G103 - Kelly, Hayley[/DECEASED]

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G103 - Kelly, Hayley[/DECEASED]

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Name: Hayley Kelly
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Video games, reading, drawing, anime, and music.

Appearance: Hayley has always been a tiny girl- she is 5'0", though she still harbors hope that one day she will grow another inch or two. She weighs 102 pounds, a weight that she works hard to maintain, as she was overweight for most of her childhood and obesity runs in her family. Her skin is exceptionally pale, likely the result of many years spent indoors and in front of screens, and she is completely incapable of tanning. Her eyes are a light brown with a yellowish tint to them, making them appear gold in direct sunlight. Her mouth is small as well, and her lips are generally pink as she is constantly biting them. Her face in general is quite round.

Hayley's hair is naturally a medium-to-light brown, but she began dying it black at age 14 and never allows it to return to its natural color. At any given time her hair is most likely dark brown- the hair dye she uses fades quickly- with lighter brown roots. She wears it shoulder-length in choppy layers, with straight bangs that skim the tops of her eyes.

Hayley refers to her own fashion sense as 'eccentric'- she goes through fashion phases on a regular basis and has been called nearly every teen stereotype in the book as a result. Her current style gets her called a 'hipster' on a regular basis- she has a newfound fascination with slouchy beanies in particular, and she wears a brown one every single day. The one thing that never changes in her fashion shifts is her love of short skirts and dresses. Her favorite outfit includes her beanie, a short, plain and deep purple sundress, brown sheepskin boots, and a pair of cheap goggles that function as sunglasses, but which she never actually wears on her face, preferring to keep them around her neck.

Hayley wears quite a bit of makeup- black eyeliner on both the upper and lower lids, eyeshadow in a color closely matching her outfit (usually purple), mascara, lip gloss, foundation and powder. She keeps this makeup- the eyeliner in particular- on her at all times, and fixes it compulsively. Her face is extremely expressive, and she hates having pictures taken of her when she isn't ready because she tends to make strange faces.

Biography: Hayley was born in St. Paul, Minnesota to a newly married couple, Rachel Dixon and Shane Kelly. She was the perfect child, if a bit unusual- she hated going outside, preferring to stay indoors and read for hours at a time, ripping through the books her parents bought her in record time. Her appetite for knowledge was insatiable from a very young age, and her parents would find her reading almanacs for fun. When Shane Kelly bought himself a Nintendo 64 for Christmas when Hayley was six, she found a new hobby- video games, which Hayley quickly came to love more than anything else. As a direct result of this- along with her childhood distaste for the color pink, dresses, and all other things girly- her best friends in elementary school were all boys. The girls in general disliked her, partially because of the aforementioned boyishness but also because of her reputation as a nerd and a teacher's pet. As a gifted child in a below-average elementary school, Hayley did amazingly well, eventually becoming valedictorian. She was extremely proud of her grades and would cry about anything less than a perfect score, and even as a child she tended to judge others who she considered to be not as smart as her. Overall, though, she was a cheerful (if sometimes bossy) and social little girl.

Things changed for a while when Hayley was seven years old, when her parents got in a major fight. Her memories of that fight are blurry, though two memories are crystal clear- her father threw a newspaper at her mother- which ended up hitting Hayley instead- and her father ran out the door while Hayley ran desperately after him, crying and screaming for her dad to come back. Her parents were separated for a year after that fight, and Hayley spent every other weekend in a cramped apartment with her father. Her parents got back together, though they still argue often. Hayley found out years later that the fight was caused by her father cheating on her mother, and loves to laugh about it to her friends, saying that she inherited her promiscuous streak from her father.

Hayley's family was squarely middle class- her father worked as a freelance tour guide, and her mother worked as a secretary in a travel agent's office- until Hayley was nine, when her brother, Maximillian Kelly, was born. Rachel Dixon was laid off during her pregnancy, leaving the family with two children and one person bringing in income. Money became tight, though luckily the family lived in a two-family house where their landlord also happened to be one of Rachel's best friends, so they did not lose their home. However, the lack of money did not much affect Hayley, as her parents went without so that she could have the very best. She went to camp every summer as a child, where she developed a fascination with both archery and riflery (with BB guns, of course), both of which she proved to be very good at.

Hayley loved being a big sister- at first. As Max got older, it quickly became obvious that he was a different kind of child than Hayley was- he was loud, defiant, and socially awkward, requiring all sorts of extra parental attention and diverting attention from Hayley. As he grew into a toddler, Hayley grew into a preteen, entering junior high. Her junior high school had a high percentage of Asian students, from whom she discovered the joys of anime and manga, as well as an interest in drawing in manga style. However, over the course of that first year of junior high and particularly in the seventh grade, puberty began to take its toll on her. Particularly, she began being teased for her weight- something she had never really noticed before. Hayley became sullen, withdrawn, depressed and often angry, resenting her fellow students for being different than her- and, in her opinion, inferior. She began wearing dark eyeliner, wearing dark clothing- particularly band shirts for the rock bands she started listening to at this time- and most notably, cutting herself. Her habit of wearing armwarmers hid the cutting from her parents for a time, but eventually they noticed and started sending her to therapy.

Things changed again towards the end of eighth grade. At this point Hayley had for the most part alienated her friends, and was alone most of the time. But she'd found one boy, named John, who she quickly fell in love with. He did nothing but tease her, but she adored him regardless, as he was a counterculture-type kid who was nonetheless very well-liked. Eventually the two became friends despite his teasing, and her love of him encouraged her to make some major changes to her life during the summer following that year. She lost 30 pounds, putting her down to her current weight, through a painful and unhealthy crash diet. She bought new, more flattering clothes, including short skirts and shorts. She started dying her hair and wearing more makeup. In short, she quickly turned herself from an object of torment from boys to an object of affection. As a result she met her first boyfriend at a summer camp, though that relationship went nowhere fast, as she found that she wanted to move too fast for him. It was her first taste of sexuality and she found it to her liking. However, she continued to cut herself, mainly because at this point she was still putting up a front- her true feelings had not changed since junior high.

Hayley continued hanging out with John and his friends, though she soon fell out of love with him and settled for his friendship- fortunate, as he came out of the closet soon after. She evolved a new persona to go with her new look- one that was fearless, shameless and intensely sexual, and as she truly embraced this side of her, her junior-high personality faded away. However, the pressures of her new high school were getting the best of her, and she was having panic attacks fairly regularly. Her grades had fallen by the wayside during her depressive slump in junior high, and now, in high school, with the more intense workload, she was falling behind. She continued cutting as a coping mechanism to deal with the stress. She was still highly intelligent, but she had absolutely no interest in her schoolwork- her interests now lay mostly in the social realm- and got by with Cs. As time went on, she learned how to fall under the radar of teachers, and so stopped having panic attacks for the most part (she'll have them on very rare occasions still), though her grades didn't improve.

Over time Hayley became a bit of a harmless delinquent. Her social circle increased- John, who became her best friend, was extremely popular and all his friends became her friends, and she made her own friends amongst the jaded intellectuals of her school. She developed a nicotine addiction, a taste for alcohol (vodka in particular), and a love of marijuana. She also gained a bad reputation- Hayley had many boyfriends (and girlfriends, being of undefined sexuality) and had sexual relationships with many others besides, for no other reason than that she enjoyed them, and she had (and still has) a tendency to be quite manipulative in her relationships, though she makes exceptions for people she thinks are worth it. She always keeps a pack of cigarettes on her, no matter what the situation. By sophomore year, Hayley had stopped cutting, for three reasons- firstly because cigarettes and alcohol replaced cutting as coping mechanisms, secondly because her friends, new and old, discouraged her, and thirdly, simply because she felt that it was a childish habit she needed to grow out of. Despite her shift in personality and habits, she continued to go to therapy.

Hayley retains certain aspects of her childhood personality- she is very social, generally cheerful (and still bossy), and generally prefers boys to girls, seeing girls as superficial and often boring. She also retains that sense of intellectual superiority that keeps her at arms length from most of her peers- even as she makes friends with other teenagers, she generally doesn't see them as real people on her level. But she's also a stereotypical girl in some ways- she's obsessed with her own appearance, extremely emotional (not to mention mercurial), and boy (and sometimes girl) crazy. Despite this, she doesn't see herself as a normal girl, and hates being called 'normal', 'average' or 'boring' above all else. She also curses like a sailor.

Advantages: Hayley is very intelligent, leading to her making good decisions in the game. She generally works well with others, provided that they listen to her. While she has some measure of compassion and sympathy for others playing the game, she sees herself as superior to them, and so self-preservation is her main priority, even when she's part of a group. She is very talented at seducing boys, which is likely to help her. And as she learned in summer camp, she's a naturally good shot.
Disadvantages: Hayley has absolutely nothing going for her physically outside of attractiveness- she is skinny, lazy and unathletic, so if she doesn't get a projectile weapon (or steal one) she is unlikely to do much damage. Her superiority complex rubs many people the wrong way. She cannot work well with others if they don't specifically follow her instructions. Though generally selfish, she puts her very closest friends above her, and would likely sacrifice herself for one of them. And as a very addicted smoker, if she is kept away from cigarettes for more than a few hours, she is liable to become extremely irritable.

Designated Number: Female student no. 103


Designated Weapon: Falcata
Conclusion: I'm not sure how far G103 will go, but at least she got a pretty bangin' weapon. Then again, she appears to be so lazy that she might not even have the strength or will to use it! I'm going to hope that she gets a few good strikes in before she, inevitably, dies.


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