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Name: Miranda Merchant
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: Senior (12)
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: swimming, water polo, athletics, biology, marine biology

Appearance: Miranda is of above-average height, being 5’10 and weighing 146lb. She has a well toned physique from constant swimming, though she is by no means overly muscular, nor is she well endowed. Her skin is fairly pale with freckles dotted all over her rounded face with some on her arms and legs. She doesn’t wear much make up, usually just some lip gloss and a little bit of eye shadow. She does paint her nails (both fingers and toes) a lot though, her favorite colors for that being blue, pink or purple.

She has straight blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, with a bang hanging over her left eye. She has emerald green eyes and blonde eyebrows that match her hair.

On the day of her abduction, Miranda was wearing a magenta spaghetti-strap tank top, pale blue denim shorts and black sandals. She was also wearing silver stud earrings and a pink bangle on her right wrist.

Biography: Miranda was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and was the only child for parents Sean and Claire Merchant. Sean was an accountant while Claire worked part-time as a swim coach at a local swimming pool. With her mother’s job and living on the shore of Lake Michigan for several years, Miranda was often in contact with the water and learnt to swim at an early age. She absolutely loved the water, and as she got older she wanted a job that involved being around it, like working in an aquarium or even possibly following her mother’s line of work, though she couldn’t decide which to follow at the time.

When Miranda was fourteen, a spark from a faulty electrical connection caused their house to go up in flames. Fortunately, all three members of the Merchant household managed to get out unscathed, though their house was completely gutted inside by the ensuing inferno. Once the fire was put out and they could see the extent of the damage, they knew they would not be able to move back in. Lawrence Merchant, Sean’s brother who lived in the suburb of South St. Paul, offered them a temporary place to stay, so they gathered up what little personal belongs they had left and moved in with him. Some months later, Miranda and her parents managed to find a new home just a few blocks away from her uncle, which they live in to this day.

Being the only child, Miranda tended to be spoilt a lot by her parents, and so developed a selfish streak. When they moved in with Lawrence after the fire, she suddenly had to share things with her cousins, Jacob and Ray. It was a massive wake-up call for her when she couldn’t be given what she wanted all the time, a fact she has grudgingly had to get used to. She still acts selfish now and then, something which has separated her from some of her peers. Nevertheless, she still has some friends in the swim team and at her work place.

Miranda tried out for and got into the swim team when she was sixteen, and takes part in other sports as well, such as water polo, track, and snorkeling. She currently holds a part-time job at Urban Behavior at the Promenade, working Thursday evenings and all day Saturday.

Naturally, Miranda excels in sports, and she does fairly well in her academic studies as well. Biology is her strongest subject and the one she wishes to study at SMSU. Once she graduates from there, Miranda hopes to move to one of the coastal states (as of now, she’s undecided between California and Florida) and then pursue a career as a marine biologist, something she had only decided on a couple of years ago.

Advantages: Miranda is quite athletic, so she could possibly hold her own in a fight, or failing that, get away from a threat very quickly. She is also fairly intelligent, and her knowledge of biology could be useful if treating injured wounds.
Disadvantages: Miranda's selfishness has given her a few enemies in the grade, and she is very indecisive and hesitates when making decisions, something that could cost her dearly. Also, on the day of her abduction, Miranda was suffering from an ear infection picked up from swimming, so the hearing in her right ear is significantly inhibited.

Designated Number: Female student no. 109


Designated Weapon: Garrotted Wire
Conclusion: Miranda's love for swimming and marine biology won't help her much in this deadly game! Let's hope that Ms. Merchant gets a little selfish for her own life and uses that wire to slice up a few of her enemies.


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