Group Therapy

One of the biggest and grandest rooms in the hospital, the group therapy room was once used to treat many of the low-risk patients at once. A regular session saw them sitting in a circle and sharing their feelings with the group, though any semblance of a homey atmosphere is undercut by signs on the wall warning of constant doctor vigilance and directing patients not to touch any staff. A circle of roughly twenty chairs, some more stable than others, is arranged in the center of room, an example of the old treatment process that has been frozen in time. The decor in the room matches the elaborate design of the exterior of the hospital with a high-ceiling, large glass chandelier, and the corners of the room being designed to imitate pillars. Also in this room are many suitcases stacked high in one corner; name tags reveal they used to belong to patients and have been abandoned along with the hospital itself during the clean-up process.

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