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Hello V6. (◡‿◡✿)

I had a very lackluster V5 Pregame experience. There were a lot of things I wanted to do but never got a chance to. That's such a shame.Because I love you guys. ( ◡ ‿ ◡ ✿ )

So there's a lot of ground to cover and there's a lot of concepts I want to bring into v6. I'll be posting a few of the more polished concepts, and I'll edit in all the rest once I even them out! There's not a dozen ideas but there is quite a few. I'll be using pregame to narrow down who I want to take to the main game. I have plans for the characters who get into pregame but do not make it to v6 proper, so all relations are important!

If you'd like relations or if you have questions, just give me a shout and we can work.

Jasmine "Jazzy" Reed

Who dat? Unleashing the weeb Jasmine is the only child of a Hispanic mother and father. They have been married for close to thirty years and it does not look like that will be breaking any time soon. They are often busy with work though, so Jasmine's had the run of the house since she was in middle school. Jasmine is into Japan - the culture, the food, the anime! She is a total otaku and she loves anime and manga, and when she graduates she plans to move to Tokyo and become a manga-ka! (That is a manga artist for you Westaboos.) She loves drawing, roleplaying, social justice and SotF, and she runs Tumblr blogs for all four! Jazzy is pretty popular on Tumblr, and her online behavior often leaks into real life. She is an especially friendly in that sort of loud, abrasive, lacking-in-social-cues-and-personal-boundaries sort of way. She is slightly paranoid regarding how people view her. She probably thinks you hate her. She also wants to be your friend, probably!!

Looking for westaboos (for the purposes of converting); people she wants to be friends with who want nothing to do with her; someone she has kissed on the mouth in the recent past. Gender doesn't matter, Jazz isn't the type to judge.

  • Oswald Howell: mutuals
  • Jasper Bustamante: Social Awkward Friends
  • Alvaro Vacanti: Prep friends
  • Nancy Kyle: WEEABUDDIES
  • Marco Adams: Anime Buddies!!
  • Min-jae Parker: arch-enemies 5eva.
  • Dante Luciano Valiero: CUTE BOY WHO SHE HAS KISSED
  • Vanessa Hart: u wot m8
  • Scout Pfeiffer: Very good friend!!
Scout Pfeiffer

Who dat? Scout was born and raised in Brooklyn, all the way until the beginning of middle school when her parents divorced and mother dearest moved to Kingman. She hates Kingman, and her relationship with her mother, who teaches at a local University, is very strained. Her paternal father is part of the NYPD and she really looks up to him, even though she hasn't heard from him for years. Scout's big thing is video games. She likes playing them, she likes making them. It's an obsession for her at times, She's very good at Math and she sleeps through Social Studies. Scout is also into spooky stuff and the occult. She'll probably be part of any paranormal clubs at school. Scout is lethargic, always sporting a tired expression and a lick of a Brooklyn accent. She's on the Autism Spectrum, though she seems to be self-aware of her own shortcomings with social cues, so much so that she feels the need to point out when she is joking or complimenting someone because they are often laced with backhandedness. Scout hates people. She hates dealing with them. She hates you too, probably. Unless you're a friend. And the only reason she's still your friend is that, in her own inscrutable way, Scout is kind.

Looking for video game players, kids who are into scary shit, people who are anti-bullying, people to loathe, friends who will put up with her.

  • Clarice Halwood: Future Step-Sister.
  • Faith-Hope Micheals: BFF #1
  • Henry Spencer: BFF #2
  • Jeremy Frasier: Video Game friend
  • Sasha Fury: Video Game friend
  • Dante Luciano Valiero: Cute boy
  • Seth Dunn: Friend who hates people too
  • Gwen Carlisle: Paranormal friend.
  • Jaylen Marsh: Acquaintance; bonded when Scout moved to Kingman.
  • Jasmine Reed: Please go away.
Ashley Quinn

Who dat? Ashley has lived in Kingman her entire life. Despite that, she has always been known as a 'stuck-up' because of her aversion to others, especially around middle school. She suffers from social anxiety, which has made it difficult for her to make friends and performing in school. Her knack for acting definitely helps with this, as it allows her an opportunity to really put herself out there and work with others. Lately Ashley has been trying to broaden her horizons and actually make friends. It's super hard though, because she's always dreading putting her foot squarely down her throat. She enjoys baseball and knitting. She is also gay.

Looking for Drama buddies, prep kids, nice people. 420 friendly...

  • Piers Klebold: Childhood Friends
  • Jonathan Meyers: Asshole Friend
Jaylen Marsh

Who dat? Jaylen is that one girl who has everything figured out. At first glance she comes off as a mature, intelligent young woman with aspirations far beyond Kingman. She wants to be a veterinarian, since she's spent most of her childhood on her father's farm back in Texas and she loves working with them. Then again she might be more suited for government, if her campaigning for Student Body President is any indication. She is very good at managing things (she's taking care of her uncle's three kids outside of school) and she's charismatic to boot. She's got a serious pious air surrounding her; too she'll be cordial and friendly to people, but she views most as beneath her. Jaylen also has a habit of sticking her nose into other people's businesses and letting her opinion be known. Not because she believes that she's the 'mature' person in the room as that would imply some level of doubt. She does not handle criticism well. The best you'll win an argument with her is if she walks away because she wants to be the 'better person'. She also is a bit of a rumormonger. Chances are if you've got a rumor floating around, she knows about it. Jaylen is a good person at heart though and she's very protective of those closest to her.

Looking for Student Council, people who are good with animals, students she can be momma bear for, blackmail victims

  • Scout Pfeiffer: Acquaintance; bonded when Scout moved to Kingman.
  • Jasmine Reed: Girl ain't right.
Piers Klebold

Who dat? Piers is such a sore thumb in that you'd be surprised to learn that he's lived in Kingman his entire life. He doesn't 'seem' like a Kingmanian; he has a bit of a French-Canadian accent and he looks like some surfer dude from SoCal. But you better be rubbing shoulders with him because he's a bit of a . Candy; energy drinks; books; games; if it's legal, he'll find a way to slip it over to you in the cafeteria. Where does he get this shit? S'got connections. Connections involving a huge employee discount at Sam's Club. He plays saxophone for a band called Mad Grannies. He also fucking hates this town. He is also gay.

Looking for Customers, also people he can bum smokes off of. 420 friendly.

  • Ashley Quinn: Childhood Friends

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Henry and Scout for BFFS

EDIT: Vanessa hates Jazzy because she's a weirdo.
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Oswald and Jazz have being tumblrites in common, I imagine she wants to be friends, he finds her kind of annoying? Could be fun. Maybe roleplays with him and Faith-Hope, if she's into the tabletop/pen&paper flavour of RP?

He and Scout probably don't get along. Unless they bond over niche literature.
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Going to hash out ideas I have in PM with you once there's the chance.
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What happens when you put two people with zero social boundaries together? Jazz and Jasper probably. Jasper might be slightly unnerved by her behavior but nonetheless enjoy talking to her! As for Scout...Jasper may have tried talking to her once too, but I'm not sure that she'd enjoy his rambling all too much!
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Here are my two characters. Off of the top of my head, I think Jeremy and Scout might know each other due to being video game people, and Alvaro and Jazz might like each other due to being peppy social types.
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Jae and Jazz for arch-enemies 5eva.

Sasha and Scout have a few things in common and might game together also.
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I'm not gonna paste the spiel this time- I'm just gonna say I'm sure Dante flirted with Jasmine once and was probably subsequently terrified by her energy and clinginess. (He probably did kiss her on the mouth, though. Dante doesn't discriminate.)

Oh yeah and he's flirted with Scout too. How that went down's up to you! ^^
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Since Seth's very big on gaming, he would get along well with Scout, that and their similar in the social aspect. Though he would get very annoyed with Jazmine (as he has big problems with racism, unintentional or not).

Sean would find it hilarious though ( he finds it funny when people make fools out of themselves). He would try and make fun of her as well as Scout.

Emily would avoid Jazmine as much as she can, though she would try to interact with Scout (though she would be weirded out by her).

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