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Name: Megan Emerson
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: Senior
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies & Interests: Reading, Piano, and Video Games

Appearance: Standing at 5'7'' and weighing in at approximately 139 lbs., Megan's figure does not radically stand out among her peers. Her plain brown hair runs down the back of her head and extends over her shoulders about an inch or two. She has a somewhat big forehead she tries to hide with her bangs. Her small eyes have a blue-green iris, and they are accented by her slim, dark brown eyebrows. Her nose is small with a slight turn upward. Her lips are small but somewhat full. She lacks conspicuous muscle tone due to being involved in non-physical activities. Her English ancestry is shown through her white skin with a slightly pink hue.

In terms of fashion, Megan is not very concerned about her plain style of dress. It is an ordinary sight to see her in a dark green hoodie, a pair of blue jeans, and tennis shoes, usually gotten from thift shops and the like. Megan almost always wears a sky blue, crochet knit cap her mother gave her on her 15th birthday.

On the day of the trip, she deviated slightly in her usual style by wearing a black hoodie a graphic of music notes on a staff, with a dark green tank top obscured underneath the hoodie. Besides from that one quirk, she wears her standard blue jeans and a pair of light green sneakers, all topped off with Megan's blue knit cap.

Biography: Megan was born on September 16th, 1994 in Erin, Tennessee, to Rebecca and Lucas Emerson, a 7th grade English teacher and a nurse, respectively. She is the middle child of her family, arriving after her sister Emma by two years but preceding her brother Daniel by about one year.

Megan had a healthy family life, for the most part. Her mother taught her how to read at an early age, and by the time she entered Kindergarten, she was already at a 1st grade reading level. As such, she developed a close bond to the English language, sneaking away to try reading various books from her mother's personal library and eventually built up a modest collection of her own.

However, Megan was rarely able to spend time with her father. Being a nurse who worked night shifts at a hospital about an hour away, he was always either at work or asleep. The only thing he did for recreation was deer hunting, where he would go on the occasional days he had off. One day when Megan was 10, she asked her dad to take her hunting with him. He stuck to his word, and brought her with him one Saturday in mid-November. Her first time out was rather rough, as she barely had control over a hunting rifle and her only kills were four trees and a few blades of grass. However, she enjoyed it as it was one of the only times their schedules would align together. Since that day, Megan's dad took her with him every time he could.

Megan shared a strong bond with her brother, Daniel. As children, they always played together and were inseparable. She saw him as her one true "best" friend, as he always found a way to cheer Megan up when she feels down.

As for her sister, Emma, Megan had an interesting relationship with her. Emma had always been a bossy person who got her way with anything. As such, she sometimes bullied her siblings, more so with Megan than Daniel due to their closeness in age. However, Emma would help Megan out with anything troubling her, especially when it came to her schoolwork as Megan was always terrible in arithmetic. Even though Emma was rather punishing at times, she still cared for her sister and would do anything to help.

When she was about 5, Megan's uncle gave her family a Super Nintendo, which led her and her brother into the world of video games. They would play Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country together for hours on end, and they both fell in love with gaming. Through both of their efforts, they had amassed a hoard of about 400 games, of which they both love each and every one.

Megan discovered her passion for playing piano at an early age. When she was around 7, her grandfather (a piano teacher) started to give Megan several lessons, teaching her basic playing skills (e.g. posture, reading music, basic songs and scales) every once in a while. She was able to fully get into piano playing when she was 11, when her grandfather surprised her with an old Casio keyboard she has kept to this very day. She had even tried her hand at writing a few tunes herself, but because of her shyness and avoidance of any attention brought on her, she kept her compositions to herself.

When Megan was 14, her father was notified of a higher paying job opportunity up in Seattle, so after some careful deliberating and some preparations, the family moved cross-country Megan felt very sad about having to say goodbye to her friends in Tennessee, but she was also very excited to live in a big city like Seattle. She felt conflicting emotions about this move, but she saw how Daniel stayed optimistic even though no one knew what living in Seattle would be like. As such, she adopted her brother's hopeful outlook and accepted her fate. Megan eventually grew to enjoy Seattle; the one thing she hates is how it rains so much that she can't go read outside as often as she would like to.

In her school life, Megan averaged herself out to be a B student. Due to her advantage of learning how to read at an early age and her mother's book collection, she was already familiar with a majority of the required reading material. Upon moving, she immediately signed up for Aurora High's school band as one of the piano players, which she holds proudly in her heart both from her love of the piano and from recognizing herself as an important contributor to a group. However, her math skills were very below proficient, and only through the intervention of her sister's tutoring sessions, she managed to scrap by the required classes with D+'s all around the board.

Megan is a passive, quiet person. She only hangs out with people she has known well enough, and she seldom speaks her mind without a prompt from someone else. As such, she avoids large social gatherings with strangers, both as a fear of standing out and from past experiences of being put on the spot by her extroverted friends.

However, she has come to embrace her Type-B personality. She manages tasks with a relatively low stress level, and as such, does not easily give up or get frustrated. She keeps going on whatever she is currently doing until she gets it done. She tends to be the listening ear to stressed out friends, so she ends up hearing what's going on with everyone (which she secretly loves). The only time her quietness works against Megan is when enough stress builds up and she explodes in rage.

For life after high school, Megan is undecided between continuing her education in music or English. As such, she has applied and has been accepted into relatively good schools, both of which have respectable music and English programs.

Advantages: Megan's background with hunting (while being somewhat rusty) gives her a slight advantage over the normal high student in terms of experience with hunting rifles. Her calm attitude and composure helps keep her mind in check.
Disadvantages: Because of her lack of regular physical exercise, Megan is not a fast runner or a physically strong person. Due to her shyness, she does not have a significant relationship with most of her classmates. If enough stress does accumulate, she shuts down and stops thinking.

Designated Number: Female student No. 014


Designated Weapon: 8 oz Bottle of Fake Blood
Conclusion: Well hey, it's not all bad G014, you could use it to fake being dead. Y'know, before you become actually dead, cause only a moron falls for that type of thing. - Josh Baines - I guess we know not to trust you if you say she's died then, Baines


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