G018 - Salinger, Acacia[/DECEASED]

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G018 - Salinger, Acacia[/DECEASED]

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Name: Acacia Salinger
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Tennis, cheerleading, cooking, poetry, photography.

Appearance: Acacia has a typically wholesome look about her. She has a heart shaped face with a dimple that appears in her left cheek when she smiles. Her lips are fairly thin, bow and arrow shaped, and cover straight, white teeth. She has a straight nose and high cheekbones. Her eyes are big and round, though she squints in the sun, and a sea green colour. Above them are fair, well plucked eyebrows. Her hair is naturally blonde, lightened somewhat by artificial highlights, and is straight, though Acacia often puts waves in it herself for a softer look. It just brushes her shoulder blades when she wears it down and doesn't alter it in any way, though it is frequently tied up in a high ponytail when she is undertaking sport of some kind. At the time of kidnap she was wearing it down with a dark red alice band, but with multicoloured hair bobbles adorning her arms.

She sports a scar behind her left ear, from when she fell backwards as a child and cracked her head open on the table behind her in a moment of unusual clumsiness. She has a long thin neck, always adorned with a necklace of some kind. Her body is best described as lean, she stays slim thanks to tennis and cheerleading, her arm muscles are epecially strong due to playing tennis for much of her life. She boasts a flat stomach, which she has no qualms about showing off with skimpy clothes. Her chest is fairly unimpressive, small though well formed.

On the day of the kidnap she was wearing a double layer of long vest tops, the bottom one being orange and the top one dark red in colour and a light blue cardigan. On her bottom half she wore dark blue jeans with brand new nike sneakers, still shockingly white in colour with light blue laces and nike tick. Additionally she was wearing a watch with a black canvas strap (her "sports watch"), and a gold dog tag necklace.

Biography: Her parents are Lewis and Katie Salinger, a still happily married couple. Lewis is the Deputy Chief of Police for Ramsey County, Minnesota, and Katie is a stay at home mom, though she makes some income writing articles for various magazines and selling homemade greeting cards. Acacia was their second and last child, arriving four years after her brother David. Having long since graduated high school, David is a private in the US Army, currently posted in Iraq on a 6 month tour of duty, leaving his desperately worried family behind, trying to carry on as normal.

When Acacia was born, the family lived in upstate Indiana, the homeplace of both her parents, in the town where Katie had been born. There they has a comfortable family life, in a big house in the suburbs. When she was just over a year old, concerned by their daughter's excessive thirst, they took her to the doctors, where she was quickly diagnosed with type one diabetes. There was a sudden adjustment that had to be made to their life, scheduling hospital appointments around trying to settle David in at elementary school didn't come easy, but they muddled through together. Life appeared to be going okay. At age four she went along to the kiddies tennis club, along with a few of her friends from kindergarten and their mommies, and she stayed there until she left Indiana. Acacia was given a cheap camera for her sixth birthday, about the time when she insisted that it was her life's destiny to be a wildlife photographer, and classing her family as wildlife, she went about documenting the lives of those around her with alarming honesty and innocence.

When Acacia was eight, and David twelve, Katie's sister, Julia, suffered a massive traffic accident, and was rendered pretty much incapable of looking after herself. For a time the family moved to Long Island so that they could be with her in her dying days.

These dying days ended up lasting for a period of five years, during which time the family rented out their home in Indiana whilst living in the townhouse that Julia had bought with her husband (who was killed in the same car accident) with Julia, who was entirely dependent on her sister and ever-patient husband to care for her. Acacia liked living on Long Island, their tow had excellent sporting facilities, and it was there that she really began to develop her love of tennis, there was a club just a short walk from Julia's house and during her first summer there she signed up for an advanced course and the rest was history. At around the same time she took up a pre-teen cheerleading club in middle school for a short while. Her aunt, wheelchair bound, taught Acacia the rudimentaries of cooking, and the two would bake cakes together on random afternoon when both of them were bored. Additionally, with the new scents that Long Island brought, and the beauty of living so close to the water, Acacia's wildlife photography developed into scenic, and there are albums full of empty beaches and stormy grey skies.

Five years later Julia passed away peacefully in her sleep, and Acacia found her the next morning when she took in a cup of tea that had been prepared by her mother in the basement kitchen. It turned out that there had been a slowly manifesting brain hemorrhage, which had never been picked up due to Julia refusing to have a scan in the years since the accident. Following her aunts death and subsequent funeral, the family packed up and moved again, Lewis applied for a transfer, randomly to the first place that was available, and that place was St Paul.

By this time, David was sick of moving around all the time (though it was only twice), and signed up to join the army when he graduated from high school just to spite their Mom, who had become increasingly overprotective since the death of Julia. Acacia settled into the new town fairly well, she relished the chance to start afresh, picking up tennis and cheerleading again. In her first couple of days of school in St Paul, she set herself up in a totally bizzarre way. She seemed to conform herself to the dumb blonde stereotype that she'd spent all her life trying to avoid, and somehow, she felt safe hiding behind that disguise. In St Paul she was just a moderately wealthy blonde cheerleader, who also happened to partake in tennis and gymnastics. Nobody knew about the cooking lessons with her now dead Auntie Julia, nobody knew about the high spec camera that nestled in her wardrobe, nobody even knew about the strange little one verse poems that she would sometimes partake to writing (usually in the form of a diary, describing her state of being at that time), nobody knew about Auntie Julia and her death and David could almost not exist.

Though sometimes Acacia wishes that she could display her true self, she is too afraid to let her true personality shine though, and for the time being, at least, is stuck the the precedent that she has set being the bimbo that she never wanted to be. She tends to find herself becoming withdrawn, though her affable nature and pleasant appearance ensured her fairly quick popularity on entering high school, she is generally nice to everyone, including those that others might look down upon. In the last couple of years she has become increasingly open about her history, most of her friends now know about their having moved around because of Aunt Julia, her liking of photography and skill in baking cakes. Acacia doesn't like keeping things from her peers, but if they don't ask generally she won't tell. Additionally, the mini poems are for her eyes only.

She is slightly spoilt, however; her parents buying her good nature with gifts as a child, and tends to expect everyone to treat her with the respect that she feels she deserves. Even at seventeen she is boisterous in her nature, happy to bounce around and physically move someone if they're in her way. When she bottles up her emotions, which she tends to do quite often, Acacia can get irritable, emotional (bursting into tears at the slightest provocation) and vengeful, a characteristic she never had when her life was carefree. Though she loves living in St Paul and the freedom that living in a town brings, Acacia has all her life yearned for the city and having always lived in the suburbs of towns that looked somewhat the same, she is bored, she needs change. Additionally, Acacia tends to form emotional attachments to people without due care about their wellbeing, she is like a limpet, and will cling to people she likes for as long as she can before letting go.

Advantages: She is pretty agile, and a fast runner from playing tennis (though she can only run in short bursts). Additionally, she is personable such that she can form allegiances quickly, and cute enough that someone might think twice before killing her. Her muscles are strong from tennis and playing sports. She's dealt with death before, which might be advantageous in some way. A good cook, she might be able to rustle something up with the limited resources. Additionally, as pretty much all the students at Bayview think she's just a bimbo, they might not be expecting anything from her.
Disadvantages: She is intensely trusting of people and this could lead to her downfall if she trusts the wrong person. Acacia tends to put too much trust in her other people, and probably thinks she's stronger than she is, overestimating herself. She has pretty strong morals, and killing someone might be a little out of her reach. She's never been camping or actually slept outside, her outdoor experiences are always for a short while and subceded by a nice shower, she doesn't like getting her hands dirty. She's diabetic, if she loses her insulin she's at great risk of going into a ketoacidotic coma, and especially with the lack of regular habits on island, it'll be difficult for her to control her sugar levels.

Designated Number: Female Student no. 18


Designated Weapon: FN Barracuda (.357) [x6 rounds]
Conclusion: G18 is either going to be quite interesting or quite boring. Let me further elaborate: She's either going to use that gun as it's meant to be used or fall into a diabetic coma and waste away until her death. I can see this going either way, but I do hope for a little gun-action, as do all viewers.


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