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Name: Jung, Hazel Leanne
Gender: Female
Age: Eighteen [18]
Grade: Senior [12th]
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Acting, anti-bullying, K-Pop, running, and waitressing.

Appearance: Hazel is a slight girl, standing at 5’3” and weighing a little over 127 pounds, with an hourglass figure and noticeably strong legs that she’s acquired through years of practicing dancing and track. Her features are a reflection of her Korean heritage; with a lightly tanned complexion, high cheekbones, and charcoal black hair. Hazel is distinctly pretty, possessing an ovular face punctuated with full, upturned lips; an aquiline nose that doubles as one of the few gripes she has with her appearance; and angular eyes that are a rich hazel in colour and favour the flecks of green adequately dispersed throughout. She was prescribed glasses at the age of thirteen to correct her moderate myopic vision, though she usually eschews them in favour of contact lenses. Hazel’s hair is thick and arrow straight and reaches just below her shoulder blades, its perpetual sleekness and healthy nature a testament to the care with which she treats it. Stylistically, she keeps her perfectly symmetrical bangs hovering just above her meticulously-sculpted eyebrows, and tends to alternate between leaving it down or alternatively pulling it up in a messy bun. Hazel applies make-up on a daily basis, though she tries to keep it subtle and generally limits herself to a light amount of foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and lipgloss, with any exceptions being reserved for special occasions or when she wishes to make an impression. Additionally, her ears are pierced and are typically adorned with simple diamond studs or golden hoops.

Although Hazel’s wardrobe is far less revealing than it was previously, it does retain a fair amount of form-flattering outfits which she wears with semi-regularity - she’s rather proud of her figure and the effort she puts into maintaining it, and feels that she deserves to show it off in some way. Otherwise, her clothing is fairly conservative, consisting mostly of simple t-shirts and tank tops, paired with capris or leggings; a far cry from the miniskirts and low-cut blouses that once lined her closet walls. She tends to choose muted colours for clothing, feeling that brighter shades don’t blend well against her skintone. Hazel prefers to wear footwear that’s appropriate for physical activities, so as to reduce the need to bring another pair of shoes with her to school for track meets or theatre rehearsals. Whenever she works shifts at her mother’s restaurant, she dons the uniform there: a plain white button-down blouse; an ankle length navy blue skirt; and black Chelsea boots. When abducted, Hazel was wearing a pale peach denim jacket, a simple black tank top, lightwashed denim capris, and Nike Free 3.0 running shoes in black, as well as her regular golden hoops.

Biography: Hazel’s parents, Han-jae Gahn and Eu-ji Jung, both hail from the small administrative division of Mangyang-ri in South Korea, having moved to Phoenix, Arizona at separate times during their youth. Han-jae did so in order to further his career as a skilled financier, whilst Eu-ji wished to escape from her hypercritical family and experience life beyond her hometown. The two met during Eu-ji’s waitressing shifts at a local restaurant, and what was initially idle flirting gradually blossomed into a romantic relationship. After some time, the two opted to relocate to Kingman, wanting to set themselves up in a smaller town – especially when having children became a concern for the two of them, and they felt their ability to sustain a family would be stronger in an environment that demanded less of them financially. This couldn’t have come at a better time, as Eu-ji fell pregnant with the couple’s sole child only a few months after their move. Shortly after Hazel’s birth on the 17th of January, however, their relationship began to fall apart and Han-jae moved out and returned to Phoenix, offering no resistance to Eu-ji retaining sole custody over Hazel. Though Han-jae continues to pay child support and regularly sends presents and the like for his daughter, their relationship is a shallow one at best.

As she had to work lengthy shifts waiting tables at a local restaurant in order to keep the fledgling family’s head above water, Eu-ji was often forced to leave Hazel in the care of family friends and the like for much of her daughter’s childhood. The most notable of these was Charlotte Dawson, whom was happy to mind Hazel free of charge due to Eu-ji supporting her through a messy divorce. Charlotte looked after Hazel at the same time as her own son, Adam, and the amount of time the trio spent together gradually surpassed Eu-ji’s. Affectionate and kindhearted, with a fair but firm parenting style, Charlotte became a major role model to Hazel, whom began to think of her as much a mother to her as Eu-ji. Charlotte was a connoisseur of classical films, and much of her time with Hazel was spent watching the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Bette Davis, and Olivia de Havilland grace the silver screen. Unfortunately, shortly after Hazel’s seventh birthday, Charlotte became engaged to her long-distance boyfriend, and chose to move to Florida to be with him shortly before their marriage, leaving a large void in Hazel’s life.

After Charlotte’s departure, Hazel began to gradually slip into a period of depression and had difficulty coping with the loss of two people to whom she was so attached. A major promotion at Eu-ji’s work to manageress came with a pay rise and more flexible hours with which to spend time with her daughter, but even Eu-ji’s more prominent presence in Hazel’s life did little to mollify her. Concerned for her daughter, Eu-ji took Hazel to a child psychologist, who suggested that she find Hazel a hobby with which to distract her and occupy her time. Eu-ji adhered to this, signing Hazel up to a plethora of clubs and extracurriculars; though Hazel rejected many of them and refused to participate. It wasn’t until Eu-ji signed her up for acting classes at a local theatre that a solution was found. Hazel fell in love with the art almost immediately, becoming fascinated by the way people could take on different roles and found the thrill of gracing the stage to be an exhilarating one. She also found it reminded her of Charlotte, and of the glamorous actresses from the films they’d watched together. Eu-ji was immensely glad her daughter had found a passion and supports her as much as she can – including signing her up for dancing and singing lessons when Hazel expressed a wish to bulk up her skills. Although she’s a capable dancer, Hazel’s singing abilities are still shaky – though she hopes they’ll improve with time.

It was during this time that Hazel fell into a clique of fellow Korean girls around her age, including her best friend Hazel “JoJo” Jo. Colloquially known as the ‘Korean Mafia’, the girls are a fairly tight-knit group and are amidst some of Hazel’s closest friends. The group is notable for their slightly racist bent towards anyone who isn’t wholly Korean, mostly taking the form of keeping amongst themselves and giving the cold shoulder to those who don’t meet their qualifications. Hazel feels slightly uncomfortable about this, due to her having friends and acquaintances spread throughout many areas of her school. She forces herself to put up with it, however, as these girls provide a direct link to her culture that few of her other friends can, and she doesn’t want to lose the bond they’ve established over the years. This group also introduced Hazel to Korean pop music, a genre that she greatly enjoys and took to readily. She enjoys the energetic and vibrant nature of the songs, and has adorned her room with several posters of artists she favours; particularly the boy bands 4TEN, Beast, and Royal Pirates. It’s not an unusual sight to see her with the music blasting from her earphones whilst going for a run, or seeking a brief reprieve from the world and her troubles.

Midway through sophomore year, Hazel garnered her first boyfriend in the form of fellow acting aficionado Curtis Lang. Initially friends through their mutual dramatic interests, the two became close after Curtis began taking up shifts at Eu-ji’s restaurant, and subsequently entered a relationship. The two became mutually very attached and the relationship moved quickly – becoming sexual within the first month, with both Hazel and Curtis losing their respective virginities to each other. Unfortunately, after only three months of dating, Curtis’ mother received an offer of work out of state and was forced to relocate her family, tearing him and Hazel apart. Although the two tried to maintain a long-distance relationship, it faltered quickly and the two agreed that it’d be best for them to break up. Despite Hazel’s best attempts to move on from her relationship, she found herself feeling empty without her boyfriend’s company and began to gradually fall into a depressed state. There was a beacon of light for Hazel, however; her classmate Jacob Brooks, with whom she slowly entered and maintained a relationship with until a string of arguments concerning her clique’s racism drove them apart.

Following her break-up with Jacob, Hazel became increasingly desperate for the affection and love a relationship brought her and would enter into one with whomever was willing, quickly ‘putting out’ if she believed it would help secure their affection. This, combined with a healthy dosage of rumours, led to her garnering a reputation for promiscuity, with many boys attempting to woo her purely for sexual gratification. Hazel remained unaware of this for awhile, until she overheard some of her friends discussing her in the school library. Shocked by how others were perceiving her and the level of desperation she had stooped to, Hazel took it upon herself to clean up her image amidst her peers and become happier with herself.

The first step she took was breaking up with her then-boyfriend, a relationship that was quickly becoming unhealthy. Additionally, she began to focus more upon her acting and academics, something she had disregarded in favour of relationships, and joined the school’s track and field team in an attempt to productively occupy her spare time. She excels in many track events, particularly favouring 400m sprint, 3000m Long Distance Run, and the 100m hurdles. For Hazel, running is a way of clearing her mind of any worries and stress she has in a way no other sport can, and loves the exhilaration partaking in the competitive aspects brings her. She also finds running to be a good way of keeping her fitness up, which she sees as an imperative for an actor in order to meet the physical demands performing can bring. Hazel also enjoys the group camaraderie that comes with being on the track and field team, and has bonded with a handful of similarly-dedicated members; though she sometimes finds it difficult to supress her distaste for Isaac Brea, a teammate who she once dated until their relationship ended poorly.

Socially, Hazel generally keeps to her fellow Korean students, to whom she is very loyal and caring. She’s very fun and carefree with those she’s friends with, and legitimately cares about them and has their best interests at heart. She can appear somewhat frosty to those who don’t know her too well, in part due to her refusal to back down if someone insults her and hits a soft spot, fighting back with an acidic tongue reserved for those who earn her ire. She tries to brush off most things, but feels that doing so too often will lead to her becoming complacent with other people’s negativity towards her and push her back to her previous mindset. She dislikes getting close to many people and can be quite untrusting – at least at first – of others, due to getting burned too many times in the past. Hazel is reluctant to enter another romantic relationship due to her past, but has developed a handful of minor crushes over the past while – the most notable being her close friend, Min-jae Parker. However, she wants to be certain she’s comfortable by herself and entering a relationship for the right reasons before she acts on any of her feelings.

Due to comments about her previous reputation, Hazel understands bullying and how it feels and can be fairly protective of ‘weaker’ students, often attempting to help them stand up for themselves. This, in turn, led her to join the school’s anti-bullying committee where she is a dedicated and enthusiastic member. She understands that everybody has their own issues and reasons for doing what they do, and will at least try to understand their logic behind any action she takes issue with; even if she still disagrees with their principles. Hazel often has difficulty reconciling her anti-bullying beliefs with the hostility of her clique towards outsiders. She doesn’t want to be forced out of her circle and lose any of her close friends, so whilst she doesn’t participate in any of their comments herself, Hazel does little to stop it; especially as it mostly manifests itself in passive and subtle comments that aren’t directed at any one person in particular. It does make her very uncomfortable, though, and she mostly tolerates it with the hope it’ll gradually fade away as they mature more and move on from high school.

Hazel’s home life is and always has been very consistent and loving. She’s particularly close and affectionate with her mother, whom she regards more as a sister than a maternal figure; the two having had an unwaveringly strong bond since Hazel’s childhood. With Eu-ji’s current boyfriend, Donald Anderson, on the other hand, Hazel took some time to warm up to, initially finding him somewhat annoying; though they’re now equally close. Hazel has also been working at her mother’s restaurant for the past five years, waiting on tables and serving customers with a cheerful and patient demeanour. She enjoys being able to alleviate some of her mother’s workload, as well as earning her own money and not have to wholly rely on Eu-ji or Donald for financial support. She also does chores and the like on a regular basis as well and with no complaints, and it’s a rare occasion that a dispute of any kind arises between them. Additionally, Hazel owns a pet chocolate Labrador named Vanilla that she received for her fourteenth birthday, whom she she takes for walks every afternoon and often accompanies her when she goes for runs. Hazel doesn’t have much contact with her father and in her younger years the fact that he had ‘abandoned’ her and her mother left her quite upset. However, Eu-ji’s efforts have been concerted and caring enough that Hazel doesn’t feel Han-jae’s absence much and no longer holds any bitterness towards him; as she’s content with how her current familial situation is, and feels that putting any investment in their non-existent relationship when it’s unnecessary would be backtracking upon her promise to herself that she’d no longer tie her self-esteem to another person.

Academically, Hazel does very well, achieving top grades in Drama and Mathematics. The latter is due to her wellspring of passion for the art, whilst the former is due to a natural aptitude for numbers that earned easy praise from her teachers – thus fuelling a desire to excel in that area and instilling a passion for it within her; to the point of joining the Cochise High mathletes team. With other subjects she achieves averagely, though she finds no class in particular to be especially difficult; her marks with them fluctuating to a minor degree depending on motivation and subject matter. After graduation, Hazel hopes to attend a performing arts school, with The Juilliard School as her college of choice; she’s currently been wait-listed after the callback weekend, and is eagerly awaiting a further response. Becoming an actress is her dream career, though she’s conscious of how difficult getting into the industry can be; if she doesn’t get into Juilliard, Hazel plans to move to New York anyway and attend NYU to acquire a degree in Mathematics as a backup option whilst also working and pursuing freelance acting opportunities.

Advantages: While hostile towards those she doesn’t trust, Hazel’s equally loyal and fiercely protective of those she does and may incite the same emotion from those close to her. She’s a skilled actress and may be able to manipulate others if she so chose. Years of participating in track and field have left her with a decent degree of athleticism.
Disadvantages: She’s accumulated a moderate amount of enemies over the years, and her generally icy aura and lingering reputation might turn those she isn’t already acquainted with against her. Hazel’s very attached to and protective of the friends she does have, and mightn’t be able to cope without them by her side or if she lost any of them. She’s also shortsighted, and her vision will be notably impaired should she lose her glasses or contacts.

Designated Number: Female student no. 026


Designated Weapon: Binoculars
Conclusion: As somebody who was bullied in school, I appreciate your efforts, G026. However, there are no 'safe places' in Survival of the Fittest. Maybe that weapon will help you look for a nice hiding spot but other than that, well... hope you're good at playing dead? - Dennis Lourvey

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