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Name: Lillian Hayes
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Bayview Secondary
Hobbies and Interests: Theology, gymnastics

Appearance: Lily stands at 5’2” and weighs 107 pounds. She has a slender, muscled build developed from years of gymnastics practice. She has moderately dark brown skin and black, slightly wavy hair, usually tied back in a ponytail with a scrunchie. She has brown, almond-shaped eyes, thin eyebrows, high cheeks, and full lips.

What little breasts she has are usually hidden with conservative clothes. The most revealing outfits she wears, aside from her leotard, are t-shirts and pants that stop just above the knee. She typically wears subdued colors like gray and blue, and rarely wears clothing with any sort of writing. It’s rare to see her with much makeup on, either. On the whole, she looks like a plain girl who’s not interested in showing off.

Biography: Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Lillian was quickly moved to St. Paul after her mother, Roberta, was offered a teaching job at the University of Minnesota. She was also accompanied there by her father, Michael, and her older brother, Roland. Lily, having little real memory of living in Canada, adjusted to American society well, and soon made several friends throughout elementary, middle, and high school.

Around middle school, Lily began to get involved in activities outside of school. After trying out quite a few of them, she eventually settled on two as her favorite: the local church and the local gymnastics club. The church was filled with kind, loving people who helped out around the community and occasionally fed the homeless, and gymnastics gave her an opportunity to get her blood pumping and add some excitement to her life.

Not much changed in the transition to high school. Lily began finishing her metamorphosis into a modestly attractive young woman, and she got more involved in the theological aspects of the church. After going over the Bible, she settled into a progressive version of Christian thought, and began to learn all she could about her religion, planning on making it her major in college.

Lily is an outgoing, friendly individual who knows many people and is rarely judgmental, almost her brother’s opposite. She’s well known among the other enthusiasts of gymnastics and at the GodSpeed Christian club, though she has gotten into a few spats with the club’s leader, Rachel Gettys. She does have the bad habit of giving unsolicited advice, but usually stops after being asked. She has everybody’s best interests at heart, and does her best to be helpful and compassionate whenever the opportunity arises.

Advantages: Her gymnastic abilities leave her agile and flexible, so she’ll be able to run from opponents, if nothing else. Also, she’s a nice girl with lots of friends, so maybe she’ll get lucky and they’ll take the bullets meant for her.
Disadvantages: She’s gotten used to trying to ‘see the good in everyone’, and in this game, whatever good the students have will usually be subdued or snuffed out for obvious reasons. If she doesn’t get an attitude adjustment and start getting more ferocious, she’s dead in the water.

Designated Number: Female Student No. 076


Designated Weapon: FN Five-Seven (5.7x28mm) [2x clips (20 round capacity)]
Conclusion: The kind ones keep getting the guns now don't they? It's going to take an act of god for her to survive this game. Maybe if she prays hard enough she'll find the strength to kill the rest of her student body, but I rather doubt it.

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