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Name: Tiffany Veronica Chanders
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Jewellery, Clothing, Boys, Hairdressing

Appearance: Tiffany weighs 120 pounds and her height is 5"7'. She keeps her hair dyed-blonde and just below shoulder length. Its style varies depending on her outfit and activity for the day. Her eyebrows betray her natural hair colour; a light brown. Her eyes are also brown, with long eyelashes. She also wears a significant amount of makeup; foundation, blush, mascara, light pink lipstick and eye shadow. She maintains a thin-ish figure by not eating much, and sticking to salads. She mainly wears an assortment of light pastel colours, though her wardrobe is extensive. Her usual choices for clothes are spaghetti string tops or woman's tees and medium length skirts with matching shoes.

Biography: Tiffany was born with a silver spoon in her mouth from an early age. An only child of a "higher society" family, her father and mother doted on her, showing her off at the social gatherings they would all attend. She received many praises in her early stages of life, being told how pretty she was and how she would grow up to be a star. Because of this lifestyle, Tiffany spent much of her pre-teen years extremely pampered and spoilt. Before Tiffany was ten, the relationship between her parents started to deteriorate. Her father, a man in the corporate world, was spending more and more time on business trips. Her mother, a stay at home wealthy housewife, made up for this lack of a husband by taking her daughter to the things she did while he was away; shopping trips, spa treatments and salons. When her father came home, it was still as if he was away. Tiffany's father had little time with her, either in calls or working in the den of their house. They had divorced by the time Tiffany has begun high-school. She felt no real sense of loss; they got to keep the home and had a sizeable portion of money still. Her father had very little significance in her life, so his disappearance did not mean so much to her. Indeed, she was thankful for him to be gone, so her and her mother could keep doing the trips and the spa treatments. Tiffany started picking up beauty tips from the people at the salons, getting an interest in hairdressing.

Throughout Tiffany's high school years, to maintain their lifestyle and look for a "suitable" (wealthy) father, Tiffany's mother went through several relationships with suitors, none of them lasting more than 18 months, but were around long enough to spend their money on her and Tiffany. Tiffany began similar methods with the boys at Bayview, letting them buy her the things she wanted for the chance to allow them to be seen as "dating a hottie." She spends her time around the other (but poorer) girls who like jewellery, boys and clothes, feeling in her mind, like the princess she was always meant to be. To keep impressing the girls, she has taken an interest in these fields, becoming quite the expert through continually looking for new things and ways t keep impressing the poorer girls. She has no time for classes or study. After all, she'll just find a guy who can look after her. Subsequently her marks are low. She isn't athletic either. It recent times, she has started getting an unfavourable reputation from the "jealous" girls in the class trying to "take her men away". So, she has broadened her range to looking for guys in the wealthy and/or lonely category, finding them much easier to bend to her will.

Tiffany is only out for herself, but unwilling to lift a finger herself to acheive anything if she can avoid it, least they get dirty. She carries a strong and bossy attitude which can go sour if things aren't going her way. She rarely talks about nothing else apart from herself. When around people she must show politeness/respect to she can swallow her pride long enough to get what she wants out of them. She believes herself to be richer, prettier and therefore better than most in her class and has no qualms in reminding everyone of it.

Advantages: Tiffany has a fair amount of wealth, which she could use to bribe students to protect her till she gets off the island. Being a manipulator of emotions, she will have less trouble using other people to her advantage, even if it is to kill for her. In similar fashion, when it has become time to throw the people away, she will do so willingly, for her own skin.
Disadvantages: Alone, Tiffany has no advantage in smarts, speed or strength. Her attitude alone, if she doesn't find a friend quickly, will attract a large amount of hate. Also, she has had very limited contact with the "outdoors", so has little idea how to rough it in the game's harsh environments.

Designated Number: Female student no. 050


Designated Weapon: M1903 Springfield (.30-03 Springfield) [x3 strips of 5]
Conclusion: My, oh my. What a great big gun for such a great big spoiled brat. I'm honestly curious to see how this one turns out. Will she actually use the gun to her advantage, or will she fail to even figure out how to use the thing? I'm willing to bet on the latter...


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