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A smile was seen on Kristey's face when she saw Damien again.
She was sorely tempted to take her Louisville Slugger and go after him, but there were better things that she could do with her time.

"I have the list... but, we're going somewhere else."
She made sure that she got eye contact with Damien before she started walking. She got the eye contact she wanted, and winked at him, ever so smug. And then she turned around and started moving on.

"We're going to the hospital, Peter, let's go."
She made sure she said it loud enough for anyone who wanted to hear.

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Upon hearing Kristey make that proclamation, Peter's hands immediately went to cover his face. "Dammit, do you WANT to get us killed?" he thought to himself before speaking aloud. "Okay, okay...the hospital it is then! Jesus, are you trying to get us killed or something?" He then studied his map for a moment, then tucked it away in the pocket of the shorts he was wearing before taking off toward the south again.

"C'mon, Kristey..." But then he saw Damien again and shot him a glare...almost as if to say 'I'll be back for you...' before walking off, making sure that he had his partner with him as they headed off toward the hospital...

((Continued in What do you...?))
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The blonde-headed girl that had arrived at the botanical gardens what seemed like hours ago along with Matthias Kovalenko closed her eyes momentarily in a vain attempt to regain her composure. Now, more than ever, she had to get away from this place... from these people. Whitney Acosta almost felt like she had a huge magnet pulsating from her back, drawing every freak on the island to her. Matthias? Matthias had been a stroke of luck on her part, but after that, it only seemed to go downhill.

She couldn't brush that thought out of her mind as she looked at Elias McConnell, who offered his sincere gratitude for they -- no, for Matthias -- having saved his life. Eli informed them that he was looking for someone. Everyone on this island was looking for someone, it seemed. There was so much she needed to do, so many people she needed to find, and so little time to do it in.

"So are we..." she stated simply, "His sister, and... and one of my friends, too. Speaking of, we had best be going, Matt. It's getting way too crowded around here."

Her attention turned back to Eli momentarily.

"You're welcome to come with us, if you want. There's safety in numbers, or whatever."

She offered a nonchalant shrug so uncharacteristic of her usual nature. She just wanted out. She wanted away from the maddening chaos that seemed to enshroud the botanical gardens. This place had caused them nothing but trouble and confusion since they arrived here, and it just wouldn't stop. People seemed to be coming out of the woodwork, but thankfully seemed so entangled in their own lives that they hadn't taken the time to pay attention to the trio of herself, Matthias, and Eli.

Maybe that was the one blessing they'd received from coming to this place. Shaking her head a little, trying to fight back the frustration she couldn't seem to get rid of, she nudged Matthias as she walked past him, before turning back to face the duo.

"Let's GO."

It wasn't like Whitney to bark orders, it wasn't even like Whitney to take charge of the situation. She had always been a bystander, never the leading lady. At this point, she was just angry. She was angry at Eric for having attacked Eli in the garden. She was angry at Matthias for putting his life on the line by fighting Eric in this ridiculous gladiatorial competition. She was mad at Mr. Danya for ever abducting her class and putting them in this contest. She was to the point of bursting, and inwardly, she couldn't help but think that if it kept welling up, she might just explode. Without so much as another glance back at the other two, Whitney disappeared off into the bushes of the garden.

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