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Name: Helen Louise Wilson
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Camping, writing, field hockey (occasionally), medicine

Appearance: Standing at 5'5" tall, and weighing 124lbs puts Helen smack bang in the middle of average weight for her height. Despite this, she appears slim, as her body is fairly well toned due to years doing ballet and vigorously playing field hockey when she was younger. Since dropping these as a lazy senior, she has accumulated some flab around her stomach and upper arms, but generally finds that people place her in the "skinny" camp, even though she doesn't really agree with this. In most of her joints, Helen is double jointed. Her arms and knees hyperextend past the points which are usually considered normal, she can touch her thumb to her forearm, and place her palms flat on the floor with her legs straight with very little effort.

She has a fairly pleasant, oval shaped face, with hazel, myopic eyes, which are permanently adorned with small rectangular framed glasses, which she would be lost without. Her nose is small and unobtrusive, her mouth generally narrow on her face when she is expressionless, though widens considerably when she smiles, and at this time a dimple on either cheek is revealed. She sports a scar to the left of her chin on her jaw line from falling off a climbing frame as a toddler, which in recent years has begun to stand out more for reasons she cannot comprehend. Her hair is a light brown colour, though she mourns the loss of the blonde it was in her childhood, and is naturally wildly curly, though when it is frustrating her she straightens it. This means that on the average day her hair is one of two extremes, though at the time of capture it was straight, and tied up, with a dark brown alice band holding the front few strands back.

Additionally, at time of capture she was wearing grey pumps, her favourite dark blue jeans, a white tee shirt and a long turquoise coloured cardigan, with long beads in a colour nearly exactly matching the cardigan. She also wore her DKNY watch that was a present for her 18th birthday, and a Pandora bead bracelet on her other wrist along with various hair bands in shades of blue, green and white.

Biography: Helen was born the first child to Alyson and Kris Wilson, both of whom were IT consultants at the time, on June 2nd in St Paul, Minnesota. She immediately entered a family that was growing fast on both sides, and though both her parents lived far away from their families, they saw a lot of them in those first couple of years. When Helen was one, her Mom became pregnant for the second time, and Jenny was born about a month before Helen's second birthday. The two of them generally got on well together for siblings, sharing in their usual mix of fights, some of which Jenny would actually win, much to Helen's frustration. When Helen was three she fell off the small jungle gym in their back garden, hitting her chin on a metal bar at the bottom, and tearing a fairly sizeable hole in the skin over her jaw. She spent a single night in hospital after being given stitches while she was checked for concussion, and to this date this remains the only time she has been a patient at hospital.

When she started kindergarten, it was fairly quickly discovered that she was bright and intelligent, she was able to pick up new concepts easily, though faced growing frustration whenever she didn't understand anything as quickly as she thought she should. Additionally, a common report from the her kindergarten and elementary school teachers was that she tended to over complicate assignments, writing stories that were three times as long as they were told, simply because she was bored and school lacked an outlet. Helen found that she went through strange rises and dips in popularity throughout her elementary school years, usually as a basis of who she was friends with, as she tended to be a follower rather than a leader at this age. Though she was shy when it was fostered upon her, tending to blush at the first available opportunity, she craved attention, occasionally acting up in class because of this, though whenever confronted about this behaviour, she had a tendency to burst into tears and thus gaining her teachers' sympathy. During her elementary school years she had both ballet and piano lessons, but dropped piano after a couple of years because she didn't enjoy it.

In middle school, Helen came out into her own a little more. There were more opportunities there than elementary school, and she enjoyed meeting new people, while feeling occasional nostalgia for the more personal experience from before. She quickly established herself again as someone who was good at her lessons, whilst being fair at most other things (except volleyball, for some reason she could never get the hang of volleyball). In the first few weeks started learning to play the clarinet and picked up field hockey and long distance running (cross country in winter and 1500m in summer) to add to ballet. It was a relatively carefree time, Helen was able to sail through her lessons with relative ease, always doing any homework or reading, and never having to revise for exams; pop quizzes just weren't a worry to her. The down side was that her parents drafted her in to tutor her little sister, Jenny, who was the opposite of Helen in this respect and struggled at school. Helen found that she didn't have the patience to deal with Jenny who didn't grasp things as quickly, and she was quickly fired after a maths tutoring session turned into an agument. Not that she minded being fired much, seeing as she wasn't paid for it anyway. Things were fairly steady at this point. When she was thirteen she had an argument with her ballet teacher, whom she felt was picking on her, and dropped learning to dance in the weeks running up to a show, just to spite her teacher. This she later regretted, wishing that she had continued with dance, and often she wonders what it would be like now if she'd kept the ballet up. Like her mother and grandmother before her she became a girl scout, immediately enjoying many aspects of it, especially the camping and the various activities. She also developed asthma as a result of a bad cold the winter she was fourteen, whilst running in the Ramsey County cross country event, and had to drop out with breathing difficulties much to her frustration.

When she was fourteen, her Dad, Kris, became acutely ill suddenly with a ruptured appendix, which had been misdiagnosed by their family doctor as gastroenteritis. While visiting him in hospital, an attractive female doctor (whom her father candidly remarked as his "favourite"), came past, looking busy and important, and Helen made a decision that had been rumbling in the back of her mind for a while, but she couldn't really remember where from. She decided that she wanted to be, more than anything else in the world, a doctor. Seeing as only a year or so previously she had been telling everyone that she wanted to be an architect, her family and friends were somewhat sceptical at first, even though it was clear she had the brains to do it if they wished, what they didn't understand was the drive.

High school was yet another change, and another chance to get nostalgic. Helen found this jump harder, especially as everyone seemed so much more mature than she did. People were starting to get boyfriends, and she had absolutely no interest in them yet, which made many conversations with her friends boring and tiresome as she pretended to like whoever they did without really caring. She withdrew into herself a little, and started writing little stories, which she would sometimes give to her friends. She was found to have specific aptitudes in science, maths, geography and creative writing, which she considered to be a very strange mix. In high school she became lazy regarding her hobbies; feeling annoyed that she wasn't progressing on the clarinet (due to her own lack of practice) she simply stopped playing it altogether and the clarinet still sits in its case under her bed. Also she gradually slowed her attendance of field hockey, and while she remains on the team, she doesn't tend to go out of her way to practice and play. After a while, the only extracurricular thing she really did was Girl Scouts, first as a member then progressing on to helping out at a group. When she turned sixteen she got a job working in a drugstore on the healthcare counter, selling over the counter meds to customers, and also giving them some rudimentary advice about things like hayfever and coughs, which she adores because she feels like she's actually making a (tiny) difference to her 'patient's' lives, also because she knows that it's the sort of thing that looks good on a college application.

The main reason for this laziness in hobby terms was because as she approached her senior year of high school, Helen was finding that she actually had to work for the first time in her life in order to get grades that would be good enough to study pre-med at Stanford, which is where she really wants to attend, looking forward to getting away from the cold dreariness of Minnesota where she has lived all her life.

Advantages: Helen is a general all rounder, meaning that she can generally succeed in anything that she puts her mind to, and she can be very determined when she wants to be. As a girl scout she is well versed in terms of camping, and making fires, and had some basic ideas of what is edible and what isn't. Additionally, her years of playing various sports has meant that she is fairly fit, and she can run for a fairly long time as her endurance is good. Her interest in medicine means that she has some vague knowledge of first aid (it was the only medical book in their house), so she can treat basic scrapes, and immobilise a fracture.
Disadvantages: She occasionally suffers from asthma when exercising, seeing as she hasn't played field hockey or run seriously for a couple of years she is currently without an inhaler, which might prove an issue if the asthma resurfaces. Her moods aren't particularly stable, and she does have a tendency towards a temper, while at times can be very hyperactive and immature, meaning that she is often unpredictable in her response to things. Additionally, she has never been in a fight, or had any serious confrontation of any kind, and so doesn't actually know how she would respond to such a situation.

Designated Number: Female student no. 100


Designated Weapon: Glowstick (x6)
Conclusion: Ms. Wilson has potential to make things interesting, if her asthma doesn't get her first. Let's hope she manages to at least make a bit of an impact. That girl scout training of hers could come in very handy, especially given her poor weapon draw.