Getting Ahead of Yourself

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(( Jonathan Gulley continued from Summertree))

The sun was starting to rise again by the time Jon made it back here. There were three reasons why he was here. Jon scoped the area out, he looked to the ground, his mask was still there. Check one.

He picked it up and walked forwards, looking at the AK and the nearby bag. Check two.

He walked to the bushes, and sure enough... Check three.

Alessio had lain there, dead as shit, and dead alone. A fitting end for the bastard. The hair on his head was nothing but cinders anymore, the fire had burned it all away. Most of his head had been darkened, but his face is still recognizable. That part was good.

He looked at the mask, then looked back at the machete.

He looked between the machete, and Alessio's corpse. He looked at the mask, then Alessio, then to the machete, then back to Alessio.

"This will do..." he said, as he knelt by the cadaver, blade ready. Min Jae is gonna shit his pants...

(( Jonathan Gulley continued elsewhere.))