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Name: Jaquilyn Locke
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High
Hobbies and Interests: Cheerleading, karate, acting, stunts

Appearance: Jaquilyn is 5'6", and 125 lbs. Her thin face and high cheekbones are framed with black, permed hair that falls just below her shoulders. She is part Egyptian, and has a tan, smooth skin tone. Combined with her sharp, hazel eyes, she looks like an amazon. She is slim and tall, with long shapely legs. Her torso is moderately muscled, but she is slender nonetheless. She carries herself high and proud. Jaquilyn likes hoop earrings, eyeliner and mascara. She highlights her Egyptian features with cat eyes. She has a small nose, and full red lips.

Jaquilyn likes to wear V-neck shirts with long sleeves over short shorts or mini skirts. Her aim is classy, but seductive. Her favorite color is orange, and she prefers dark, bold colors. Her bottoms are usually white, black, or denim. Underneath, she wears tennis shoes or short boots, depending on what fits her outfit best.

Biography: Jaquilyn grew up in a privileged setting. Her father is a legal consultant, and her mother is an ex-supermodel. Her parents often host big parties and barbecues, and she was very friendly with all of the neighbor children. Don, her older brother, would invent games for them all to play, most of which had no winners or losers, but kept the kids active and entertained.

Jaquilyn's father, Harvey, originally wanted to write fiction about law enforcement. He was fascinated by the law, and had a knack for writing. When he went to college, he double majored in law administration and English. When Mr. Locke was told by publishers there was a lack of interest in his sub-genre, he decided to go into politics. He joined city council in 2003, and lost the 2009 mayoral election. Never the type to give up, he decided to campaign even harder next election.

Jaquilyn drifted from her father when he ran for mayor. Her father started acting aggressively friendly. She hated seeing him like this, and resolved she'd never pretend to be what she's not, and act just as she felt. Her stunningly beautiful mother also became a social climber. Ms. Locke never minded being shown off, and she always loved taking any opportunity to talk her husband up. Rebelling from her parents, Jaquilyn would always speak her mind. She'd call her peers out if they are lying or trying too hard to impress people. She'd raise her eyebrows if a girl was wearing clothes that don't flatter her figure.

When she was seven, Jaquilyn found her brother playing Dead or Alive, a complex hand-to-hand combat game. She liked the idea of being able to defend herself, and thought martial arts looked amazing. She was disappointed to find Karate lessons wouldn't make her an acrobatic, steel-shattering weapon, but she loved the fatigue and reward of a workout. Rather than using brute strength, Jaquilyn's developed a very swift form. She found she could escape many holds effortlessly, and trip up opponents. Breaking boards was more difficult, but she could when she needed to.

Jaquilyn's mother suggested she take up a more feminine sport, telling her karate might intimidate boys. Jaquilyn saw truth in this, but was too proud to up and quit. She began to cheerlead while simultaneously working up belts. She is currently a brown belt on the verge of going red. Her goal is to go black before she leaves for college. Jaquilyn joined the sport for fun and to support the football team, she never interacted with other cheerleaders much outside of cheer.

Her brother, Don, who's 8 years older than Jaquilyn, was the perfect student. He got outstanding grades, volunteered in the community, and finished his undergraduate early. The two always teased each other, and were always close close. They had no kind of sibling rivalry; both were able to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses. Jaquilyn was proud of her brother for his achievements, and he supported her in all athletic competitions. When he visits, conservative Don would often disagree with the liberal Harvey Locke, and their arguments left Jaquilyn resenting politics even more. She adopted a philosophy that people would be better off without a government telling people how to live.

Bianca Howard grew up with Jaquilyn, making her the only person outside of Jaquilyn's family who could get away with calling her Jaqui. Their moms were best friends since high school, so Bianca and Jaquilyn were practically sisters. Because Jaquilyn grew to hate the passive-aggressive behaviors of many high school girls, Bianca was the only girl Jaquilyn wasn't prejudice against. Jaquilyn's other close friends would learn just to call her Jaq.

When unsure what she wanted to do with her life, Don suggested she become a stunt double. He pointed out that she was both fit and pretty enough to double for an actress. Jaquilyn thought about this, and concluded she would love the excitement and minor glamour that would come with it.

Throughout high school, Jaquilyn earned a reputation as a superstar flirt. With a stunning, half Egyptian ex-model for a mother, Jaquilyn has always desired to be beautiful. All of the friends Jaquilyn has over always commented on her mother’s beauty. For this reason, she became quite jealous of her mother. Jaquilyn did not develop the dramatic curves her mother has, but still grew into a very beautiful young woman.

In middle school, Jaquilyn noticed boys starting to give her attention, and she liked it. She wouldn't hesitate to strike up a conversation with the nearest boy, cute or not. Because she relentlessly paraded herself around since freshman year, rumors about her promiscuity took form. She would merely laugh at such suggestions, never confirming or denying them. Because she was an attractive cheerleader, the guys she'd allegedly had sex with would rarely deny the rumors.

Jaquilyn's favorite class was always gym. She preferred classes about physical things like science, health, and anatomy rather than math and history. In gym she would get to show off her athletic ability and hang with the guys. She befriended friends most of the jocks who go all out in gym, and would call them out if she catches them going easy on her.

Advantages: Jaquilyn is fit, agile, trained in hand-to-hand combat, and friends with many of Aurora's male athletes.
Disadvantages: Because Jaquilyn has no filter, she has offended some people. Anyone she doesn't like knows she doesn't like them. She'll definitely have some enemies on the island.

Designated Number: Female student No. 017


Designated Weapon: 56 oz. Bag of Skittles
Conclusion: Sadly guns > kung fu. At least she gets to taste the rainbow before she dies. - Matt Richards - Dude, you know what that's slang for, right? ...urban dictionary it.


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