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Name: Georgia Lee Day
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: Junior
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Cooking, Softball, elder care, youth group, SAT prep, study, linguistics.

Appearance: At 5'5" and 140lbs, Georgia Lee has a toned, athletic build. She's caucasian, with a narrow, boyish frame and shoulders that are perhaps slightly too wide. Her hair is long and auburn, and falls past her shoulders, naturally straight but generally curled into loose ringlets. When studying or exercising she keeps her hair out of her eyes with colourful headbands, of which she has a sizeable collection. Her nose is small, straight and freckled; her eyes are narrow and murky green; her forehead high and her face round and full-cheeked.

Severe acne when she was thirteen has left Georgia Lee unscarred, but in the habit of both rigorous skin care and heavy makeup. She aims for subtlety with her face, and besides evening out her fair, pinkish complexion, what her makeup actually achieves is probably very little, though she nevertheless finds comfort in the routine. She has never once forgotten to take her makeup off before bed. She has no piercings.

Georgia Lee maintains her body shape with regular exercise and careful diet management. She runs and swims almost daily and cooks most of her own food, tending towards salads and stir fries. When stressed or upset she does have a tendency towards destructive eating, gorging herself on ice cream or cookies, though in the following days she doubles her exercise regimen, both to work off what she's eaten and as a form of punishment for herself.

Three older sisters and a recession have resulted in many of Georgia Lee's clothes being hand-me-downs. Being of a different build to her siblings, she alters most of these herself and has become adept with a sewing machine as a result. Her dress sense is modest and favours layers, with mixing and matching allowing her to create a wide variety of looks from a relatively small clothing pool. She dislikes wasting money on clothing, with one navy blue chesterfield coat being a notable exception. Instead, Georgia Lee tends to express herself with cheap accessories and jewellery, and usually wears half a dozen rings and about as many bracelets.

Georgia Lee tends towards pastels and neutral tones, and her favourite colour is blue. On the day of the kidnapping she was wearing a blue-grey cinched waist dress that fell to just above her knee, a cream coloured cardigan, a pair of light brown tights and some black leather moto boots with two buckle straps. The cardigan is one that she's had for nearly seven years, and evidence of her frequent adjustment of it can be seen in the seams by the careful observer. She's also added an inside pocket to it, large enough to hold whatever book she's currently reading. At the moment it contains Monsters of the Dark Continent: The Fauna of Africa. It's a thick volume, and there's a visible bulge in the garment as a result.

Biography: Kingman has always been home for Georgia Lee. Robert Day's family had lived there for generations, while Maria Day nee Colm was a second-generation Kingman resident, Georgia Lee's grandmother having moved there with an infant daughter in tow nearly fifty years ago. Robert's family was vast, almost all of them residing in Kingman, and Georgia Lee was frequently dragged along to their enormous family gatherings, much to her displeasure. Her mother's only living relative was a younger brother, with whom she no longer spoke Georgia has three older sisters, none of whom still live at home, though the second-eldest, Virginia, still lives in Kingman.

Robert was a full-time nurse and Maria mother worked two catering jobs, meaning Georgia Lee grew up not seeing either parent all that often. A combination of having four daughters and significant college debt meant that money was always a concern for the Days, and there was not a lot in the way of luxury in their home or lifestyle when Georgia Lee was young. What money wasn't spent on bills and groceries was saved, as their parents were adamant that their children would be able to go to college without facing the same debt problems that they had. This frugality, combined with their busy work schedules, meant that anything resembling a family activity was non existent, and the children were mainly left to their own devices.

The Days hadn't always been this way. With the older girls they had been strict and hands-on, actively pushing them to study, to work and to take part in extra curriculars, very eager that their daughters realise their potential. Time had made them tired however, and they were inclined to indulge, rather than challenge, Georgia Lee. She was the baby of the family, and while they couldn't spoil her financially, they instead showed her affection by allowing her an unprecedented amount of freedom, which drew resentment from her siblings.

Most of the time Georgia Lee was left in the care of her eldest sister Carolina, 14 years her senior, who generally ignored her. Her middle siblings however teased and tormented her mercilessly. Whether this was due to the girls chafing at the double standard that their parents applied to their youngest sister, or simply them taking advantage of a lack of adult supervision, Georgia Lee found herself a constant target of their bullying. Any achievement of Georgia Lee's elder brethren was inevitably rubbed in her face, while any instance where she was dependent or reliant on their parents, or was granted any sort of leeway was pointed out and brought up over and over again. Whenever she complained or told on her sisters was when it was worst, and Georgia Lee learned very young to keep her feelings to herself. Money was tight, and the three youngest girls shared a room at this point, with comments whispered between the beds at night often leaving Georgia Lee crying herself to sleep.

The treatment never went beyond the purely verbal, and Georgia Lee became adept at acting like it didn't bother her. It may well have been that her sisters did not realize the effect their actions were having on the young girl, which may well have caused them to let up. Behind the tough facade she protected however, this behaviour affected Georgia Lee greatly. She became envious and insecure; desperate to prove herself and fiercely suspicious of any attempt that anyone made to help her or make her life easier. The leeway her parents had always given her, which once she had seen as a sign of love, she began to perceive as neglect: if they really loved Georgia Lee, surely they would have been strict and pushy with her, like they had with her sisters? Did they not want her to succeed? Georgia Lee resolved instead to push herself, and to become successful without anyone's help.

Georgia Lee's character was shaped in those tender years by her siblings. She took their mockery deeply to heart, but rather than letting it break her, she used it as motivation. Their teasing of her baby fat lead to her adopting a punishing exercise regimen. Mockery of her poor complexion opened the door to her learning to use makeup and skincare products. Their flaunting of their academic successes gave way to her becoming ever more focused and studious. Being called “coddled” made Georgia Lee determined to look after herself, and she learned to make her own meals, resize her own clothes and organize her own schedule.

Although lacking much in the way of natural aptitude in schoolwork, Georgia Lee had a relentless approach to study, refusing to leave a subject alone until she was confident in her understanding of it, which translated into excellent marks. Her preference was for mathematics, science, business, and geography. Anything which encouraged rote memorisation of facts and operated by clear and immutable rules, she found herself adept at: these were subjects where the amount of study she put in provided a clear predictor of the results that she'd get, which were almost always excellent. Subjects like art and english she found frustrating, disliking the subjective nature of their marking scheme, and she dropped these as soon as she was able.

Georgia Lee was, and still is, stubbornly independent, to the point of perversity. Noticing her intelligence and drive in her last year of middle school, her father began to suggest that a career in medicine might be appropriate for her, but the mere fact of him bringing it up set Georgia Lee off of the idea entirely. Career ambitions did begin to form for her later that same year however, when she visited New York for the first time, on the occasion of the wedding of some distant Day cousin. It was clear to her that she was destined for things outside of Kingman, and that New York was the place she needed to be.

Critical thought was not Georgia Lee's forte, both academically and more generally. She had a tendency to simply accept the first viewpoint that she hears on something without any sort of evaluation, and then dismiss anything that runs contrary to that, without consideration for the merits of either side. Addressing this has become less of a pressing concern for her, due to how she's tailored her subject choices, but she remains aware that this is an important skill, and that she lacks it. As such it's something she tries to work on in her spare time, through her personal reading and study. The impact of this deficiency can also be seen in her wider life, with Georgia Lee never really stopping to reassess any of her decisions or choices. Georgia Lee has never questioned the religion and values that she inherited from her parents, and even in instances of rebellion, her choices have been reactionary and very much shaped by what others have told her is important. Her career choice stands as an excellent example of this, with her settling on Law: a field that, although not suggested by her parents, shares the same social prestige and typically high pay as the one that they had tried to stare her towards. Georgia Lee knows the worth of introspection in theory, but it is not something she has ever made a habit of.

Her siblings grew up, grew less spiteful or less interested in Georgia Lee, and the teasing stopped, yet her relentless self-improvement did not. Rather than being focused on proving something to her family though, Georgia Lee was now focused on gaining admission and a full scholarship to Columbia Law School, a university she decided on after extensive research on college prep forums. Rather than allowing her sisters' criticisms to mold her, Georgia Lee began instead to mold herself, growing and pruning her character, like a bonsai tree, into the shape of the perfect applicant.

Weekly SAT prep classes were a must, with all Georgia Lee's academic forums concurring that SAT I and II scores were of crucial importance. They weren't free, but there was no way Georgia Lee was going to let her parents pay for her. A job was the obvious answer, which worked out well for Georgia Lee anyway, as employers were considered to be excellent character references. She took up work at the local Safeway: initially stationed as a checkout operator, she asked to be transferred to the floor, preferring not to talk to people. The long hours stacking shelves she found almost meditative, and she would use this time to increase her academic acumen, listing historical figures, wars and dates; states capitals and countries; debating techniques and logical fallacies; political systems, definitions and examples; works of fiction and works of fact; prime numbers and decimal points of pi; chemical elements and compounds and equations.

It was no longer enough, Georgia Lee learned, to simply be academically gifted. The applicant of today, and the scholarship applicant especially, was expected to be well rounded. She was in good shape already, and an hour every morning spent practicing in batting cages earned her a place on the softball team in her Sophomore year. As a spectator, sports had never held much interest for Georgia Lee, but she found participating in one to be very much to her liking, enjoying the opportunity to measure how her hard work and practice measured up against others'. Regular swimming and running, as well as relentless practice mean that Georgia Lee's fitness and form are both top notch, and she's a consistent, if unexciting, player to watch.

That same year she chose to take part in an elder care charity, to show civic consciousness. The elderly seemed to enjoy simply having someone around to talk at, and it was a good chance for Georgia Lee to catch up on homework, as the highest of academic standards is still the most essential part of her application. She also became active in her local methodist church youth group, as forums agreed that could be a significant advantage in any application. Georgia Lee possessed a natural reverence for ritual, but little patience for abstract, spiritual matters: she thought of herself as religious, though it played little part in her life aside from as a part of her application.

Georgia Lee has a wide range of casual friends and acquaintances within the school and the community, as a result of her many activities and pursuits. Knowing the importance of being a team player, she tries to maintain a friendly and encouraging manner when interacting with others, to strike a balance between talking and listening and to be generally cheerful and relatable at all times. This is something that takes active effort from her however, and under pressure she has been known to grow frustrated, impatient and even contemptuous towards people not approaching things with the same level of commitment as her. These lapses in self-control are a source of great embarrassment to Georgia Lee, and she makes sure to apologize for them afterwards, knowing the importance of keeping good relations with her peers. She was notably more social in elementary and middle school, when she had a lot more free time at her disposal. She maintains good terms with most of her friends from this time, though actual friendships with few, and the change that she's undergone and the extent to which she pushes herself is a source of worry for some of them.

Among those students with whom she doesn't interact directly, Georgia Lee has a reputation for being somewhat stuck-up, often missing class social activities due to her punishing personal schedule. She has few close friends, being unwilling to open up or confide in people due to her strong need for independence, and this has also not gone unnoticed among her fellows, giving the impression that she think she's better than others. This is an opinion mostly held by pupils who Georgia Lee doesn't talk with very often, and as a result it isn't one with which she's familiar, resulting in her believing herself to be more well thought of than may be realistic. Georgia Lee's romantic history is brief and uneventful: a number of crushes that have gone unacted upon, and a couple of boyfriend who she wasn't able to fit into her busy schedule and didn't stick around long. Georgia Lee considers boys to be a distraction, and does her best to ignore any romantic inclinations that she might find herself feeling. This attitude, combined with the stereotypical view of softball players, has lead to a number of rumours circulating about her sexuality, but these are yet to reach Georgia Lee's ears.

There is little that Georgia Lee does for fun. While she certainly enjoys many of her multitude of commitments, she tends to avoid activities that are purely for pleasure's sake, and don't carry some form of tangible long term benefit, either to her eventual university application or her general knowledge and skill base. While an avid reader, she prefers non-fiction works which impart information she sees as useful. The current focus of her reading is the field of animal biology, though it changes frequently.

Advantages: Georgia Lee is a driven and determined person. She constantly holds herself to an exacting standard and puts immense pressure on herself, and so is perhaps more likely than some to be able to cope with high-pressure environment of SoTF.
Disadvantages: Georgia Lee's academic excellence has given her a very high opinion of her own intelligence, but the knowledge she possesses doesn't really translate to these circumstances, and she may overestimate herself and her abilities as a result. She is competitive, loathe to accept assistance from others and also is seen as having something of an aloof manner, all of which may discourage other students for seeing her as a potential ally. Finally, Georgia Lee is very image conscious: she is very focused on her long-term ambitions and goals, and may refrain from taking actions in SoTF that would otherwise be helpful to her, if she thinks they will make her look bad in the eyes of the wider world.


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