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Name: Jasmine Reed
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 11
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Japan, drawing, manga, anime, video games, art

Appearance: Jasmine is a Hispanic girl of average height and a generous build, standing at 5'3 and weighing at 172 pounds. Her black hair is boyish, often tied into a side pony over her left shoulder and a side-fringe with a clip that accentuates her amber eyes and sandy skin. Her face is youthful, with an oval face, bright hazel eyes, a small nose and thin lips. Her build is more in the shoulders and middle body, with a stocky midsection that makes her look slightly overweight.

Jasmine has a very eccentric sense of fashion, inspired by Otona Kawaii, or Adult Cute, a Japanse style of dress for young women. She has an affinity towards cardigans, blouses and skirts, usually consisting of light, muted colors that compliment her hair and skintone. Often she will spend too much thought on designing an outfit, and the Tuesday field trip is no exception. On the day of the abduction, Jasmine was wearing a light green jacket overtop a white blouse, a burgondy skirt and white sneakers.

Biography: Jasmine was born on the 18th of January, 1998. She is the only child to Anne Reed, Forest Fire Management Officer, and Hector Reed, a novelist. Anne was only nineteen when she had Jasmine, but the Reed family has been a staple of Kingman since the town's inception, and both Anne (and her daughter) were born and raised in the town. Hector (whose birth name is Hector) was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and moved to Arizona after a falling out with his family. He met his future wife at a diner, where Anne was working part-time as a waitress. They hit it off immediately, and they married soon after.

The Reed family is small, being made up of only Jasmine's parents and grandparents. Anne has lived in Arizona all her life, as have her parents, and she grew up a single child. Her love for the wildlife in Mohave County and the surrounding national parks lead her to becoming a Forest Fire Management Officer. Hector disowned his family once he was of age due to an absuive childhood that was spent in a run-down neighborhood that was rife with crime. The only escape he had from his destructive home life was reading the books he took out through the Albuquerque public library and, after entering high school, writing stories of his own.

Jasmine's early childhood was happy, though she rarely spent time with children her age. Her father's occupation allowed his daughter to live comfortably, but most of her time up until entering school was spent in the house, rarely venturing outside of her backyard. There was no need for daycare, with Hector acting as a stay-at-home father, and all of Jasmine's relatives lived only streets away. All of the children nearby were much older than her, so her only friends growing up were her cousins, who only visited occasionally. Jasmine was shy growing up as a result, but she had a grand imaginination and was happy to share it. She spent the days leading up to grade school playing with imaginary friends of all shapes and sizes, her best friend being Caitlyn, a girl her age.

Her isolation presented many problems once she entered grade school however. It quickly became apparent that Jasmine was having difficulty connecting. She wasn't the subject of bullying, but she often spent reccess and lunchtime by herself, and she rarely socialized with her classmates outside of group projects. This worried her parents, who wanted to be certain that their daughter had a happy and healthy childhood. Anne thought it was her lack of socializing outside of school, so both she and Hector shuffled Jasmine from playdate to playdate in the hopes of encouraging her to make friends. This rarely worked, and Jasmine spent her early school years with few friends.

It wasn't until she entered middle school that she began to open up, if only slightly. This was thanks to her teachers, who were more encouraging and attentive with Jasmine, but it was also the addition of Art. Art quickly became her favorite subject; she loved to draw as a kid, and the fact that there was a class where she could draw was perfect. Many of the friends she made in middle school were made in art class. Her shyness was still a problem, however, and the occasional bullying by other girls in her classes drove Jasmine to start avoiding socializing outside of her family and art class. It became so bad for her Jasmine started eating her packed lunch in the library, or, if the library was unavailable, a stall in the girl's bathroom. Her family never knew, never even considered that there was a problem. The bullying was never severe enough to require anything past a slap on the wrist, and Jasmine never mentioned it to them. They were just happy she was getting decent grades, Hector especially. She had the chance at a future outside of Mohave County, something that not even Anne ever managed to achieve.

It was around this time that Jasmine's anxiety began to affect her most. It would be impossible to determine whether she has a mental disorder or not without a diagnosis, but she is prone to panic attacks during high levels of stress. Her first was sometime in the seventh grade, and while they are only occasional, they are signifigant enough to drive Jasmine to the nurse's office. The nurse, her family practitioner, even her parents seemed dismissive as most of her symptoms were internal. Even at an early age, Jasmine felt intense shame and anxiety and subconsciously hid her symptoms from everyone out of fear of what they might think.

High school life is often stressful for most students, and Jasmine is no exception. However, high school was also a way for Jasmine to broaden her social horizons. There was an anime club at high school, and she was able to social net of friends who shared the same interests as her. Over time she began to intentionally change her image. She learned that to be able to fit in at high school, she had to be able to put herself out there as her own individual. She had to be somebody, not just herself. It is a personal philosophy she still carries. She showed off her art to her friends whenever the opportunity arose, drawn in her sketchbooks she used to keep hidden away in her schoolbag. She reached out to people, especially those who seemed shy or disconnected from the rest of the class. Lastly, and most importantly, she allowed her interest in anime and by extension Japanese culture define who she is. It is all an act, yes, a staged act made in order to overcome her anxiety. She's been doing it for so long that it is who she is. She no longer questions herself, despite the nagging voice in her head that still tells her she was not good enough.

Jasmine has a healthy relationship with her parents, though she is much closer to her father than her mother. Even at an early age Hector acted as the stay-at-home father, and with Anne's schedule being hectic, she naturally spent more time with Hector. His work as an author was never enough to fuel a luxorious lifestyle, but it is enough to provide for his family. Hector is a quiet man, very reserved and patient, and those traits naturally rubbed off on a young, impressionable Jasmine. However, as she adjusted to high school and her interest in drawing manga grew, the time spent with both of her parents lessened. With her mother's schedule and her father's disposition, there would be days where Jasmine would just come home from school, say a quick hello and head straight to her room. Eating at the dinner table became a rare occurence, and some days Jasmine would just cook dinner for herself. Neither parent suspected a thing.

Jasmine's condition does not have any visible symptoms save for a tremble in her hands, it is all mental and emotional for her. Despite her change in attitude as camoflauge, Jasmine still falls victim to panic attacks. Nausea, disorientation and irrational fears are what characterize her panic attacks. Even without her panic attacks, there are times where Jasmine will obsess and worry over things that may seem trivial to others. She finds that she cannot control her worries on some days. Focusing on the task at hand is difficult. It affects her performance save for her art, which she has so much reinforcement from her friends that she is confident despite her worries.

Jasmine has never been a model student even before high school. However, her grade point average has dampened since entering high school, always lingering between low-to-high C's. She often finishes her homework just before she hands it in and she is terrible at taking tests because they trigger her anxiety. Her parents have shown concern, and she often finds herself hiding bad test grades from them and feigning innocence. She often does better in subjects that she has an active interest in, with her best marks coming from art classes and social studies. This also applies into her extracuricular activities. She is very active in her school's Anime and Art clubs as they give her a chance to show off her art, and she is also a part of the Yearbook Committee because of her friend Caedyn Miller. The rest of Jasmine's free time is usually spent drawing, surfing the internet and watching anime. During the weekend, if she has nothing else to do, Jasmine is fine staying in her room binging on junk food and watching anime.

Japanese culture is something that Jasmine goes to many lengths to learn about or engage with. Most of her exposure comes from the media she consumes, though she does keep many books about the Edo period and Feudal Japan in her room. She watches anime and reads manga all the time, and if there is downtime during the school day, her classmates will find her flipping through a comic or watching her phone with one headphone in her ear. She plays video games too, though she mostly plays JRPGs and other games of that nature. Her interest in Japan has acted as fuel for her art and comics, and her big dream is to move to Japan at some point in her life. Visiting the country will not be enough.

Jasmine is skilled in her art, a fact that she has no shame in boasting about it. She considers herself a jack of all trades and has a certain amount of skill in sketching, inking and coloring, both on paper and digital. To Jasmine, her art and comics are her life. While her interest cannot be defined as an obsession, her work and people's reactions to it inform her love for it more than she's willing to admit. It even extends past simply her interest in it. Her outfits, her attitude and her way of speaking is often informed by Otona Kawaii, a style of dress that correlates with her shoujo manga. It is, after all, how she managed to blossum and make friends when she entered high school.

An overly outgoing personality like Jasmine's can often rub people the wrong way. It certainly does not help that she considers herself an extrovert, and ever since she's entered high school she has made a huge attempt to put herself out there. Since many of her classmates have gone to the same middle school as Jasmine, it can be very jarring to see her go from the quiet wallflower that never really talked to anyone to a loud, gregarious girl who acts like she is everyone's friend. The friends Jasmine does have are few and far between, but the bonds they share are very strong. She finds herself attracted to those who are as affable as her, and those who share many of the same interests as she does. Jasmine can often be clingy to those she is closest with. Those same close friends often see a different side of the lurid Jasmine; that of a socially awkward, insecure girl who has always wanted to fit in.

Jasmine has no concrete plans for the future, preferring to push it out of her mind until the next semester. While she talks about moving to Tokyo and becoming a manga-ka to anyone who will listen, the truth of the matter is simply a pipedream. She knows that her parents, having always approved of Jasmine's hobby, would never allow Jasmine to leave the country right after graduation. Art school is a possibility, but not are Jasmine is too enthused about. She sees it as a waste of time and her parents money. Besides, a degree isn't going to help her accomplish her dreams, and to Jasmine dreams trump all else.

Advantages: At her best, Jasmine is sharp, a stickler for details and canny, leading her to finding details that many seem to neglect. While many of her fellow students may not like her strong personality, they will think little of her.
Disadvantages: At her worst, Jasmine is insecure and her anxiety problems could lead to unwise decisions and even panic attacks. She is also lacking in physical strength, and her size will make it very easy for someone to overpower her. She also has a nasty habit of making snap decisions.There is no changing the fact that she shoots first and asks questions later, as it is not in her nature to second-guess herself.

Designated Number: Female student No. 052


Designated Weapon: Ball-peen hammer
Conclusion: OMG!! You're so kawaii desu!!! I love tiny things, they look so pretty when spread out over a large area. I wonder if you bleed sparkles and rainbows? How about you recreate Higuarashi and start going all yandere. (Thanks for the help Lourvey)- Josie Knight

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