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Name: Stacy Ramsey
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Cheerleading, modelling, partying and running.

Appearance: Stacy is 5’6” and weighs 120 pounds. She has long, golden blond hair that falls down to just below her shoulder blades, with long, side swept bangs that she occasionally changes to a middle parting. Stacy has piercing emerald green eyes which are deep set and almond shaped. She has a clear complexion and an oval shaped face with a square jawline, a straight nose and full, almost pouty lips. Stacy is very skinny with average sized breasts and a slight tan to her. With all of these factors combined she is seen as a very attractive girl. Stacy usually wears tight fitting, revealing clothes that enhance her figure, when not at school at least. She likes to wear makeup that boosts her beautiful facial features. She usually wears a bit of eye liner and mascara and a bit of lip gloss. On the day of abduction Stacy is wearing a white tank top and over that is a very loose and thin, dark red tank top with a golden pattern on it. She is also wearing a pair dark blue, skin tight jeans as well as a black leather jacket that comes down to her waist and a pair of red converses. In her bag, Stacy had a grey hoody as well as a pair of black leggings and a dark blue pair of hot pants that she was hiding from the teachers.

Biography: Stacy was born on the 9th of April 1994 to Samantha, who is the manager of a local clothes shop, and Alex, who is a lawyer. She has an older sister called Amy, who is two years older than Stacy and was born three weeks after Samantha and Alex’s wedding. Stacy was born two years after Samantha and Alex got married, when they were both 21, when they began to have marriage troubles due to continuous arguments. The birth of a new child was Samantha’s and Alex’s last chance to save their marriage in order to re-ignite their love for each other, and thankfully it did. However, over the years Samantha and Alex began to argue more again, which pains Stacy to watch as she hates to see her family falling apart. It makes her even more upset knowing that she is regularly the source of her parent’s arguments. Samantha and Alex usually get into arguments over small things that any other couple would overlook such as whose turn it is to do the cooking. Another thing that they frequently get into arguments about is the choices that their daughters make. Samantha’s is a lot more lenient and accepting of Stacy’s and Amy’s choices, but Alex is very much opposed to it. Luckily, with the help of Stacy’s sister, Amy, the family manages to defuse the arguments before they escalate into something more serious. In spite of this, Samantha’s and Alex’s marriage is slowly spiralling out of control again and Stacy has heard them talking about divorce.

Amy is Stacy’s idol; ever since Stacy was young she has strived to be exactly like her sister, who has shaped her into the person she is today. When Stacy was 12 she began to wear makeup and revealing clothes when she saw her sister had started to wear them. At first, Stacy started to wear tight fitting clothes and a bit of lipstick, but as Amy began to start getting more courageous with her clothes so did Stacy. What Stacy and Amy wear is another subject of argument that Samantha and Alex get into. Samantha supports what the girls wear and even buys clothes from her shop for them, where as Alex disagrees with what they wear and should wear clothes that look more modest.

Although Stacy and her parents often get into arguments they are still very close to each other and they have become even closer since Amy moved out. Amy moved out five months ago to the other side of Seattle to live with her boyfriend during February in 2012 and now works in Samantha’s clothes shop. Stacy and her parents have become closer because since Amy moved out Stacy has had no one to spend time with at home, so she’s resorted to spending the majority of her time when she is at home with her parents. She is closer to her mother than she is to her father as she feels that her mother is more supportive with what she does than her father is. Every year, Stacy and her family go on a family holiday, which she greatly enjoys as she loves spending time with her sister and parents.

Stacy adores her older sister, and considers Amy to be her best friend. They are often mistaken for being twins as they look almost exactly the same, as well has having an almost identical personality and interests. For example when Stacy and Amy were young they always used to practice cheerleading in their back garden. They both gained a passion for cheerleading when they saw a group of cheerleader performing in a football game that their dad was watching. Stacy loved the way they looked, how beautiful they were, and how they gracefully spun and flipped around the field. Since that day Stacy has loved cheerleading.

When Stacy was 16 she was scouted by a modelling agency whilst shopping in a clothes store in her local mall. She began to model for clothes magazines and has been doing it professionally ever since. However, she is not very well known as it is only small brands that she models for, but she intends to model until she is internationally famous. Modelling is yet again another thing Stacy’s parents argue about. Alex is afraid that if she becomes too famous, fame might go to her head and she might get herself into trouble. Samantha on the other hand, is very supportive with Stacy’s dream and encourages her to keep on doing it. Stacy has always been proud of her modelling, especially as it’s the one thing her sister, Amy, is jealous of.

When Stacy turned 17, Amy decided to take Stacy out clubbing with her. They both bought fake IDs and they managed to get into a club without any hassle. That night Stacy came back home drunk and vomited all over her bedroom floor. In the morning Stacy’s parents discovered what had happened and grounded her for a week, however this didn’t stop her from doing it again. Now, every other weekend, Stacy sneaks out of the house to meet up with Amy and go clubbing. However, because the majority of the time they are denied from entering the club, they both usually just settle for going to a house party instead.

Due to Stacy’s good looks and choice of clothing, as soon as she joined Aurora High School she became one of the most popular girls in school and is friends with the other popular girls and boys at Aurora High School. Stacy is one of the more flirtatious pupils at school and often unintentionally leads on a lot of the boys in school. This flirtatious personality is once again a creation of her sister that came about after years of seeing Amy flirting with boys who she brought back to their house. Flirting with boys is one of the major contributions on how people view her in school. However, she doesn't give herself up easily or sleep around; if someone wants to get into a sexual relationship they have to gain her respect. Stacy usually ends up dating good looking boys and because of this, most of her relationships don’t end well. This is because she picks looks over personality so as a result of this, a lot of the boys she ends up with tend to be jerks.

As a result of the clothes she wears and because of her flirtatious personality, a lot of the other pupils at Aurora High School think that she is a slut. Whenever she hears people calling her a slut, Stacy gets deeply upset and offended, as the people who call her this don’t know what she is really like. Stacy is actually a very kind and cheerful person, and would never dream of being intentionally hurtful or horrible to someone. People usually don’t know this side of her because they look at the people who she is friends with and automatically assume she is like them. Stacy knows that it is because of her dress choice and flirtations personality that people call her a slut, but she is not willing to change who she is just to impress people who don’t like her. Stacy is also a very sociable person and loves to go out with her friends to parties. Additionally, she has little confidence when it comes to standing up to someone and could in fact be seen as a bit of a coward. This is the one thing that her sister has and Stacy is jealous of, as her sister can easily stand up to people without batting an eyelid. As hard as she tries to be like Amy in this area of her personality, Stacy can never seem to gather up enough courage to stand up to someone.

Stacy never used to do too well in school, on average getting D’s and C’s with the occasional B. This is because she often used to talk during class and didn’t complete work set for her. Furthermore, due to not completing work in class and frequent talking she used to regularly get detentions. Consequently, the teachers at Aurora High School occasionally had to ring up Stacy’s parents to complain about her behaviour at school. This leads to more arguments between Stacy and her parents about why she does so badly at school. However, as a result of being threatened to be kicked off the cheerleading squad because of her low grades, Stacy decided to up her game at school. Stacy and her parents decided to get her a tutor in order to help her get higher grades in school. She now gets mostly B’s with occasional C. Stacy has a love/hate relationship with school. She loves the fact that she gets to hang out with her friends and goof off with them, but she hates going to classes because she finds them so boring. As soon as she joined Aurora High School Stacy joined the schools cheerleading team, which she greatly enjoys; as a result, her favourite class at school is gym. This is because she likes doing the physical activities in gym and greatly prefers it to just sitting at a table and working out equations. In particular she enjoys running. She found her passion for running when she first started doing gym at Aurora High school. Now, along with her cheerleading, she uses it as a regular use of exercise and goes running for twenty minutes every day after school.

Advantages: As Stacy is a cheerleader, she is very agile and physically fit. She could also use her good looks and flirtatious personality to get boys to protect her. Stacy may also find it easy making allies because of her kind and cheerful personality.
Disadvantages: Although Stacy is a kind person, not many people outside of her friendship group know this. Because of this, people may only see her as a stereotypical popular slut and could attack her on sight. As Stacy is a bit of a coward this could come at a disadvantage to her when she is faced against another people who are willing to kill her.

Designated Number: Female student No. 020


Designated Weapon: Bryan Calvert's SPAS-12
Conclusion: I don't see that gun living up to its legacy. Cheerleaders don't have a very good track record. I think the only way she'll make anything of herself is to ditch that nice attitude and take after Calvert's archenemy, and even then I doubt she'll make it halfway. - Christina Stockton