Here are the profiles for all the students who participated in V4, from those who died on the first day to those who fell at the final hurdle to those who were rescued to the one who won. Included in each profile is a link to the character's death post.

G020 - Broughten, Jacquard "Jackie"[/DECEASED]

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Name: Jacquard “Jackie” Broughten
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Chess, Logic Puzzles/Games, Mathematics, Reading, the Internet

Appearance: Jackie’s fairly average looking, with shoulder-length brown hair that she typically keeps in a ponytail, brown eyes, slightly larger than average nose and smaller than average mouth. At 5’6, she’s not particularly tall, but tends to walk with a slouch, making her seems shorter then she is. She likes to lift weights and keeps herself relatively fit, although she’s built broadly across the shoulders and hips. She has a bit of acne, mostly around the forehead and chin. Her left leg has a large amount of scarring and pitting from about an inch below her knee to three inches above it from a car accident two years ago, and as a result she won’t wear shorts or dresses that show the scars.

Biography: An only child, Jackie was the daughter of two ‘only children’, and as such doesn’t have almost any extended family. Her parents met at university and married soon after, her father going into criminal law and her mother becoming a biology professor at the nearby university. When Jackie came along, her parents took the same approach to her upbringing as they did to their work – do it by the book, and do it well. They taught her to read early, and made sure she grew up on a steady diet of novels, preferring books to movies or television. When she was six, they introduced logic puzzles, math problems, and other ‘brain teasers’, which she loved and worked on constantly. This, however, backfired on her parents slightly, as at school she would sit alone and read or work on puzzles rather then play with the other children.

When she was in Grade 4, her parents decided that being shy wasn’t just a phase she was going to grow out of, and had her join the school’s junior chess club. She took to this like water, but still refused to socialize. That marked the beginning of a repeating trend – her parents would ask her to join a school club or sports team in hopes it would help her to make friends, she would join said club or team but would remain as aloof as ever, they would try again. By Grade 9, she had been through pretty much every extracurricular activity her school offered, and had stuck with only one; chess club. Instead of going out with friends, she stayed at home, studying math or logic, reading books. When her classmates began to discover boys and her parents hoped that she would as well, she discovered the Internet instead, where she spent much of her time cruising Wikipedia and playing escape games.

In the summer before Grade 10, she was hit by a car while walking home from school, mangling her left leg. Although they were able to save the leg, she lost much of her mobility and has permanent nerve and muscle damage, resulting in an obvious limp. Most days she chooses not to use mobility aids to get around, but will occasionally use a cane or crutches. After the accident she became more withdrawn, and in fact did her Grade 10 school year through Distance Education.

In Grade 11, she returned to Bayview Secondary, but to her parents despair showed almost no interest in making friendships. Eventually, she did rejoin the chess club but continued to be antisocial, keeping her interaction with people to a minimum. Now in Grade 12, she continues to participate in chess club but refuses to socialize with people past that, spending her lunch hours reading or working in the computer lab. She dislikes most people, often making snap judgments about character based on single interactions or one particular aspect of their personality, and has never been in a relationship.

Advantages: Having little interaction with her classmates means that Jackie, who is extremely – and some might say obsessively – practical, would have much less of a problem defending herself. In wanting to survive, she would probably do anything she viewed as necessary – meaning that those actively trying to kill her or those posing a probable threat to her she would try to kill, and those not trying and apparently not a threat would be left alone.
Disadvantages: Physically, although strong in her upper body and arms, Jackie hasn’t got much stamina and her leg means that she’s a slow mover, as well as being more clumsy then most. Emotionally, her practicality could lead to her underestimating possible threats, and the fact that she doesn’t know (or particularly care) about most of her classmates means that alliances would be the last thing on her mind and they would probably have less of a problem taking her out. She also has no formal weapons or self-defense training.

Designated Number: Female student no. 020


Designated Weapon: Hacksaw
Conclusion: G020 should be an interesting force in the game, but with her previous injuries and poor weapon draw, I doubt she'll last too long. Maybe she'll at least be able to work out some interesting ways of dispatching her classmates. I'm sure she'll be able to find something to do with that saw.