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"You sick son of a bitch. What the fuck did she do? She didn't touch your stupid sister, she didn't do a damn thing to you." Gabe yelled Lenny as he raised to point at Lenny's head instead of torso.

"I wouldn't fucking play challenging games with me either you stupid fuck. If you would have payed attention to my presentation last week on hunting, you would have realized I'm a marksman, so I'd say its your move on that one. Do you think you're good enough to make me miss?" Steve growled again, his rage at what this guy had done was overwhelming all the pain in the ribs to the point that he'd forgotten he was shot.

Both of the boys paused their yelling as Viki attempted to speak. The blood in her throat was making it difficult for them to understand her, but they got the gist of it, and it wasn't good. She was dying for sure, and from what they understood she didn't have long.

Steve and Gabe exchanged looks and nodded slightly, they both knew they had to take him out. Steve was the first to fire, the recoil of the rifle sent a shockwave down to his injured ribs which caused him to wince, Gabe raised Evan's Taurus and squeezed the trigger. Gabe had never fired a gun in his life, and with the power of a Taurus, he could feel his hand jerk the gun as it kicked.
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Lenny must have moved his head at just the right time, because he got lucky. Steve's bullet made impact with Lenny's right ear, tearing it off. The pain was harsh, but Lenny pushed past it. His head swam to his sister, and he would be no use to her if he was dead. These guys meant business, and Lenny needed to go. He needed to...

Throw them off.

Lenny pushed Viki forward and as he did he pulled out his handgun and fired two shots at Steve and Gabe as he dashed towards the jungle. Once he made his way inside the jungle he stopped though. Crouching down, he reached up to feel the wound on his head only to feel most of his ear, gone. There was blood, but it really wasn't that bad of a wound. At least he didn't think so. Not compared to his arm.

He would let them have their fun, and when they had their backs turned he would come back out and finish his business with Viki if she wasn't dead yet. He looked down at his gun. It looked like he would have to use bullets to finish the job, which was ok with him but he really wanted her to scream. He wanted her to feel the pain he felt.

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((Sorry for the double post, got to get things rolling cause it's a danger zone now))

The announcements were a shock for Lenny, for they didn't come on yesterday. The names were long, and when he didn't hear his sisters name he smiled. She was still alive, she was still fighting. Lenny was about to make his way out of the jungle and finish off Viki when he heard it.


This place was a danger zone now.

Lenny couldn't believe it. Danya was picking off danger zones at random and keeping them secret. He decided that he didn't want to go out that way. He still had business to attend to. Besides, the wound he gave Viki was pretty deep.

"Let her bleed to death. She deserves it."

Lenny turned and headed deeper into the jungle.

He wasn't sure exactly where he was going, except that he hoped it led him to his sister. So with that, Lenny Priestly once again headed deep into the jungle. This time however, he knew he was willing to kill anyone, and everyone that got in his way.

Woof woof Danya.

The collar around his neck only proved what he was.

A dog.

((Lenny Priestly continued at All Time Low))

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(OOC: No probs about the double post. I was going to get these three out of here, but I had a slight amount to drink last night, on top of refereeing all morning I wasn't able to get to it.
OOC #2: At the request of Riser who is busy at the moment, I'll be controlling Viki in this post, and writing her death)


There it is. Gabe thought.

That sick twisted voice booming. Mr. Danya was back, and from the sounds of it he was happy. The list of names he went through was astounding. They had really killed that many people over the span of days they were here.

A groan of pain from Viki turned Gabe's attention away from what Danya was saying.

"Vik, he's gone don't worry. We'll get you out of here. We'll get you to the hospital." Gabe said frantically.

"What about me?" Came Steve's voice.

In the commotion of Lenny shooting at them and the announcements right after that, Gabe failed to notice that his comrade had been shot again.

"Steve...oh shit man."

"Fuck it. Don't worry about it, its a surface wound, bullet didn't stop in me, its just blood. Let's get Viki out of here." Steve said through gritted teeth.

The boys moved to grab Viki but she feebly motioned for them to stop.

"Guys..don't bother. I'm going." Viki managed to gasp out through the pain of her wound.

"Dammit, Steve there has got to be something we can do?" Gabe yelled as he dropped to his knees. He just couldn't let Viki die here.

"I'll go get our bags, maybe our med-kits have something in them." Steve said quietly as he turned and jogged back towards the cave, holding his ribcage.

"Viki...Vik, Steve's gone to get our first aid kits, we'll help you. Get you better." Gabe said quietly to her.

"Gabe, I'm sorry about sorry." Viki said as she opened her eyes to look at Gabe.

Gabe was speechless. He felt the warm tears rolling down his cheeks as Viki looked at him.

Viki used her last bit of strength to take Gabe's hand in her own. She forced a smile.

"You'll be fine Gabe. You get you and Steve out here." She breathed out the last words as she felt herself slip away. Her body went limp as her eyes closed, her final vision being one of Gabe smiling back down at her, and that was all she'd wanted.

G06 - Viki Valentine - Dead

Gabe smiled back down at her while his tears kept coming. He felt her hand go limp and saw her eyes close and knew that she was gone. The sadness he felt was turning into anger. He started to take some deep breathes to help deal with it. He looked down at Viki's body.

"I'll get us out of here Viki and I'll get that asshole who did this to you. Mark my words."

As Gabe let Viki's hand fall, he stood up, still gripping the Taurus in his other hand. He looked down at it and he knew he would be the one to avenge Viki. He wouldn't fail her like he'd failed Kara. Lenny Priestly was a dead man.

"Gabe!! Fucking run!!!"

The yell broke Gabe's focus on his gun as he turned to see Steve carrying two bags and running the best he could, pain etched on his face. It was now that Gabe realized there was a distinctive beeping coming from around his neck.

The collars.

Gabe ran to Steve taking his bag on the fly.

"This way!" Gabe yelled to Steve as the beeping got faster.

The boys took off with Gabe in the lead in the direction they'd seen Lenny disappear.

((Steve and Gabe continued in Appeal to Reason))
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