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The agonizing pain in her leg was nothing compared to the pain that was experiencing the need to kill the two in the tower as quickly as possible, but it was pushed to the side when she heard the speakers boom on. The voice coming from them was muffled somewhat, but she recognized it as that of the director of the television show, and the mastermind behind her new role in the mix: Danya. He seemed to be making a show of how the first day had been somewhat vigorous for most of the students on the island, and how many were killed. When she heard the names of those who were playing the game(herself included), she was excited beyond comprehension that there was actually some drama mixed in with the competition.

'Oh. This is going to be interesting.'

The man was actually one of Ivye's idols. He was dark and a sadist, like her, and he was out of his mind to be sure. It was enough to make the girl sigh with adoration; however, the real thing that made her sigh was relief. The others had left the room, which meant she was free to exit the dangerzone without worrying about being killed herself. Fighting the urge to scream from the state her leg was in, the vampiress moved her body rapidly to escape the confining space. Gyrating out from under the bed, she attempted to stand up but her leg gave out. Falling to the floor, the ivory skinned femme made her way out of the building in a low crawl, grimacing as she drug the daypack along with her.

'Son of a bitch. I'll slaughter those idiots if I see them again.'

With her cloak on, she thought she would be protected from whatever beams of light the outside brought, but she was horrified to find a burning sensation on her hands as she scrambled out of the doorway and into the foray. Initially she let out a scream, but silenced herself despite the pain. If she could stay calm, she'd be out of the danger momentarily. Her leg was starting to gain some feeling again, so she moved much faster than she had been. Her skin was hurting from the sun, but she just kept her crawl going as she finally made it into the jungle. The announcements had said that the lookout tower and the area surrounding it was a dangerzone, so she knew she had to keep going or risk finding her head splattered to bits like that of Charlie Burchman, her first kill. She just had to keep going, 'cause that was how the game was played.

((Continued in Mending))

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