Everybody Wants To Be A Cat

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((Alessio Rigano continued from Hearts of Irony))

A shirt here, a sock there, a stack of homework in another place, inbetween a cat sleeping. Alessio's room was messy.

The walls were empty. No Coyote Peyote poster, well, since it didn't exist. No pictures. A tuba was on the wall, though. Wardrobe and that was it.

Michelle was sleeping on a black hoodie of Al, that was on a chair. Julius was playing outside, or rather hunting and terrorising the animals around the neighbourhood. Al had no clue where Jeff had been and Massimo currently played with Al. Alessio eyed the scars on his leg. It bled. Alessio stopped playing with the laser pointer to go to the bathroom and clean his wound.

Alessio wished he'd be a cat. No problems, no school. Just sleeping as you like, being feeded, being taken cared of. It sucked that Al was born a human. A human with a responsibility. A human that soon turned adult.

Al had no clue what to do when he was an adult. Finish school with good grades. Work at a shelter perhaps? He could voluntarily job there, maybe, in Kingman, perhaps, when being a Senior. That would stop him being at home so long alone.

And after Kingman? He had no clue.

In the future, he will become a veterinarian. That was something he was sure of. He wondered where he should apply to study. He had enough time to decide, though.

((Alessio Rigano, Pregame concluded))