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Name: Penelope Fitzgerald
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Grade: 11
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Video games (both playing and developing), drawing, roleplaying, fashion, robotics

Appearance: Penelope is slightly shorter than average (5'4") and is of a normal weight (124 pounds). Penelope has a fairly average build with no outstanding physical features. She is light skinned. Her hair is shoulder length and straight, typically seen in a scene cut. Her hair is naturally blonde, but it is dyed black with red highlights per her fashion choices. Her face is full and round with a small nose and thin eyebrows. She has visible dimples when she smiles. Her ears, lower lip, and belly button are pierced, with small turtle shaped earrings, spider bites ring piercings on the left side of her lower lip, and a bead belly button piercing. She has relaxed, calm posture most of the time. Her eyes are bright green, and she typically wears eye shadow to emphasize them. Her nails are normally painted black or green.

Penelope is typically found wearing dark, form fitting t-shirts or tank tops. She usually pairs these with similarly dark colored skirts and leggings or skinny jeans, and is usually found wearing a pair of brown heeled boots regardless of outfit. She occasionally wears arm warmers to go with short sleeved t-shirts, usually for fashion rather than function. On the day of the abduction, she was wearing a black short sleeved t-shirt, dark grey arm warmers, black leggings, a black ruffled skirt, and her normal pair of brown heeled boots.

Biography: Penelope is the oldest child of three, born to Daniel Fitzgerald and Emily Fitzgerald in Kingman, Arizona. Two years later her two siblings, twins Alice and Annie, were born. Daniel works as an elementary school teacher and Emily works as a radiologist at the local hospital. Penelope generally gets along well with her entire family. She has a great deal of respect for both her mother and her father, and appreciates all the time she spends with them. As for her sisters, when she was younger she got slightly jealous at the attention that they would get over her, but she soon grew out of it, and has since acted as a mentor figure to the both of them throughout their lives. Due to her parents both working, when Penelope was younger her and her sisters were kept in daycare while their parents were away at their jobs.

In her early life outside of daycare, Penelope spent a lot of her time playing on her father's old NES and SNES game systems. Her initial interest was sparked when her father managed to find his old systems and games and gave them to her as a gift when she was four. She enjoyed playing video games simply because they were fun; she liked using them to pass the time and enjoyed being challenged in an environment where failure held no real consequences. She played games like The Legend of Zelda, Super Metroid, Street Fighter, and over time she became very good at playing them through repetition over long stretches of time. Eventually, she got her own newer systems with newer games, and eventually branched out into PC gaming, where she fell in love with roguelike games due to their difficulty and the skill required to beat them. Over the years she participated in competitive gaming in tourneys on occasion, namely with fighting games such as Street Fighter and Guilty Gear, due to wanting to show off her skill and mechanical prowess at the finely tuned and well designed games. She usually ended up placing moderately high in the tournaments, but never quite at the top. Once in high school, she started becoming interested in creating games of her own. She started learning various coding languages and basic modding work, with most of her creations not seeing the light of day outside of her core group of friends. She hopes one day to be able to make a good, balanced fighting game or a challenging but fair roguelike similar to the games she plays.

Once Penelope entered elementary school, she started out by being very shy until directly approached, at which point she opened up to being very energetic and fun loving. Soon she gained a reputation as such, and became rather well liked by the rest of her classmates, even if she never became particularly close to most of them. It was also during elementary school that Penelope showed that she was very smart through scoring exceptional marks on the standardized tests, but never made a big deal out of it for fear of getting bullied like the other gifted students in her class. Even so, her smarts allowed her to easily ace all of the work that was put in front of her.

In Penelope's later elementary school years, after being inspired by her school's art class, she began drawing regularly as a hobby. Her initial drawings weren't very high quality, but her parents encouraged her habit and she improved slowly over time, usually with the help of her art teacher or various books. By high school her drawings were of relatively good quality and workmanship, and she often would be found drawing fanart of whatever video game or webcomic she was obsessed about at that present moment, and posting it online on her tumblr blog.

Shortly after Penelope entered middle school, she soon found for the first time a real interest in fashion and the art of aesthetics after she felt a bit awkward about her own looks compared to the other girls and wanted to improve. She tried all sorts of different styles of outfits, having a lot of fun in creating them and seeing what looked good and what didn't, and enjoying how clothing can significantly change how one looks and how one is presented. Every outfit had its own personality to her, and eventually she began resonating with the personality of the emo/scene style after seeing some of the scenester girls at her middle school and trying out some of the style herself. Her parents supported her expressing herself, within reason, and she soon had dyed, styled her hair, and dressed in scenester clothing the majority of the time. Even after settling on a style, she still had a penchant for remaining in good looking outfits no matter what she wore, and eventually grew out of her scene phase, even if she did keep the hairstyle and the piercings that she got in early high school. To the modern day she still makes an effort to be fashionable and make sure that no matter what outfit she's wearing, it looks good and she looks good in it.

Penelope has a severe case of hemophobia. While the hemophobia did not have a specific event that started it, Penelope had always been at the very least uncomfortable when exposed to blood and bleeding, especially her own. This fear is usually triggered by the actual bleeding or blood leaving the body, usually not the blood just by itself, and the fear is never triggered by fake blood in movies and video games. The fear is enough to make her faint or become nauseous, and she usually has to take measures to keep herself calm with breathing exercises, stopping or covering the bleeding as soon as possible, and keeping her eyes away from any sort of blood or bleeding, such as when she got her piercings in early high school or had to get blood taken in the hospital.

In high school, Penelope soon found two new major interests; roleplaying and robotics. After her discovery of the thriving online roleplaying community, Penelope was soon enthralled and began participating in not only play by post roleplays but also IRC roleplay, usually pertaining to roleplay based in real life or in fantasy settings. She enjoyed the chance to think about how others with different life experiences thought and consider scenarios that she would never directly experience herself in significantly more detail than she would get in her gaming hobby. Her interest in robotics bloomed not long after she began reading the works of Isaac Asimov and was overwhelmed with how cool the idea of humans potentially creating sentient artificial intelligence was to her. She soon found the robotics club in Cochise, and while they didn't end up creating any true artificial intelligence, she still had a lot of fun learning about robotics and building robots with the rest of the club.

Penelope is known by her peers for being a very relaxed, kind, and fun loving person. She's extremely slow to anger and always tries to look at the bright side of things, lending to her getting along well with the majority of people she meets, even if she only has a handful of people that she would call her friends. Penelope has an issue with being impulsive, acting without thinking deeply frequently, resulting in her getting in trouble on several occasions. Penelope is an idealist and truly believes in the good in the world and those around her, and always sees ways that things could get better as long as everyone works together towards a common goal. Incidentally, Penelope is very empathetic towards other living creatures of any variety, thinking all life deserves to live just as much as any other life, and is a vegetarian and devout pacifist because of it. She considers killing or hurting other living beings to be absolutely unthinkable, and would sooner let herself come to harm than hurt others.

Penelope does well in school. She rarely ends up truly challenging herself due to being a chronic procrastinator, taking mostly general courses outside of the sciences which she is passionate about, and focusing on her creative endeavors rather than school. She manages easy A's in all of her classes because of her intellect, despite her procrastination. Penelope is currently considering Arizona State University for her post-high school education, and is considering becoming a video game designer as a future career.

Advantages: Penelope is smart and clever, which would presumably allow her to think herself out of bad situations in a pinch. Penelope is an idealist and optimist, which could keep her from being overcome by despair come island time. Penelope is likeable, relaxed, and kind, which could help her make and keep allies. Additionally, Penelope's ability to stay calm and relaxed no matter the circumstances should help her keep her head come island time.
Disadvantages: Penelope has a severe and completely irrational case of hemophobia that developed suddenly when she was young, and could easily faint at the sight of her own blood and the blood of others. Penelope is a pacifist, and would be unlikely to ever try to hurt or kill others, and at the very least would likely make her hesitate at critical moments. Penelope is also impulsive, which may lead to poor decision making in stressful situations that she might wind up in.

Designated Number: Female student No. 013


Designated Weapon: Book for ‘Learning Spanish in 30 Days’
Conclusion: No veo cómo hemofobia será bueno y con ella el pacifismo? Atornillado. (At least that's what the book thinks)- Josie Knight

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