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Where exactly things had been going would have to stay a mystery that only she knew the answer to, not too different from a few dozen other moments they'd shared at this point. Not that he minded. The crazy, mysterious way her head worked was just another part of what drew him to her, when you got down to the brass tacks of it.

For now, he was happy. He didn't get to say that too often, so he wasn't gonna get hung up on the details.

Not that the sound of the trunk slamming outside didn't cause him a moment or two of discomfort. Bee's parents were...different. Nice people, salt of the earth n' such, but not the kind he was used to being around, and if he didn't know better he would have damn near swore they enjoyed needling the two of them about their sorta complicated history. Maybe that was just his head being slightly off kilter though. He just didn't want to fuck up and embarrass her around them, and considering he'd never done this kinda thing before, he had to wonder just how her old man was going to react to him sitting in their house along with his daughter unannounced. Not exactly the sort of things parents tend to go over the moon for, in his experience. "Hope I'm not gettin' you in any trouble being here," he said with a slight chuckle that was meant to pass the statement off as a joke, but probably showed his nerves just a little too well.
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It was difficult to nail down exactly when the anger started. Remembering a time when it wasn't there, coiled up and waiting to strike or alive and thrashing, was growing more and more challenging. It'd been with her for so long that it no longer felt like an intruder in her mind. It felt like a part of her.
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It felt right to have Tyler here when she needed support and companionship, but her parents, despite their inclination to give her some extra space, would react, well, like parents. It would probably be after her boyfriend had awkwardly shuffled his way out of the house too, escaping like she could not, especially today. And that, Bernadette realised, just was not fair. There was the familiar sound of a door slamming.

It was almost natural to take her physical limits into consideration at the moment, because nothing was going to stop her from succeeding at her current scheme. Bernadette looked up at him, returning concern with a reassuring smile. Then came the footsteps on the concrete paving stones, reminding her that time was running out. “Don’t look so worried, Ty.”

The jangle of keys. She kissed him again to distract him from fingers that were tracing a path from his upper thigh. Then she laughed, pulling away from his lips as her fingertips grazed, intentionally, a touch too high. “He could have caught us doing much, much worse. Pass me the remote please?”

He, surprisingly, obliged meaning that the television was on so that the cuddling looked entirely innocent when her dad opened their front door. It also meant that Bernadette was able to hide some of her blush against Tyler as she turned to see her father ladened down with shopping bags.

“Dad!” She hit the mute button, then paused deliberately to look between him and her boyfriend, looking at least a little contrite. “Ty came to see me.”

Her father, from what Bernadette could tell, did not miss a beat at the unexpected situation presented, smiling a greeting at their visitor as he set down the bags. “Hey Tyler. Do you mind ferrying these to the kitchen whilst I get the rest?” The fact that he did not pause for a response was a little odd, until he stopped half-turned to go back out the door with a slight frown on his lips. “And when I come back with the rest we can talk
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