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November 11th, 2010, 4:52 am #31

Cringe. Stare. Jaw-drop.

Cringe was the main verb that was circulating through Fiona Sparki's mind. She imagined that this was much like a car crash. You couldn't stop staring, it was disgusting to look at, and there wasn't much you could do to help. Just watch with a certain degree of morbid curiosity. And morbid, indeed. Fiona had never seen so much blood! It killed her appetite pretty quickly.

She felt lost. Had she taken a wrong turn? Was this really the Nik that she knew just ten minutes prior? What was going on? She was just supposed to be here, resting. Not confronting anyone or anything. Besides, she had no idea what the conflict had even been about. At her distance, it had been hard to hear much. Was Nik in the wrong? Was that larger dude? No fucking idea. But... Fiona knew Nik. He wouldn't just randomly go up to a guy and start waving around a gun. He was provoked. That was it.

And bang, blood, dead. It happened quickly. The larger guy had become an island in a small sea of blood. Nik seemed upset. His words were lost to her, but he seemed legit upset. Not angry. Not the emotions that a killer feels after killing someone in cold blood. Just.. upset. Fiona was sick of 'hiding.' She wanted to see what the fuck was going on. It was horrible to think that she wanted 'in on the action,' but she wasn't some weak princess. She was Fiona Sparki. She could deal.

But she didn't have to waltz over unannounced. Nik yelled loudly for her to bring his bag. Fiona immediately shot up and looked around for his bag. Not seeing it anywhere (she supposed he had it), she threw her own bag over her shoulder and took off in an almost comical-looking sprint. Heavy-set Fiona running to the fountain with two large duffel bags and an axe. Half-way through her run to Nik, she realized that she'd left behind her food, but.. It didn't matter. Nik was obviously in trouble. She'd get it back later if the ants hadn't completely enjoyed the Buffet De Bread.

Once reaching the fountain, Fiona slowed her running and strutted over to Nik, pushing past any of the others. She let her bag slump onto the ground as she examined the body of Craig. He was clearly dead. She looked over at Nik, down at Craig, and back up at Nik again. "You should put away the first-aid kit. I don't think Craig will be needing it," she said, sounding a bit colder than initially intended. That scared her a bit. She should be shaking or crying or anything.

There were thousands of things that should be making a huge impact on Fiona right now. For example, Craig's dead body. Craig's dead body, made dead by Nik. Nik was her traveling companion. Was Nik someone to watch out for? She glanced over at the guy from the corner of her eye. He didn't seem dangerous. She'd ask him to explain his case later. Now wasn't the time to start being paranoid.

..Oh, right. The body. Fiona let out her breath in a loud sigh and rubbed her forehead gingerly. She felt incapable of producing any words that could potentially help this situation. Nik just killed someone, and by the looks of it, it may have been an accident. Fiona wasn't totally sure of the details. Nik was obviously distraught, just as he was when Steffan killed. "Nik..." Fiona began but stopped herself. Nothing. Nothing came to mind.

Blinking, she looked over at the others. Strangers. Potentially hostile. Who wouldn't after witnessing a friend get killed? Another fight could break out right now and more people could end up dead. Fiona didn't want that. Dead people weren't exactly high on her list of favorite things. Mustering up enough courage as she could and using her loud, projective voice, Fiona stood in front of Nik, brandished her axe, and said, "He's armed, and I'm not half-bad with this thing," she fibbed, flipping the axe over in her hand for emphasis. She looked over at Nik, unsure if she should say anything more, but the words were just begging to come out. Sure, she didn't have half the story, and sure, she could make things potentially worse, but...

"We just wanted to rest. We've had a long day, alright? Everyone has. We were just gunna pass through this damn area, and.. this happened. We don't want anymore trouble, 'kay? We're going to head out, and if any of you try anything funny as we leave, you'll be joining him in the afterlife for doomed teenagers. And it won't be pretty." She held her axe a little higher and looked up at Nik.

What the fuck. Why had she sounded so cruel? Oh, who cares. She had to make a point. She didn't want anyone to try and start anything with her or Nik. No more fighting, no more deaths. She and Nik could live to see another day. Craig couldn't, but that was the name of the game. Fiona didn't want to waste time mourning over some dude that she didn't know. There was still an optimist inside of her that urged her not to think of death and corpses and slaughter. No mourning. She'd mourn later when she ran out of food rations.

Her steely gaze hadn't faltered from the strangers around her.

((Wheeler has been given permission to GM Fiona if need be in his next post.))

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November 11th, 2010, 10:34 am #32

Owen stared in shock. His best friend had just died. He'd just watched Craig die. Suddenly, he didn't care about getting off the island anymore. He couldn't live with leaving his friend behind. He couldn't deal with it anymore.

To be sure, he was stepping out of character. Owen was the rational one. The practical one. The one that didn't act rashly or emotionally.

But this is Craig dammit!

Owen dropped his bags and gripped his bokken. He ran toward Craig, and toward the boy who had killed him.

"Craig! No!" Owen choked back tears of pain and anger. Anger at himself. Anger at Nik. Anger at the people who brought them here. He pointed at Nik and started to shout.

"You killed him! He was my best friend and now he's gone!"

He dropped his bokken and fell to the ground, sobbing. He didn't have the strength to take it out on Nik anymore. He just wanted this nightmare to be over.

"I loved you...I loved you so much Craig...I'm sorry it took me so long to come back...I'm sorry you never got to hear that before you..."

He couldn't finish what he was saying. All he wanted now was to be with Craig again. If he had to die...

I...I can do that...

Owen swallowed hard and picked up his bokken. "Bastards. You're all a bunch of bastard!"

He was shouting at nobody in particular. Maybe it was Nik and the girl. Maybe it was Danya and his crew. Maybe it was everybody who was sitting and watching. It didn't matter anymore anyway. He gripped his weapon tightly, and ran toward certain death, swinging wildly, as though he were a Berserker.

A very small Berserker.
((I'm hoping to get him killed here as well. In case anybody was curious.))

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November 16th, 2010, 5:40 am #33

As David helped him to lift up Trent, Duncan ran off with as much speed as him and David combined could muster. He didn't check to see if the scared girl was following them, but he was sure she was least getting the hell out of th-


A shiver ran up Duncan's spine as he heard the gunshot, and he almost checked himself for gunshot wounds, only to realize that he hadn't felt anything. Looking over at Trent and David, it didn't seem that either of them were shot either. David was looking back at something, though, and Duncan had a pretty good idea what it was.

Don't look don't look don't look don't look

Too late. Duncan looked back long enough to catch a glimpse of the big guy lying on the ground, and then tore his eyes away from the sight. He didn't need to look any longer. He knew what happened.


He begin to run, as fast as he could. He didn't check to see if the scared girl was following. He didn't even check to see if David was helping him carry Trent.

He just ran.

Goddammit...son of a bitch...

{{continued elsewhere}}

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November 18th, 2010, 2:58 pm #34

The fabric of Trent's shirt was pulled from the tight grasp of her fingers. The unconscious body was hoisted up by both David and Duncan, his feet clumsily trailing through the grass as he was pulled away. Haruka swallowed and a dry lump went down her throat, she threw her arms out, trying to gain balance as she climbed to her feet but only succeeded in falling to the ground.

It's all over...Everything! Oh God everything is over!

She rolled onto her side, the soles of her Mary Janes scraping against the ground as she tried to climb back up. She looked down at the bloody body, Craig O'Hoyle, dead and gone. Above the body stood a boy and a girl, Nik and Fiona, Bonnie and Clyde.

"He's armed, and I'm not half-bad with this thing,"

That was all Haruka needed to hear. Fiona had started another string of words, but Haruka's eyes were drawn only to the axe. She...She could take my head off with that thing! Haruka rolled onto her front and pressed her palms against the floor, and with a pump from her arms, she pushed herself into a sprinting position.

Out of the corner of her eye she could see a boy with a wooden sword, against an axe and a gun it would do little to nothing. Her fingers grabbed the straps of her bag and she bit her lip.

Oh God, Craig...I am so sorry for what happened...I couldn't do anything you knew that, but I could have tried, we all could have tried...I don't know whether or not this was an accident or you taking the bullet but I just want you to know, somewhere, someday or somehow, that I'm so sorry for everything...Thank you for accepting me and letting me join your group, and I'm sure the others want to thank you too, but I'm sorry that I may leave them...I don't know what your wishes were but I feel as if I'm going to go against them pretty soon...

Haruka hadn't ran so fast in her entire life. In the distance she could see the three boys and that if she pushed herself she could catch up with them, even if her legs were going to give out soon. She just hoped she'd be able to conserve her stamina until the next encounter with Nik, the death girl or anyone else who wanted to hurt her.

((continued in Out and In))
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November 22nd, 2010, 5:01 am #35

((Any GMing here was approved))

"You killed him! He was my best friend and now he's gone!"

Nik didn't even have time to think. There was Craig Hoyle, alleviating Nik of any and all wrong doing, only to be interrupted by the angry shouts of those around him. Nik back away from Craig as Owen came running over to the boy. Nik looked down at the hands that had brought about the pain and suffering the boy was feeling. He still held the Colt 45 tightly in his right hand, Craig Hoyle's blood smeared across the black rubber grip on the handle.

Fiona approached the scene, responding to Nik's previous call for help. By the time she arrived there was nothing left for her to do. However, instead of remaining quiet, Fiona used this opportune time to choose the wrongest of wrong tones to use in announcing that if anyone else was feeling particularly ballsy, they would end up hurt.

Stupid, stupid girl.

Sure enough, despite the warnings of the festivally plump girl with the axe, and the Swedish hockey player with a gun, Owen rose from Craig's side.

"Bastards. You're all a bunch of bastards!"

Owne charged towards Nik and Fiona wielding the wooden sword, swinging wildly for the fences.

"Get behind me!" Nik shouted as he pushed Fiona backwards.

Nik turned to face Owen, every ounce of his body wanting to just point the gun and hope it stopped the attacker, but this was different. The look in Owen's eyes was fierce and unrelenting. Nik tossed his gun backwards towards Fiona and stepped forward to meet Owen's charge. The bokken whooshed through the air as Nik attempted to catch it before it struck. All Nik managed to do was deflect the blow so that it struck his shoulder. Nik grunted in pain as Owen reared back for a baseball style swing. This time though, Nik was able to grasp an end of the bokken. The two boys began a struggle for control of the weapon, both of them pulling and yanking as hard as they could. It seemed as though Nik's strength was prevailing. He could sense the smaller boy losing his grasp on the weapon, but as Nik pulled backwards, the ground claimed him once more as he felt himself trip. Nik fell square on his already throbbing left shoulder, and what felt like not even a second later, Owen had pounced, following Nik to the ground, driving the bokken long ways across Nik's throat.

Nik thrashed, trying to disengage himself from the position, but Owen had a solid mount and was using every ounce his weight to push the bokken down. Nik was resisting as best he could but the wooden sword was inching closer to his skin. Nik looked around wild-eyed for any means of escape. He never thought he'd be thinking it, but Nik Kronwall was regretting his decision to not make use of his gun. Sweat began to drip down Nik's face as he struggled against the weight of the boy.
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November 23rd, 2010, 3:40 am #36

Fiona didn't dare resist Nik's order of getting behind him. She stared at Owen for a moment like a deer in the headlights and then quickly darted behind Nik, her axe held tightly against her body. Did that little twit seriously believe he could take on the two of them with a wooden sword? Ha! That was just plain dumb. He was clearly asking for it, and Fiona wouldn't have been too surprised if Nik gladly gave Owen what he deserved.

Her face fell slightly. That wasn't fair at all. Owen was just very upset. Fer Christ's sake, his best friend had just been shot and killed right in front of him. That had to hurt.. So Fiona did feel sorry for the boy, but it didn't change a hell of a whole lot. This boy, Owen, was clearly in attack mode. He wasn't pitiful, sobbing Owen. He wasn't mournful and depressed Owen. He was let's-attack-two-armed-people-with-a-piece-of-wood-shaped-like-a-sword Owen. And that just wasn't groovy.

Yet, she didn't want to interfere. She'd already interfered enough with her little death threat. She was supposed to be in hiding, and yet, here she was. She didn't want to mess anything else up. Nik had told her to stay behind him. She would stay back. It was only a matter until Nik was able to wrestle Owen away from him. All would be well. Owen clearly couldn't counter Nik's obvious strength.

Toss. Fiona saw something soaring in her direction and held out her hands to catch it. It was fairly heavy and metallic, and upon closer examination, she realized it was Nik's gun. She looked around in confusion and decided to tuck it into her belt for safe keeping. She'd give it to him later. Having Nik's gun gave her a slightly warm feeling. Not because she could defend herself, but because Nik was surrendering any means of attack that he previously possessed. In other words, there would be no more killing. No more shooting. It was like Nik was taking a silent oath to not kill Owen -- just get the boy off and run away, no blood spilled.

That wooden sword hit Nik in the shoulder. The two struggled over the weapon with a great degree of ferocity. "Please stop!" Fiona shouted, wondering when the brawl would come to an end. "C'mon, knock it out already.." she said, but her words were lost in the ongoing fight between the Killer and the Defender. It sounded horrible to Fiona, but she realized it was true. Owen was only acting out in retaliation over the death of his best friend. Nik had killed him. Fiona didn't know what had happened, to be honest. Who was really at fault? Had Owen played any part in the death of Craig? She had no idea. Should she just run away now and steer clear from Nik? She was seriously considering it. Maybe Nik would shoot her next.

But, then again, he gave her his gun. If someone gave you their gun, then it obviously meant they had a good deal of trust in you. That strengthened Fiona's resolve: Nik trusted her. She would trust him and stay by his side.

Oh, Christ. It wasn't looking good. Nik was on the ground with Owen on top of him, his wooden sword mere inches from his neck. Fiona was quite sure that a wooden sword wouldn't quite cut a head off or anything, but it could surely crush wind-pipes or fatally damage in other ways. Fiona waited a few seconds, thinking that Nik would just effortlessly push Owen off and the fighting would continue. She didn't think this fight would come to a point that seemed so dire on Nik's end. "Please stop!" Fiona screamed a third and final time, but Owen didn't hear it -- maybe he wasn't listening.

She hated this. She hated that Nik's life may very well lie in Fiona's hands. And, as it presently stood, maybe Owen's as well. She didn't want this. She wanted to be the hero, of course (as anyone did), but.. Would she have to be the villain as well? Could you even be both? She groaned quietly to herself and slowly slid Nik's gun from her pants. She couldn't use this. She just couldn't, but.. Nik didn't have much time left. She could feel the small grains of sand drain slowly out of the giant hour glass that filled her mind. Either use the gun or don't, but I have to act fucking fast. Nik doesn't have long. And if Owen manages to kill Nik, he'll go for me next. And then I'll STILL have to kill Owen, and Nik will be dead. Because of me. So either save Nik and kill Owen, or let Nik die and kill Owen later. One death or two. Choose.

Fiona took a deep breath and aimed the gun at Owen. There were tears appearing in her eyes as she did so, her heart hammering wildly at her chest. One.. Two.. Three..

Can't do it. Can't fucking do it.

A shot to the head is so final. So fucking fatal. She could always shoot him in the leg or something, but that might not deter him. He might still have enough fight left in him to kill. But with a bullet-ridden leg? Maybe not. Shut up, Fiona! You have to work fast!

She let the gun fall to the ground and picked up the axe she had laid aside just moments prior. She didn't want to shoot someone. Did that mean she wanted to axe someone? Well, Heaven's no! But maybe.. maybe.. God damn it. Axing someone and shooting someone were equally as bad.

Fuck.. Cheerleaders should not have to deal with this.

Cartwheels or somersaults? Flips or splits? Ra Ra Go Team or D-E-F-E-N-S-E? Fucking gun or fucking axe?

Fiona walked up behind Owen and managed a really small smile. "I'm sorry, Owen, but.. this isn't going to be very cheerleader-like." She raised the axe up high and slam.

Swung it towards his head with as much strength as she possessed.

Fiona just wanted to save Nik. She didn't want to hurt anyone. She didn't want to kill Owen.

But.. it was admittedly exhilarating.

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November 23rd, 2010, 10:41 pm #37

Owen pushed down with all his might, knowing that he wouldn't kill the boy. He just wanted to stay on long enough to convince Fiona that he might. Knowing his time was growing short, he started to whisper just loud enough for Nik to hear him, and nobody else.

"Don't feel bad when your friend saves you. This is the way I wanted it..."

He heard the girl shouting and begging for him to stop, but he couldn't stop now. If he stopped he'd go on living. He didn't want that. He wanted it to stop. Now that Craig was gone, he didn't want to stay on the island. He wanted it to end.

"When I'm gone...lay me next to Craig."

He heard Fiona apologize. She probably meant it on some level. He heard the air being displaced, and knew that if he rolled out of the way at that moment, he could make her kill Nik by accident. In another game, he might do it. He would live, he would continue his story. But Owen was just tired of playing. He wanted to sleep now.

"I forgive you," he murmured and closed his eyes, not sure if she could hear him or not. Not that it mattered. He felt a searing as the blade of the axe cleaved his skull. It burned for a moment, and then it was over. His tiny hands released the bokken, and he fell forward onto Nik as his world faded to black.

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November 25th, 2010, 7:46 am #38

If she'd only used the gun.

He'd seen the situation degenerate. He'd seen the tensions rise, the violence. He didn't think Nik Kromwall was wholly to blame for what had happened, even if he did seem to have been awful quick to use that gun. Maybe, just maybe, David could have stuck around.

But then there was Fiona.

David wasn't close enough to hear her apology, or hear Owen's forgiveness. David was only close enough to see a man charge a killer, and what appeared to be the killer's girl axe the man.

He stared. And stared. And stared.

Blood, brains, ooze. Is that what we look like inside our heads? Humans are disgusting fucking creatures, why would we ever love each other? He began to tremble violently, staring at Owen's cleaved skull; shook all over as he took one step backwards, and then another.

"Jesus," he stammered. "Just...just..."

He had gone close to them. He had gone so close to them he'd almost--

"Oh God," he mumbled, and turned.

He was alone on this island. Everywhere he'd gone he'd found only the threat or reality of violence, and as time had gone on it had only gotten worse. An axe? A fucking axe?

I'm going to die. I'm going to die here. I'm going to get gunned down I'm going to get stabbed I'm going to get my head crushed in or chopped in half they'll leave pieces of me all over this fucking place I'll be in pain I'll suffer I'll-

He picked up speed and took off down the street.

(David Meramac continued in But I Might Die Tonight)
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December 7th, 2010, 5:43 am #39

The bokken was grazing the hairs on Nik's neck when Nik heard Owen whisper something to him.

"Don't feel bad when your friend saves you. This is the way I wanted it..."

Nik's brow furrowed into a look of confusion as he continued to struggle against Owen. What the hell did that even mean? This is the way he wanted it? He was trying to kill Nik for killing Craig, of course this is how he wanted it. Nik was on his back about to be choked, what more could Owen ask for?

Then came the whispers again,

"When I'm gone...lay me next to Craig."

It took only a split to realize what Owen was doing. He was trying to die. He was baiting Fiona. Nik heard Fiona's voice, but it was too late to stop her from whatever she was about to do. Nik tried to yell out to her, but the struggle against Owen had left him breathless.

The next sound was sickening. Owen fell forward onto Nik. Blood streamed down the sides of Owen's head, running onto Nik's face. Nik was frozen with the shock of the moment. He'd honestly thought Fiona was going to shoot Owen, but this, this was something else. Nik could see the handle of the axe, leading to the blade firmly planted into Owen's skull. The blood continued to flow onto Nik.

After a few moments, he pushed Owen's body off of himself and sat straight up. The blood on his face ran down his neck and onto his shirt, the redness of the blood making an immediate spread pattern on the white shirt. Nik then brought his hands to his face to wipe the blood from his eyes, followed by using the bottom half of his shirt to wipe the blood off his face.

Nik got to his feet and turned to Fiona,

"Thanks. You saved my life Fiona." Nik said, not wanting to tell her that Owen intended this.

Nik looked around and noticed another boy running away from the scene.

"We're going to have to be careful now. That asshole Danya will probably tell everyone I killed Craig maliciously, and that you killed Owen, without mentioning that you were trying to save me."

Nik paused and stared at the ground in front of him. He could feel his anger building but this was not the time to unleash his frustration. He needed to press on. He needed to get his stuff, get Fiona's stuff and just move away from this area. It was like a residential area curse on Nik Kronwall. He'd encountered his first dead body mere feet away from where he now stood, and now there were two more at his feet, both of which he knew he felt guilty for.

Nik walked over to where Craig's body laid. He bent over and closed Craig's eyelids.

"I'm sorry." He whispered before rising and walking back to where Owen's body was.

Nik used his foot to roll Owen's corpse onto it's stomach before placing that same foot on the side of Owen's face. Nik understood how disrespectful it seemed but he had to retrieve the axe. The first tug didn't do it, but the second tug did, accompanied by a fresh stream of blood gushing out of the wound. Nik threw the axe down at Fiona's feet before grabbing Owen's legs and dragging him next to Craig. Nik flipped Owen back over and closed Owen's eyes as well.

"I'm sorry Owen. I just hope Fiona didn't hear what you said. It'd be better for her this way. I think I understand why you did what you did." Nik whispered to the bloodied corpse.

Nik got up and went back over to Fiona.

"Are you okay? Ready to get the hell out of here?"
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December 8th, 2010, 5:02 am #40

((All GMing of Nik in this post is approved))

SLICE! There was a sickening crunch and a watery red substance leaked from the offending object. The blade that had been forced into the object was stuck there, unmoving and obvious, embedded in the flesh. The red substance pooled and dripped down.. down.. down.. into the grass.


There was another disgusting sound. The blade kept coming down, slicing again and again. There was a strong smell filling the warm summer air, and with a final SLICE, there was-

"I've finished slicing the watermelon!" Fiona's father called, looking back at his family as if he'd just crafted the fine watermelon himself. He seemed almost proud of his workmanship of slicing a mere watermelon, and he gladly handed each of his children a slice. Fiona always looked forward to this day, the first day of summer. Her father always celebrated by slicing open a wonderfully juicy watermelon. It was her favorite fruit. She loved the smell, the taste, those disgusting seeds that she usually tried to spit in the general direction of her brothers... And at the end of the day, she'd play a game of flag football with her bros.

Life was perfect. Sitting here in the warm June with a watermelon, Fiona remembered looking back at the remainder of the fruit. That knife was still stuck in the melon, embedded and hanging there. It wasn't anything note-worthy at the time, but it was something that stuck in her memories.


And that's what Fiona was reminded of now. As soon as her axe met its target -- Owen's head -- a sickening crunch filled her ears. Her lips twitched and she released the hold that she had on the axe. Owen's body went limp on top of Nik, blood pouring from that horrible slice in his head. Fiona couldn't stop staring, but she also couldn't stop obsessing over what emotion she was supposed to feel. Panicked, worried, scared, guilty?

She supposed she shouldn't obsess over something as silly as emotions when there was a dead boy in front of her, and it was, supposedly, all her fault. Okay, not really. Fiona would never admit as much. It wasn't her fault. Owen had been asking for it. Hell, he was trying to kill her only ally! The only human being that she felt safe enough with, the only human being that she trusted her life with.. on this island at least. So guilt? She pushed those emotions aside. Guilt would take no part in this.

Yet, Fiona still couldn't tear her eyes from that image. That image of the watermelon, no! Not watermelon -- Owen's head. Yes, that image of Owen's head with her axe stuck in it. It was revolting, it was.. it was.. She felt like a normal person would puke or cry right now, but Fiona had long-since discovered that she wasn't normal. There were no tears to be cried or vomit to be up-chucked. So, she managed an extremely shuddering breath and looked over at the very blood-stained Nik.

She gave him a sloppy smile and said, "Sorry. About all that." She motioned at his bloody shirt. Fiona hadn't even realized that she had gotten a bit bloody in the act of axing a guy in the head, but it was nowhere near to the extent of Nik.

Nik proceeded to thank Fiona, but she merely ignored him, turning away as if examining the landscape. She saved Nik's life and took away another. It was strange, something she didn't really want to reflect on. Because if she started reflecting on her new life as a murderer, she'd start thinking about other things. Philosophical crap, like 'who am I?' or 'why am I here? Would I kill if I wasn't on this island?' All stupid questions that Fiona would regret pondering, so she pushed it from her already-quite simple mind.

Fiona took another shuddering breath as Nik mentioned Danya's announcement. She had completely forgotten about that. By the next morning, everyone would know of her kill, but no one would know the whole truth. They would either think she'd gone crazy or axe-happy. Maybe they'd consider the fact that she was reacting in self-defense (even if she wasn't, not really), but that didn't change much. Everyone would still be weary.

Her image of being a plump brain-dead cheerleader was over. And, needless to say, she really loved that image.

"True," Fiona finally managed. "But we know the truth, and hell if I'm going to put too much effort into getting people to believe us. And.. Sorry if I'm speaking too soon, but.." She glanced over at the corpse of Craig as if she were casually looking at a very interesting painting. "What happened with.. him? I mean, I saw what was happening, kind of, but I didn't hear a thing.. Was it just self-defense.. or?" Fiona shook her head before she said anything else. "Never mind. Tell me later. We should probably bail before anyone else shows up."

Gathering her things, she watched as Nik closed Craig's eyes and muttered an apology. Fiona audibly sighed and waited. Nik uprooted Fiona's axe, which definitely ignited some happy feelings inside her. Well, she wasn't exactly happy that Owen now had a caved-in skull, as it smelled quite terribly!, but at least she had her axe back. It was almost scary how fond she was of the thing, but she liked it, covered in Owen's gore and all. She was almost tempted to wipe the blade in the grass, but she resisted. Owen's blood just made it look all the more badass.

Then again, that was suspicious, traipsing around with a very-bloody axe. She'd wipe it off later when the pair came upon a creek or something.

Fiona looked back at Owen's caved-in watermelon head and turned away, completely ready to blow this area. "Nik, if you're done talking to dead people, then let's go. You want to bury them too? No? Alright, then I'm ready."

She was ready to get the hell out. As the pair walked off into the distance, Fiona slung her bloody axe over her shoulder and tossed Nik his gun.

((Fiona Sparki and Nik Kronwall continued in Take Back The Fear))

(And, if I'm not mistaken, THREAD CONCLUDED)

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