Hilary Barks

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Name: Hilary Barks
Position: Biology/Chemistry Teacher
Gender: Female
Age: 46

Appearance: Standing at 5’ 2” and weighing 183 lbs, Mrs. Barks is a hefty woman who can usually be seen sporting a sunny smile. She wears her short, brown hair down to her chin in a wavy style and often sports some peach coloured lipstick to brighten up her otherwise pale skin. The signs of age have begun to appear on her, as she has her share of crow’s feet and wrinkles, which have become more noticeable over the past few years.

Mrs. Barks tends to dress for summer even in the heart of winter, often coming to school in breezy white blouses, loose brown trousers, and a pair of tan sandals. She is also quite fond of jewelry, particular silver butterfly designs, and accessorizes at every opportunity, but a tan line stands out on her hand these days where her wedding ring once resided.

Biography/Personality: As a young lady, Mrs. Barks aspired to be a doctor. However, in spite of her sharp mind and quick wits, she came to realize that a medical career was not for her, and so instead she decided to move into teaching as another means to make a difference in people’s lives. Settling into a dual biology and chemistry teaching position at Cochise High, her warm influence and sense of humor in the classroom earned her her share of fans.

Lately, however, her attitude at school has taken a notable decline. Unbeknownst to the students and some of her co-workers, Hilary is currently going through an unpleasant divorce that has put her son (who does not attend Cochise) in an awkward position and is causing a lot of stress in her life. As a result of this, her classes have grown somewhat dour and serious in recent times; on her bad days, late assignments that would receive a kind but firm prod towards punctuality have begun to warrant harsh reactions and sudden detentions. Though she still means the best for her students, Hilary is just having a hard time balancing work and her personal life these days.