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((Permission given to move Winnie from the thread.))

Everyone else had seemed to have followed Dave's idea and decided to leave before any shit went down. Good, that way they wouldn't have to split up. Dave wasn't in that much of a mood to lose anyone. Sucked that Liz would get left on her own, but that's the way the ball rolled. Life's a bitch sometimes. They'd given her what they could to help. She'd just have to figure something out. Liz had been smart enough to do whatever she'd done to piss off the intercom douches, so she'd be smart enough to improvise. Make McGuyver look like an amateur.

Winsome. Winnie. Where'd she gone? Was she okay? Dave had lost track of her after she'd thrown his sweater at Liz. Dave's eyes darted around, checking every nook and cranny he could spot before catching her crouching at the base of a tree. He motioned for the others to wait a second before quietly walking over to her. He helped her up to her feet. Probably didn’t need the help, but Dave gave her it anyway.

"Come on," Dave tried to keep his usually loud voice calm, relaxed. "Winnie, we gotta go."

Izzy and Charlie had already started to move, probably not with the intention of leaving Dave and Winnie behind, but Dave reserved judgement on that one. Where were they headed? Dave figured he would ask on the way. Wherever they were headed, they had probably set it in stone by now.

One last glance at Liz, before he left. Silently wished her luck with her plan. Helen was hesitating now, though. Torn between helping Liz and going with them. Understandable. They still didn't know her all that well. Dave motioned for Helen to join them. She eventually followed, leaving Liz alone. Dave hoped this was the right choice. Just once he wanted to have done the right thing.

With Winnie in tow, Dave followed too.

((Dave Morrison and Winnie Clark, continued in The House of the Rising Sun.))
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