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A soft sigh eminated from the boy as he shuffled both quickly and quietly towards the site of his bags. The rations he had selected for the trip were not meager by any definition of the word, and the addition of the second backpack would make carrying everything difficult farther down the road. And while seeing to re-organize his belongings was impossible in the current setting, Peter was confident that he could re-pack everything into a single bag at some point down the road. However this was not the time to focus on ease of travel, and more the time to focus on getting away silently, and with haste.

His voice was hushed and urgent, yet the tone behind the whisper was one of genuine concern. "Max, Katlin, we have to move now." A soft zip echoed through the tunnels as he prepared his personal bag to move. A quick tug, and the hefty bag rested atop his shoulders yet again; although this time it wasn't the thing pinning him into the dust. Sliding the full flashlight from the bag he was provided by their oh so gracious hosts, he flicked it on; making a point to point the source of light away from the newcomers. "Let's go this way." The map would be utterly useless, even if they could see it. The best thing to do would be to stumble around until they saw the break of dawn filtering through a way out.

Light steps echoed through the tunnels as the boy marched cautiously in circles, slowly making his way towards his first clear, attainable goal.

He only hoped his new friends didn't get left behind.

((Peter McCue Continued in Some Fantastic.))
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Saul had searched for about twenty minutes, scared to go too far, for fear of missing his friends if they came back for him. He sat, knees drawn to his chest, leaning his back against the lip of the entrance to the dark tunnels. Every now and again, he looked over his shoulder, into the gaping maw of the opening, turning back with a shudder.

Without his friends to put a brave face on for Saul felt horribly useless and alone. It was just him: his only company the quivering of his heart and the wind in the trees. He wrapped his arms around his knees and tightly held them to himself, his thighs pushing painfully on his ribcage. Sighing, Saul put his forehead onto his knees, in a fetal position. That's how he felt. Vulnerable in a world unknown to him. Nobody here. Just him, the trees, and one big-ass tunnel.

Lifting his head, Saul looked bleakly to the treeline. Should he leave? If they hadn't come back yet, what's the point of staying? Besides, he was already in a risky spot to begin with.

Or maybe he should just sit here, waiting to die.

"Fuck that noise," he muttered, standing up.

Besides, he may end up meeting up with Garry, Cyrille, and Miranda later. The island isn't huge. Hopefully, nothing happens to any of them, he thought, picking up his bag and walked into the forest.

((Saul Fetteralf continued elsewhere.))

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((What they said))

Max waited patiently as the voices out there started to perish, and soon as far as he could guess, they were alone again. That was an useful information anyway, as going toward the direction the voiced faded had a good chance to lead them to the exit... Or deeper down the tunnels.

Seeing as Peter turned on his flashlight as well and moved forward, Max gave his surrounding a quick look and then followed his new companion.

"C'mon Kaitlin, we cannot stay here." He said to the girl and only halfway through the tunnels he realized how awkward that could've sound as Kaitlin never introduced herself to him.

((Max Crowe continued in Some Fantastic))

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[Girl #048 - Kaitlin Anderheim. Under new management.]

♪ We could run away ♫

Alone in the dark once more, alone and afraid and clutching the bear to her chest as tightly as she could, her fingers wrapped around the flashlight from her bag; No matter how hard she searched, she couldn't see the dot of light in the distance from Peter's flashlight, the sign she hadn't become completely lost in the darkness of the tunnels. There was no light save for her own and she didn't even know if she was moving in the right direction anymore; She'd lost Peter and Max at some point, got turned around and confused, and now... now she didn't know what to do. Where was the silver lining now?

"Peter? Max?"

She called out again in the dark, not knowing how many times she'd already done so, but just as before there had been no answer; The only thing she heard was her own voice, her own shuddering breath and the sound of her feet on the floor beneath her. She'd spent so much time sitting in the dark at home, sitting alone with her thoughts and her questions and every little worry she had, but back then she knew she was alone and it was familiar; she felt safe with Theodore back then as she asked her questions to the darkness. But now she was alone in the unknown, in a place she didn't know and a place she didn't feel safe, no matter how tightly she clutched Theodore to her chest or how much she wished for her father to be with her, to come out of the dark and take her away from everything happening. And without Peter or Max there to lead her, she didn't know if she would ever get out of the tunnel.

♪ Ah, but they would hunt us down. ♫

Spinning around on her heel, she turned to face the darkness and a noise in the distance; She didn't know if it was something she should follow, a sign from Peter and Maxwell, a hint at which direction she should be heading. She didn't know if it was something she should be seeking to protect herself from, something she should be afraid of and putting as much room between herself and the source of the noise. All she knew was that she was alone, that she only had Theodore with her and that no one was there to help her; Not her mother nor her father, nor any of the other students. Just as it always had been. She didn't need anyone to help her before, she didn't need anyone to help her now, much less her mother; She'd managed just fine on her own, her grades and her Tae Kwon Do were a testament to that fact. She swallowed hard and pushed back the tears.


She didn't know what it was but when she called out, the noise returned with greater volume. She didn't know why she felt so afraid, why she couldn't breathe or where the doubts that had sunken her hopefulness had come from, but everything was telling her to turn and run as fast as she could. Her hand was trembling and her heart was caught in her chest, her lungs refusing to obey as she pushed her free hand to her neck, clutching the necklace that hung from it; Her fingers brushed the cold silver, and she summoned the strength to do what needed to be done. She slipped Theodore into the safety of her backpack. She didn't want to lose him in the events that would follow.

♪ What else can I say?

But turn this ship around. ♫

She spun around.

She ran.

As far and as fast as her legs would carry her.

She ran.

[Girl #048 - Kaitlin Anderheim. Continued in Some Fantastic.]

[End of thread.]
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