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Kari had no idea about anything. To be honest, Zach should have suspected as much. Hell, it was only common sense. Kari was asleep when he dosed off so it was safe to assume she had been sleeping the entire time. How could ZACH JAMIS go around and act like Mizore’s leaving had been all her fault? Of course, then Zach Jamis remembered HE was ZACH JAMIS, so it was only logical to act this was all Kari’s fault. Stupid Kari. Always ruining things. Kari asked him if Mizore’s stuff was gone and this only added fuel to the fire.

“Of course her stuff’s gone,” he growled. “It’s not like she decided to take a stroll or something. Jesus.”

Kari continued on, asking Zach about a bunch of people he did not know. These were names she was just hurling at him like goddamn throwing knives. He barely knew the names of half of the people he’ s met so far! How the hell is he supposed to know who the fuck Simon Grey is? Rein? Who the fuck names their kid after water anyway? Zach just sneered.

“I was sleeping too,” he answered harshly. “For all I know Mizore could be…”

Dead? Why did that prospect upset him so much?

Zach stopped. He looked out of the cave. Great. What the fuck was he supposed to do? Just let Mizore go off and wander on her own? That was obviously Mizore’s plan from the outset. Well fuck that. Zach Jamis wasn’t going to be left to his own devices while the bitch decides to go on some epic quest without him. He didn’t even know who the hell Naoko was and frankly Zach didn’t care. It was enough to get Mizore to leave. So what was Zach supposed to do? That was the question he kept asking. What the fuck was he supposed to do?

What the fuck are you going to do Zach?


Well… She HAD given him a destination.

“You ready?” He asked, clearly skipping any explanation for the question. Doesn’t matter if Kari had just woken up or not, she should know what he was talking about.

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So. No Rein, Carol, Simon. She hadn't expected much, really, after Zach's response to her first query, but she went right ahead anyways. Because after waking up on a stone floor with a gun around your neck, celebrating the fact that you hadn't died during the night, screw fretting over being abrasive. Zach was certainly thinking along the same-

Wait, you were sleeping too?

Her stomach jolted, hard. Getting down to it, maybe it wasn't a huge deal that they'd missed the announcements. There were three or four dangerzones out of what, twenty locations? thirty? She'd made a bigger gamble just trusting Zach and Mizore not to kill her. And maybe Mizore had decided to leave after the announcements, anyways. She'd left that note, after all - Kari turned it over in her fingers - saying she'd gone towards the Parish. And then thanking them (Zach?) for staying with her.

Staying with her, how? The letter seemed to be for both of them - there would be hell to pay if she'd abandoned Kari's survival to chance and not apologized to her, at any rate - but she'd also thanked them for staying with her. And that didn't seem like something she'd do if she was just talking about sitting around watching Kari sleep. So that left one remaining, alarmingly passive-aggressive meaning for them...

"You ready?"

Ready? He was really just falling for her little game, hook, line, and sinker. Did he realize she'd more or less left hem to die? Did he realize that he wanted to abandon their fortress to go on a wild goose chase after someone who couldn't seem to care less about their survival?

She stoop up, placing a hand on the gun hanging from her neck as the terrible thoughts came rolling in.

She looked at the note in her other hand, and then to Zach.

She yawned deeply.

Too tired. That was it. She'd need someone to watch the next time she slept. Someone - her hand jerked back towards the stamped metal barrel, before falling limply to her side - who would actually keep watch. She'd have to go, but not without trying to have some measure of control over the situation, some measure of control over absolutely anything.

"Fine. But you walk ahead. Just because people are dying doesn't mean chivalry has to."

((Kari Nichols continued elsewhere))
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Passive-agressive meanings? Nope. She was telling them to follow her.

To be honest, Zach Jamis was feeling a little hesitation. Hesitation? Was that word even supposed to BE in his dictionary?

Well no. It wasn't. But he was going on a giant fucking leap of logic and this girl is giving him a look that's telling him that he's a fucking idiot. What was he supposed to do? Stupid bitch, making him feel hesitation. He was turning into a pussy, that wasn't good at all. Jesus he was changing, god damn it. And now this girl is asking him if he wants to take point. Fuck. This. Chick. Fuck. EVERYTHING. Of course, being the pussy that he was turning into, he wasn't going to waste his breath saying that. Instead -

"Yeah yeah yeah, fine with me." He rolled his eyes. "Keep that gun of yours out though."

Chivalry? This bitch had the gun. This was Meatshieldry. But whatever floated her goddamn boat. Zach didn't really care, as long as they left. Sides, he wasn't going to leave her behind. She had a gun, and she didn't kill him out of the past few hours where she had a clear chance. So that meant that she was cool and shit. Simple math yeah? Meant he didn't have to worry about any crazies running around.

(Zach Jamis continued in Hmmmn)