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Waking up and finding out that an explosive collar a shadowy group of terrorists with inscrutable motives put on you after they kidnapped your entire class might explode was definitely one reason he was running. Another reason was that he had been rewarded again, this time for murdering Serena Waters. He dreamed about her, that night. It was the same but his father was watching him. When he was beating her, he said nothing. When he put a bullet into her skull, he said nothing. And when he left, he said nothing.

He woke up on the beach, that morning, next to Alessio Rigano's corpse. Danya was speaking to him. He had earned a reward and everywhere outside the asylum was no good to stay in. He got up that morning and he started running.

He saw the chapel where he had first woken up. The announcement ended with Danya stating that things were drawing to a close. Soon - and very soon - there would only be one person left.

Right now, though, he was hungry. And he was going to eat up. He slung his rifle over his shoulder and picked up the cheap little sub-machine gun he had been gifted by his torturers. And then he saw something much, much better. A basket of buffalo wing.. coleslaw.. some Dr. Pepper. He quickly picked up the Dr. Pepper, shoving it into his bag. He knelled down, devouring the coleslaw here, before picking up the basket of buffalo wings. He could eat these somewhere else, that wasn't out in the open.

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