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March 2nd, 2008, 12:58 am #16

Evan rolled his eyes at Neil's enthusiasm, and followed close behind.

((Continued at Fade Into You))
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"Damn," Ric murmured. "I keep falling behind with stuff... better at least try to keep up..." Ric headed after the others, quite dazed as to what was going on - especially with the announcements booming out overhead.

(Ric continued in Fade Into You)

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It was as if everything hit slow motion when the announcements hit, and the group had formed pretty much without Braden. He felt distanced, out of it, and generally numbed by the amount of dead already piling up.

These were people he might have passed in the halls. Hell, he knew a couple. And they weren't breathing anymore. Who were they kidding? As they wrote away, planning, thinking about what to do, Braden worried that a group this big would have something go wrong, and quickyl. He paid attention haphazardly and didn't even hear the question posed to him.

Next thing he knew they were off, and that's when things sped up, fast-forward. He stumbled and lost sight of them in the marsh.

"Shit..." he murmured, "Where do I go?"

((Continued in Three Panel Soul))
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