G009 - Dyer, Sandra[/DECEASED]

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G009 - Dyer, Sandra[/DECEASED]

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Name: Sandra Dyer
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Softball, track and field, tennis, skateboarding, playing the guitar, stand-up comedy.

Appearance: Sandra stands at 5'7" and weighs 142 lbs. She has a well-toned body from a near lifetime of participating in sports. Her olive skin goes with her brown eyes and hair. Her hair reaches down to her neck, though she pulls some of it on the sides into twin tails. She has an oval face with a short, narrow nose and full lips. She has a scar that starts just below her left eye and travels down to just beside her nose, from when a guitar string snapped and hit her in the face.

Sandra likes to dress casually, preferring to wear t-shirts and hoodies with jeans or skirts. She prefers a mix of colors for her clothes, but almost always employs orange somewhere in her outfit. She wears a white scarf almost every day, only ditching it in the most sweltering summer days. On the day of the abduction, Sandra was wearing a white shoulderless shirt over a black tank top, a thin orange hoodie, a denim skirt, black running shoes, and her scarf.

Biography: Sandra was born on January 19th, 1997, the first child of Scott and Wendy Dyer. Scott works in the postal service, and Wendy is an article writer for an online magazine. The two met in college during a group project, and they found that they shared similar interests. Eventually they fell in love, got married, and four years later, Sandra was born. Sandra has two younger brothers, Eric and Michael, who are one year and seven years younger, respectively. Sandra acts like a typical big sister to her brothers; she engages in friendly teasing, but is willing to lend a hand to them whenever they need it. Sandra is also in a loving relationship with her parents, and she feels grateful to them for who she is today.

Since she was an infant, Sandra was an energetic girl, always running around the house and constantly moving around. Her parents had tried to keep her out of trouble as best as they could, by engaging her in as many tiring activities as possible. Although this worked for a while, as more members of the Dyer family came into being, her parents had less and less time to spend with her on these activities and Sandra was running around the house again. To remedy this, Scott and Wendy asked Sandra's cousin, Megan, to come help babysit the young girl. Megan had taken a year off from university, and so had the time to look after Sandra. Megan turned out to be the best babysitter for Sandra. Megan had started out with a similar disposition as Sandra, and she had channeled her own energy into sports. It was Megan that got Sandra interested in sports, and she was also the one who suggested to Sandra's parents that she take up extracurricular sports. Megan managed to match Sandra's energy, and even when Megan's study period started again, she managed to find a bit of time during the week to visit.

In elementary school, Sandra's boundless energy translated to a want to meet as many people as she could. This made her fairly popular with the more outgoing crowd, but more introverted people tended to be annoyed by her. She had trouble understanding that some people just wanted to be left alone, a habit that would take year a few years to break. For the most part, though, she was fairly popular with her fellow classmates. And of course, at Megan's suggestion, Scott and Wendy enrolled Sandra in extracurricular sports. They started her off with softball, which she loved almost instantly; it was a good way to expend her energy, and she loved the challenge of becoming skilled enough to be good at the sport. With her outgoing personality, she made friends with many of the softball team members.

Although Sandra enjoyed softball, around the time she entered middle school, she felt that it wasn't enough. She asked her parents for more sports to participate in, and they allowed her the freedom to choose the ones she wanted to. Throughout her middle school period, she tried out many different sports. She took to some of them better than others, and by the end of middle school, she had settled on two other extracurricular activities to participate in regularly in addition to softball: track and field, and tennis. Track and field, especially, ignited something inside Sandra: a fierce competitive spirit. She felt a rush of excitement and satisfaction in besting her own times and those of her fellow teammates. As for tennis, Sandra enjoyed testing her skills against other people in a one on one match. She prefers singles matches to doubles matches for this reason.

In the seventh grade, one of Sandra's friends invited her over his house. While there, he brought out a skateboard. While he wasn't great at skateboarding, he was able to perform a few basic tricks, and it impressed Sandra enough to try it riding the skateboard herself. When she returned home, a few scrapes richer, she asked her parents to buy her a skateboard of her own. She began to spend her weekends at the local skate park, slowly increasing her skills on the board. She loves the energy involved, and enjoys the adrenaline rush she feels when she successfully executes a trick. She likes all styles of skateboarding, but prefers vert skateboarding above the others.

Shortly after Sandra entered high school, Sandra picked up an interest in the guitar. It started when one of her track friends from middle school invited her to hang out with a few friends at a small rock concert. As Sandra watched the musicians on stage, she was particularly entranced by the lead guitarist's energy and passion while he was playing the guitar. After the concert, Sandra gushed about how cool playing the guitar was, and after a bit of playful prodding by her friend, she decided to start learning the guitar. She started out with rental guitars, but her parents eventually bought her her own guitar a year later. She started out by learning famous rock songs, but eventually she broadened her horizons and started playing anything she liked the sound of. She doesn't take formal lessons, instead opting to learn over the Internet or through friends.

At first, Sandra was clumsy in handling the instrument. On one occasion, while tightening a string on the rental guitar, she got distracted and the string snapped. It left a cut on her face, deep enough to draw blood. The cut wasn't very long, though, and a quick trip to the hospital prevented any further damage. The doctor told Sandra the she was lucky; if the cut had been any higher, she could have lost vision in her left eye. Thankfully, the rental guitar had not been damaged. Undeterred by this incident, Sandra continued to practice the guitar, though she became much more careful about handling it.

At around the same time, Sandra began to watch stand-up comedy videos on YouTube. She had been watching some amateur sketch videos her friends had linked to her, and she noticed a stand-up comedy video in the related videos. She loved the energy of the comedian in the video, and had laughed harder than she had ever remembered laughing before. Before long, she was hooked on stand-up comedy. She loved that stand-up comedians can interact with the audience and make them laugh; she aspired to be the type of person who could do that for her friends. She particularly enjoys comedians that use storytelling comedy and build up a rapport with an audience.

Academically, Sandra is an average student. She gets mainly B's and C's, with the very rare A showing up on her report card. Although Sandra isn't the type to fool around during class, she doesn't spend much effort to excel academically. Barring the occasional missed assignment, she puts in sufficient effort into her studies, but never more than she deems necessary. She tends to leave assignments until at least halfway through the assignment period. She prefers subjects with explicit right or wrong answers; she feels that subjects with subjective answers and justifications require more effort to do well in. For this reason, Sandra favors subjects like math and science over ones like English. Sandra isn't quite sure what she wants to study after high school, but she is hoping to get accepted for an athletic scholarship for softball or tennis. She's not particularly bothered about where she goes, so she's willing to take whatever offers she gets.

Sandra is friendly and outgoing, and tries to make as many social connections as possible. Although this may irritate some, most people are on good terms with her. Around her friends, she's energetic and carefree, but around lesser acquaintances and strangers she adopts a more laid-back attitude. She believes that unnecessary stress is harmful to her health, and so tries to avoid worrying about and fretting over things. If she accumulates any stress, a bit of physical activity is enough to bring her stress levels down.

Advantages: Sandra's outgoing nature means she has plenty of friends and potential allies. She is very fit due to a lifetime of participating in sports, and therefore will have no trouble in terms of stamina or strength. Her easy-going attitude and ability to relieve stress through physical activity will help her avoid being overwhelmed by the stressful situation of SOTF.
Disadvantages: Sandra's competitive spirit might flare up at the wrong time, clouding her judgment at a crucial moment. Her outgoing nature could cause her to let her guard down around people she knows, which includes a large majority of the student body.

Designated Number: Female student No. 009


Designated Weapon: Pot lid
Conclusion: I am very sorry the random weapon assignment gave you such a poor weapon. Maybe you can use it as an improvised shield? Regardless, friends and fitness help. But make sure to keep your focus and don't let it waver. - Boris Petrikov

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