G074 - Summers, Marion[/DECEASED]

Here are the profiles for all the students who participated in V4, from those who died on the first day to those who fell at the final hurdle to those who were rescued to the one who won. Included in each profile is a link to the character's death post.

G074 - Summers, Marion[/DECEASED]

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Name: Marion Susan Summers
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: veganism, jiu-jitsu, ballroom dancing, photography, school paper

Appearance: Marion’s dark auburn waist-length hair frames her oval face. Her round brown eyes are enhanced by hazel contacts. Marion stands a modest 5’4” and has a petite but muscular frame. Her heart-shaped mouth is coated in sparkly bubble-gum lip gloss. Marion has been wearing braces for the last four years to help correct an overbite. This has made her somewhat self-conscious, which she tries to combat by wearing heavy (animal-friendly) eye make-up. Marion’s clothes are made from all natural fibers and she often sports a cotton t-shirt and blue jeans. Her nose has a smattering of freckles, the result of her light complexion being exposed to the sun.

Biography: Marion Summers is the middle child of Matthew and Alice Summers. During her freshman year, her parents divorced and her father and older brother, Nathan, stayed in Los Angeles, while her mother moved Marion and her younger brother, Jeremy, to St. Paul. The move was hard on Marion and caused a rift between her and her parents, which is only now starting to heal. Marion’s way of acting out was to provide her parents with the bare minimum of information. She would answer question, but never go into details. Her parents both work for Greenpeace. They are committed to animal rights and as such have raised their children as vegans.

Marion has a B average with a particular interest in the sciences (especially environmental). Marion has only recently discovered a love for photography. It is a hobby that she hasn’t been able to fully explore with her busy schedule. However, years of being the family photographer has paid off, giving her enough skills and knowledge to be able to take pictures for the school paper. She also will occasionally pen articles for the paper.

Marion’s family spent their summer vacations traveling the country in their RV. Marion is very much a tom boy and spent many afternoons in the backyard playing football with her brothers, or constructing an elaborate tree house in the huge oak tree that used to sit in their backyard. In an effort to make her daughter more feminine, Marion’s mother enrolled her into ballroom dancing classes at age 10. Marion initially resisted the idea, but after a few classes grew to love it. Marion is still in classes and occasionally participates in competitions. As a compromise for the dancing lessons Marion was also allowed to enroll in jiu-jitsu with her brothers, and is currently a purple belt.

Marion has few close friends, devoting much of her time to school and hobbies. However, given the variety of her interests she has many acquaintances both in and out of school. Marion is committed to animal rights and saving the environment. As such, she is very vocal when she sees a classmate not doing simple things to help save the planet. She often spends her lunch period patrolling the cafeteria, reminding students of the importance of recycling. If her gentle reminders are ignored, she’s been known to launch into full blown rants.

Advantages: Because of her background in ballroom dance, Marion has excellent stamina and is accustomed to strenuous activity. Her participation in jiu-jitsu has taught her to be very disciplined and make her more comfortable with hand-to-hand combat that most people her age.
Disadvantages: While Marion has been trained in jiu-jitsu, she is hesitant to use her skills outside of the academy. Her environmental rants have alienated some of her classmates, and may make it hard for her to find allies.


Designated Number:
Female Student no. 74

Designated Weapon:
Conclusion: Is this school from the sixties or something? All I see are hippies and pacifists. I doubt that magnificent melee weapon is going to do anything if she's too busy saving a squirrel to put it to work.


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