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September 22nd, 2016, 11:05 pm #1

(Jasmine Reed continued from Dramatica.)

Jasmine Reed was not crazy.

The library was silent, dead silent, yet the whole time she was there, in the asylum's library, she could not shake the feeling that somebody was watching her.

She wanted to ignore it. Because after her meltdown at the first library, the one she woke up in, she's been tense.

Why?  Because Caitlyn paid her a visit earlier that morning. When Jasmine was at her most vulnerable, when Coleen and Lily ditched her, when she was alone.

Who is Caitlyn?  Good question.

Caitlyn  was Jasmine's best friend.. when she was a kid. Not current best friend. Actually, it'll be hard to count her as Jasmine's actual factual best friend because Caitlyn  does not actually exist. She was an imaginary friend, always was, always will be. Which meant that the feeling in the pit of her chest? The sensation of someone watching her? It was not real. Jasmine was making it all up.

Jasmine Reed was not crazy.

Her fingernail rapped against the wooden desk. She clenched her teeth. It was okay in the beginning when she needed something to cling to. But now she was being childish and she needed to stop and think about because she was not crazy, nope.

She found a book that had kept her occupied up until now. From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. It was about a girl running away to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. She also had the paper Lily gave her hours ago in her bag. She just didn't feel like using it. The thought occurred to her that she could  Jasmine did not know what time it was. Sunset? That's all she could gather from looking through the dome ceiling that overlooked the cloudy sky. She only looked up once. She kept her face buried in her book because she saw something move in the corner of her eye a moment ago. Probably a trick of the light...

... Were those footsteps?

Jasmine Reed was not crazy. It's... It's just been hours since she last saw another person. That does something to you, you know? Jasmine swallowed. Her throat felt dry. It was bad enough when the bell rang. The bell practically scared the shit out of her. But this?

More footsteps.

... She wasn't going to let this go until she checked. It was going to keep nagging at her. She closed the book, used her thumb as a marker. Jasmine opened her mouth to speak. Then she closed it, opened the book back up. Closed it. She clenched her teeth.

The footsteps were gone. They seemed awfully close, last she checked.

Okay. Alright. Maybe it isn't your imagination. Maybe... Maybe somebody's walking past the library. Yeah. You don't have to say anything Jasmine. Just look over your shoulder.

This is getting ridiculous.

Jasmine slammed the book down, counted to three and forced her head back to look straight over her shoulder --

-- just in time for the baseball bat to connect with the back of her head, instead of the side of her face.

The force of the blow coupled with Jasmine's sudden movement caused her head to fly forward, smashing her forehead against the corner of the table. Then she hit the carpeted floor with a thud.

... See? Jasmine wasn't hearing things after all.

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September 25th, 2016, 1:38 am #2

((Junko Kurosawa continued from 96+ Quite Bitter Beings. Everything in here’s approved, but lemme know if something needs to change.))

Man, what was this shit? It was like something out of a horror game, swear to god. Was some crazy doctor wannabe gonna slice off her fingers? But yeah, it looked like they’d been tossed in what had to be the unholy mixture of Alcatraz and Arkham Asylum. Or something. Junko wondered how they managed to find a place like this to host their death game.

Anyways, she was now in some kind of library. Books were in good condition, which was strange. Junko wasn’t much of a book person. Sure, she could appreciate all the effort people put into getting kids to read, especially in the era of Google. But, she was more of a go-out-and-play person. Books were entertaining, but they weren’t entertaining the same way going to the skate park was, you know? She did like comics, yeah. But you know. But Junko may or may not have snuck a book into her bag. May. Eh, it was reading material.

Junko zipped up her bag, and saw a shadow. She swore to god her heart skipped over a beat. She slid closer, looking behind a bookcase. Jazzy Reed, huh? She was close with people like Caedyn. Junko’s experiences with Caedyn… weren’t positive. Not only that, but Jasmine was a weeb. A weeb who wanted to go to Japan. A weeb who drew in a “manga” style. A weeb who had absolutely no interest in anything that wasn’t Japanese. That kind of weeb. It wasn’t a secret that certain anime fans annoyed Junko, but she had to think.

Jazzy wasn’t paying attention to her bag, sitting on the chair next to her.

Junko knew she had to make a decision at some point. Four bottles would only last a few days, at most. She’d been reduced to three, because of Darius being a moron. Even if he wasn’t a moron, where was she going to get more? Drinking too much water could give you runner’s cramps, yeah, but know what’s worse? Dehydration. Not fun. She never found out how to filter water so that it was safe to drink, or anything. Of course, one way had occurred to her. Everyone had gotten four bottles. Darius had wasted all of his and one of hers, but there you go. Four total. Which meant that if she was up to it…

She slid the bat out of the bag.

She stepped closer.

Jazzy seemed to have noticed the sound, and looked up. But she looked back down.

She’d found someone. And Jazzy, Jazzy was someone who she didn’t like. But was it worth it? She was someone annoying, and was willing to hang around an even more annoying person. But she knew, in the back of her brain, that what she was considering was wrong. But she pushed it away. She pushed away the memory of beating Darius, and she pushed away her doubts. A conscience wouldn’t help her any, would it?

Junko thought of Jazzy and Caedyn, and her grip tightened.

It wouldn’t.

Junko was right behind Jasmine. She’d looked up again, her finger wedged into the book. But it was too late. The bat went swinging into the back of her head. Jazzy fell, hitting her head against the desk before landing on the floor.

Everything else was on automatic. Junko felt herself moving quickly towards the chair with the bag. She felt herself pull the strap over her shoulder with her free hand. She felt the weight of the bags on two shoulders. Jazzy might have said or done something, but she wasn’t paying attention.

Instead, Junko ran. The bags beat against her sides as she sprinted towards the exit. The door swiftly loomed into sight. Her vision blurred, only focusing on it. It felt like the world’s most twisted track event ever.

Her hand touched the doorknob, and turned. For a second, Junko looked behind her, but looked away. She opened. She ran outside.

The door closed behind her.

((Junko Kurosawa continued in Slow Motion Rocky Punches))

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September 27th, 2016, 9:56 pm #3

(Joshua Bracewell continued from State of Shock.)

There were two windows looking in on the library. The first, and most (word for exaggerated), was the domed glass overlooking the rooftop of the structure and the skies above. Obviously it is the first and possibly only window people imagine. The second window, the one Joshua Bracewell was currently peering in through, was inside the library's front door. It did not cover as much ground as the domed ceiling, but it was close enough for Joshua to see the crumpled body on the floor.

Joshua Bracewell felt cold. It wasn't the chilly kind of cold, the one you felt during a frostbitten December evening. It was the kind you felt when a cold was coming on. Your forehead gets clammy, you get the shivers, your feet get cold so you have to wear wooly socks to school, and you worry that your friends are going to make fun of you, but of course they don't, because your friends aren't cruel. None of your classmates are cruel.

He took a deep breath.

Then he turned and looked and smiled at Keith.

"Hey man, I think this place looks empty. Do you think you can keep a look out while I check it out?"

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September 27th, 2016, 10:13 pm #4

(Keith Bauer continued from State of Shock)

Keith had calmed down a bit once they had made it out of that awful basement. Sure, his clothes were still damp, and sure, all he had for protection was a nail gun, but things would work out, no matter what random chicks thought. He didn't know how they would work out, but they would figure out something eventually.

Keith didn't see why he needed to keep a look out, but maybe it was the smart thing to do.

"Sure, yeah, of course. Holler if you need me."

He breathed out heavily to reassure himself. Keeping a look out was just a precaution. Things were fine.

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September 28th, 2016, 1:25 am #5

Joshua smiled, then. He gave Keith a big thumbs up before walking through the door. He made a beeline for the corpse the second the door clicked shut. He got down and crawled closer. He rolled her over and checked her pulse. He pressed two finger to her carotid artery.

... There was a pulse.

... Joshua's reactions were mixed. Relief washed over him at first, because that meant she was still alive. But then a sense of dread came over him, made the hair on his neck stand up. Because she was still alive.

He checked her pulse again. This time she tried her wrist. He felt a pulse there, too. This wasn't a fluke.

Joshua's smile evaporated. He shuddered. What time was it? The sun was not rising last he checked, but it had to be early in the morning at least.

This was not good. Not good at all.

Joshua Bracewell thought for a moment. He glanced back at the door, checking to see if Keith was being a curious bugger. He wasn't. Joshua was thankful for that, because he shrugged off his back and reached for the sword -

It was the sound of the back hitting the floor that made her wake up. In hindsight, he wished he had been more quiet. He sensed her beginning to stir once he rolled her over.

The girl wrenched herself up. Joshua flew back onto his bum and stared as the girl tried to right herself. They locked eyes. Recognition soon hit him.

An irritated twitch of his eyebrow.

He kept his one arm behind his back as the girl visibly calmed at the sight of Joshua. She didn't smile at him, but she didn't scream, which relieved Joshua. She was... Caedyn's girlfriend? Joshua did not keep up with who was dating who back at school. It'd be hard not to know who Caedyn was going out with though, the girl was crazy enough. Despite being popular, he wasn't exactly a fan of schoolyard gossip. But she knew Jasmine, vaguely. She clearly trusted him, which made things a lot more complicated and a hell of a lot more awkward.

She asked something, but for whatever reason Joshua didn't hear it. His brain was tuning it all out. He was coming up with a Plan B - because Plan A turned out to a bust the second the girl wrenched herself awake.

The thought of killing Jasmine while she was awake was a harder pill to swallow. It had been so easy while she was unconscious. Joshua knew he could do it - he had to do it. If he did not do this, no one else would.

It was clear she tripped. That much was obvious from the overturned chair and the bruising across her forehead.

No way did anyone attack her.

He could not imagine anyone from his class attacking anyone else.

So she must have fallen and bumped her head. It was the only explanation.

As to why she did not have a bag? She probably lost it.

A poor victim of circumstance. Some in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Joshua Bracewell was sleep-deprived. He was anxious. That made him slightly irrational, but irrational enough for all of this make sense.

Because it was only then, the moment between him feeling her pulse and Jasmine jolting awake, that Joshua knew he had to kill her. The thought of killing Keith did not even cross his mind, nor Bridgette. The same would have been said for Jasmine if she were not passed out on her front when he first peered into the library.

He did not think his plan through very well, though nobody in the world, his family especially, would blame him for that. At least that's what he kept telling himself; his parents would understand, they wouldn't judge him for killing if it meant saving everyone else.

He remembered his words to Keith very clearly.

"They - they're going to rescue us! You remember what happened all those years back? Somebody rescued a bunch of kids from the island! It was all over the news! They came in on boats and everything!"

What Joshua remembered most clearly was not Keith's reaction. Keith seemed to buy into his idea pretty readily. No. It was what he thought to himself when Keith had his back turned, when he did not have to keep his smile plastered onto his face.

"You heard what that guy said, right? About what happens if nobody dies in a day?"

Joshua bit the dead skin on his bottom lip.

"Don't worry about it. It's okay. We'll be fine if we just wait it out."

But then that man, Mr. Danya, he said something else didn't he?

"There's no waiting this game out."

... Joshua was secretly hoping he'd stumble across a body at one point. Some poor soul whose life was snuffed out much too early. But neither he nor Keith found one though. And the longer he and Keith searched, the more and more Danya's words rang in the back of his head like an annoying bell.

Maybe it was willful ignorance on his part, but he genuinely believed that his classmates, the people he attended classes with, worked on group projects with, even shared Reese's Pieces with over lunch, would be incapable of murder. So there was not a single death in the past day. No kills. No one could tell him otherwise.

What happens if nobody dies in a single day?

Everybody dies. That's what happens.

That's why no one would blame him. What's one life to a hundred?

The girl was whimpering. She looked like a pathetic puppy. Joshua's arm reached behind him and pulled his sword out from his makeshift sheathe.

His heavy breathing was labored. His fingers trembled as he withdrew the sword from the top of his dufflebag.

Joshua's face turned stone cold.

He's already decided that he did not want to die. And he promised Keith that he would not die as well. He'd even spare Bridgette, because really she was just scared, just like the rest of them.

"So I guess that leaves you," Joshua said.

His voice lacked its usual warmth. What made it all the more abhorrent was that it came naturally to him. It was like he was putting on a mask, acting out his part. Thinking like that made it easier for him.

Jasmine started screaming. He hated that. God, she was bound to alert Keith. It didn't matter. Keith would understand, all Joshua needed to do was explain. He'd worry about that later. He held the sword in one hand and rubbed his temple with the other.

"Sorry," Joshua said.

The girl scrambled across the floor like some overturned caterpillar. She wasn't going to be able to escape. Joshua sighed as he neared.

"No hard feelings," Joshua said.

Joshua crossed the distance between the two of them. He took his sword in both hands, turned in, aiming to plunge it into Jasmine Reed's torso.

Joshua made one fatal mistake and it happened right then.

He did not close his legs.

Jasmine Reed must have noticed this. That's why she brought her leg up and kicked the boy square in the balls.

It took him less than a minute to react His reactions were lagged; once his body caught up with his brain, he keeled back. Joshua grabbed his crotch with both hands, dropping the sword and crumpling to his knees.

Joshua groaned, "You. . . y-you - "


Jasmine Reed did not get a concussion from her earlier attack. That was one of two reasons she was still alive.

The second was the voice that did not exist screaming to "get the sword!"

Instead of looking at what the boy was doing, Jasmine reached for the Falchion with both hands.

Her hand caught the base of the blade and it nicked her thumb. She clutched the handle with both hands.

She was already on her feet by the time Joshua turned his attention back to her.

He fell onto his back. He scrambled, crawled backward.

She raised the sword over her head and brought it down.

The boy rolled out of the way just as the sword hit the floor with a dense thud.

Then Joshua grabbed the sword handle, trying to wrestle it out of Jasmine's hands.

His strength outmatched hers. He shoved her onto her back. The sharp end came close to her face.

And then Jasmine did something else unsuspected.

Fatal mistake number two; leaving his thumb exposed.

She bit his thumb. Jasmine could taste the blood on her tongue. It made her want to vomit.

A fit of desperation, she realized later. A rush of adrenaline, and a choice between fight or flight. Jasmine chose the former.

She did not want to die. She wouldn't let anyone kill her.

And if that meant trying to bite some boy's thumb off? So be it.


Joshua Bracewell had no idea what Jasmine was doing. She squealed like a rabid bull when she chomped on his thumb. Her teeth were not sharp enough to bite his thumb off, but she tore the skin and the pain he felt was tenfold that of the low blow.

Tears filled his eyes. Now it was Joshua's turn to whimper. He wanted to apologize. Part of his brain knew what was coming, but the rest of him was so overcome with pain-drenched surprise that he didn't even bother to look up as Jasmine loomed over, sword clutched in both hands.

But then the sword slammed into his left shoulder, ripping through muscle and tendon until it hit bone.

He paid attention then.

Joshua did not feel any pain. He looked at the sword embedded into his flesh, looking less spasmed and more confused. A sickening gush of gore drooled out of the jagged hole the blade had made. He had never seen so much blood in his entire life.

It did not occur to him that she hit an artery, and that he would be dead in less than a minute. But then again, of course it didn't occur to him, he had a sword shoved into his shoulder.

He looked up at Jasmine. She had a scary look on her face, anger mixed with disgust and fear. Fear of him? Fear of herself? He didn't know the specifics, but honestly? He couldn't blame her regardless. He could not blame anyone, after what he tried to do.

She tore the sword from his shoulder. In his dwindling vision could see her struggle to wrench it out. She even had to push with her foot on his chest. Something about that seemed funny. Joshua Bracewell smiled because he did not have the strength to laugh.

He fell straight onto his back once the sword was removed. All feeling in his body left him, his arms splayed like an angel rising to the heavens.

The last thing Joshua saw was the night's sky through the domed window. In his shock-riddled mind he registered that, well, there was a kill. He bought the rest of his class another day.

Well. Jasmine did, if we're being honest. She killed him. But Joshua played a part in that as well.

In some sick way that brought him pleasure. Satisfaction. Relief.

Joshua Bracewell could not remember a time until now he felt so fulfilled.

He smiled lingered long after his soul passed.
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September 28th, 2016, 2:51 am #6

It took Keith a few seconds, but he started to feel alright. Turned out that keeping watch was going to be super boring, just waiting around outside of a door and looking around. To take his mind off of what he imagine would soon be the most boring experience of his life he started humming a tune he had been working on on the piano, tapping his fingers against his legs along with it.

And then he heard that weird squealing sound.

He quickly spun around, crying out as his forehead smacked right against the glass of the window. From there he saw the horrifying image of Joshua being slashed by the sword.

Shit. Shit. He pushed on the door but it wouldn't open. Had it locked? Shit Shit. He looked down. It was a pull door.

He swung the door open, running inside, letting out a half-yell, half-cry at the girl.

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September 29th, 2016, 5:15 am #7



Everything seemed to move in slow motion. Part of Jasmine did not recognize the severity of what she did. What she did recognize was that her bag was gone. It was... somewhere. She knew Joshua didn't take it. He would have two bags instead of one, right? Besides, as mad as she was, Joshua never struck her as a thief.

He didn't strike her as a killer either. Looks can be deceiving.

It did not matter. None of it mattered. Because Jasmine heard someone screaming from behind her and she spun around on her heels.

Jasmine's appearance was absolutely ghoulish. The brusing around her forehead drew attention to how pale the rest of her face was. Her eyes were wild. Her hair was unkempt. The arm that was holding the sword was caked in blood. The cut she made into Joshua's shoulder cut an artery, explaining the amount of blood.

Tachypsychia was in full effect. It was abhorrent and numbing, like her brain was moving so fast her body could not register what it was telling it.

Jasmine Reed did not want to kill again. She never wanted to kill, period.

But the boy was screaming. She was pissed. Joshua Bracewell of all people just tried to put a sword through her, and chances were this boy was in cahoots.

With the small sword in one hand, Jasmine did the only thing that occurred to her.

She ran straight towards Keith Bauer, sword clutched in hand.

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September 29th, 2016, 7:13 pm #8

In some part of his mind, it occurred to Keith that running into the library when he saw Joshua get slashed with that sword was a poor choice. That didn't matter though, as he was already inside and the girl was now running at him with the sword.

And he was probably going to die.

He quickly had backed himself up against the door and sunk to the ground, his arms up to try and protect his face. He was trapped and there was no way he could run away from her now. There was only one thing he could do, plead.

"Don't kill me," he cried out, his voice catching at the end.

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September 29th, 2016, 9:35 pm #9

Jasmine was running.

Then her pace slowed.

She stopped mere feet from the boy on the floor. She stumbled slightly on her feet, because she wasn't planning to stop so quickly so she hit the emergency brake in her body. It made her waiver in more ways than one, but only for a moment.

The adrenaline in her veins was still boiling hot, her breathing was brisk and her hands were twitching, but the sight of the boy crumpling to the ground caused her to stop in her tracks.

" . . . What are you doing."

Meant as a question, but from the heat in her voice and the look in the eye it sounded like a bold statement.

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September 30th, 2016, 3:54 am #10

Keith wasn't dead or even injured.

Well not yet, maybe she was just toying with him. It wasn't like he had the means to defend himself, especially after he had fallen to the ground like this. Peering up at the girl now he could see the bruising on her head and the blood splattered across her. She had probably been fighting with everyone she met. It was hard to believe that anyone would try to murder others.

But apparently she had, and now she was asking why he would dare to protect himself. Maybe she was deranged. Probably was. She did kill Joshua.

Keith breathed heavily and his eyes teared up as he processed that Joshua was almost definitely dead now.

"Um, um, n-not dying, please?"

Mr. Danya
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October 2nd, 2016, 6:11 am #11

... Jasmine loomed over Keith, sword in one hand and a balled fist in the other. She was not toying with him, though it'd be hard to really tell that. For some reason, among the bubbled over rage and anxiety came a distinct feeling of deja vu. Maybe she would have considered that feeling. You know, if she didn't hack someone's shoulder with a blade.

She raised her free hand, relaxing her fingers. Jasmine was planning to wipe the sweat from her brow. She only ended up smearing blood on her face. Not a good look for her.

The sight of Keith cowering confused her, though that had more to do with the adrenaline still coursing through her veins. The sight made her angry though, angry for reasons that she could not adequately explain. Her anger wasn't directed at him. It was aimed at Jasmine, who should have just ran the second she woke up and saw Joshua Bracewell looming over her like some creeper creep. Y'shoulda known better. Dummy.

Jasmine was quiet. Keith must have said something wrong. She pointed at Joshua's gored corpse and spoke.

"Were you with him? Is that why you're - " Crying. A twinge of guilt, a mere notion. "Was that why you came running so quickly? Were you planning to catch me if I tried to run?"

Jasmine gave the boy a second before taking one giant leap forward. They were only a few feet apart. The logic was beginning to turn in her head and it was all coming together for her.

"Hello?" she snarled, "I just asked you a question!"

Her head felt like it just exploded, her stuff's gone and there's blood on her favorite bolero, Don't give her a reason to kill you."

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October 2nd, 2016, 8:33 pm #12

Keith shuddered as the girl wiped blood across her face. Was she clueless about the blood on her? Or was she crazy enough to be willing to smear blood on herself to try and intimidate him? His guts churned at the possibility that she was crazy and beyond reason. If she was insane then he was almost definitely going to die.

Keith's body froze at the suggestion that Joshua had been the aggressor. Was it possible that Joshua had tried to kill the girl? No, they had been talking about trying to escape. Killing people and trying to escape didn't go well together. She obviously wanted to blame him for it though, maybe to make herself feel better, or maybe she genuinely believed that Keith and Joshua would do something like that.

And she would probably kill him if he fought her about that. People that kill wouldn't want to be called on their lies.

She yelled at him and he let out a sob. She was going to kill him. "I didn't know! I d-didn't know." The tears were flowing fully now and he could feel mucus dripping out of his nose. It was humiliating, but the idea of dying was so scary that he couldn't help it anymore.

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October 4th, 2016, 7:23 pm #13

"Get out."

Jasmine took a jagged, uneven step forward. The sight of Keith crying was pathetic. She did not have any place to judge though. She had been in the exact same position, crying, snot dribbling down her lip. She did not want to see that. Even if she had planned to kill the boy, her desire to do so would have crumbled at the sight of Keith sobbing.

There was a pause between when she ordered Keith to leave and when she spoke again. It felt awkward, doubly so once she realized that she was tearing up herself. Somehow that realization made her even more furious. Something to do with the adrenaline that was slowly leaving her system and the fact that it was her that was making her cry.

"Are you even listening to me?!" Jasmine roared. "I SAID GET. OUT."

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October 4th, 2016, 9:12 pm #14

Keith wasn't sure if the girl was serious at first when she first told him to get out. She had been behaving really strangely. Had breaking him down gave her the fun she wanted? She was either, sick, crazy, or both.

When she told him to get out again he got up on wobbly legs, keeping his head down to avoid making eye contact with the girl. He turned around and opened the door, thinking an apology to Joshua while doing so. But it was too late, and now Keith was going out the door. He took off in a sprint, feeling his bag bounce against his back as he ran.

He was gone.

(Keith Bauer continued in Down the Rabbit Hole)

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October 14th, 2016, 4:02 am #15

The second Keith left the room, Jasmine was overcome with so many emotions that it was hard to even piece any of them apart. She damn near keeled over.

She glanced back, at Joshua, at the boy.

Her skin was pale. She found breathing to be taxing.

Jasmine no longer noticed her own existence. She no longer existed in herself but in the boy, no, the corpse that used to be a boy.

It had freed Jasmine from herself.

What was she going to do now?

Jasmine gagged. She buckled in place.

"Grab the bag," a voice reminded her. God that voice, the sound of it made Jasmine wrench. She staggered over to the corpse, each labored step causing the pain in her head to swell. Jesus, what the hell happened to her? Did Joshua do this to her? No, no way, what was there to stop him from killing her? Wait, no, stop thinking. Thinking hurts her head. She tugs on the bag, nearly loosing her balance as she slips it off of the corpse's prone shoulder. Rigor mortis must have been setting in or something. Not that Jasmine knew anything about decomposition, well, other than what they taught in science. She had never seen a dead body before. She had never been to a funeral either but that was besides the point. Her brain was working doubletime to catch up to her body and the metaphorical whiplash was threatening to sever her head.


She had to get the fuck out of here.

(Jasmine Reed continued in 血塗れ桜.)