steve growled into the cave.




It was a cheesy B movie scene as Steve lowered his weapon and embraced his friend whom gotten up and dashed to the entrance of the cave.

“Dude, I can’t believe this, how’d you and Evan get here? I mean Viki and I were just hanging out on the other side of the quarry there.” Steve said, his voice filled with joy.

“I don’t know man, I ran into Evan at the barracks and we just ended up here.” Gabe replied.

“Evan dude, good job finding him. Now both of you grab your shit and lets get to our little cave. Its bigger, and God knows Viki will be happy see you.” Steve said.

All three of them trudged their way back over to where Viki was sitting. The reaction was almost the same as 5 minutes before. Viki looked up to see who was with Steve and within seconds had her arms wrapped around Gabe.

“Don’t EVER do that again, you had us so worried.” She yelled at him, hitting her fist against his chest.

“I won’t don’t worry.” Gabe replied smiling.

After a few more minutes of fist beating and hugging, all four of them sat down.

Gabe shared his story of wandering around not really accomplishing much, told the crew about his meeting at the caves and the shooter there. Evan told the group about meeting Dawn and the shootout at the bridge, then his stand off with Will at the barracks. Next up was Steve.

“Well, after we decided to split up, I went to the Mess Hall to see if Gabe had gone their, and went I got there I ran into Brad, and then I found...(Steve sighed)…Serenity. She was dying right there. It took everything out of me guys. She…she was just so weak but she was still being strong for me. Then she asked me to end it. She was hurting so badly, but just the way she said it, I knew she was ready. So I just did it.”

Steve stopped. Replaying the scene through his head, he could feel a tear rolling his cheek.

“Excuse me.” Steve said, as he exited the cave.

“No don’t. Just let him be. He’s had it rough the last few days,” Viki said when she saw Gabe move like he was going to follow him, “After Steve left the Mess Hall, he went to the field of flowers and I found him there. He was in shock. We ended up meeting one of the Dorian’s who wanted us to help him with an escape plan but I wanted to make sure we found you first Gabe. Then Shawn Waits attacked us and Steve…Steve shot him too. He didn’t have a choice. He would have killed us if Steve hadn’t protected us.”

“Wait? Steve killed two people?” Evan said, his mouth hanging open.

“Yes,” Viki whimpered, “He’s doing everything he can to protect us.”

A silence fell over the cave as the turned and saw Steve in the rain. Evan rose up and walked out to stand next to him.

“Look man, Viki told us what happened with Shawn. It’s really great that you’re protecting her.”

Steve stayed silent.

“I mean, I had my doubts that you killed Serenity out of mercy based on the rumors about her and Paul…” Evan didn’t finish the sentence, because Steve’s fist had just connected with his jaw.

“Don’t you ever fucking say that!” Steve roared.

“WHOA!! What the hell Steve?” Gabe yelled as he came running out.

“That son of a bitch insulted Serenity, said he thought I killed her purposely.” Steve replied.


“Yeah, I said I thought it. I really did,” Evan said angrily as he rose to his feet rubbing his jaw, “Captain roid rage just took it the wrong way. I was going to say I believed him now, but hell after that outburst I really don’t know. Maybe you did kill her, and you probably killed Shawn for shits and giggles.”

“Fuck you.” Steve snarled as Gabe held him back.

“Evan shut the fuck up. Steve wouldn’t do those things unless he had to.” Gabe yelled.

“Oh sure, take his side like you always do. Always going with Steve, precious fucking Steve. Every time there is a problem it can’t be Steve’s fault. Nothing is ever Steve’s fault. For fuck sakes Gabe, Steve isn’t God, and I’m sick of you think that. Everyone’s big fucking hero, star quarterback, Prom King, and you loved every second of it because you knew you were his right hand man. What about me? I never got anything. I never had the glory you two got, but did I complain about it no? This though, this is the last fucking straw. Both of you are completely fucked.” Evan yelled as he pulled the Taurus from his pants and pointed it at Steve.

Steve looked back and could see his rifle was just out of diving reach. It was then that Viki came barrelling out of the cave and jumped in front of Gabe and Steve.

“Evan, what are you doing,” She yelled, “Put the gun down. They never meant to hurt you.”

“Oh..ah ha ha,” Evan chuckled, “I’d forgot about you. Little miss jealousy. Little miss too good for Evan right? God I tried so hard to get you to like me and you just couldn’t accept it could you. You couldn’t have the damn decency to tell me ‘No.’ You just kept on going with the mind fuck, all the while dreaming of the day Kara would be out of the picture so you could have your precious Gabe all to yourself didn’t you?” Evan said.

“Evan…I…I had no idea…” Viki whimpered.

“Well I do. All three of you are worthless pieces of shit. Thinking you’re all so fucking great. On your high horses, well no fucking more.”

Evan pointed the gun at Viki and pulled the trigger.

“NO!” Steve yelled and Evan pulled the trigger. Steve made a quick dive in front of Viki pulling her down to the ground. The bullet tore through Steve’s back lodging itself in his ribs.

Steve winced on the ground, gasping in pain.

Evan stood in shock watching the scene. He’d really just shot someone.

Evan’s moment of hesitation was just enough time for Gabe to dive at him and tackle him to the ground.

Gabe landed mount position and shook the gun from Evan’s hand, knocking it away. He then rained punches down at Evan’s head. Evan brought his elbows up, blocking the shots, then with a quick pop of the hips flipped Gabe off and sprawled for the gun. Gabe lept on his back as he grabbed the gun, once again shaking it loose and tossing it away. Both of the guys stood up and began trading blows, backing their way up to the path Steve had told Viki about. As they neared the start of the path, Gabe landed a punch flush to Evan’s nose breaking it in the process.

“Dammit!” Evan yelled, as he turned to the path and began to run, wiping the tears from his eyes as he went.

“No you don’t.” Gabe bellowed as he sprinted to catch Evan.

Once again Gabe’s running back speed proved useful and he caught Evan at the top of the edge of the quarry. Gabe tackled Evan once again gaining the mount position, but Evan once again used the quick hip pop to flip Gabe off.
Evan got his feet first and landed a kick to Gabe’s ribs.

Gabe fell back to the ground in pain struggling to take in wind.

As Evan neared Gabe, Gabe grabbed Evan’s left and tripped him, followed by a quick kick to the side, that cause Evan to roll.

Evan rolled over, but unknown to him was that he was at the edge of the rock face.

“Shit!” He screamed as he reached up hoping to grab a hold of something. He managed to catch his left hand on a small rock sticking out.

“Evan!!!” Gabe yelled as he ran over to the edge.

“Gabe, help!” Evan cried out as he could feel his grip starting to wane.

Gabe reached out his right hand. All animosity was just gone. Evan was still his friend dammit and he could help him out of the funk he was in.

“Dude, grab my hand.”

Evan reached up and grabbed Gabe’s right hand with his own, just as his left hand finally slipped off, breaking the small rock off the rock face in the process.

“I gotcha, I gotcha..” Gabe moaned as he struggled to try and pull Evan up. His ribs were searing with pain from the last kick Evan had landed.

“Gabe, I’m slipping!” Evan screamed, as he could feel the mix of sweat and his blood working against him in Gabe’s hand.

“No, dammit Evan hang on!”

“Gabe, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry. I don’t know man, I didn’t mean it. I..”

Gabe saw the look of terror and sorrow in Evan’s eyes and the last bit of Evan’s hand slipped from his grip.

Evan fell backwards through air until there was a split second of pain, then absolute nothing.

The sound of Evan’s head cracking off one of the boulders on the ground echoed through the quarry.

“No! Son of a bitch no!” Gabe screamed as he looked at Evan’s sprawled corpse on the ground.

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For one brief almost blissful moment everything seemed to be just right.

Viki found herself finally able to smile again, if just a little bit when it was clear that the two that had wondered into the quarry was Gabe and Evan. Breathing a sigh of relief she didn’t know she had in her any longer in her. The warmth in just seeing Gabe exploded in her almost tackling the boy in a hug, after that everything just seemed to slow down as they got seated and they began to share each of what all had happened to them so far. Though as Steve began to speak she continued but feel her body tense up, closing her eyes somewhat as he continued through and really unable to think of anything to say—though she quickly came to the conclusion that there was nothing which was probably why she stopped Gabe from leaving.

Deciding to finish up for Steve starting where she came in she continued in a soft voice, Evan’s questioned voice after she had finished almost making her shudder for some reason. Watching Evan stand and move out toward Steve in the rain she almost wanted to stop him as well, though something stopped her from doing so—though the events happening after this she could have never thought of happening. She didn’t expect the punching, the angry words, the yelling—not even two seconds later it had Gabe on his feet and running out into the rain as well to see just what had caused the outbursts between Steve and Evan.

And right before here that blissful moment was breaking right before her like ugly porcelain.

It only escalated to a horrible point when Evan removed the gun from his pants and aimed it square at Steve.

After that, everything seemed to happen in a blur almost. Viki didn’t remember moving until she was already running, and she certainly didn’t remember a plan of any sort until she had already thrown herself in front of the gun. Evan’s words though… everything went in the opposite direction and seemed to slow down as they cut through both her heart and mind. Just as quickly things began working at double pace when the trigger was squeezed and she could swear that she could see the bullet leaving the barrel, the bullet that was going to end her life. But before it found purchase her line of vision sort of twisted around and flipped onto its side as a gasp of pain, not from a bullet though from landing not so comfortably on the rocks that filled the quarry instead.

Viki didn’t have time to think on that though before Evan was running away and Gabe was chasing after him and the pain on Steve’s face made it clear just where the bullet had ended up. Her mind was racing at where to go but with Evan and Gabe gone she had to focus on helping Steve instead, as she scrambled to her feet and back into the cave to locate her medical kit and rush back to Steve’s side.

Wha—what should she do?

Bleeding…. Bleeding she needed to do something about the bleeding. Rushing to open the kit, and almost spilling the contents everywhere she managed to find the roll of bandages, rolling some about her hand before tearing it from the rest. Swallowing somewhat as she ignored a small part of her and getting the other’s shirt up and pressing her bandage covered hand where she saw most of the blood, hoping she was at least doing something useful and not being the cause of him dying or something. There didn’t seem to be any blood pooling under him so that meant the bullet was probably still inside… so…

Damn if she knew what to do, listening out suddenly she could only hear the faint outline of someone yelling in the rain-clouded distance. Torn and hoping that Gabe could bring Evan back to his senses before anything else happened.

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The sensation of being shot was like someone had just plunged 50 white hot knives into Steve's skin. This was nothing like scrape on his shoulder he'd suffered a few days ago, this was a full blown bullet in the fucking ribs. Steve saw Gabe chasing Evan off, followed shortly by Viki returning to his side with a medical kit. She took out a roll of bandages and pressed them to his wound. Steve took some furiously deep breaths as the sensation of pain returned.

"Is it bleeding badly?" Steve managed to say through gritted teeth. After Viki shook her head no, Steve rose to his knees. He knew the bullet was still inside him, and it hadn't struck anything vital or he would be dying right there, still it would need to be cleaned and bandaged as soon as possible.

"Do you have any disinfectant or anything to clean it with?" Steve asked looking to Viki.


Gabe couldn't bring himself to look back over the edge again. He'd had Evan's hand. He'd been pulling him up, then nothing. Just Evan falling like Gabe had done nothing to begin with. Gabe lay back on the ground thinking about what his friend had said about Viki, Steve and himself.

Oh damn, Steve!

Gabe had completely forgot that Steve had been shot. Gabe rose up to start heading back to Steve and Viki when he realized that Evan had been right after all, he was ready to abandon his thoughts about Evan's death and jump to help Steve right away.

"No. He'd want me to make sure my friends were okay." Gabe said to himself as he started slowly back down the path towards Steve and Viki. The walk back seemed to take forever, as despite his best efforts, he could not shake Evan's words from his head.

When he arrived back he found that Viki was attending to Steve's wounds while he'd asked if they had some kind of disinfectant.

"Only place that would have that is the hospital." Gabe said trying to keep his voice strong, all the while hoping that neither Viki or Steve would ask about Evan right away.

See...he was right.
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November 25th, 2008, 4:26 pm #6

[[Alright, really~ need to get this done.]]

Viki blinked somewhat as Steve spoke to her again, swallowing somewhat and glancing around for something that might be close to what could help Steve right now. But her search was quickly interrupted as Gabe—minus Evan she noted—returned to their little camp of sorts. Swallowing somewhat at her thoughts and trying to rid her mind of the thoughts and just hoped that Evan had just run off or something… at least Gabe seemed fine for the most part, she couldn’t say anything for Steve at the moment but the fact he was at least talking was enough for her at the time being. At Gabe’s words though she wasn’t too sure what to think, let alone do…

Though in the end she could only nod her head, sifting somewhat on the hard ground her knees were pressing against as she slowly undid her hand that was bound up in the bandages and hoping not to hurt Steve as she did. Glancing toward Gabe with a small look before looking to the bandages that were slowly soaking up with blood as she slowly closed her eyes, “Ac-actually before we leave… I need to… a ba-bathroom. I’ll be right back.” She said as she finally removed her hand from the bandages and stood, dusting herself off somewhat. “I’ll—I’ll be right back okay?”

That said she turned and quickly made her way toward the jungle that lined the area, moving beyond some of the larger rocks and pausing as she stood at the entrance back into the jungle. Taking in a deep breath of air and just trying to get her thoughts together, this wasn’t so much a bathroom as just a break to get away for a short moment before she just starting breaking down…

Even though she wanted to keep at least a partly strong appearance so the other two wouldn’t worry she couldn’t help as tears began slipping down her face, though in the end she knew she needed this small moment if she even wanted to think about carrying on to whatever was going to happen to them next. Just taking a moment for her even though that point had long since past, rubbing at her cheeks somewhat as another moment seemed to go by.

Needing to head back before anything bad happened to Steve or even Gabe… barely able to wonder about her on well being any longer.

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((Lenny Priestly continued from When We Die))

Lenny Priestly was angry.

No, more than angry, he was infuriated. Full of hate.

He stumbled through the forest in a blind fury, his only goal to find his sister. The events that took place at the shore swam around in his head, and he saw every one of the people involved in the shooting and taking of his sister a fish.

He was the shark.

Blood ran down his left arm, and there was blood on his neck from where the bullet had grazed him.

Blood, something he was learning to love now. Everyone was a liar. No one was truthful. He tried, he really did. For his sister, he tried to be a different person. Though everyone at the shore proved that try as he may, no one was good. If he was going to survive and keep his sister alive, he would have to let the true Lenny out. Everyone involved in his sisters kidnapping would die. Everyone who shot at him would die. It wasn't a matter of if, it was a matter of when.

Lenny Priestly would keep good on his promise. He would kill anyone and everyone that got in his way. His twin sister, gone.

Lenny saw a clearing coming up ahead, and the thought that Anna and Lulu could be there caused him to crouch down, his gun ready. He wouldn't even give them the pleasure of saying, "Tag, your it."

He would shoot them, and if they weren't dead by the bullets he would just let them bleed to death. That's what they deserved for taking his sister.

He wasn't exactly sure though if he was on the right track. Lenny was bad at directions, and he wasn't exactly a tracker. He just took off in the direction he saw the girls taking his sister. Then he saw Viki, all by herself.

The black haired girl appeared to be alone, and that was good. Maybe she saw where they took Elizabeth. Yes, she would know. If not, maybe she could help with Lenny's wounds. He hadn't taken the time to bandage or clean the two shots in his left arm, and by the pain that was pulsing in his arm, he knew that wasn't a good idea. He could easily die of infection if he wasn't careful.

Lenny entered the clearing, his gun trained on the girl.

He spoke softly as he walked towards her, "No sudden movements please. I'm not here to hurt you, if I was you'd be dead by now. Are you alone? Have any weapons on you? Most importantly, have you seen my sister, Elizabeth? She was taken from me by Anna and Lulu."

Lenny stood there, his gun aimed at the girl, his left arm at his side, fighting the pain.


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December 1st, 2008, 2:34 am #8

Barely a step, she had barely taken a step when a voice reached her and caused her to freeze up like a rabbit cowering before a hungry wolf. Swallowing hard as she made sure to listen to the voice, remaining still yet still tilting her head in order to see just whom was ordering her around and found her eyes widening at the sight of just who it was--because she had listened to the announcement, who hadn't? And the sight of Lenny Priestly standing within five feet of her made her stomach lurched about and her heart clench as if caught in a vice grip as her eyes locked onto the gun he held and that was currently pointed in her direction. She was so caught up in the sight of it she almost didn't hear what he was saying, her mind finally snapping to focus as Viki looked up to him and began to listen carefully.

To say the least she was taken aback by all his questions, shaking her head somewhat as she finally managed to find her voice. "No, no... I don't have any weapons." His first question bothered her though, should she tell him about Steve and Gabe... or should she lie and hopefully he'd leave them alone. But if he caught on that could cause more trouble even though he said he wasn't here to hurt anyone she really wondered how much she could trust a known killer. Opening her mouth to speak though not a whole lot came out at first as she fond herself still torn between the truth and lying... in the end though she couldn't they were only a few feet away anyway, if she didn't say anything he'd figure it out on his own.

"Fr-friends." Viki began lightly, "Gabe and Steve... but please, I haven't seen Elizabeth or Anna and Lulu, you're the first person that came through here after--after Evan."

She was at a stand still, she didn't know what else she could do--she figured Lenny was probably worried over his sister and so maybe in his fit to find her he'd leave them alone. Swallowing again, she remained perfectly still not wanting to do anything that might cause the boy to fire the gun he was currently armed with. Still, she allowed herself to take note of wounded arm that seemed to be pinned at his side. Breathing out a little bit and found herself trying to offer a small smile, unsure why she was even considering speaking anymore than she had to, to this person near her. "Yo-you'd probably want to take care of you're arm though... all the blood lo-loss... it'll make you light-headed and you might even pass out." She said softly repeating what she remembered from that boring semester in health class, almost sighing at this nature of her's that continued to show even at a time like this when the person she was giving advice to could very well shoot her dead at any moment.

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December 1st, 2008, 11:11 pm #9

There were others around.

That was news that Lenny didn't want to hear, yet he had to deal with it. It appeared that the girl had no idea where his sister was. She was useless then, and anymore staying around would only put his sister in more danger. Then Viki made a point which Lenny had been trying to push away. He was hurt, and it wasn't any surface wound. He had been shot twice in his left arm, and he couldn't deny it any longer. Especially since he knew she was right, the blood loss would soon result in an end for Lenny Priestly.

An end he wasn't willing to accept just yet.

Lowering his gun, Lenny tucked it into his jeans and took off his shirt. He looked down at the gauze wrapped around his chest, which his sister did for him. The cut it was covering wasn't very deep, but back then, he was better safe then sorry. There was no need for it anymore, and it had been feeling uncomfortable anyways.

Lenny ripped at the gauze until it fell to the ground, revealing the cut across his chest from Keiji's blade. He smiled at the thought of that fight, and how he earned the scar. Yes, earned the scar. Just like he earned the two bullet wounds in his left arm. He looked at Viki and said, "Don't try anything funny or you'll be the one needing medical attention. Got it?"

Lenny sat down on a nearby rock and waited for the girl to do whatever she was going to do.

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December 3rd, 2008, 12:27 am #10

Finding herself swallowing hard again Viki remained completely still as she remained in the presence of this person and finding herself just hoping that his no-doubt apparent concern would out way any attempt to try and hurt her... or worse Steve and Gabe. She couldn't let that happen after everything that had happened, after all they had done to help her--biting her lip somewhat she wasn't to sure what she'd be able to do if Lenny tried to go after them. Scream maybe, tell them to run perhaps they'd get the point and run away. Though as soon as she thought that she couldn't help but smile almost sadly because she knew that, that would be the least likely thing to actually happen. Breathing out somewhat she glanced back toward Lenny at the sudden movement and found herself almost flinching and waiting for the gun to go off...

But in the end nothing happened.

Blinking somewhat Viki allowed herself to glanced toward the boy as he moved to tuck the gun away (breathing out a short sound of relief at this) and removed his shirt. This though caused the girl to look a bit confused at current situation she found herself in as she watched Lenny start to tear at the gauze until it fell off showing the large wound... though it seemed to be in the process of starting to heal and scar over, that rested on across his chest. A bit caught up in this she was slightly surprised when Lenny spoke, blinking again and moving her mouth to protest or something... she-she couldn't fix his wounds, she could barely handle it with Steve how could she expect to do anything when this person could kill her at any minute. What could she possibly do now?

Quickly stopping herself from crying she took a small breath and glanced over her shoulder, wondering if there was any glance she could run away and get to Steve and Gabe before he started shooting and get out of here? No... Steve was hurt so they'd be slowed down and he could possibly kill them all.

Slowly she moved forward as she nodded, reaching to grab at his first-aid kit and remove some things--things she hoped would be the right thing to use because damn if she knew anything of what to do. Sure she had a good score in her Health class but that was a year-and-a-half ago when she had even looked at something like that. Shaking slightly as she removed something to start cleaning the wound and around it and just hoping she'd make it through this.

And for a short time everything did seem to be going alright, she managed to clean the wound and get some rubbing alcohol on it though as she bent down to get some bandages out to wrap the wound. That when she felt her world suddenly sift and the ground suddenly become closer as the stress, lack of sleep and having little to nothing in her stomach caused the girl to spill toward the ground which caused her to grip harder on the boy's arm causing blunt fingernails to dig into the bullet wounds as she spilled against the ground.

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December 3rd, 2008, 2:17 am #11

There was silence as Viki started to work on Lenny's wounds. He allowed his mind to wander towards his sister, and of course Bobby and Shameeca. What were they doing now? It didn't matter, he would find them right after he got his sister. He would find them and put them down like the scum they were. He felt the anger rise in him, and he pushed those thoughts away and concentrated on Viki cleaning his wounds.

The rubbing alcohol burnt as it was applied to his wounds, but he knew it was a necessary pain. That's when Viki made a mistake.

Lenny let out a scream of pain as the girls fingernails dug into his bullet wounds, and as he jumped back he felt the burning, throbbing pain shoot throughout his entire body.

"What did you do!?"

Lenny was about to reach for his gun and shoot the girl, but the pain in his arm stopped him. Yet the pain going through his body gave him another idea. The girl needed to suffer just like she made him suffer. Did she do it on purpose? Even if she didn't, she hurt him, and he had no time to be slowed down by anyone.

Reaching with his right arm he took the hatchet out which was tucked into the back of his muddy jeans. He gritted his teeth, trying to hold the pain inside of him.

"Do you like hurting other people? Do you want to know what it feels like?"

Lenny dropped to the ground as he swung his hatchet at the girl's stomach.

This would be fun.

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December 3rd, 2008, 5:44 am #12

No, no, no, no...

She knew she had done something wrong... she knew, she knew. But Viki's mind couldn't focus, she couldn't think straight--her mind still spinning with everything pushing down on her. Eyes watering as nausea came over but somehow managing to keep what little she had eaten in these down but her worried nature over if she was going to lose her lunch or not was over-shadowed by sound of Lenny yelling suddenly. Snatching her hand away as she scrambled to try and get turned around and back on her feet but her whole body was shaking and she continued to remain in a dizzy-state of mind that kept her from moving fast enough.

"Acc--accident. It was... it was an accident."

Whimpering lightly she tried to sift her weight and move to turn over and trying to sift backwards as she noticed Lenny reaching behind his back and finding herself whimpering once again at the sight of the hatchet being removed and shaking her head as the other continued speaking and moving toward her.

"No, no... i-it was an accident... I didn't..."

The sight of the hatchet swinging toward her caused her to gasp and try to move to stand... run... do something to keep the worst from happening. But the worst did happen as a horrible, blinding pain seemed to exploded at the bottom of her chest near her ribs. Gasping again and feeling her choke, tears spilling down as she realized that it was blood she was choking on before a scream ripped past her lips at into the dark afternoon hours.


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December 3rd, 2008, 3:15 pm #13

"Viki..." Gabe has sputtered as she took off. He'd wanted to stop her, but she'd gone so quickly. Even though Gabe hadn't seen her for a couple of days, it was easy to tell from their brief reunion that something had happened besides Steve getting shot that was playing on Viki's mind. She was so fragile at the moment, and Gabe decided that when she came back from the bathroom, he wouldn't tell her about Evan's death.

"Where is she going?" Steve said turning his head around.

"Bathroom, I think she said. Hey, I found some rubbing alcohol in your first aid kit, so hold on to your balls for a second, this is going to hurt." Gabe replied as he took a bit of gauze poured the alcohol on it, and pressed it to Steve's wound.

It took every ounce of toughness the quarterback could muster to not scream to the high heavens when the gauze touched his wound. He just growled through his teeth, and started to breathe heavily.

Gabe repeated the cleaning twice more before applying the gauze bandages he'd also found in the pack.

"All right, I think that's got it, so put your shirt back on and see if you can still move good." Gabe said, tossing Steve his shirt.

Steve stood up, wincing a bit as he did, and put the shirt back on. He started moving around, and while his side did start to sting, the bandages held, and his overall ability to jump around wasn't impeded. The only difference Steve really felt was it was difficult to take deep breathes, but he hoped that would subside in a day or two, provided he lived that long.

"Yeah, Gabe, this should be fine. I can still run, and jump around. Just can't breathe as deep. Thanks again man, and if its all the same, I say we don't even mention what happened here. Evan was and is still a good guy." Deep down, Steve only half believed that, but right now he had to make sure Gabe stayed focused.

"Yeah, I know. I let the same thing happen to me. I let the game get the better of me."

There was now a mutual silence between the two. Neither of them could think of something to say. The silence was shattered by a scream, coming from what sounded like a girl.

"VIKI?!?" Steve and Gabe both simultaneously shouted.

"Dude, grab that pistol and lets go." Steve shouted at Gabe as he grabbed his rifle. The Taurus that Evan had dropped in their fight was only a couple feet away.

Steve began to run (albeit slower than he could before) towards the path leading up to the forest. Gabe hesitated as he reached for the pistol.

I can't do this. It's Evan's weapon...


"Fuck it. Evan would want us to protect Viki." Gabe said, restoring some confidence in himself. He picked up the pistol and chased after Steve.

They ran up the path to the forest frantically scanning for any sign of Viki, finally their eyes found her, being stood over by Lenny Priestly, someone who both Steve and Gabe knew had been announced as killing people more than once.

"Hey! Get the fuck away from her asshole." Steve yelled as he raised his rifle. Gabe followed suit, pointing the pistol at Lenny's body.

Both boys made their way slowly forwards, as they did it became clear to them the cause of the scream. Viki's the area above Viki's stomach was bleeding profusely, and they'd left their first aid kits back at the cave.

"What the hell did you do?" Gabe snarled at Lenny.
Is in...

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December 3rd, 2008, 7:31 pm #14

Lenny was about to swing again at the girl, this time maybe aiming for her arm, when two boys appeared. It was Gabe and Steve, just like Viki had told him, and they were armed. Lenny turned to face the boys and a smile formed across his face.

"What did I do? She must have...tripped."

Lenny laughed at this, knowing very well his lie could be seen through, and that's how he wanted it to be.

"What's with all the guns? I'm just trying to find my sister, seen her?"

Lenny thought about his options. He didn't have many. He was standing over a girl who he stabbed, and his gun was tucked into his jeans. Any movements for it would surely cause him to get shot. If they fired their weapons he was easy bait too. There had to be something...

Lenny pulled Viki up by her armpits and held her in front of him. He grinned at the boys and said, "Pull those nice triggers of yours. Think you're good enough of a shot to get just me? I promise you both though, that if you miss, she's as good as dead. If not from your bullets, but from mine."

Lenny pressed his hatchet against the girl's neck. He slowly applied pressure, not enough to cut her neck open or anything drastic like that, but enough to give her pain. Enough to make this worth Lenny Priestly's while.

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December 4th, 2008, 5:07 am #15

[[ This was such a bitch to get up. ]]

It hurt... it hurt so much.

The horrible sensation of trying to keep yourself from bleeding everywhere, feeling as the hatchet was removed made another choked sound escape as she found herself hacking up more blood onto the ground under as even more continued to pool from the large gash in her midsection. Everything felt so far-away... as if she was trapped underwater and couldn't hear, she couldn't breathe, she couldn't do anything but lay partly against the rocky ground and bled. Somewhere far off she thought she heard someone yelling her name but she couldn't tell.

More yelling seemed to happen as she partly turned as her blurry, unfocused and teary vision tried to focus on just who was around now. Though it wasn't hard to figure out once her mind was able to focus but she hated the thought... wished that Steve and Gabe hadn't come and have a chance of getting hurt as well. It was... it--it was already to late for her, no matter how horrible the thought was and how much it made her cry but she was going to die here, on this island by this damn person's hands.

The sensation of being lifted off the ground caused her to let out another cry of pain as her wound was pulled on, barely able to stand as she was tugged up and forced into this position as a shield. Knees shaking as more blood was coughed up and head tilting forward as she once again felt the cold press of the hatchet digging against the skin of her throat as she blindly stared toward the two blur-like figures she could barely make out to be Steve and Gabe.

Lenny's words though sent a flash of something... anger maybe? Viki wasn't sure but she found herself speaking before she could fully finish her thoughts.

"Kill..." She found herself muttering around the taste of iron in her mouth. "Kill 'im... be... fore he can... do this aga--don't worry... 'bout me. Done for... anyway."