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Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 6 2005, 07:03 PM
Nevera lay on the cold school floor. A puddle of water was being formed from a leak somewhere. It continued to drip as she lay motionless. Her Bo staff was at her side clutched in her hands. Was she sleeping or just knocked out? Maybe she was playing dead? The sound of the dripping water played a part in her dreams. She dreamt that she was being chased by hordes of murderers out to kill her. She stirred in her sleep and also moaned slightly.

She darted up fast in a gasp of breath before the dream took hold of her very existence. She winced as the coldness of the room reached her bare skin. (her arms and legs that is) She unrolled her pants so that her legs were covered. She also got her black jacket from her bag. She then scooted over to a turned over desk adn leaned against it. She sighed a briefly and gently closed her eyes after setting her staff at her feet.

Sweat began to form upon her forehead and her arms as she began to get nervous. Nevera trembled lightly.

"What if, what if they come for me? I'm a gonner!!! I am half blind and can't even say no to a helping hand!" She slammed her fist on the hard floor.

She winced in pain as she thought of just how dumb that was. It was only a matter of time before she would be seen by another player that was actually taken over by the game. She held her legs close to her chest as she began to cry in her knees.

Posted by: Ginsenshi Dec 7 2005, 05:59 PM
((Continued from: ... wtopic=665))

Kouji walked upon this young girl wondering what she was talking about, "Hmm...?" Kouji sighed, as he looked at her, she was cute to him, but feel quite odd to Kouji.

He sat down on the for a few moments and just watched her. A few moments passed and he spoke, "Hello there." Kouji said in a cold emotionless voice.

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 7 2005, 06:25 PM
She jumped to her feet and grabbed her bo staff. She pointed it at his face and a scowl was upon her face,

"What do you want, foul beast!?" She said quite unpleasently.

The grip on her staff was harsh and a little shaky.

Posted by: Ginsenshi Dec 7 2005, 06:28 PM
Kouji looked at her in shock, "Foul Beast!? ME!? But my mom always thought I was cute, never a beast." Kouji replied as he look at the girl.

Kouji then put his hand to his belt and grabbed his bayonett/dagger, "I'm not here to fight, I like you am lost and would like to get home."

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 7 2005, 06:30 PM
She sighed in disatifaction.

"You really wanna fight, don't you." She closed her eyes and smirked. "Well, it won't be pretty, Mr. Beast!"

Posted by: Ginsenshi Dec 7 2005, 06:35 PM
"Did I say I want to fight you? No I didn't and I'm no beast!" Kouji asnwered as he jumped back into a fighting stance. "Fine let's go!"

Kouji stared at her and held his stance, "Grr.." Kouji growled

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 7 2005, 06:38 PM
Her darkened eyes glared at his stance and swug her staff at his head.

Posted by: Ginsenshi Dec 7 2005, 06:41 PM
Kouji was ready for such attacks and dodge the attack quickly.
"I like your style, so have a fighting partner?" KOuji asked mid-air and then landed on the ground behind her.

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 7 2005, 06:57 PM
QUOTE (Ginsenshi @ Dec 7 2005, 06:41 PM)
Kouji was ready for such attacks and dodge the attack quickly.
"I like your style, so have a fighting partner?" KOuji asked mid-air and then landed on the ground behind her.

"No....I work alone." She said with a scowl.

She ran out the door of the bedroom and into the kitchen. Her braided hair flowing slightly as she ran. She really didn't want anyone to help her, or anything. She just wanted to go home. She climbed on top of the counter and hid behind one of the open cabinet doors. She steadied her breathing and held her staff close. She thought to herself, damn, I forgot my bag!

Posted by: Ginsenshi Dec 7 2005, 07:00 PM
Kouji looked down and saw the girl had leave her bag, "Hmm she left her bag, mm where she go?" KLouji asked aloud, and went towards the kitchen, thinking it was the way she had gone.

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 7 2005, 07:03 PM
She heard his footsteps and got mad.

"Why did you follow me here?" She asked throwing her voice to the halls trying not to give away her location.

She began to feel a strange new feeling that said, play teh game adn kill. SHe shook her head rapidly as the thought crossed her mind.

Posted by: Slayer Dec 8 2005, 09:30 PM
OOC: Sorry to intervene, but how is Kousaka in two places at once?

Posted by: Theseus Dec 8 2005, 10:25 PM
((continued from ... wtopic=635

Jeremy came running to the house, breathing heavily now. He was lost, he had left his bag back....back where? It didn't matter, he had to find Glenn, Mallory, or Fred. He had to meet up with the group. He was seperated now....standing outside with his shirt off, which was wrapped around his left arm, around the gunshot wound, Jeremy stood holding his bloody sickle.

He knew someone was probbly in the house....but it didn't matter to him. He had to check it out, he had just faced off in one of the most terrefying situations ever he had no fear of who was inside. Jeremy went to the door and slowly opened it and walked in trying to be as quiet as possible.

Posted by: Ginsenshi Dec 9 2005, 05:57 PM
"You forgot your bag, back there that's all." Kouji replied to her.

Kouji looks for her, "Where are you I want to give your bag."

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 9 2005, 06:07 PM
Nevera leapt from the cabinet and snatched her bag from his grasp.

"Keep your dirty mits off of my shit!" She said angrily.

She heard the door open adn close and looked sharply at it, seeing Jeremy come in. Her eyes widened as she threw her bag upon her shoulder and held her staff close.

"Not another one!!!"

Posted by: Ginsenshi Dec 9 2005, 06:09 PM
*blink, blink* "Uhh where... it go?" Kouji answered aloud after a second. Kouji thought to himself, "Women I'll never understand them."

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 9 2005, 06:27 PM
She smirked slightly, "You are an idiot. Well, so we got off to a bad start, my name's Nevera Aero, but you can call me Nev."

Her brown hair swished slightly as the stawberry streaks shined somewhat. She looked back at Jeremy and blushed because of his state of being shirtless.

Posted by: Ginsenshi Dec 9 2005, 06:28 PM
"Umm.... uhh errr, okay then, my name is Kouji Ginsenshi but u can call me, Kouj or Gin; whatever u wish or just Kouji." Kouji replied to her.

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 9 2005, 06:32 PM
She cocked an eyebrow. "Ok, Kouji..." She began to laugh. "You really need to learn how to talk...... to a girl." She patted his shoulder and walked towards the room she was in before.

Posted by: Ginsenshi Dec 9 2005, 06:35 PM
Kouji just stared on not really looking at her ass but kinda looking- being a guy after all. "Right."

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 9 2005, 06:37 PM
She looked back at him. Her smile faded as she rose her hand.

"Now, now, Kouji, I said learn to talk to a girl, NOT LOOK AT ONE!!!!!"

She struck his right cheek hard and a mark was definately there, oh yes a big red hand print.

Posted by: Ginsenshi Dec 9 2005, 06:39 PM
"Gomen na sai, err I'm sorry." Kouji said holding his cheek, "God that hurt like hell." Kouuji thought.

Kouji then looked down at the ground and then signed.

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 9 2005, 06:43 PM
She smiled. "You knew it was coming." She looked back at Jeremy with a cocked eyebrow.. "I am a little concerned about that guy, is he gonna hurt us?"

Posted by: Theseus Dec 9 2005, 06:44 PM
Jeremy watched as the girl and the guy argued and the girl struck the guy. Jeremy was tired of this stuff, tired of people playing the game. Jeremy made his presence known by walking up to the two of them, "Both of you! Stop it now!" Jeremy readies his bloody sickle, he winced a bit at the pain of moving his harm up, luckily the gunshot wound had stopped bleeding, that was the price of not playing the game.

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 9 2005, 06:54 PM
Her eyes widened. "Um, can's we all just get along!"

She dropped her bag and readied her staff.

Posted by: Theseus Dec 9 2005, 07:06 PM
Jeremy saw the girl ready her staff, "Listen girl, I am in no mood to fight. I just came from a bloodbath, watched friends get shot, and got seperated from my group. I am not playing this game but I'm going to be blunt. Are you and your friend here playing this game or not?"

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 9 2005, 07:09 PM
"I don't think Kouji is, but I sure am not!" She placed her staff down and picked up her bag.

She got a sad expression. "I am so sorry!" A tear rolled down her face. "I would hate to see my friend die or get shot before me. So I am assuming that that is your shirt, there."

Posted by: Theseus Dec 9 2005, 07:15 PM
Jeremy looked at his left arm which had his shirt wrapped around it. Jeremy nodded, "Yeah, I got shot, used my shirt to try to stop the bleeding. When you're being shot at by a shotgun, handgun, and a machine gun a couple bullets are bound to hit you." Jeremy realized he was being a bit cold, "sorry for my attitude. I'm just a little worried for my friends, we all got seperated when we kind of got ambushed by different kids." Jeremy lowered his sickle and said to the girl, "My name is Jeremy." Jeremy eyed the boy not sure what to think of him.

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 9 2005, 07:20 PM
She looked at him and held out her hand, tears still staining her face. She kinda eyed Kouji.

"He's just a pervert, don't worry about him." She said kinda in a laugh but was still a little teary.

Posted by: Theseus Dec 9 2005, 07:24 PM
Jeremy looked at the girl who was crying, Jeremy knew she must have been knew to the island. Jeremy felt the same emotions when he first arrived, after traveling with Fred and the group, he cahnged. Jeremy didn't like it but he became cold...and Jeremy said to the girl, "Why are you crying?"

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 9 2005, 07:29 PM
"You had to watch your friends die and get shot, it's awful!!!" She wept.

She fell to her knees and placed her head in her hands. After a brief moment she looked back up at him.

"I mean, I could never live through that, I'd have to find a way to stick with them, or pull them through hard times!!! And another thing, you are hurt bad!!! Did you get the bullet out?"

Posted by: Theseus Dec 9 2005, 07:39 PM
Jeremy said, "It's ok...your new here on the island right? You seem new...what I had to go through was tough, but I made it through." Jeremy then looked at his arm, "No I didn't get the bullet out. I don't have the equipment or the knowledge to do that. Besides it will just bleed more and that's the last thing I want."

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 9 2005, 07:42 PM
"Yeah, I'm new. Nevera's the name, but you can call me Nev. While I was looking for a cure for my uncle. I found ways to take care of people and their wounds. I can remove the bullet and sew it up, I have a few of my personal things in my bag that they let me keep! So how about it?"

She wiped her tears and smiled.

Posted by: Theseus Dec 9 2005, 07:47 PM
Jeremy was surprised by the girls kindness and said, "Ok...." Sitting down he untied the shirt around his arm and looked at the wound. Jeremy knew he was lucky to be alive, but the thought of gunshots brought him to wonder if Glenn and Mallory were safe, if Heather managed to hold them off at the school, or what happened to Fred and his heroic attempt.

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 9 2005, 08:45 PM
Nevera smiled and got her needle, stiches, cleaning substances and the like. "It may hurt a little." She began to sortof cut the dried blood enough to dig out the bullet. Within a few minutes, she retrieved it. A little blood came with that and she placed an alcohol pad on the spot to clean it, next some iodine.

Posted by: Theseus Dec 9 2005, 08:52 PM
Jeremy winced a little with the pain and said, "I can't complain about the pain I guess. That sickle of mine was accidently lodged in a friend's leg, I had to pull it out. That's why it's bloody incase your wondering....I'm not playing this game."

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 9 2005, 08:56 PM
She nodded. "I was wondering a little, but now that I know, I am contented!" She smiled

She then began to stitch the small hole pack together, it took about 5 minutes to complete. After she was done, she stood up and cleaned her utensils. Then, she sat beside him.

"How's that? Do you need me to wrap it up in a bandage?"

Posted by: Theseus Dec 9 2005, 08:59 PM
Jeremy sat silently as she stitched up his wound, he winced a little every time the needle struck him but when she was done he said, "Thank you." When she then offered to badage it Jeremy said, "You have bandages to? That would be cool, thanks."

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 9 2005, 09:02 PM
She laughed somewhat. "Yeah. I am prepared for any accident anywhere!"

She laughed a little and then bandaged his arm

Posted by: Theseus Dec 9 2005, 09:07 PM
Jeremy said, "Thanks, good thing I met you, I guess I don't really take my injuries seriously, havnt really met anyone on the island who knew anything about medicine."

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 9 2005, 09:09 PM
"Well, I don't want my uncle to end up like me, so i am trying to find a cure for his illness."

She said lowering her head a little, her bangs covering her eyes.

Posted by: Theseus Dec 9 2005, 09:12 PM
Jeremy said, "Uncle? Illness? What? I'm sorry i don't really understand what your talking about." Jeremy turned to face Nevera.

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 9 2005, 09:15 PM
She was teary again, ((sigh lol)) but she looked at him.

"I had cancer and lost my left eye due to radiation therapy. That's why I dont wanna play, cuz I think I would lose..... since I am half blind. Now my uncle is sick with cancer, and I wanna find a cure, so that he doesn't have to lose anything important to him."

She began to cry and pulled her knees up to her chest

Posted by: Theseus Dec 9 2005, 09:22 PM
Jeremy saw the girl start to cry....he wanted to do something to comfort her. "Hey...don't cry ok? Everything will be ok..." Jeremy then though about what she said about her uncle, "For now though, you should focus on yourself and not your uncle. Later you can work on helping your uncle...." Jeremy though about the later though, this was a game to fight until only one survives....he remembered Aiden and Dai's plan for escape....they had everyone sign their names....that was before the group split up due to the ambush with the guy with the machine gun...before Fred played Hero and ran off, before Glenn and Mallory made a run for the lookout point, before Jeremy got lost and found his way in this house. Jeremy only sat there silently listening to the girl cry, wanting to comofrt her, but couldnt.

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 9 2005, 09:24 PM
She buried her face in her knees and shook her head. "But I can't go back, i will never make it through here alive!"

Posted by: Theseus Dec 9 2005, 09:26 PM
Jeremy knew the feeling that girl was speaking of. Jeremy then said, "Don't talk like that. We'll make it out of here ok? I'll help you, I know people on this island. We can meet up with them, everything will be ok in the end ok?" Jeremy felt bad thats all he had to say to comfor the girl.

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 9 2005, 09:30 PM
She looked over at him. "You really aren't playing are you? I am so glad to have met you."

Even behind the tears a smile appeared.

"Thanks, so much... I appreciate your help."

She couldn't help but to hug him, it's the least she could do, I mean, that girl is hard to cheer up when it comes to her uncle's illness and diabilities

Posted by: Theseus Dec 9 2005, 09:33 PM
Jeremy smiled when the girl hugged him and said, "Of course I'm not playing the game. No problem...I didn't really help you helped me."

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 9 2005, 09:35 PM
She looked up at him and wiped her tears away. "Right!" She winked and gave him a thumbs up.

"But still, my emotions are all bad and stuff, so it's hard to calm them sometimes."

Posted by: Theseus Dec 9 2005, 09:40 PM
Jeremy nodded and said, "It's ok, everyone has emotions. Wouldnt be human if we didn't have them." Jeremy then looked around the room then said, "So your new on the island right? how long have you been here?"

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 9 2005, 09:42 PM
She cocked an eyebrow.

"I am not so sure, maybe a few hours.. i have been in here for about 6 hours at the most." She nodded and looked at some of the overturned furniture. "I had to flip the bed right side up..... haha, so I could sleep. There aren't too many things to lay down on here.... not even a couch.. just a bed and a small chair."

Posted by: Theseus Dec 9 2005, 09:47 PM
OOC: oh Im not 100% sure on this one but I dont think Nev could have been here for a couple of days, I only think that game has been giong on for 5 days and Jeremy has only been here since dawn....or when it was raining check on that though im not so sure on that time aspect of the game

Jeremy nodded and said, "So you've taken care of yourself this long? That's cool, I'll be honest with you, I don't know how long I could stay in this house. It seems like it could attract a lot of unwanted attention. I don't know, I've seen to much on this island so I guess I'm begining to get paranoid." Jeremy shrugged then smiled at Nev.

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 9 2005, 09:50 PM
((OOC: I fixed it to hours and stuffness now! thanks for letting me know!))
She nodded, "Yeah. I just can't stacd it here, but I don't know where else to go."

She looked at the floor and back at Jeremy with a smile.

Posted by: Theseus Dec 9 2005, 09:56 PM
Jeremy nodded, "Well, thinking about it this would be a safe place to defend. Sorry to think so cynically have to think like that. I know of two people who are heading to the lookout point, I don't know if they made it though to be honest and I don't think it would be smart to head there, not after what I just went through, there are players willing to ambush you on this island." Jeremy then said, "I guess we could just stay here for a while, I don't know, I've been on the move non stop for the past couple hours."

Risen from the dead.

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Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 9 2005, 09:59 PM
She nodded.

"Sounds like a nice start for now. Umm. I wonder if there is any food edible here..... I mean I could make toast we have bread..... or at least, I do. But I mean, like in the fridge or maybe some animal out there, not too far?"

She lookled puzzled. "We need to make a plan of action soon, besides we don;t need any 'unwanted guests' here now do we."

Posted by: Theseus Dec 9 2005, 10:03 PM
Jeremy shook his head, "Yeah sorry this sickle is all I have wtih me, I lost my pack a while ago, I couldn't really keep taking it with me." The though of an animal made Jeremy wonder....but Jeremy said, "There probably are animals here...but we would have to clean them and stuff wouldn't we? I'm sure there is food somewhere in this house."

Jeremy said, "Yeah a plan of action would be nice, sooner or later unwelcomed guests will come and we'll have to make an escape, and that probably won't end up, I've seen how ruthless they can be."

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 9 2005, 10:05 PM
"Well, lets look in the kitchen. i think I saw a few cans in the cabinets... maybe some non perishible food!" She jumped up and tugged at his not hurt arm. "If they come we will be ready!" Her stomach growled and she bluched. "Aheh.. maybe after I get something to eat, haven't had a thing all day!"

Posted by: Theseus Dec 9 2005, 10:10 PM
Jeremy nodded getting up as Nev tugged at his arm. Following her to the kitchen he said, "Yeah don't worry nobody is going to hurt us!" Jeremy walked into the kitchen and started to looked around.

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 9 2005, 10:12 PM
She looked around in the fridge. "Well, it works, but I wonder if there is anything in here. She opened it up and found a few containers. She opened them and almost puked. "Awww sick! It's rotteed and moldy!" She looked inside a drawer and screamed falling backwards into the counter.

Posted by: Theseus Dec 9 2005, 10:29 PM
Jeremy heard her remark about the food being rotten then watched as Nev screamed and fell backwards into the counter. Jeremy ran to Nev and said, "are you ok?"

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 11 2005, 07:45 AM
She points at the drawer and looks at him.

"There's a horde of roaches pouring out and what looks like to be some kind of moldy, decrepit meat.... maybe human or animal!!!"

Posted by: Theseus Dec 11 2005, 05:02 PM
Jeremy looked at the drawer wtih all the roaches, figured this place wouldn't be that clean. Jeremy looked at the meat, he didn't even want to know what that is. Jeremy said, "It's just roaches, as for the meat, we'll just try to ignore that. Nothing much we can do."

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Dec 11 2005, 06:42 PM
((Continued from: ... wtopic=690))

Scott had been for walking for what seemed only a couple of minutes, the game was already getting to him. Yes he was scared but he couldent show that to anyone he came across, especially not with his designated weapon, the fucking Brick.

He approached the house slowly and cautiously. He walked through the door and he could hear voices, But not voices he should be scared of. These were kind, helpful and given the situation, happy voices. His heart pumped faster as he realised he could have some potential friends in the house.

He sat down on the couch in the living room and quiet layed his bag on the floor, He took his bottled water out and uncaped it, taking a couple of swigs before he sealed it shut again.

"Oh fuck me i hope they dont have a gun" he thought to himself as he closed his eyes and rocked back and forth, impatiently waiting.

Posted by: Theseus Dec 12 2005, 12:23 AM
Jeremy smiled to Nev then headed back into the living room onlt to see a strange boy sitting on the couch with his bag down. Jeremy looked at him and said, "Who are you and why are you here?" Jeremy said that as calm as he could, but he wasn't calm, his heart skipped a beat, he learned not to trust people on this island.

Posted by: Ginsenshi Dec 12 2005, 05:55 PM
"Find something bad?" Kouji asked from beside the wall. Kouji looked Jeremy, "Umm hi, you are?"

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 12 2005, 06:03 PM
Nevera smiled back and kept looking for food. She searched the cabinets and then heard Kouji.

"Yes, I found something bad, you idiot!" She shook her head and continued looking.

She found some carrots adn soup. She smiled and heard Jeremy talking to someone else. She walked into the living room and looked at Scott.

"Hey Jeremy! I found somethign to eat!"

Posted by: Ginsenshi Dec 12 2005, 06:06 PM
Kouji stared, "Hmmm food..." Kouji follows the smell, "FOOD!" Kouji jumps at the food.

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 12 2005, 06:41 PM
Nev's eyes widened when she heard Kouji. "We all need it, so chill out!!!" She said putting the cans in her shirt

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Dec 13 2005, 12:14 AM
what were they doing? They knew he was there but they decided not to aknowledge him. They must think hes not a threat and they'll take care of him after they've eaten. Yes thats it, they planned to kill scott.

remembering back to the video and the manual, the paranoia took over. he panicked and broke out in a sweat as he realised that they were all here to kill, to kill him. Everyone in this house was a killer, probally teamed up so they can kill more people? yes thats it, they want to kill everyone including scott.

He panic and felt his body start to shake as adrenaline was oozed into his blood. He franticly reached into his bag and took out his brick. standing up quickly he pointed the brick at jeremy. Sweat pouring down his now pale face, and fast breathing incurred as he spoke.
"No, i cant do this, i cant let you do this"
He lunged at jeremy, swinging his brick at his head. he didnt know what he was doing, adrenaline does that, either run or fight and that seemed the main purpose in this game.
As he swung his brick at jeremy he screamed "You cant kill me!"

why was he doing this?

Posted by: Theseus Dec 13 2005, 03:12 AM
Jeremy was shocked by the kid;s sudden attack. Jeremy had no time to react, he wasn't expecting that kind of reaction. The birck swung at Jeremy's head, and it made contact. Feeling the contact of the cold hard brick at the side of his head Jeremy went down. Hitting the foor everything went black.

Jeremy jogged towards the check in desk and said, "Torres". The man said, "160?" Jeremy nodded and then jogged to the center of the wrestling mat. Jeremy weighed in at 152.6 before this. Surprsing to himself, he was losing weight pretty fast, and he didn't want to go down a weight class, not so close to freshman county.

Jeremy wasn't thinking about the weight though, as he put on the red ankle band, he looked at his opponent who was putting on the green. This was just another match, a way to get some more mat time before the tournament.

Jeremy shook the kids hands, looked him in the eyes, and thought of having the first takedown. The whistle blew, Jeremy tied up, and then shot for a double leg. The kid sprawled hard, went to throw a cross face but Jeremy pulled the kid in and spun behind him for two points. The kid sat out though, Jeremy tried to pull the kid down but the kid got behind him. They ended up in neutral position again when the kid shot in, picked Jeremy up, and slammed him down hard.

Jeremy heard the crowd go silent as he blacked out....and as one blackout started one ended....

Jeremy lay on the ground, eyes shut, registering what had happened.

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Dec 13 2005, 05:24 PM
Scott was dragged down with jeremy. He was surpised at himself, He was usually the wak kid everywher ehe went but he managaed to take down a wrestler, Things were looking up for his survival.

He didnt feel bad at all, he didnt have time to think, all he knew is that he had to survive and this grou pcouldent kill him if they were all dead. He stumbled to the floor along side jeremy. Again he swung his brick. violently anywhere, he would hit, be it jeremys legs, stomach, arms, face, He didnt care as long as he was unable to move after scott had finished.
His eyes watered up and slightly blurred his already black and white toned vision.

He realised the rest of the group were still around. he didnt stop his onslaught though, Maybe they'd back off if he succeded? Maybe he could run but if they followed him he would have to fight more.

He wasnt a bad person he was just petrified, fighting for survial, In the end there can be only one, and prayed to god it would be him.

Posted by: Ginsenshi Dec 13 2005, 05:55 PM
"S-sorry." Kouji replied with a bit of s growl. "Grr women, so weird and I want that food."

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 13 2005, 06:01 PM
Nevera dropped the cans and ran to Jeremy's side. "Jeremy!!! Are you ok!?" She shook him slightly, but carefully. "Please, you got to be ok!" She looked at Scott angrily. "You bastard! What the hell are you thinking? We aren't here to fight, but if you are, then so be it!" She held Jeremy's heaad in her lap while she shouted at Scott.

She looked over to Kouji, "There are more important things here than your stinking food!" She looked at the cans on the floor. "You can start cooking the soup or carrots if you can, I don't want anything nasty, but I think you can handle a microwave. There are a few dishes in the cabinets." She shook her head. I can't believe he is thinking of food when Jeremy is hurt! He could have been killed by that damned boy!!! If he even so much as touches Jeremy again, I'll rip his head off! She thought to herself.

Posted by: Ginsenshi Dec 13 2005, 06:30 PM
"Yeah okay, errr I don't cook and sorry I didn't see him." Kouji answered. "So is he going to life?"

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 13 2005, 06:35 PM
She nodded, "I'll make sure he does. He has to." She hugged Jeremy's head lightly. "I already helped him get a bullet out of his arm, he can't die now!"

She looked at Jeremy and brushed his bangs aside. "You'll be fine." She then looked at Kouji, "after everything is settled, I'll get to cooking."

Posted by: Ginsenshi Dec 13 2005, 06:38 PM
"Hmm I see, thank you, sorry about earlier, I was hugry." Kouji said back to her.

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Dec 13 2005, 06:40 PM
OOC: sorry to all of you but im still smashing the shit out of jeremy, and i dont see while this is going on youwould all have a conversation about food and be so calm.

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 13 2005, 06:40 PM
She nodded at him and then looked at Scott. "So, what now, Mr. Brick man? You gonna hit anyone else with that?"

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Dec 13 2005, 06:42 PM
Scott didnt listen to the girl, instead in a fit of rage he jumped up and swung his brick at her head too. He kept hitting at her. His brick wa sstarting to crack with all the strong blows he had been delivering on the group.
he would have to kill them all if he wanted to get out alive.

Posted by: Ginsenshi Dec 13 2005, 06:43 PM
"Hmmm so you hurt him, huh?" Kouji asked, "Why hurt a follow person? Hmm." Kouji signed deep with shame.

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 13 2005, 06:43 PM
QUOTE (Bloody_Fists @ Dec 13 2005, 06:40 PM)
OOC: sorry to all of you but im still smashing the shit out of jeremy, and i dont see while this is going on youwould all have a conversation about food and be so calm.

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Jeremy felt a blow to his side by the Scott kid and heard Nev shout at the boy. Jeremy opened his eyes to see Scott start swinging the birck at Nev. Jeremy's eyes immediately widened and he picked himself up, pushing past the pain, blocking everything out he had to help Nev. Jeremy saw his sickle in the corner where he had left it, he had to sprint there, but....did he have the energy?

Jeremy was sweating hard, his shirt was dripping with his own seat as he tried to catch is breath with his hands on his knees. He was standing at the end of the wrestling room with the other wrestlers. Last night had been a discrace to the team. How did he manage to get blacked out? Jeremy shook the thought aside and when the coach shouted, "again!" Jeremy sprinted with the rest down to the one side of the room, then back again. THen down onne more and back. Jeremy was breathing harder now, how long had they been doing this? It didn't matter, he had to be the best, this would come in handy on the mat....or somewhere else...

Jeremy felt a rush of adrenaline and got up and sprinted to his sickle, picking it up he turned around and charged Scott and while swinging the sickle at him he shouted, "Get off her!"

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Dec 13 2005, 11:29 PM
Scott, stopped beating the girl when he heard that voice that scraed him oh so much in the first place. He quickly turned to face the other boy. Tears fell of his cheeks, He was crying, Not blubbering like a baby but more tears of anger. if there is such a thing.
"You cant kill me!" he screamed at jeremy who was now holding the sickle. Scott didnt really notice it and he threw his brick at jeremy a split second before he rushed him. he threw his bpdy as hard as he could into jeremy's. anything to survive.

he was going to die, he knew that but not here, not this early.

Posted by: Theseus Dec 14 2005, 02:11 AM
Jeremy felt the brick hit him in the chest, not the worst that had happened to him and he only staggered back a bit before Scott tackled Jeremy. If Jeremy was thinking in terms of stratagy he would have smiled, he's a wrestler, he excelled at this kind of fighting.

Jeremy was now underneath the kid but still had a hold of the sickle. Jeremy in his right hands. Jeremy repeatedly jabbed his left fist at Scott's head from the bottom.

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Scott, was starting to beleive he could win this fight, it would of been his first ever. it reminded him of when he picked on another boy in his baseball team, ian hardgrave, He felt bad and was being bullied himself so he decided to pick on the fat kid. Shame ian handed scott his ass on a silver plate.

He felt the blows connect with his head with a strong white flash for each hit.he rolled off jeremy, clumsily. he layed there, next to jeremy groaning a bit, Suddely he started coughing and he spat up some blood, some nice bruises started to appear around his face.
"Please stop!" He begged, blood trickling from his lips.

Posted by: Theseus Dec 15 2005, 11:13 PM
Jeremy saw the kid roll over and with a wrestlers instinct rolled on top of the kid applying pressure on him. His left hand holding the kids right arm and Jeremy's right hand still grasping the sickle. The kid coughed up some blood and pleaded for Jeremy to stop. Jeremy only looked him in the eyes. Jeremy was not a killer, he didn't come here to play the game. He decided a while ago if it came to it he would kill to protect his friends, but when was it crossing the line? Was this protecting or flat out murder now?

Jeremy was still on Scott and staring in his eyes Jeremy said, "Why should I stop? What's to stop me from doing to you what you did to me and Nev? What were you thinking? Hitting a girl....throwing a brick at me....and now you ask me to stop? Give me a good reason why I should let you walk away from here right now...."

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Dec 15 2005, 11:51 PM
Why should jeremy stop? He was right he didnt have a good reason, scott attacked first without being provoked.
He felt jeremys weight ontop of him, damn was he heavy.
He was almost passed out but barely kept himself from going unconscious. His blank and white toned gaze into jeremys eyes, they were certainly passionate about something, killing his attacker maybe?
Scott simply answered jeremy "Scared....dont want to die..." He couldnt bring himself too say anymore than that.

Posted by: Theseus Dec 16 2005, 12:23 AM
Jeremy didn't do anything. He felt the killer's fear. Jeremy was scared for his life multiple times on the island, and he would have pleaded for his life also. There was one thing different though between Jeremy and Scott, Jeremy wasn't the attacker. Jeremy wasn't planning on murdering anyone just to win the game. Jeremy, still on top of Scott said to Nev, "Nev, go find" Jeremy thought then said, "Find the bed and get the sheets from it. We're going to tie the kid up. Murder is wrong, we won't do that, but I won't let him roam the island." Jeremy looked at the kid again, "If you try to resist I will kill you without hesitation. I am giving you a chance now to live, one mistake and I take that away. Do you understand?"

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 16 2005, 04:24 PM
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Nevera ran to the bedroom to get the sheets. She returned quickly as tears rolled down her eyes. She was really scared, so scared that she didn't know what to do. Her head was bleeding a little from the bricks impact. She tripped over the sheets and landed next to the boys. She sat up and handed the sheets ovder to Jeremy.

"Here, ow." She said holding her head lightly.

Posted by: Theseus Dec 16 2005, 07:58 PM
Jeremy took the sheets and said, "thanks." He looked back at the boy underneath him and said, "I will tie you up now, remember what I told you. I will take no pity on you if you disobeye my rules." Jeremy grabbed the sheets and said to the kid, "Go sit in the chair in the kitchen."

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Dec 17 2005, 02:16 PM
When jeremy asked him to to the kitchen he just spat up another clump of blood, Jeremy probally hadnt realised that he'd knocked the shit out of him untill he was almost passed out. It was like when your so drunk that you cant be bothered to move, and you can just hear voices in your head, the whole room was spinning around him and he didnt even aknoweldge the bed sheets.

scott had hit jeremy with the brick several times and still jeremy didnt go unconscious, scott received to blows to the head and he was down, shows the stregnth difference between the two boys. Scotts only real asset on the island were his speed, he could run faster than anybody he knew but not in this state.

Posted by: Theseus Dec 17 2005, 02:30 PM
Jeremy watched as the kid spat up some more blood and Jeremy said, "Did you hear me? I will hurt you a lot worse unless you get in the kitchen now!" Jeremy then realized the kid might have been very injured. Jeremy sighed and waited to see if the kid responded or it was because he was really badly injured. Jeremy felt the throbbing pain on the side of his head and he tried to ignore it.

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 18 2005, 04:59 AM
Nevera stood, but fell. The wound on her head was getting to her. She closed her eyes and fell towards Jeremy.

Posted by: Theseus Dec 18 2005, 03:40 PM
Jeremy was focusing on the boy underneath him, trying to get him to answer him when he felt Nev fall on top of him. Jeremy was confused for a second when he pushed himself off of Scott, and rolled Nev off of his onw body, and caught her. Jeremy looked at Nev, her eyes were closed, how bad did Scott hurt her? Jeremy tried to stay calm, he had to keep in control of the situation which was hard with a wounded girl and a killer he had to keep tabs on. Jeremy said immediately while he was holding Nev, "Nev! Nev! Open your eyes! Do something! Are you ok?"

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Dec 18 2005, 06:09 PM
Scott had made his biggest mistake and so early in his time in the game. He realised that he shouldent of attacked, He could of thought a bit more, maybe they were good people? they could of helped him.

When jeremy got of him he felt a great weight listed from him. He could finally breath properly and he gasped urgently for air. He looked up at the two people and the room was finally coming out of its spinning state. He wiped some of the blood from his chin with his sleeve.
Scott didnt want to be here. He wanted to be with his friends playing a game of baseball, He just wanted to be happy and live his life like a normal person but that was all over now. He was going to die at such a young age. before his life had really begun. what luck he had. And then he burst into to tears, not from pain but from realising he was doomed. he wouldent escape and he wouldent win, It was enevitable.
He tried to hide his shame of crying with his hand but the tears just streamed through.
"Im sorry......Oh god im so sorry"

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 18 2005, 10:06 PM
Nev was still breathing, butr she was unconsiuos. Her body lay motionless as she breathed slowly. Her eyebrow twitched in response to Jeremy's voice. She wimpered under her breath, "Jeremy?"

Posted by: Theseus Dec 18 2005, 10:37 PM
Jeremy was still holding Nev when she muttered his name. Jeremy wanted to help her, but he also had to take care of Scott. Jeremy looked down to see Scott raise his hands to his face and start to say he was sorry. Jeremy then slowly layed Nev on the ground and said, "come on Nev..." Then Jeremy looked at Scott, "Listen, you probably are sorry. Everyone has a choice in life, you make hundreds of choices a day. This game makes those choices more important than they really are. You had a choice to play the game or not. You chose to attack me and Nev....that was your choice and you will deal with the consequences." Jeremy looked back at Nev, then to Scott, "Lucky for you I am not playing this game, but I have seen enough to know if I have to kill I will do it. I am willing to give you another chance, but I'm not going to forget what you did. Your going to have to earn your trust back with me but if I get a promise from you right now that your with me and not against me then I'll help you."

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 18 2005, 10:42 PM
Nevera stirred awake slowly. "Huh, Jeremy?" She was too weak to move. "It...... hurts." She mumbled under her breath. She tried to move but the most she could do was reach her hand out to him.

Posted by: Theseus Dec 18 2005, 10:49 PM
Jeremy was waiting for Scott to answer when he heard Nev speak behind him. Jeremy turned and listened to her It....hurts..... Jeremy saw her reach out her hand and he grabbed it and said, "Come on got to pull through. Don't pay attention to the pain." Jeremy was still holding on to her hand as he looked back towards Scott waiting to see what his next choice was.

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 18 2005, 10:54 PM
"My head...... it's bleeding." She tugged at his arm as she tried to get up. She made little progress.

Posted by: Theseus Dec 18 2005, 11:01 PM
Jeremy turned from Scott once again and looked at the blood on her forehead. Jeremy nodded....there wasn't much he could do. Wipe the blood but how could he stop the bleeding? Jeremy said, "i know...Nev your good at this? What do I have to do?" Jeremy kept glancing back at Scott awaiting his answer to the choice. Jeremy was never a great multi-tasker. I guess you got to learn someday.

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 18 2005, 11:26 PM
Nev looked him in the eyes. "Just apply pressure to it."

Posted by: Theseus Dec 18 2005, 11:44 PM
Jeremy turned away from Scott and looked at Nev and said, "Ok..." Jeremy saw his shirt tossed over to the side. The shirt that was used to apply pressure to his wounded arm before Nev put on the bandages. Jeremy glanced at Scott then went and picked up his shirt. Heading back over to Nev he applied pressure with the already bloody shirt. Jeremy kept glancing back over at Scott during the process.

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 19 2005, 07:13 PM
Nev smiled and held onto the shirt. "I'll do this and get cleaned up. I can move now. You take care of Scott." She got up slowly to a sitting position and crawled over to her bag. She looked back at Jeremy before she unzipped her bag.

Posted by: Ginsenshi Dec 21 2005, 02:00 AM
OOC: Okay I'm here
"Nice he's getting beat up." Kouji smiled big not really knowing how to react to this, what scream and run or something?

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 21 2005, 04:30 PM
((OOC: Gin.... You aren't really RPing very well...... I don't think that this site is for you anymore....... maybe Nev should just kill you off now that Kousaka is dead....))

Posted by: Ginsenshi Dec 21 2005, 05:44 PM
Kouji suddenly change in acts and voice, "Hey Nav, you wanna kill him or should I?" Kouji asked in a low and cold voice. The change in Kouji was sudden, like something had snapped inside Kouji, as if a blade had cut his nice side away. So now his cold side came to be, his darker side in control.

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Risen from the dead.

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"Kill who? Jeremy or Scott? I prefer there to be no killing what so ever!" She scolded him as she placed jeremy's shirt on the floor and began to wrap a bandage around her head.

Posted by: Ginsenshi Dec 21 2005, 05:57 PM
Kouji looked shocked, "No killing? Weird but okay then." Kouji answered as he looked at Scott, his aura, very weird, many death on his hands it seemed.

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 21 2005, 06:01 PM
She stood and grabbed her bo staff. "The only one needed to be killed would be those who want to try to kill others, KOUJI!"

Posted by: Ginsenshi Dec 21 2005, 06:05 PM
"Not what I meant nor do I wish to die, Nev. But if you wish it then try." Kouji answered.
OOC: Damn Kuze I have no weapon.

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 21 2005, 06:11 PM
Nevera smirked and slammed her staff on the floor. She got into a crouching position and looked at him. "Are you ready?"

Posted by: Ginsenshi Dec 21 2005, 06:22 PM
Kouji stood when he was ready to die, "try it." he said in reply

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 21 2005, 06:26 PM
Nev stood straight up and placed a hand over her blind eye. She began to laugh hysterically. "You are a dumb ass.... no really."

Posted by: Ginsenshi Dec 21 2005, 06:36 PM
Kouji looked at her with firey eyes, "A dumb ass?!" Kouji asked and then turned towards her, "I'm not." Kouji would have attacked but no weaoin to use.

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 21 2005, 06:39 PM
Nev just laughed. "you really think I would kill you. you really aren't very bright, now are you?" She picked up her staff and walked back to Jeremy.

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Dec 21 2005, 08:08 PM
Choices? he had choices here? it hadnt really hit him that he could choose not to hurt others and try to find an escape route, even as impossible as it sounded.
So far everything he did was out of sheer terror, he didnt know what to do and went on pure instints, thats what got him beaten up in the first place.

Then the new guy came along and started talking about killing everyone, scott knew what he did was wrong but this boy was thinking of doing it, even suggesting to the others. why did he want to just suddenly kill? He'd been lucky enough to find good people that trusted him not to kill them and now this. Scott had made the wrong choice, he would of done anything to turn back time and be in the other boys position.

He slowly pulled himself of the floor and leaned into the wall. A nice big pruple bruise now appearing on his chin and a couple of loose teeth were wiggled with his tongue.
The tears had no stopped and he tried to be strong, he needed to make a good impression if he wanted to be trusted.
" cant just kill, i realise that now, If i had the chance i would of gone back and done everything differently. I was given a second should be greatful youir not dead....."
He spoke the the boy, Kouji was it?

This was his big chance to survive atleast a couple of days.

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 21 2005, 08:14 PM
Nevera's eyes grew soft as she walked over to Scott. She knelt in front of him and hugged him. "It's ok.. we'll here to help... now." She looked at Kouji adn frowned. "I don't know about him..." She then looked at Jeremy adn smiled. "You will be fine.. I will help clean up this mess and we can all eat something.. i can't really fix your teeth... but any toher injuries I can. even though yu bloodied up my head."

Posted by: Theseus Dec 21 2005, 08:39 PM
Jeremy watched as Scott situated himself and spoke to Kouji. Scott told Kouji to stop....Jeremy smiled to himself, that must mean Scott was willing to accept what he had done, and hopefully that was a one time mistake. Jeremy said to Scott, "Welcome to the group." Turning around he looked at Kouji though. Jeremy picked up his sickle and said to Kouji, "Leave now. I'm tired of you already. You didn't help once during the fight, and now your wanting to fight us. Leave now or I will make you leave, we have no room for anyone willing to play the game." When Jeremy first started to play this game, he was soft, had no idea what he was doing. But recent events have changed him, he wasn't going to take chances, not anymore.

Posted by: Ginsenshi Dec 21 2005, 08:52 PM
"Your talking to me about being careful and greatful, look how many you've killed, why shouldn't I just kill you, like you did to so many?" Kouji asked loudly. Though Kouji knew from his good side, that he was right but he didn't want to be weak minded again, so he continued to fight the truth he knew.

Posted by: Theseus Dec 21 2005, 09:03 PM
Jeremy paused....listened to Kouji's words...Your talking to me about being careful and greatful, look how many you've killed, why shouldn't I just kill you, like you did to so many? Jeremy was now hurt....and mad. He started at Kouji and gripped his bloody sickle. "Listen....your telling me I killed? Were you with me and my friends when we got attacked by a guy with a machine gun? Were you with me and my friends when there was a shootout at the river. Were you with me and my friends when we got attacked at the hospitable? Were you ever seperated from your friends? Do you know the feeling of lonliness and loss that only this game can bring you?" Jeremy said, "I have not killed a single soul on this island, but that's about to change." Jeremy ran at Kouji and swung his sickle at the boys chest.

Posted by: Ginsenshi Dec 21 2005, 09:16 PM
Kouji blocked him and throw him to the ground sitting on his chest.

"Not you the other jerk, you dumb ass." Kouji shouted. "People need to listen clearly." Kouji thought. "I know that loss and loniness, I know it all to way."

Posted by: Theseus Dec 21 2005, 09:29 PM
Jeremy felt himself being thrown, did he managed to get thrown? Kouji sat on his chest, bad mistake. He listened to waht Kouji had to say, "Listen...all I know is that the kid over there bleeding is safe now, I don't think he'd willingly play this game. You on the other hand, threatened to fight Nev! I don't want you in this house!" Jeremy rolled out from under Kouji and once again swung his sickle at the boy at close range.

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 21 2005, 09:42 PM
Nevera ran to Jeremy's aid. "STOP IT!" She aimed for Kouji's head when she swung her staff.

Posted by: Ginsenshi Dec 21 2005, 09:56 PM
Kouj sighed, "Great...." Kouji then ran for dear to the next room "Wait where I go now?" Kouji looked around. "Oh bloody hell."

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Dec 21 2005, 10:08 PM
He stood there and watch as a new fight incurred. This time it was about him and not him actually throwing punches.
The boy accused him of killing? He had only just gotten to the island not more than a couple of hours ago and these were the first people he had scene.

Jeremy and nev had attacked him, maybe thats what they wanted? for kouji to die, then he wouldent be a threat to them?

He picked up his brick and ran into the room with kouji.
Walking up behind him with no expression on his face he swung that already blood stained brick at the back of koujis head.

He was doing what jeremy wanted, he helped scott, not scott was helping him.

Posted by: Ginsenshi Dec 22 2005, 08:50 PM
Kouji fell to the ground, in pain; " What in the he... uhh." Kouji faints.

Posted by: Theseus Dec 22 2005, 08:54 PM
Jeremy watched in surprise as Scott had snuck up behind Kouji and knocked him unconcious with his brick. Jeremy slowly walked up Scott and still holding his sickle in his right hand he extened his left hand in the form of a handshake. Looking Scott in the eyes he said, "friends?" What Scott did was proving that he was trustworthy, and he had earned Jeremy's respect.

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Dec 23 2005, 09:53 PM
scott stood over the unconscious body of kouji and dropped his brick. He yet again surprised himself at his newfound courage. the game was shining throguh in scott.

He jumped slightly has he saw jeremys hand appear next to him. he turned to face him and without thought he took jeremys hand in his and shook it, sealing there trust and friendship.
"Its just us now, me you and nev, we need to pull through and fight the system"
This game had already changed scott, his will to live had risen up and taken controll of his thoughts and actions. He needed to win.

Posted by: Theseus Dec 23 2005, 11:23 PM
Jeremy nodded and said to Scott, "More easily said than done my friend. I'm guessing your also new on this island? Meaning out of the three of us i've been here the longest. I've seen what the other kids are doing, they are playing the game, and ruthlessly. There are other kids like us though, ones who aren't playing. I've been lucky enough to meet some of them....even though now I've been seperated from them. There was a plan going on to escape the island by a group of kids, they had us sign our names on a piece of paper if we were in with them, I didn't even get a chance to sign my name before we were ambushed and seperated."

Jeremy paused then said, "Moving on though, if the three of us work together we're going to have to put absolute trust in each other." Jeremy looked at Scott and Nev. "No matter what, us three work together, no one gets in the way of that. If there is a way off this island, we'll find it together. If there isn't, then we die together." Jeremy looked at his 2 new comrades and said, "Are you in?"

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Dec 24 2005, 11:26 PM
He looked at jeremy and wiped that last drop of blood from his chin before he leant down and took koujis designated weapon, the bayonet. He wont be needing it and ill doubt he's going to stand up and challenge me for it.

The he looked to jeremy, "Yeah together, im in, We should leave this place, i have a bad feeling" he wanted to get moving, this place already held bad memoried for him and it wouldent be this empty for long, other students would want to find good shelter too.

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Antonio had taken longer than he expected to reach the Small House because he had stopped to take care of the arm wounds he had gotten at the School (the arm was now crudely tied down, and the bleeding had slowed down). Nearing the broken doorway, he saw the corpse of an unfamiliar boy's corpse in the beginning stages of decomposition, holding a jagged piece of wood and with a large stab wound in his heart area (obviously his cause of death). Ignoring the smell, he walked around the body, holding his gun in his hand. As he got closer, he could hear voices, including that of the boy in the school.

Well, looks like it's time to put some holes in that prick. he thought, rounding the doorway and searching for Jeremy. Seeing him in the doorway of another room, he raised his gun and fired.

Posted by: Theseus Dec 25 2005, 12:59 AM
Jeremy nodded to Scott's thoughts about leaving the house as soon as possible when a gunshot rang out. Jeremy instinctvly lowered and looked around wondering who was shooting. Must be coming from the entrance....jeremy was still holding his sickle and said to Scott and Nev, "come on we need to go out the back!" Jeremy was only assuming there was a back, but there had to be. Jeremy started to head towards the back, he couldn't believe this was happening again, everywhere he went there was a shooter.

Posted by: Megami Dec 25 2005, 03:00 AM
OOC: Sorry for interrupting, and I don't mean to play know-it-all or anything, but I just thought I'd point out that, unless I'm mistaken, Bloody, Eh-Sun stole Kouji's bayonnet back at the river.

Posted by: Kuze Dec 25 2005, 03:17 AM
((OOC Megami you are correct Eh-Sun DID take Kouji's Bayonette at the waterfall now go ahead and continue))

Posted by: Slayer Dec 25 2005, 06:08 AM
Shit, I missed!

Grimacing, but taking a twisted satisfation at Jeremy's reaction Antonio started to walk after him, firing two more shots at the boy while he did so.

I'm going to kill that motherfucker, no matter what!

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Posted by: Ginsenshi Dec 25 2005, 03:41 PM
OOC: You I already lost my weapon to Kuze?

Posted by: Theseus Dec 27 2005, 04:31 AM
Jeremy heard two more gunshots behind him and felt a sharp pain in his left shoulder as he entered a back room. Putting his back to the wall he sighed feeling the blood run down his back where the bullet had hit him. Jeremy grimaced as he gripped his sickle tighter turning his knuckles white. Jeremy didn't know where Scott and Nev were in the house, and he didn't know where the shooter was. Jeremy just knew that he was safe in this room, but he had to find the backdoor or a window, had to get out, had to bring Scott and Nev with him.

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Dec 27 2005, 06:15 PM
scott heard the bullets and ran. his greatest skill coming into play as he entered the room with jeremy, he was already dragging nev behind him. running as fast as he could, which was damn fast.

He grabbed jeremy too and dragged them to a nearby window. grabbing jeremys sickle was his hands he smashed through the window and threw the sickle out straight after. He Quickly jumped out and helped nev out of the smashed window too. "Fuckin come on" he yelled to jeremy as he picked the sickle up and ran, still holding nevs hand in his.

((Continued whereever jeremy goes))

Posted by: Theseus Dec 28 2005, 12:04 AM
Jeremy was surprised by Scott's speed inside the room, as he was dragign nev along behind him. Breaking open the window he took Jeremy's sickle and threw it out. Then he jumped out and helped Nev out Jeremy just watched and followed after them. Looking around he remembered where Glenn and Mallory were headed, the Lookout point. Yes, he lost his way there, but he had a good idea where it was. Jeremy looked at Nev and Scott and said, "follow me." And he ran off.

((Continued in: ... wtopic=695))

Posted by: Slayer Dec 29 2005, 09:35 PM
Antonio had pursued Jeremy, but he had tripped over the corpse of a girl with her face bashed in, and the breif interlude had allowed Jeremy to escape. Reaching the room they had gone to, he saw the open window, but they were nowhere in the area.

"Damnit, he got away!" he muttered, going back to the couch and throwing the corpse out of the way.

Maybe it's not all that bad. I don't have any spare clips, so I have to save ammo when I can. he reasoned as he sat down. None of the names on the announcement sounded familiar, and he was slightly confused about the girl named Madelaine's supposed death (what did he mean by "show more pink"? Was she killed in a shower?) but according to the announcement, about thirty nine other kids were still alive.

Thirty nine more to kill...

Posted by: Friendly Ghost Dec 29 2005, 10:06 PM
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After ten minutes, there was faint scraping noise. Nev slumped down inside the back door, looking at the ceiling. Good position to die hadn't been this cold. And he was sweating like a roast pig. At least they'd dressed their wounds on the way there...they had a chance.

" 'It's gonna be okay.' " He got out, "Go on, tell me."

Posted by: Albel Nox Dec 30 2005, 02:05 PM
QUOTE (Friendly Ghost @ Dec 29 2005, 10:06 PM)
Continued from:

After ten minutes, there was faint scraping noise. Nev slumped down inside the back door, looking at the celing. Good position to die hadn't been this cold. And he was sweating like a roast pig. At least they'd dressed their wounds on the way there...they had a chance.

" 'It's gonna be okay.' " He got out, "Go on, tell me."

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ooc: Sorry for the confusion; 'Nev' is my character Neville in this case, not Nevera. I'll call him Neville from now on.

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QUOTE (Friendly Ghost @ Dec 30 2005, 02:13 PM)
ooc: Sorry for the confusion; 'Nev' is my character Neville in this case, not Nevera. I'll call him Neville from now on.

((Oh ok.. lol I got so confused lol!! sorry about that!))

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((OOC: Coming from the same place as Neville. Sorry about the lateness, I had zero inspiration for Ryan. x_x))

Ryan couldn't stop shaking, even after they had stopped. The enemy was long gone, but, his eyes continued to see red sirens. Danger, danger! He swallowed, checking out his leg. His pants were stained black where the blood was. Wincing, he readjusted his position.

Fucking hell...hurts like a bitch. The shaking got much worse as his mind lost focus. It seemed as if his arm had gotten the worst of the deal. Everytime he moved, his arm pulsated and burned.

"G-g-gonna b-be okay?" Reacting to the pain, his eyes started to water up behind his glasses. "Are sure about that?"

Posted by: Slayer Jan 8 2006, 07:38 PM
Antonio had nearly dozed off on the couch when he heard the back door opening, and the sound of footsteps and voices. Grunting, he got to his feet, raising the gun and looking around. Whoever it was had not entered the room yet, so he'd have to look for them.

"Who's there? Show yourselves! Don't make me come after you." he warned, walking towards where he heard the sounds. He didn't know who it was, if they were armed, and how well they were, all he knew was they were intruders and they'd have to be killed for him to go home.

At least, that's what he thought until Danya's update came up, saying that killing one of the terrorists would be considered equivalent to winning the game and the killer would be allowed home.

So if I get payback for that little ambush, I get to go home, huh? Pretty good deal...

Posted by: Friendly Ghost Jan 8 2006, 10:03 PM
Neville was considering a smart answer to Ryan's not very encouraging reply, when the voice from the next room froze him. He put his finger to his lips, and moved round the wall; thankfully he'd reloaded his pistol...Neville stopped his train of thought before the cliff.

No more killing, unless it was really necessary. But then, without a plan to get off the island, he might as well kill everyone in sight, or else let the next person shoot him. But, oh yes. His chance would come to repay the world, before he died, for being a rich, consuming, yes, a lonely bastard who'd never touched anyone's life before, not even his family's. He smiled at Ryan and Clare, hoping he didn't just look insane.

The announcement went off. Putting speed over subtlety, Neville moved into the next room, and kept moving till he found Antonio. Counting on the announcement having distracted the boy, Neville brought the Wildley up fast, ready to shoot. He hoped he'd have time to aim for a shoulder; a shouted warning was certainly going to be an inaffordable luxury.

Posted by: Toukan Jan 11 2006, 04:18 AM
(Guh, sorry I haven't been around guys. I'll try to keep up with this a little more now that I think I've got my stuff under control...I hope. -_-)

Clare collapsed through the door shortly after Neville and Ryan. They had managed to dress her wounds before they arrived at the house, but they still ached and burned. Her dress shirt had been torn to make bandages and she pulled on her </life> tank top over the makeshift bandages in an attempt to regain what little modesty she had left after that episode. Blood had already seeped through the white cloth, which definitely wasn’t a good sign.

The shotgun slung across her shoulder had been reloaded, not that one shell matters where a shotgun is concerned. Her wounds ached when she didn’t move and when she did they would sear with pain. Little patches of color, or rather lack of color, were forming in her vision, clouding and distorting the things in front of her. She slumped against the wall beside the door and slid downwards into an awkward sitting position. She didn’t quite know what to do, even as a voice called out in the next room, her mind kept on drifting back to what had happened at the well.

Posted by: Friendly Ghost Jan 13 2006, 04:39 PM
After the burst of movement, Neville's body kicked back; he swayed a little but kept the gun steady. He hoped Clare and Ryan would be following; running in on his own might turn out to be fatally stupid. But then this greasy git had only seen him, so far.

Yeah, he's greasy. Am I not allowed to dislike someone on sight, because I've got a gun? What kind of high-schooler wears a tie if he can help it?

"Gun down, now." For all the good it was likely to do.

Risen from the dead.

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((Continued from: ... =614&st=45))

Stevan was back at the house again. It had been a couple days now since his last visit where he met up with jacob starr and made a broken alliance with the preacher. Just asall his alliances it ended with them being a corpse.

Shells where inserted into the side of the gun and a single swift movement would cock it ready to be fired. The spas 12 would be held at hip height ready to shoot down any unsuspecting bastard who got in its line of fire.

As he walked through the front door he went straight past the slumped girl with the shotgun and into view of the opther gun weilding girl.

He stood there. Holding back a smile, untill he couldent anymore and he burst out laughing. What were they doing here havinmg a mexican standoff?

He could see them looking at him dumbfounded, but who wouldent hejust walked through theline of fire, he couldent blame them really.

He looked aroundfor something interesting when he saw an open door and a body laying in the room it lead too.
He saw the girl aiming the gun with caution but he was unfazed. Getting shot wasnt the worst thing that could happen to him at this moment in time.

He gave a wink to the girl as he walked into the room with body, stevan was curious to check it out. As he grew closer to the boy he crouched down beside him and layed two fingers on his neck, And yes as stevan hoped, yes he was still alive, probally unconscious by the blood staines he had the back of his head.
He would hear a noise, a small murmer of what was supposed to be a word. help was it? no it was probally 'dont'.

Time too make some noise he thought to himself.
He knelt on one knee beside the boy and his ever so faithfull shotgun was placed pointblank on the back of the boys head and his finger curled around the trigger, although he wasnt sure if he actually that much of a prick to shoot someone whos down. he just sat there for a minute, but the boy jumped quickly, probally a unconscious twitch, but this startled stevan too no end, and the trigger was pulled hard on the metallic surface, realising a small click and a hail of buck shot with it. He could hear the bone of his skull crunch and the squelching of his brain and skin mezerized stevan. The large blood splatter spread against stevans face and quickly started to drip down features and hair.

Stevan fell back into a sitting position on the floor from force of the shotgun blast and the surprise of the blood splatter. He simply used his foot to push the boys noow lifeless corpse over only to see a wonderful scene. No face, apart from odd tooth here and there and his eyeballs sitting at either end of his face.

Stevan got up after favouring this scene and looked at the boys attire. Hey it was his kind of thing, another token too add to his collection was needed.

As he slid the leather jacket off the corpse and put it on himself he talked out to the people in the other room.
"He is your problem now ok?" He said as he stood up, shotgun in hand and wiping the new leather jacket with the other hand.


((Continued in: ... wtopic=730))

Posted by: Slayer Jan 16 2006, 12:32 AM
What the fuck was that all about?! Antonio wondered, his face betraying how perplexed he was at Stevan's sudden intrusion and the killing of another boy in the house. It had all seemed so random and happened so quickly, that for the first time in his life he was confused. With the other boy pointing what he recognised as a Wildey pistol (his father always had a Wildey either in his pocket or on his desk, it was his favorite gun since it was just as powerful as a Desert Eagle but more accurate and stable) at him, ordering him to drop the gun. Antonio still had the gun he got from Jeremy aimed at the boy, but now he seemed like he didn't know what to do.

That was the shotgun kid! I'm a little tied up here, but should I go after him? still wondering, he glared and snarled at the Wildey-weilding boy.

"Who the fuck do you think you are? how about you drop it while I'm still not in the mood to blow your brains against the wall behind you? You're not my target but you sure will be if you keep on tryin' to threaten me!" tightening his finger on the trigger, his stare dared the boy to test his resolve.

Posted by: Friendly Ghost Jan 16 2006, 03:27 PM

Neville snapped back to Tie-boy; close one. Just as well they were both too tired to be all that trigger happy.

Small comfort with this guy, of course, from how he looked, spoke, and reacted to a maniac blowing a injured boy's head off. Confused? Bloody horrified would be closer to Standard Human, but then Neville supposed he wasn't exactly floored by the murder. But he missed the feeling.

"Not thi target? Thi could've fooled me. An' if I ain't playin', and you ain't droppin'..." Neville knew that not firing proved he wasn't playing; from the moment this guy had opened his mouth, the lights had been going off in Neville's head that made a rabbit stand over its babies, and drop a hawk with kicks.

Clare...sod, the shotgun maniac had come through her, and Ryan. Just after he'd left them!

"Clare!" Neville kept his eyes on Tie-boy, moistened his lips, and backed to within a step of the doorway.

Posted by: Slayer Jan 16 2006, 09:03 PM
Grimacing as the other boy didn't drop the Wildey and called out to someone named Claire while backing away and keeping his eyes on him, Antonio tightened his finger even harder on the trigger, keeping eye contact with the boy. It was obvious the boy with the Wildey wasn't playing, too bad for him that Antonio was.

"I told you to drop it, you son of a bitch!" he snarled, swiveling the gun so it faced the boy's head and squeezing the trigger, letting off a shot straight at him. True, his anger was unreasonable, but one thing he had always been taught was never to let a threat stay a threat, by lethal force if necessary. By his logic, he had every right to kill the boy since he wouldn't drop his weapon.

I just hope he doesn't have any allies with better guns, or I'm fucked. I can't afford to get in a gunfight when I only have one clip.

OOC: Sorry its short, but I had to do something.

Posted by: Friendly Ghost Jan 17 2006, 10:58 PM
"I told you to drop it, you-"

The second guy to mug Neville had sounded just the same. Maybe hitting for some guys was shooting for others, but Neville was whipping back to the door before he'd begun to think-

When his foot caught the board, it ever so nearly rang like a bell.

In the falling second, he saw a shape that said boy, let off the Wildley's double action at it. Then his back hit the floor, and sawdust was pouring over his hair as he threw it up into the noise and terror.

One thump; Tie-boy's still up. Maybe wounded, maybe dying wounded; but up. Me on t' floor. Knowin' I'm gonna die, and not even gonna die outdoors.

He squinted, aimed again, trying to think of Central Park. Five Finger lakes, sunset in Algonquin. Sweet, sweet Dartmoor. Even The Beach...

No fucking good. He hardly knew her, but he needed her;

"Claire, CLARE!"

(OOC; Please, not a headshot death? Apart from that, take this anyway you like.)

Posted by: Toukan Jan 18 2006, 12:05 AM
Clare was feeling sluggish and hazy, her eyes sliding slowly in and out of focus. The wounds didn’t seem to hurt anymore, but there was a pervading sense of numbness traveling slowly through her body. A stranger had walked in after them, a rather frightening looking stranger, as much as a hazy gray blur can look frightening. But the eyes.

Did he just wink or am I seeing things, too?

Had it really only been a few minutes since the incident at the well? Ever since then her mind had been drifting in and out of coherent thought, it hadn’t quite sunk in again that she had killed someone or that in this game people die. It didn’t hit her until too late that the stranger could only be more harm than good, that someone was going to die again.

Clare’s entire body jumped as the shotgun blast echoed through the rooms. Her eyes slid quickly back into focus and she struggled to reach the doorway that Neville had gone through only moments earlier.

Not again. Oh please no, not again. No. Nev. Gawd, Nev. Don’t let that have been you.

There were muffled words from the other room, one of the voices sounded like Neville, but she couldn’t be sure. She managed to get to her feet and clamber to the doorway, cocked shotgun in hand. The only thing she faced were more gunshots and Neville falling.

“Clare. CLARE!”

She didn’t know what to do and acted on what little bit instinct was telling her by dropping to her knees near Neville and pointing her shotgun towards the other boy. Because of his shouts she new that Neville wasn't dead, but her mind wouldn't focus or let her assist him with the unfamiliar, gunwielding boy in the room. She didn't even know the extent of his injuries. With wide eyes and dried blood smeared like war paint across her face she looked more than a little insane, maybe even a little inhuman.

“No.” Her voice was cracking and high pitched. The wounds started burning again, but at least the pain showed her that she was still alive. “N-not him. Any…anyone but him. Why-y?” She no longer felt the need to blink, as tears of pain, sadness, and fear overflowed from her eyes and were quickly dyed crimson as they made trails through the blood. Suddenly she changed, though, her voice settled into a quiet, even tone and the corner of her lips curled in a mocking smile. “Please tell me you didn’t just do that?”

Posted by: Slayer Jan 18 2006, 12:52 AM
Antonio's face changed expressions several times in the last few seconds. When his shot hit Neville (he couldn't see where, but the fact that he was talking meant it didn't hit his head) and made him fall, he had worn a smug grin. That changed to a slightly shocked expression as the other boy fired two shots from his Wildey. and a grimace of pain as both shots hit. He howled as one bullet slammed through his upper left arm, taking a huge chink of flesh with it, and the other peirced the upper part of his chest on the right, leaving a gaping hole. The force of the two bullets knocked him flat on his rear, and the girl entered just as he was getting up, pointing the shotgun at him and asking if he had just shot the boy.

"Yeah, I did, you ugly bitch," he snarled pointing the gun with a shaking arm at the girl with the shotgun, his eyes looking like that of a wanderer who had just found his home, "so unless you want to join your boyfriend I suggest you give me that shotgun and that brat's Wildey." he knew this was nearly suicide, and he probably wouldn't be able to use a shotgun anyway, but it could still serve for a bluff. All he knew was that there was a good chance of him getting blasted and he was already badly hurt.

Posted by: Friendly Ghost Jan 18 2006, 09:12 AM
Jus' in time...

Then Neville coughed. And kept coughing, as the red blossomed out of his jacket. Now, it hurt, much worse than a cricket ball. Shot in the lung; drowning a mile from the ocean. Scary was what it was like.

Neville heard the voices over his head. He fired once, in something like the right direction, then dropped the pistol. Silly thing to spend his last energy on; Clare was going to be alright. Had to be, with that voice, and that frame of light running through her body. Neville tried to speak, and coughed blood over the floor.

Posted by: Kaishi Jan 18 2006, 09:29 PM
And where had Ryan been during all this?


The pain had lulled him to sleep on its steady beat. Move a little. Hurt. Readjust a bit. Pain. Try to settle. Searing. Wheez out air. White flash. Flash, flash, red flash. Flashes of every color, before his eyes. How pretty, but it annoyed his eyes to the point that he just had to close them. Only for a second, though. Someone might be in the house. Someone might enter at any second. Could be an attacker like Vince. Yeah. Don't want to get attacked by dudes like that. That was cruising for a bruising, sleep. No way. Gonna stay awake. Got to. . .

. . .Only one second, Mom. Then I'll get up for school, okay?

One second turned into a time too long. Another student died at the sound of a heavy gun in the next room. Ryan stayed asleep. Just a few more minutes, alright? Clare's name was called, a trigger was squeezed, another shot. One, maybe two, or three more shots followed. Little did his sleeping form know what was really happening outside of dream world.

Posted by: Slayer Jan 19 2006, 04:40 AM
Antonio gasped in pain as Neville's final shot hit its mark, plunging through his tie and blasting into his chest. With blood pouring out of the massive bulletwounds, Antonio fell backwards, hitting his head on the same table Satomi's corpse was lent against. Coughing up a gob of blood, Antonio looked up furitively at the fallen boy and the shotgun weilding girl, raised his gun, and fired every bullet left in the clip at them.

If I'm going to die, I might as well take one with me!

OOC: Forgive me, don't have time to write much else.

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Faintly, Neville could hear the bullets cracking into wood; most of them had gone far wide, though his arm felt suddenly numb...most, not all. A numb patch in his back as well; he'd struggled round to his front, and now he lay like that.

After t' car hit Billy, did he feel?...hell, s'pose every day's a battle, for a stray dog. Nothing has a bloody point, and love never saves you.

Should've...known her better. Her an' Ryan; t' only ones I wish I'd had more time with, 'cause I should've know 'em better than anyone. Should've fuckin' done something that mattered to someone else.

Neville's hand flapped against Clare's foot.

Posted by: Toukan Jan 19 2006, 11:51 PM
((OOC: Its completely up to you if you want to get hit with the blast or not, just remember that it’s buckshot. If it doesn’t hit, then she just shot the ceiling. Sorry that it took me so long to post, I'm too shitpicky about what I write.))

The only thing Clare could do was grin. Grin and fight not to burst into a fit of giggles, even as Neville’s coughing registered in her mind. She couldn’t help until they were safe, even if the potential cost of that action was great. Neville’s life, her life, the trigger happy boy, even. Her finger tightened around the trigger as she stared at the boy across the room.

“Ry-aaaaaah!” Her call to the redheaded boy in the other room transformed into a scream as bullets again tore through her already battered body. As she pitched backward, the shocks coursing through her body caused her finger to pull tight against the trigger. She couldn’t see what happened, all she knew was the fiery pain that coursed through every fiber of her being. If under other circumstances her wounds probably wouldn’t have been fatal, but she had already lost so much blood and there wasn’t much of anything to use as first aid. The little color remaining in her face was fading as she bled out onto the floor.


She whimpered and curled into a fetal position in an attempt to make the pain go away, or at least to be able to ignore it for a while. No adrenaline, no painkillers, nothing to help. Her life didn’t flash before her eyes, then again she wasn’t dead yet and it was going to be a long and painful trip down that road.

Y-you can work through this. He needs help more than you do.

She cried out again as she struggled to move the short way to Neville. The coppery taste of blood filled her mouth and she let it dribble from her partially open lips onto the floor of the dirty little house; she didn’t have the willpower to spit.

“Nev.” She whispered and clutched at his arm, but had no idea what to do. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” She grimaced and leaned her head against his shoulder.

Posted by: Friendly Ghost Jan 20 2006, 12:40 AM
Sorry? Me too, but she ain't?, no, nothing wrong. Feels special, like she ain't gonna stop resting on thi, she's gonna stay. She got t' bad guy, again. She's gonna be alright.

Neville's head moved against Clare's. He smiled, because he hadn't strength to move his limbs, or speak. He just heard silence, with him and Clare; like it had been when they came from the Well. Living or dying, animal or human, silence was enough, when you were close. He ought to thank her for it.

There, tha ain't held up so bad, ain't tha? Right outta Middle-class-America into a war; but you always knew nothing back there would ever matter to tha. Not family or anyone, no one thi'd want here now; but then, tha never so much as pitched a tent with 'em in t' rain. And thi never knew people could be loyal or strong, just faithless and pathetic.

DON'T think about it. Just remember Billy, and feel Clare. She ain't hurt bad. She knows she's gonna be okay.

Deep down, there were many things Neville knew he should've done. But all he knew he wanted now was to tell Clare about who she was, and what had made him smile, before there was nothing he could do but whimper and retch.

BOY#103, Neville Eden-DEAD

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Antonio almost knew what was going to happen-how it was going to end- before Clare even fired the shot, but as she did, the world seemed to move in slow motion to his dying eyes. As the buckshot flew towards him, he realized all the things he hadn't done with his life, all the things he had too; including killing two people (he knew it was two because the boy was no longer moving, the one terrorist he shot in New York being the first). It was pathetic really, he had barely lasted one day from when Danya's men kidnapped him to punish his father.

It had been a cold night in New York city. Of course, Antonio and the four men didn't know this inside their dark black van, gliding like a shadow over the city streets. Antonio was in the back with two of the four thugs, behind one of the seats. Suddenly, another van pulled up in front of them and stopped, blocking their van's movement. Being forced to stop, all four thugs grabbed the SPAS-12 shotguns they had been given while Antonio took up his Beretta, just in case. Suddenly the back door of the other van opened, and several figures in dark uniforms came out, holding AK-47s.

"Who the fuck are the-" the driver started to ask before the rifles were raised and the car was pelted by automatic fire. Instantly the van filled with blood, three of the four men (the two in the front chairs and the one between them) being practically ripped to shreds by the gunfire. Protected by the seats and the thugs in front, Antonio and the other thug wasted no time rushing out of the side doors with guns armed. Ducking into a running crouch to avoid the bullets, Antonio headed to a nearby alley for cover. While there he saw the thug fire his shotgun into the other group. One of the enemies was sent flying back with a scream, but seemed unharmed. The (obviously) kevlar-wearing shooters quickly turned their aim on the thug, firing their assault rifles and riddling him with bullets, killing him instantly. Angered, Antonio leaned out of the alley.

"Nobody fucks with the Franchinis!" he had shouted, firing his pistol repeatedly and causing some of the terrorists to duck down. They were quick to react though, and Antonio ducked back into the alley to avoid retun fire. Unknown to him, they were just trying to keep him pinned down so some others could flank him. Luckily (for Antonio at least) he saw the top of one's ski mask poking up from the top. Aiming his gun, he fired. There was a flash of red and a scream as the bullet pierced the top of the terrorist's head, then silence and a thud. Hearing footsteps from the direction of the van, he spun out of the alley and went to fire his gun, but he felt something stab into his neck just before he could. Suddenly feeling overwhelmingly tired, he fell to his side, dropping the gun. Just before he passed out, he heard the terrorists speaking.

"Alright, Mr. Danya wants this one on the island ASAP, so let's get moving. This'll show ol' Luigi not to cheat us."

He didn't know why he remembered that night, but it would be the last thing he would as the buckshot slammed into his face. The top of his head was completely destroyed, causing a geyser of blood to shoot up, spreading all over the room and turning everything in the immediate area crimson. The hose of red continued to spray even after Antonio's body slumped to the ground and his brains spilled out, turning into a slight trickle and finally stopping after a full minute.

Boy #93-Antonio Franchini-DEAD

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There was an explosion of sound after that, like a thunderous clap. And, then, something like a fwssssssh, like one of those annoying deodorant sprays amplified. Strange. He didn't keep one of those in the house, and it wasn't raining outside, so what was up with the thunder? Ryan groaned, finally hoping up his eyes. Everything came back to him. The island. Thunder meant gunfire. Deodorant spray meant water. Or something liquidy. Sounded pretty thick, though, so water didn't make a whole lot of sense to the Torres boy. Perhaps it was...


The smell was held in the air strongly, reaching into his nostrils and staying there. The dried blood on his pants and drying blood on his skin didn't help remove the smell. Everything just became much worse as he got up on shakey legs and began to walk into the next room.

It looked like there looked like a mad painter had taken a bucket of nasty paint and threw it around. Blood here. There. Everywhere, everything scarlet. And the smell. Oh, God. What was all of this? What had happened here? What...

"N-Nev?" The first thing he had seen, beyond the blood, was the headless body. It was unrecognizeable, aside from the clothes that it wore. Could'nt've been Neville. Guy didn't wear suit and tie. There was some consolation in that, but not much. One dead body didn't amount to that smell. Had to be more.

The next thing was Clare and Neville, snuggled up all cozy like. Decided to take a nap together, did you? Didn't know you two were that close. Jeez. What is up with the two of you? Don't you notice anything? Dude... And then he looked a little closer. The holes in Clare and Neville. Bullet holes meant only one thing. The headless had killed them both. Dead...

His flesh-torn arm started acting up again, sending him pain signals off the yin yang. But, he stood there, motionless now, staring at his downed allies.

Posted by: Toukan Jan 21 2006, 11:23 PM
Clare heard footsteps and a familiar shaky voice through the haze in her mind.


Her tears were not just from physical pain, but many levels of mental pain as well. It was amazing how she could consider someone she had only known for a few hours one of her best friends, but that’s the way the world worked. That best friend had just been shot in front of her and died in her arms, she just killed someone, she aided in killing someone else, and her only other ‘friend’ probably wouldn’t understand. Everyone always thought she was crazy in the end. Then again, she was, wasn’t she?

“C’mon Nev, we’ve gotta go.” The girl was hysterical and delusional, not quite believing that he was dead, but knowing full well at the same time. “Ne-”

Clare’s panic-stricken monologue was cut off by a coughing fit which sent a fine mist of blood over the dead boy’s shoulder and her hand. She let out a pain filled whine and attempted unsuccessfully to wipe the blood from her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Ry-Ryan?” She asked quietly with a shaking voice. It hurt. Everything hurt. Even through that she attempted stupidly to sit up, but only succeeding in raising herself a few inches before collapsing once more onto the body half-underneath her. Her sobs continued, reaching a high pitched, almost keening level.

That’s it. I’m going to die here.

Posted by: Kaishi Jan 29 2006, 06:02 AM
Ryan swallowed hard, licking his dry lips wordlessly. Only one of the two was breathing. Clare. The other lay dead, lifeless with empty lungs. Nev... It felt like he had suddenly been sucker punched. All air left him as he watched Clare cough and bleed. She didn't realize it yet. Neville—oh, God, oh God, what was his lastname?—was gone. There was nothing in the poor boy that was alive. Not fair. Not right. None of this... Of all people, of all kids...why his school? Why had this group gotten attacked? Why couldn't they have been left alone for once?

It seemed like, no matter where they went, they were bound to be fought. There was bound to be death. The well had been the worst. It had given him the nasty pain in his arm and thigh, and allowed him to see death up close for the first time. That Vince guy, then all the other crazies. And Dorian. Where was he? Last time he saw him he was trying to distract their attackers. Ryan knew he couldn't have lived. Boy was in a pitiful state to begin with. No way he could've avoided death.

Then there was here, this place, the small house. It was the scene of a massacre. Every room had the death stench. Everywhere. If home was where the heart is, then where is the heart in this? On vacation, Ryan thought bitterly, his humor returning for a fleeting second.

Clare's whine was painful to his ears. He tried to look away to keep from crying himself, but it didn't work. It was like the aftermath of an explosion. You couldn't help but watch the flames smoke up and die.


He stepped closer, then dropped down to his knees. Careful as he went, Ryan placed a comforting hand on Clare's forehead, as if he were checking her for fever. It was all he could do. Anything else may worsen the pain.

She was the one fire he wouldn't, no, couldn't let die. Not after all of this. Not yet. Never.

"Shh. I'm here now. Everything's going to be okay, Clare. You're safe now. I'll never let them hurt you again." Big words, big promise, but this was one he would have to keep. Not only for Clare, but for himself, Neville, and Dorian (God bless him). No turning a blind eye any longer, he was here for all of them even after the end. "You can quote me on that one. Oh yeah, d-def-definitely!"

Posted by: Theseus Jan 29 2006, 11:50 PM
((continued from ... =729&st=15))

Jeremy stood outside the small house, hidden in the forest. His thoughts drifted back when he was here earlier today. That boy who wanted him dead had came in, chased Nev and Scott and Jeremy out. Jeremy wondered if he was still in there, if he was, he was going to get a rude awakening. Mallory's quest to find Glenn's killer inspired Jeremy not to stand back, that boy definately had a grudge against Jeremy after he broke their deal to live back at the school. Jeremy looked down at his sickle.

Jeremy wondered how he looked to anybody else. He was wearing muddy jeans and had no shirt on. His left arm was bandaged with a now bloody bandage. His back left shoulder was bleeding from the back where he was shot by Antonio. Jeremy walked with a limp from where he received a wound in his left foot, even though he was unsure if it was a bullet or something else.

Jeremy was about go go check out the house when the announcements came on and Jeremy listened intently. When Mallory's name was called Jeremy froze, he ran that name through his felt a pain in his chest now as he sat down and thought to himself

Mallory...why did you run off without me? You got yourself killed...

Jeremy stood up, he now had no one else on this island except Nev and Scott, and they were still alive, for their names weren't mentioned. Jeremy didn't know that the boy who held a grudge on him was named Antonio. So Jeremy still believed Antonio was alive. Jeremy gritted his teeth when the gazebo was added to the danger zone. Jeremy was lucky he just left there. He continued to sit in the forest watching the small house for any signs of activity.

Posted by: Toukan Feb 12 2006, 07:24 PM
(Sorry this took so long x_x)

“Ssh. I’m here now. Everything is going to be okay.”

Clare couldn’t quite believe the words, but nevertheless she found some level of comfort in them. It was all she wanted to hear right then. She just wanted someone to comfort her and tell her everything was going to be okay, even when she knew it wasn’t. Anything to silence the voices plaguing her mind with dangerous, sinister, and depressing thoughts. The soothing hand on her forehead helped settle her mind, not very much,

“Why did it have to be us?” Her choked words were almost indistinguishable from her sobs. “Why did it have to be anyone?”

Having people die in front of you is never really a happy thing, but it’s even worse for the mentally unstable or as some people call them ‘the crazies’. Clare was no exception. She was caught somewhere between laughing, screaming, and crying. It probably would have been better all the way around if she had been killed at the well, or five minutes ago by Antonio. Instead she had five bullet wounds to show for it. At the current rate she knew she wouldn’t, no, couldn’t last much longer.

She released Neville’s shoulders and attempted to move, to get away, to find someplace where she could hide from the death and destruction or at least turn a blind eye until it came for her. The struggle ended after only a few moments of searing pain with her huddled, face down, on the floor next to her friends body.

Posted by: Kaishi Feb 13 2006, 06:20 PM
((OOC: S'okay. ))

He couldn't find an answer to her question. There wasn't one, because there was no reason why it had to be them. The terrorists could have found another way to hurt America, Ryan believed, but they had to make the lowest of blows. Picking off American children, one by one, and sending them off to take part in the Survival of the Fittest Act, as they liked to call it. A cold went down his spine as he remembered every word out of Danya's mouth during the flight. The way everything just slid off of his slimey tongue through those grimey lips. Ever heard of chapstick? Apparently not where he came from, where ever that was.

The worst part of the flight was the fact that Ryan couldn't even remember the way Danya looked. You would think that the memory of your attacker's face would be burned into your mind forever, but it wasn't in this case. Danya was an enigma. Maybe he wasn't even real, maybe all of this wasn't real? And then, he found it. An answer.

"Survival of the Fittest... It makes me feel like there's no point to life anymore. We all know we're going to die eventually, just some sooner than others. So...what's the point, right, in playing the game?" A pitiful smile formed on his face to match his sad eyes. "I don't have an answer to your question, Clare, but I have something that you can think about. The feeling you're feeling right now. Utter hopelessness. That's what's got to keep us alive, since that's what they want, yeah."

His words weren't coming out right enough for the situation, he noticed. They were lacking something, but he still went on with his nearly out of place words.

"This game isn't about survival or killing everyone until you're the last. It's more than that, I can feel it, and that feeling we're all feeling is what's going to remind us of that. Everytime. So, feeling hopeless ain't all that bad, you just have to do it right." It didn't all make sense to Ryan, but he knew that the meaning was there under that long speech.

"And that's how we're getting off of the island. There's only thirty kids left, so we can still make it together." The pitiful smile bloomed into an optimistic one, then, as if on a whim, he moved to sweep her up in his arms and carry her to safety. Plan didn't work. She was too heavy for him.

"Piggy back ride me. We're getting out of here, bet your bottom dollar." Ryan got into the right position, turned around, and waited for Clare to get on.
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Clare only heard about half of Ryan’s speech as she struggled to control her racing mind and ragged breathing. It hurt to move or even think about moving, but the only way she was going to survive would be to endure it. Her fingers found the metallic collar wrapped tightly around her neck as she wiped at the trails of tears and blood with the side of her hand.

No escape. It’s only a matter of time before he comes for all of us.

Somehow through it all she managed to climb onto his back, though she has no idea how it happened and never will, no matter the outcome of this freakish game.

“I just want to go to sleep,” She closed her eyes and rested her head on her left arm. “Maybe I’ll wake up and it’ll all be a dream.”

Even then, nothing but the weird, hazy pain consumed her. No sleep, no rest, no calm. Not even her mind would stop, instead it just started tallying the objects in her now blood-soaked survival kit.

Bread, water, pamphlet, extra ammo, arms manual, what used to be a change of clothes, toiletries, some drawing equipment. Wait. Toiletries? That means I must have my medication.

Even her mental voice had turned rather drab, very little emotion or tone of any sort, but at least it was still there. If she was sure of her strength at that moment she would have just reached down and opened the bag herself, but more than likely she would have just ended up falling.

“Ryan,” She didn’t open her eyes, but her voice wasn’t quite as faint as before. “When we get out of this damned house and someplace safe...safer anyways...I need to get something out of my bag.”

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((OOC: I'll try hard not to let anything like this happen again. Loads of apologies for the wait, guys! I deserved the pwning. XD XD))

"Yeah, okay, that's fine, really."

Clare had turned out to be harder to carry than he thought. Her blood loss had caused him to under estimate her real weight, but that was alright. He'd have to just clench teeth and keep moving. T'was the name of the game, wasn't it? Half of surv ival was to go on ahead, no matter what was happening to you. Actually, half of survival was really "ival" when Ryan looked at it comedically.

How clever... Ival. Not only was it clever, but it was also too kindergarten.

He breathed out, making a hissing sound through set teeth, relieving his mind of the burden. Slightly.

"I'm going to have to let you go just a little bit to get the door. I got you, don't worry. Keep up the hope, play on those feeelings, mah daaaahlin'!" The redhead sung the last part, stretching out some of the words to make it fit to song. He wasn't much of a singer, and it showed, but the cheer in his voice was enough to put bounce to his step. "Who knows what wondahful surprises lay ahead for me and yooou?"

Ryan reached the house's front door, being very careful not to walk in any blood on the way. Like he had warned Clare, he let go of her right leg for a split second, then pulled the door open, hoping to God that that hadn't been too much of a problem for her. Back to moving on ahead.

"I don't really know where to go from here, but damn it, Claaare, we're going plaaaces!" He smiled for her, even though she wouldn't be able to see her gift for herself. That was okay. It'd be good enough if she just felt the happy.

Voice too loud. The hair on the back of Ryan's neck bristled.

Someone was out there.

Posted by: Theseus Mar 10 2006, 11:15 PM
Jeremy listned intently to any signs of activity inside the house. Hiding in the brush outside from it he started to hear some movement. Jeremy quickly gripped his bloody sickle and continued to crouch down waiting for something to happen. Was it the kid with the gun who had chased him out of the house earlier? Was it someone he knew? Was it some new kid? A murderer?

Jeremy watched as the door opened and out came a figure carrying another figure. A guy carrying an obviously wounded girl. The first thing that went through Jeremy's mind was that it was Scott and Nev, but why were they back here?

Jeremy focused on the images, he was tired, real tired, and not to mention injured, everythin started to blur but he managed to focus in to see a familiar face. Jeremy thought he was going crazy, this was it, he was going to pass out now and die. There was no way he was seeing what he was seeing.

Jeremy stood up slowly from the brush, he looked pale from his 5 days on the island. Five? He wasn't wearing a shirt, he had a bloody bandage around his arm, and he had blood from other injuries on his body. He was carrying a bloody sickle and was wearing his now torn jeans. Jeremy may have looked intimidating, but he didn't care, he wanted to know if this was an illusion or something else.

Jeremy looked at Ryan, the kid who looked like his cousin, and Jeremy could only manage one word to come out of his mouth. "Cousin?"

Posted by: Toukan Mar 11 2006, 04:06 PM
Clare’s mind was still elsewhere. She was trying desperately to ignore the burning pain in her arms, legs, and abdomen, but needless to say it didn’t work too well. It hurt to breathe, it hurt to move, it even hurt to think. Ryan’s singing nearly made her giggle, but it caught in her throat from the pain it caused in her chest. She tried to keep a tight grip around the redheaded boy as he reached to open the door and succeeded in not slipping very far down his back.

“We’re going plaaaces!”

Clare continued to smile slightly, but, unlike her companion, she was not aware of anyone else in the area. Her little world consisted of pain, the young man carrying her, the gun and pack hanging off of her shoulders, and nothing more. Not until the other person spoke up anyways.


What? Cousin?

She opened her eyes and glanced around, but didn't see anyone. Her view may have been blocked by the side of Ryan's head, but more than likely she was just unable to see new things in front of her face.

Posted by: Kaishi Mar 11 2006, 07:33 PM
Color drained, shirtless, and bloody. The kid before Ryan had been through a lot if events fit the appearance. The weapon alone was a good enough show of island time. Red, it had been used on someone. To wound? To kill? Whatever it had been used for, he wished it had all been in self defense.


His voice, too, was a testament to the hell he had been in. Something about it didn't match up with memory, but, then again, Survival of the Fittest could do that to a person.

"Yeah. It's Ryan." Ryan cleared his throat, not knowing what to say. There were so many stories here to tell. "Jeremy... What the fuck did they do to you? You look worse than Clare here." The more that he looked at Jeremy, the more that his own forgotten wounds started to sting. Everyone had been hurt in someway by now. Who was hurting the most, Ryan wasn't sure. Jeremy didn't look too affected, but once he'd get a mirror, he'd probably be feeling it.

In a book he had read once, the main hero never knew of the extent of his injuries until he saw his reflection. Once he did, all the major pain he had been going through multiplied by a hundred. Same thing would most likely go for them when they looked down and saw. So... as long as there was no look-see, then they'd be okay. Right?

The theory would have to be tested later.

"We've got a lot to talk about, don't we, man?" The smile formed easy. "I'm glad I found you." Ryan hadn't even been aware that Jeremy was in the game. He had thought that the boy was back at home somewhere, avoiding the television so that he wouldn't have to see his cousin die. It was horrible that both relatives had been taken in by the ACT, yeah, but it was good to have someone with you that knew the you before the game. The real you, minus the pain and hurt that would twist your image.

"Couldn't've needed you more than I do right now."

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(continued from the School Building, Yes fucking finally)

Heaather, who had been wandering around the Island scince the group she was in disbanded, and according to the announcements she heard Fred, Glenn, and Mallory were dead.

Leaning on her shotgun , Heather hobbled though the forest towards the small house. she saw someone familiar, even though it was from behind, She knew that it was him.


Posted by: Theseus Mar 11 2006, 10:35 PM
Jeremy looked at his cousin and his mouth managed to form the biggest smile he had shown on the island. Jeremy walked towards his cousin and said, "Ryan man, I had no idea you were here." Jeremy looked at the wounded girl Ryan was carrying and Jeremy said, "Is she ok? What happened in there?"

Jeremy looked up and searched Ryan's eyes for answers but found none. Jeremy said, "Yeah man, we have a lot to catch up on, how long have you been here? We'll have to talk about that stuff later though, it looks like your friend here needs some help." Jeremy's spririts seemed to have lifted greatly from finding his cousin, family, on this island. Jeremy remembered how close Fred and Glenn were on the island and....Fred and Glenn...Jeremy's smile faultered thinking of the fallen brothers but he quickly regained it.

"So much to talk about man." Jeremy was about to say something else when he heard a familiar voice behind him. Jeremy?. Jeremy turned around to see Heather, the last surviving member of Jeremy's original group. Jeremy's smile formed even bigger as he said, "My god, Heather, your still alive." Jeremy wanted to say so much more, he had so much to tell Heather about Mallory, Glenn, Fred, but he was sure she knew they were all dead because of the announcements. Jeremy wanted to tell them about the two new allies he met in this house, how they got seperated.

Jeremy wanted to swap stories with Ryan like the old time, like how they would swap ghost stories at night when they were spending the night at each other's house. Jeremy wanted to do so much, but he knew time was short. Five days on this island was enough to teach Jeremy how precious life could be, it was enough to teach him the true meaning of friendship. Jeremy just smiled at Heather, his cousin, and the wounded girl and for the first time in a while, he thought everything was going to be ok.

Posted by: Toukan Mar 12 2006, 05:00 PM
Clare didn’t really know what to do or say, not that she could really do or say much at the moment anyways. Her eyes swam in and out of focus on the blood stained young man standing near them. Eventually through all the talk she managed to make the connection that Ryan and this ‘newcomer’ were related.

Another newcomer. It made her even more nervous. She wasn’t sure if she could trust anyone else, not after all that had happened, and she was sure that no one else would trust her if they had ever gone to the same school at any point.

She clung tightly to Ryan as she used one arm to rummage through her kit. After a moment, there it was. The faint rattling sound was like music to her ears as her silent prayers were answered. She pulled the small bottle out and held it up in front of her face to check the label.

‘Vicodin - Take one tablet by mouth every six hours as needed for severe migraine headache.’

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"Too much happened here..." Ryan left it at that. Jeremy was right, Clare did need help. Standing around talking wouldn't help her out. They'd have to go fortify themselves in a good shelter long before jolly talk time. "And yeah, the answer to everything is way too damn long." One death was one death too many, one drop of blood was one drop too many. Everything that followed was in excess, other than the positives. There just wasn't enough happy on SOTF island. It seemed pretty much like everything evil was swallowing up everything good. Or, something.

Things like that made his head hurt. Best not go into long speeches about it just to avoid being one hundred percent crazy.

Clare's actions went unnoticed as Ryan spotted the newest person to join them. Some girl who had been through a lot, just like the rest of them. Not a kid on the island whom hadn't taken atleast one bullet. And, if there was, then they were a demon child.

"Sorry to cut our little reunion party short, guys, but we really need to find a place to hold up in. We're all hurting, so we might aswell hurry up and save our hides." Not to mention the fact that we're sitting ducks. Last time we got too cozy, our party was crashed by a madman. His thigh began to sting worse, turning more into a piercing pain that shocked throughout his leg.

Ryan winced, hoping that they would be all for stopping early and going to safety.

Posted by: Theseus Mar 13 2006, 11:13 AM
Jeremy looked at everyone and nodded and agreed with his cousin's notion to leave as fast as possible and find someplace to hold up in. Jeremy thought about that, where was there someplace good to hide? Someplace where they can set up camp for a little bit and help that girl? Where....?

Jeremy then turned to Heather and said, "Heather, remember where we first met? That warehouse building. I've only had good luck from in there, we should go there."

Jeremy then turned to Ryan and said, "There is a warehouse on this island, it's where I met a couple of good people, I don't know if anyone is in it, and if there are people in it I don't know if they are good or bad, so just to be on the safe side we shouldn't go right up to the door and walk right in, maybe there's a way to check who's in the building..."

Jeremy would never have thought like that before fun his stay on the island tought him not to leave anything up to chance, and to always check before entering some strange location or building. Jeremy nodded thinking more about the warehouse idea.

Posted by: Toukan Mar 19 2006, 06:19 AM
Opening child proof caps is a task on the best of days, needless to say this isn’t the best day. Clare struggled to remove the lid, she even resorted to gnawing on it to see if she could pry up the edges with her teeth. At least she didn’t end up dropping the bottle in the middle of her efforts. The conversation went in one ear and out the other, her complete attention was focused on getting rid of the nearly unbearable pain.

It probably wasn’t the best situation to take a narcotic based painkiller, especially considering the blood loss and the confusion she was already suffering from, but right now she would do just about anything to escape the pain. It also wasn’t a good idea to dry swallow the large pill on an empty stomach, but that thought didn’t occur until afterwards. Oh well. It wasn’t like she was going to win, anyways. If it wasn’t for Ryan she’d either be dead already or become someone’s mercy kill within the hour. She wasn’t always going to have a protector, or maybe, somehow, they’d be the only ones left and her protector’s survival instinct would kick in. At very least she had built up a bit of a tolerance thanks to her frequent migraines.

Everything will be alright soon. Ill get what’s been coming for years. One less thing I’ll have to deal with.

“We’re all sitting ducks out here. Lets get going, ne?”

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Heather Pendergast felt fantastic. While physically, she was an absolute wreck, her body having sustained injury after injury, the pain had been so constant for the last couple of days that it was essentially numb. Her entire body, not a single feeling, and it just made her feel like she was floating on a cloud. Heather had, of course, passed out earlier on, but she'd awoken feeling very rejuvinated, and in fact almost refreshed from a mental standpoint. That had been the first positive that she'd started her latest period of consciousness with. The second, of course, was that the fact that she still had her shotgun with her, and as such was still armed. Truth be told, she was rather surprised that her body hadn't been looted while she'd been asleep. It was definitely a rather large piece of luck. The third thing that she had to be glad about in the last few hours was the fact that she had just met up with Jeremy again. He was the last member of her group that she'd seen, and it appeared that due to the fact he was now travelling with a different crowd, it was likely that he was the last member of their group to survive, aside from her.

At Jeremy's question as to whether or not she remembered the warehouse, she nodded, albeit with great difficulty. She'd definitely been feeling weak, and she was relying almost entirely upon the shotgun that she held pressed against the ground to hold her up. Heather was growing weaker by the second, and while she didn't realize it, she was dying. Looking at Jeremy and his unknown allies, she forced herself into a weak smile, and thought back to the warehouse.

"It''s where we met Fred, and...the rest of them."

The smile that was pasted onto Heather's face was genuine, and she felt a calming sensation as she looked over Jeremy. The boy had been a good luck charm for her in the past week, and when she'd been around him, she'd felt safe. It was when she had been seperated from him and his group that things had gotten out of hand. Now that she was back with Jeremy, things would be okay. Things wouldn't be bad at all. Trying to straighten herself up, Heather loosened her grip on the shotgun, and the sweat from her shivering hands only helped it fall to the ground, sending the weakened Heather Pendergast to the ground.

Upon falling to the ground, she looked up at Jeremy and his allies, and smiled again. How silly she was, always falling down, and seemingly getting herself into situations where the center of attention would always be upon her. Of course, it wasn't always positive - the time she'd been raped came to mind. It quickly slipped out, though, and as she stared up at Jeremy, a goofy grin slipped onto her face. The grin remained there as she looked over at her leg, which didn't appear to be responding to her body's requests to pull herself up off of the ground. As she looked, she saw the reason why.

Because of her awful kneecap wound, and the fact that the kneecap itself had been essentially destroyed, Heather had avoided putting any weight on the leg at all, and when she did, she was quite aware of how much it had hurt. Moments ago, when the shotgun had fallen to the floor, her weight had collapsed upon that knee, which had buckled. Of course, because of the fact that there was a large bullet wound in the kneecap that had all but destroyed it, her leg cracked inward with a sickening pop, collapsing her body to the floor and hanging off of her upper leg limply, as though it was only a string that connected it to her body. The blood pooled out of her leg as she grinned, her awareness fading and becoming blurry. Still looking at Jeremy, she couldn't help but make a remark.

"Well that's not supposed to bend that way..."

As she finished her sentence, she coughed a little, and feeling something pop inside of her, she began to cough a little more, the third cough drawing blood. Heather wasn't aware of it, but several blood vessels inside of her chest had just aneurysmed. As the blood began to pour out of her leg, and up from within her throat, coming out of her mouth and down the front of her chest, she still looked up goofily at Jeremy, attempting to gurgle something at him. What she was trying to say, nobody'd ever know. Heather Pendergast bled to death on the floor of the small house, in front of her friend, in the end looking like something of a macabre angel of death, blood running down her chest, and pooling around her. As the world faded out for (thankfully) the last time, Heather lay down in a pool of her own blood, half-wondering why it had taken so long.

And just like that, Heather Pendergast died, with that same smile on her face that would likely haunt Jeremy Torres until the day that he died.

Girl #20, Heather Pendergast...DECEASED...

Posted by: Theseus Apr 3 2006, 03:35 AM
Everything happened so fast that it took Jeremy a couple of seconds to comprehend the situation. Jeremy had thought he had seen it all, he had seen people die in front of him, his original group, except for Heather, they were all dead.

Jeremy was now looking at Heather on the ground though, suddenly she fell, and her leg...Jeremy ran to her quickly when she started to cough up the blood and Jeremy looked at her leg.

Jeremy had lost everyone on this island, everyone, and he wasn't about to lose Heather. He was helpless though as he watched her smile at him, he tried to hear what she was trying to say but he couldn't understand her, and before Jeremy knew what was going on Heather was dead.

Jeremy was shocked, not sure what to do, he was crouched over her dead body looking at the smile on her face, and Jeremy just said, "Heather, don''re not supposed to be dead! Heather! Why? Why did you have to die now? Why Heather...why....?" Jeremy collapsed, his experiences on the island finally caught up to him, and tears rolled down his eyes.

The tears were for Fred, for Glenn, for Mallory, for Heather. The tears were for Jeremy's lost friends Nev and Scott, the tears were for Jeremy's cousin Ryan who stood behind him holding the wounded girl.

Jeremy quickly wiped away the tears with his arm so no one could see. He was a guy, he was a wrestler, this wasn't the way he was supposed to be acting. Jeremy was supposed to be the protector of the group, the one with the plans, and that was what he was going to be. Jeremy closed Heather's eyes and grabbed her shotgun and went through her stuff. Jeremy turned around at Ryan and said, "Got any weapons? Take my sickle, it hasn't let me down yet."

Jeremy was now thinking like he should, like a survivor, he was going to get himself, and Ryan, and anyone else who he had be-friended off this island. Jeremy had a new fire inside of him, he was angry at Heather's death, he was angry at Danya, he was angry at the players of the game. Jeremy wasn't going to let any more of his friends die.

((What other gear did Heather have with her if she had anything and how many shells does she have for her shotgun? And woah I was surprised that she died, that was a shocker, I was also surprised Kuze wasn't doing the death post, but good post though none the less))

Posted by: Kaishi Apr 10 2006, 07:45 PM

Ryan could only watch Heather fall to the ground dead, blood all over and a smile on her face. It was scary, not being able to lift a finger to help her. He couldn't even catch her as she tumbled, or helped her walk before the end, or anything. She had been a mess when she had showed up. It was easy to predict that she would die soon, but now? This soon after she had been reunited with Jeremy? Ryan's throat burned; urge to vomit rising. Jeremy's questions to the cadaver made the sick feeling worse, because she never was going to come back, no matter how much she was needed. It reminded him of Clare, asking the key question after Neville had been killed.

"Why did it have to be us?"

There had to be a reason why. A reason for Nev's death, a reason for the insane guy at the well, a reason for Jeremy's many reasons that needed to be found. Ryan Torres would be able to sleep soundly only after then.

"Okay, yeah, I'll take it." His gun, nearly forgotten, stayed tucked in his pants, handle sticking out for easy access. He took the sickle awkwardly, readjusting his hold on Clare. "She's right. Let's get going." It felt a little depressing to have to leave Heather's corpse there, but there wasn't time to take any chances by sticking around.

"We'll follow your lead, since you know where the warehouse is."

Posted by: Theseus Apr 10 2006, 08:58 PM
Jeremy nodded and said to Ryan, "That sickle has protected me since I first arrived on this island, hopefully it will do the same for you, it's kind of like my good luck charm now, even brought Glenn and Mallory close together when it..."

Jeremy stopped not wanting to bring up the past events on the island, not wanting to talk about his now dead friends. He just gave a weak smile and said, "Just don't lose it." Jeremy then added in, "I know how you like to lose stuff, eh cous?"

Jeremy was happy in a sense that he was now with his cousin, he knew no matter what, this was one boy he would always trust, they had blood together, nothing was thicker than blood. Jeremy knew that the blood that bound the two cousins together would be stained on the island before they broke that sacred trust.

Jeremy emptied all the equipment from the three bags that Heather had with her into one bag, and he shouldered that bag. He then passed an empty one to Ryan and said, "You'll need it." Jeremy looked at the third one and took it with him just incase he would need it as a diversion.

Jeremy examined the shotgun and figured out how to release the clip and he put in a fresh one full of shells. Jeremy smiled ackwardly trying to figure out how to use this foreign object to him. Jeremy put the half empty clip into his bag and shouldered the shotgun and said, "Ok, I don't know if there are players in the warehouse or not, and I don't want to find out by walking in and getting riddled with bullets." Jeremy thought about it for a moment before he said, "I have a new plan. Me and you always made the most out of every situation right? Well I don't want to sit back and let those players of this game take over. I'm saying me and you go out, find people we can trust, form a tight knit group, and we help wounded players, and more importantly we go after those who have been murdering our friends."

Jeremy said, "When we get to the warehouse, we bust in, take control immediately, kind of like those stories my dad told us. When he was working on the beat how he and his shift partners would bust in a house and make everyone drop what they were doing and stuff. Me and you do that, after we know for sure that we can trust the people inside, if there are people inside. Then afterwords we round up those who are willing to join our little crusade to cleanse the island of the players."

Jeremy couldn't believe he had said all of that, it seemed like something out of a movie, out of a book, but not out of reality. Jeremy also didn't want to face the fact that the island has changed him enough to do this, and Jeremy just looked at Ryan wondering if his cousin was foolish enough to go along with the plan or had enough sense in him to propse something else before the island took over both boys' thoughts.

Posted by: Kaishi Apr 13 2006, 07:14 PM
The idea sounded like one of the worst kinds of crazy. If they busted into the Warehouse and there already was a group inside, they probably wouldn't hesitate to kill them. With twenty four to go according to the latest report, it would be simple to knock the numbers down to twenty one. All you had to do was kill the boys playing officers and torture the girl dead. Ryan didn't like the thought of that situation, but he was all for the first part of the plan. If you got rid of all the killers, then there was no way anyone else would die. It made perfect sense. Once the players were off the face of the island, everyone could just party. Celebrate good times, c'mon, etcetera, etcetera.

"Yeah, that sounds great. I've got another idea, though, that might be even better. We send in one person without any weapons. Once that person goes in, the other two come out of hiding with guns and stuff. That way, we can take the people inside the Warehouse by surprise. They'd never see it coming!" Ryan realized that he was talking as if there were more than two able people with them. Clare was pretty much down for the count at the moment. If only the other girl hadn't—

Oh, man. He leaned forward to make sure that Clare wouldn't fall off of his back as he covered his mouth with his hands. A quick glance at Heather's corpse made the want to retch grow stronger. Whistling to get rid of the feeling, Ryan stood up more, smiling innocently.

"I'm up for anything, really, Jeremy."

Posted by: Theseus Apr 13 2006, 11:49 PM
Jeremy nodded and looked at the wounded Clare Ryan was holding. Jeremy said, "I've been to the warehouse before, there is a treeline outside of it, we could hide there and if Clare can manage, somehow, wether she walks or crawls, she can be the one to go inside and check everything out. No one would dare harm her, she is wounded, and...."

Jeremy didn't want to say what else he was thinking. He was thinking that she was too far gone, that Clare didn't have much left in her, and that if there were people in that warehouse willing to kill, then her life wasted wasn't nearly as bad. But Jeremy wasn't a bad person, he would never risk anyones life. He would rather himself be put in harms way than this Clare girl.

Jeremy continued, "If Clare can't do this, then I'll go in, no weapons. I'm not sure what I'll say, and I'm not sure what'll happen to me, but Ryan, how are the two gunmen going to catch the group by surprise once we have someone inside?"

Jeremy knew that either Clare was going in and him and Ryan would be the gunmen, or Jeremy would go in and it would just be Ryan. It sounded better if Clare went in, two gunman faced a greater chance of survival.

Jeremy always liked Ryan's ideas, he always had interesting ones and always thought outside the box. So Jeremy pushed his ideas aside and said, "Ryan, tell me everything right now. How do you suppose we are going to get inside that warehouse?"

Posted by: Kaishi Apr 14 2006, 11:43 PM
Oh, yes... With every good idea, there were usually holes to fill before it became a great idea. There were a lot of things wrong with this one, though, the main thing wrong being the Clare factor. It was best to have two able people outside instead of one. Things were easier that way. But, was she even ready to stand on her own, let alone walk into a warehouse that might be full of players? What if they were so bloodthirsty that they wanted to kill her right then and there, never mind that she was bleeding already? Ignoring his doubts, Ryan began to talk again.

"We send one person in as bait. Make sure that they do their best to keep the door into the 'house open. Once the bait gives the signal, the other person waiting around the treeline goes in, with guns and everything. The signal has to be given with the group inside has dropped their guard." Ryan backtracked a little, revisiting the first part of the plan. "Of course, the bait has to play the distress role. Has to act hurt enough, you know? And look the part, too."

Jeremy would be a good candidate for playing the deer, but, with all the experience he had on the island, he probably knew how to use their weaponry better. Alone, he was probably as good as two Ryans weapon-wise. Two Ryans plus a Clare, maybe. Ryan still had no clue how to properly use the gun he had been assigned. The need to use it hadn't arised, yet, and when it did he had ended up using an empty gun that belonged to someone else.

So, that left one person that would be almost perfect for it.

"I'm going to be the one who goes in. We need you to be the gunner. You seem like you'd be the best at it. Most experience... and, if you do get overwhelmed, Clare will come to in time and help out with her shotgun." Ryan sucked in his lip, running his tongue along his piercing. Time to think it all through. "It's got to be me because I'm the least hurt... I can run out of there better than you two if it comes down to it. You've got to admit that." He smiled, hoping for that the best would happen when they executed his plan. "The signal will be 'ow, my arm hurts'. I'll scream it really loud for you to hear, don't worry."

It felt weird for Ryan to offer to put his life on the line, but this was what everything was leading up to.

Posted by: Theseus Apr 15 2006, 12:21 AM
Before the island, back at home, Jeremy would have been a little surprised by Ryan's plan and his mix of foolishness and heroity that he put into it. But, this island has changed everyone, and Jeremy was not really surprised, actually truth be told, deep down he knew that his cousin was a hero and half expected him to offer to risk his life for the group.

Jeremy smiled at his cousin and said, "Are you sure?" Jeremy knew though that if Ryan could run out he was perfectly safe, Ryan was very fast and back at home had embarassed Jeremy many times when it came to a foot race. Jeremy just said, "Ryan, if things go wrong in there take off at top speed ok? I would rather have a cousin than a warehouse."

Jeremy didn't take notice at first to the weaponry of Clare, and he said to Ryan, "When you say Clare's shotgun do you mean she has her own or she'll be using mine? I have no problem letting her use mine if needed." Jeremy had Aiden's revolver tucked in the side of his pants pretty low so it wasn't as noticable, only the handle of the gun stucking out. Jeremy kind of wished he had a shirt to conceal the gun, but it was ok. The gun was loaded with 6 bullets, and along with the shotgun ammo, Jeremy had a box of 44 extra bullets for the revolver. Jeremy looked at the wounded girl and said to Ryan, "I'll keep her safe while your in there Ryan."

There was one thing on Jeremy's mind though, so he asked Ryan. "One question, after you play the bait and cause the others to drop their guard, and after I go in and hold everyone up, then what? Me and you aren't murderers, what do we do? I mean, once we have everyone at gunpoint?"

(I'm checking with Kuze on the other weaponry in Heather's bag, we know for sure Heather had a shotgun and was loaded with ammo, but we're not sure on some handguns, so I'll find that out ASAP, ok I just found out Aiden's revolver is in the bag so I'm going to edit that)

Posted by: Kaishi Apr 15 2006, 06:42 PM
Ryan nodded, confirming that Clare had her own shotgun. The group, as small as it was, had a surprising amount of fire power. A revolver, a handgun, a sickle, two shotguns, and...they probably could loot the small house for more, but the thought of it made his stomach sick. They didn't have to go that far. Or maybe we just should. It wouldn't hurt. He shook the "grave robbing" idea from his head, thinking about Jeremy's latest question, instead. Once they had the warehouse under their control, there were dozens of possibilities. They could easily knock them all out cold and hide them in a closet somewhere. Or, put them under interrogation. They were out to stop the players, right? If there were players inside, then they had to be stopped.

Every option lead to another and a series of questions to keep them company. All the strategizing was beginning to make his tired head hurt.

"We'll have to figure that one out once we do have them at gunpoint. It all depends on who the people are." He sighed. "You know what would be funny? If there's only a scared little girl in the warehouse. Kinda makes all this planning seem really stupid." Ryan laughed to himself, wheezing a little at the end of it. "Let's get this over with quickly."

There wasn't anymore time to waste with planning. It was time now to take action.

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Jeremy smiled at the thought and said, "Yeah, I would be kind of relieved and kind of dissapointed if we find one scared girl in the warehouse, but something tells me that won't be the case. I wasn't in the warehouse long the last time before lots of people started showing up and I left."

Jeremy then said, "The warehouse is composed of a couple rooms, the main part which I was in the whole time but I remember a small office in the back, and I'm not sure if there were others or not, but I'm just hoping when we show up there, people aren't hiding everywhere."

"I'm sure you'll do well though and get everyone together so I don't have to watch my back the whole time." Jeremy knew this was it, there would be no more time for stalling or questions, and he looked at Ryan and the wounded girl and said, "Ok, let's go."

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