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Name: Ericka Bradley
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Ericka is primarily interested in literature and classical music. She is a member of the Writer's Corner, and a member of the band. The books she reads span the entire range, both fiction and nonfiction, and can be of any genre. She occasionally helps out in the school library as well, when she's not in there to read.

Appearance: Ericka is a petite girl, with black hair and brown eyes. She stands at 5 feet and weighs 100 lbs. She usually has straight, mid-length hair with a messy fringe. Her pale skin is clear and smooth. She needs glasses only to read, but since she rarely takes her tiny nose out of her books they are almost always on her face. At the time of her abduction she was wearing a beige sweater, tan pants, and a pair of comfortable boots.

Biography: Ericka is the older of two children born to a businesswoman and a stay at home dad. When she was little, her father read her bed time stories, as many parents do, and Ericka became enthralled by the lands and characters of the stories. She insisted on being taught how to read, learning to do so slightly earlier than average children. She now has several book shelves in her room, and often has her nose in some kind of book. She got her love of classical music from her mother, who would often play cassettes, and later CDs, of it during the few times she was home. One year, for her birthday, Ericka received a flute from her mother and father. The gift made her very happy, as did the lessons she was soon enrolled in. Ericka’s little brother was born when she was six, and although she was unhappy about it at first, she has since grown to care for her brother deeply.

Ericka has always been an introvert, rarely interacting with others until a few years ago. She prefers reading books, or listening to classical music, over things like the tv shows, sports, and celebrity gossip a number of her peers enjoy. She does well in those areas of school she enjoys, such as English and music, and average in other subjects. To those who have barely met Ericka, it seems like she is quiet and stoical, if a bit optimistic, but when someone gets to know her they find she has a personality that is quite a bit warmer then they may have first thought, if maybe still a bit quiet.

A few years ago, when SotF first aired, Ericka's father became nervous. He decided to try teaching his children survival skills, even though he knew it may not save them if they ever got abducted, but he would feel comforted knowing they at least had the basics of some of the weapons they may have to use, Ericka had different plans however. Disliking the very idea of the training, Ericka used the opportunity to get herself to socialize more. Since then she's made a few friends, joined the band and the Writer's Corner, and begun to help around the library.

Advantages: Between avoiding her peers, and later her father, she's may have gained a slight preference for stealth.
Disadvantages: Ericka is not fast, strong, or social. The fact that the worst case scenario that her father planned for is coming true may make her prone to additional stress and/or psychological issues. Ericka met most of her friends fairly recently, and a number of them are as introverted as she is, risking the cohesion of any groups she tries to make or join.

Designated Number: Female student no. 063


Designated Weapon: CZ-99 (9mm) [x4 clips (13 round capacity)]
Conclusion: Wow, what a loser. Her father had a paranoid moment and tried to prepare her for exactly this situation, but she slacked off. I bet she thought it could never happen to her. Well, at least this'll provide a little entertaining viewing for dear old dad. G063 may even last a day with that gun, though I wouldn't bet on it.