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The door to the Feleti family household swept open, letting a soft but sudden breeze of cool night air flow inside following the man of the house, Aisi. Once she heard the front door close in its usual slamming-like fashion, Kealani set her blues and greens down beside the colouring book she was using on her bed in her room, and hurried out to greet him.

Aisi had been working longer hours of late as Flannery’s recently announced pregnancy caused her to spend more of her time relaxing and concentrating on the administrative work. When he wasn't working, Aisi was out hunting, fishing, hiking, or building with Kealani’s brother, Maipe, at his side. Kealani blatantly envied their relationship, much to her elder brother’s amusement and to Aisi’s obliviousness.

She had asked if she could go with the pair a couple of times, but it always ended with one of two answers: “it's not a thing for girls” or “you're just too young”. Flannery agreed with Aisi on occasion when she felt the activity was too dangerous for four-year-old Kealani, hunting being the standout example, but had begin to notice more and more of Aisi’s rejection of Kealani too.

A nervous little Kealani approached Aisi at the dining room table, who'd just grabbed a beer from the fridge; he was relaxing, collecting his thoughts.


“Yes?” The response was firmed than Kealani expected or wanted, making her feel like she already knew what the answer was going to be. She changed tact at the last possible moment.

“Um… I miss you!”

“Why's that, sweetie?”

Kealani found herself in a lump suddenly; how was she meant to respond to that? She was young, still very much naïve, and uncertain, but she'd been down this path enough times to know how it ended.

“Never mind.” She sighed, with little response coming from her father. She told herself that he was just tired again, which while true, she knew wasn't the extent of everything. She asked Flannery, whom was currently preparing a family bowl of coconut rice at the time, for a glass of pineapple juice, to which her mother handed her as they exchanged smiles.

Flannery whispered to Kealani lucratively. “Darling, I have a special surprise for you tomorrow morning, okay? But you have to keep it between us; no boys allowed, got it?”

The excited girl nodded, went to speak, then rapidly moved her hands in front of her mouth to stop herself. Kealani slowed retreated back into her bedroom, trying her best at being inconspicuous, but drawing great attention to herself instead. Toddling back to her bed and retrieving her colouring book and pencils, she began to think about what the surprise could be while finishing off the scales on a fish she was filling in.

The muffled voices of her parents could be heard. Kealani could only barely make out what the pair were saying, that was until voices were raised. At that point, a curious and overwrought Kealani raced to the scene of the argument, ducking beneath the dining room table; she went unnoticed, her parents too focused on their fight.

“Aisi, you're doing it again.” Flannery spoke.

“Doing what?” Aisi retorted.

“Paying no attention to Kealani! The girls severely discouraged, Aisi. You spend much of your time with Maipe; you should make more of an effort to spend time with Kealani.”

“I don't know what you're talking about, and I do not ignore our daughter. She's just too young and—”

Flannery cut him off, “And a girl…”

Aisi froze. “How dare you.“ There was venom in his voice, dashings of rage and denial speck lung throughout it too. “She's just far too young.”

Ready with another rebuttal, Flannery fired back. “Sorry. Not your first born male? Look I get that there's a special bond in that, Aisi, I really do. And I love the amount of time and effort you put into your relationship with Maipe. All I'm asking is that you consider Kealani’s feelings a little more, and actively try to spend more time with her. And I don't want any more excuses about how you're tired from work, because I know for a fact that if Maipe were to ask you right now, you'd jump at the chance.”

Both parties took deep, controlled breaths for several seconds. Silence send to don the room for a solid minute before Aisi spoke.

“Sorry.” He muttered.

Flannery turned her back to finish tending to the D’Anjou Chicken curry she was concocting at the kitchen bench, checking that the curry was at the right temperature and level of spice. “Thank you. I'm not asking much, and the fact you'll try m—”

As she turned to face him, her voice was cut off by a closing door; Aisi had left.

Flannery called out to her children in announcement: despite the kerfuffle, she'd readied their evening meal. Kealani’s weeping was now noticeable; her mother found her crouching under the table. Kealani’s face was puffy and red from her tears, and she was clutching the table leg fearsomely. Flannery knelt down to comfort her daughter, holding her tightly until Kealani released her grip on the table leg.

“It's okay sweetie,” Kealani heard her mother say, “it's okay.”

Kealani and Flannery both knew it wasn't.
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