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Name: Carmina Maliksi
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Vehicles, Korean culture, Japanese culture, Anime Club, Volunteering Club

Appearance: Carmina is unremarkable at 5'0 and 127 pounds. She has a slightly brown complexion and is on the chubby side. Her hair is dark brown and flows past her shoulders. Her eyebrows are thin and arched while her eyelashes are long and curly. Her eyes are dark brown, round, and large. She has a flat, wide nose. Her teeth are quite white due to her constant use of whitening strips and her lips are thin and narrow. She has a round, child-like face and has dimples. Her face is surprisingly clean of any blemishes or acne. She's top-heavy, with most of the weight in her arms, face, and torso.

She typically wears t-shirts with bright colors like pink and yellow. They're usually paired with knee-length skirts that also have bright colors. She wears a pair of faux gold earrings and applies pink lipstick constantly. She also uses mascara daily, causing her eyelashes to become long and dark. She wears high heels or flip-flops year-round as a poor attempt to look fashionable. She also wears two or three generic bead bracelets on her right wrist as well as a silver necklace. She has a set of earphones with her every now and then so she can privately listen to Japanese or Korean songs. Her voice is usually at a medium tone but can become very squeaky and high-pitched whenever she's annoyed.

Whenever she's working at McDonald's, she wears a black collared shirt which is tucked into black slacks, which she pairs with a belt. She also wears a khaki apron with the McDonald's logo emblazoned on the right side. She wears a black hat that also has the McDonald's logo and wears a pair of black shoes. Her hair is tied into a ponytail.

On the day of the abduction, Carmina was wearing a pink-striped t-shirt along with jeans, which she wore due to having no other choice since she forgot to do her laundry. She wore yellow flip-flops along with one blue and one purple bracelet. She also had her necklace and earrings with her set of earphones on.

Biography: Carmina was born on February 28, 1994 in Seattle, USA to Zeferino and Maria Maliksi (born Reyes). She was the 1st of 2 children. Zeferino was a mechanic while Maria owned a small convenience store. Both came from Taguig City, Philippines. The two had very distinct personalities; Maria was a quiet person who only spoke when necessary while Zeferino was a boisterous, almost arrogant person. They shared one thing in common however. They had an obsession with America. It was the one country they wanted to be in, so they strived to save as much money as they could. Eventually, they married and moved to the USA in early 1991. While they quickly assimilated with society, they always held on to a bit of their Filipino identity and made sure to teach Carmina Filipino. They also cooked native dishes such as tinola, a type of stew, or ube, a variety of purple yam. They also became close to the Filipino diaspora in Seattle.

On November 7, 1997, Carmina's younger sister, Kate, was born. By all accounts, she seemed to be a perfectly normal baby up until she became 18 months old. Both Zeferino and Maria had many friends in their neighborhood, most of whom were parents. They compared their children to their neighbors' children and noticed that Kate seemed to be lagging behind. When they went to the hospital to see if anything was wrong with their child, they learned that Kate had a case of autism.

As Kate grew up, the symptoms became more profound. She soon began obsessively arranging her toys in lines and frequently had tantrums. While she could speak, she only did so when prompted and if she did, her language would be slurred. This made Maria start sending Kate to multiple therapists, which put a strain on their finances. It caused Zeferino in particular a lot of stress and made him more stern. This scared Carmina. As a result, she became closer to her mother.

Carmina loved her sister despite her condition. She found Kate to be a fun playmate and became her best friend. She soon made sure to help Kate as much as she could with anything and even tried teaching her.

Carmina was bullied a lot in elementary and middle school due to many reasons. She became chubby due to being rather voracious when it came to eating. She also wore cheap clothes due to her family being thrifty. This led to many children calling her ugly. Also, her classmates liked making fun of her younger sister, which often made her furious. As a result, she became very reluctant of going to school and became isolated. Her father tried teaching her to defend herself, but this backfired and resulted in her getting easily affected by her classmate's jokes.

In 4th grade, she was in the car with her mom when she saw a dog be run over by a truck. The sight of its blood and guts being spread over the road caused her to develop a rather persistent hemophobia, or fear of blood. This became more severe as the years passed by and caused her to avoid watching any violent shows. While the sight of blood in a TV show merely disgusts her, seeing it in real life makes her dizzy and can even cause her to faint if there's enough of it flowing.

Home became a safe haven for Carmina. Around 7th grade, she attempted to become closer to her dad and noticed that he knew a lot about cars. She became interested and offered to help him fix the cars in his car shop. He was reluctant at first due to his belief that it was a man's job, but eventually gave him and started teaching the basics. Carmina grew to admire the beauty of cars and soon bonded with her father over this, even accompanying him to auto shows every now and then. Of course, she kept this a secret from the few friends she had since she was scared they'd judge her and call her a tomboy.

At 8th grade, her mother, Maria, obtained a subscription to DirecTV and started watching Filipino TV channels such as GMA and TFC. Around this time, Korean soap operas and music were becoming the new trends among Filipino women. The same could be said for Maria. She soon started following these shows obsessively. Carmina took notice and started following it with her mother. She developed a crush on the star of show, Lee Seo-Jin. She soon looked up pictures of him on the Internet and discovered many other Korean actors such as Lee Min-Ho and Kim Hyun-Joong. As a result, she started spending more time on the Internet and became a part of several forums, discussing Korean TV shows and music. She even started making an effort to learn Korean just to understand the songs that she was listening to.

Surprisingly, this had no effect on her grades. She always had average grades which didn't require much effort to maintain, and her time on the Internet was moderated by her parents who were worried about their electricity bills.

One day in eighth grade, she decided to make a decision to have a healthy diet after a rather rough day of teasing about her weight. She spent the summer exercising and monitoring the food she ate. She also decided to get a job as a cook at McDonald's in order to pay for clothes she deemed to be fashionable. This resulted in her buying multiple make-up kits and colorful clothes.

By the time she entered high school, the effects of her diet became somewhat noticeable. While she found dropping weight to be hard, she developed strength in her abdominal muscles and legs due to the fact that she ran and did crunches a lot. She also had an increased stamina.

She made an effort to socialize with others when she entered Aurora since she started feeling lonely. She succeeded at joining her own circle of friends after a while and started hanging out with them regularly.

After getting comfortable with her friends, she told them about her obsession with Korea. While her friends liked the actors and music she showed them, they decided to introduce her to anime and J-pop. She immediately fell in love with these and started listening and watching these as much as the K-pop songs and Korean soap operas she followed. She proceeded to join the Anime Club.

In 10th grade, Carmina's parents asked her what job she wanted to have, a question Carmina had never considered. She thought for a while and believe that it would be rather difficult for her to get a nice job in the transportation industry. She then realized that she wanted to help people like her sister and decided on becoming a speech therapist. Around this time, Kate was already being 'mainstreamed' or going to a normal school. She did well in her subjects and had an easy time with school. Her tantrums, while still there, had lessened and now only occurred once or twice a month. This made her parents very happy. Seeing how much her beloved sister had progressed influenced her decision. Soon, she joined the Volunteering Club.

Nowadays, Carmina usually gets B's or C's in her report card, although she gets an A every now and then in Physical Education and a D in French, her least favorite subject. While she was very excited to take French since she liked the sound of the language, she soon came to hate the class due to having difficulties with its grammar and the accent. Her grades overall slightly improved due to her desire to enter Washington State University to become a speech therapist. She studied rigorously in order to get accepted, which eventually came true. Now that she's accepted, she's already started preparing to move to Pullman, a decision which her parents find difficult but support.

Whenever she has enough spare time, she goes out of the house to hang out with her friends or to go to the mall. She has even gone to anime conventions to get more merchandise of her favorite shows. While her parents have scolded her before for going out due to wanting her to focus on studies, they have slightly relaxed their rules now since she's already been accepted.

Carmina is a friendly person who is easily approachable, especially if you share interests with her. While she usually entertains jokes about her weight due to being used to it, she still has her limits and can get affected. A sore point for her is her clothes, which if you make fun of will cause her to ignore you for days or even weeks. She always wants to help people and will probably do everything it takes just to make someone feel better. This is caused in part to her sister and also because she is a very religious person and believes in the Christian principle of loving everyone. However, she is also slightly judgmental and tends to avoid certain people due to their rough appearance. Also, she is easily startled.

Advantages: The strength and stamina she developed and continues to maintain will make it easy for her to walk around the island and may even prove to give her the upper hand should she get into a fight. Her friendly nature could also make it easy for her to make allies.
Disadvantages: Her sensitivity may cause alliances to break easily, due to something as innocent as a simple joke. Also, her phobia of blood will prove to be an obstacle when it comes to surviving since blood is quite a common sight on the island.

Designated Number: Female student No. 067


Designated Weapon: Non-Functional Flamethrower
Conclusion: So... oversensitive, overweight and afraid of blood. Either she dies, or she goes nuts and on a spree. Either way, G067 loses. Crybaby. - Matt Richards - Crybaby? What are you, eight? - From you, that's rich, Baines - YOU'RE Rich, you moron - jesus christ are you seriously-
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