George Dukoff

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Name: George Dukoff
Position: History Teacher
Gender: Male
Age: 51

Appearance: Standing at 6’ 5”, Mr. Dukoff is a tower of a man. He stays in fairly good shape through regular cycling, though he still retains a slight gut in spite of his efforts. He keeps his silver-grey hair cut short, though he has managed to avoid any male-pattern baldness even at his age. His blue eyes are typically hidden behind a pair of large black glasses that compliment his square face, which almost always sports a finely cut layer of stubble.

He brings a professional atmosphere with him to the school building, dressing in an office shirt and slacks almost every day, making occasional exceptions only in service of special events.

Biography/Personality: Mr. Dukoff has wanted to be a teacher since his own days at high school, after he discovered his talent for tutoring younger students. This ambition and direction led to a college degree and a handful of teaching positions, before he settled into the history position at Cochise High. Tough but fair, Mr. Dukoff has little room for humor or shenanigans in his classroom but is known to offer second chances fairly readily, to the point that a convincing sob story can usually earn an extension from him regardless of how many he’s handed out before.

As a staunch conservative, George holds some rather old-fashioned views that he has difficulty resolving with the modern world. That said, he has no intentions of giving other people grief over their personal lives, regardless of what he thinks of the matter, and he won’t stand for any of that when he's roaming the halls either.