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Name: Rena Peters
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Ballet, Math, Chess

Appearance: Standing at 5’5 and weighing 135 pounds, Rena is average beyond belief. A pale brunette with long, slender legs, a short torso, and a flat chest, she finds that her only interesting feature is her eyes; ice blue and piercing, they bare her soul out to the world. Her hair is usually topped in a bun or ponytail, due to her extreme hatred of having hair in her face. Rena has a strangely sharp face, with high cheekbones, an extremely pointed nose, and a high forehead. Her face is often bare of makeup, save for sheer lipgloss. She can always be seen wearing a golden locket given to her by her older sister, which has a picture of them inside. Other than that, she wears no jewelry. She is extremely critical of her appearance, often seeing blemishes or marks where there are none. She sports a small scar over her left eye, from stitches she received as a child after falling face first into a sandbox. She can usually be seen wearing long skirts and plain shirts, but does wear jeans on occasion. Rena is extremely disapproving of her “normal” appearance, and has stated that she wishes to chop her hair off and die it pink, however has not yet exhibited the courage to do so.

Biography: The third of five children, Rena is hard to differentiate from her siblings. Her closest relationship would be to her eldest sister, Clara, who helped Rena throughout her life. Due to being the middle child, she was often pushed aside by her other siblings, and Clara often came to Rena's defense. Clara also taught Rena chess, and pushed her towards achieving her own goals and dreams instead of her parents wishes. Her parents are Amy and Thomas Peters, both lawyers. Rena herself has been pushed towards a track of law by her parents, but personally finds the study of law boring. After much urging from Clara, Rena decided to find something outside of law to pursue. At the age of ten, Rena discovered her love for ballet, and began daily classes. She advanced quickly, and after five years made it onto toe shoes. A skilled dancer, she is absolutely elegant in toe shoes, and one of the star dancers in her class. This hobby has given her spectacular posture, balance, and grace, making her movements very fluid and beautiful. Rena has lived a relatively normal life, with little to no death in it. However, she is incredibly squeamish and detests the sight of blood. Although not devout, she was raised Catholic, and disapproves of violence. At the age of three, she tripped headfirst into a sandbox leaving a permanent scar just above her left eye. Though not noticeable at first glance, Rena hates the scar, and blames her older brother for pushing her into the sandbox.

Rena often finds herself distanced from her family, for a multitude of reasons. Growing up, Rena's parents were often distant and work-focused, leaving Rena to practically be raised by Clara. Her parents were also rather tough, not agreeing with the idea of babying children. Rena was much smaller than Clara, and this left her open for the taunting of her brothers, Jake (Older) and Ryan (younger). Clara often got Rena out of these fights, forming a strong bond with her sister.

Clara also introduced Rena into her love of chess. A skilled chess player, she knows a lot about tactics and strategy. Her mind works great with calculations and problems, making her an excellent math student. She loves the idea of solving things, and uses common sense and logic constantly in her daily life. However, outside of math she does not excel in any subject. She maintains a solid B in most of her classes, save history, which simply bores her beyond caring.

Rena has a bizarre amount of self-loathing, due to her constant need to be unique. She sees blemishes and marks where there are none, and despises everything about her body. Despite being of normal height, she’ll often call herself short, and she sees her elegant long legs as lanky and unflattering. This self-hatred is spawned from the constant critical eyes of her parents, who often press for perfection in Rena. She also often compares herself to her family and finds herself homely in comparison. She is also not a very social person (though she tries), and blames this on her appearance rather than her personality.

Rena is not afraid of much (save blood), and finds many common fears (such as bugs, spiders, and clowns) absolutely ridiculous. Although she would never admit it to anyone (least of all herself) she is terrified of dying. Due to her wish to be different, she often finds herself attempting to say unique and interesting things during conversations. However, she often steps over her own feet, making a fool of herself. While some may find her lack of social skills funny, others may quickly find her personality grating. This major lack of social skills has left her on the outsides of social life at Bayview. She also has a tendency to talk a lot when she’s nervous, further making a fool of herself.

Despite her social downfalls, she is genuinely a nice person, and will often try and be nice to everybody.

Advantages: Her chess abilities could come in handy in game where the main goal is to survive. Her knowledge of tactics and strategy could very well make up for her lack of physical force, and providing she is able to overcome her somewhat grating personality traits, she could be an asset to an alliance (though she is unlikely to take a leadership position). Her problem solving and logical nature could also serve greatly in helping her outwit her competition, instead of using violence. She is also in shape and has high stamina due to her dancing, which could help her outlast some competition.
Disadvantages: Her somewhat grating personality could distance her from allies, and could even make her a target for people who she annoys. Her ultimate disadvantage is her hate of blood. In a game where people drop like flies, she’s certain to see a lot of it, and keeping herself calm and steady may prove to be difficult. There’s also the fact that she could find herself forced into a violent situation, where she is unable or unwilling to get herself out of it, due to this phobia. She also has no training besides dancing, and would almost certainly find difficultly defending herself.

Designated Number: Female student no. 114


Designated Weapon: Shillelagh
Conclusion: Hmm... a fear of blood will be a big problem indeed. G114's going to have to think awfully quickly to get out of tough spots, especially with a weapon poorly-suited to her aptitudes. Still, she's a smart one, so maybe she'll go somewhere. That fear, though... I expect we'll be seeing more of her freaking out than anything else. And what happens when the blood's coming from her?