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((Bryony Adams continued from A History of Bad Decisions))

She made it about fifteen feet down the hallway.

If she looked to the left, she could still see the open door of the staff lounge. If she squinted, she could see a trail of blood splotches leading from it, like tiny red footprints. Bryony looked at them, and a soft, lazy smile drifted across her lips. She sat there for some time, slumped underneath one of the few windows that hadn’t been shattered yet, staring at the blood droplets.

Her hand instinctively moved to touch the saw blade again, resting upon it for a moment. It felt warm, like a penny kept in your pocket, and she could feel gravel and dirt, from where Blair had kicked the blade, sticking to her skin. She grasped hold of it as tightly as she could and attempted to yank it out, but the instant she did, pain wracked her entire body, and she let out a cry of agony. She left it in. Wasn’t that what you were supposed to do with stab wounds anyway? Leave the foreign body in there? It stemmed the bleeding, right? That sounded right, at the very least. Bryony rolled her head back and looked up at the ceiling. She let out a gentle sigh, as the pain subsided to a gentle, steady pang.

She was so, so tired. She was straining to keep her eyes open, and all of her joints ached, but, somehow, she had done it. She was still alive. She had wandered into a room with a killer, and she had won. She could hide out for the remainder of tomorrow, make sure she was as safe as possible, and she would walk out of here alive. The gentle smile floated back onto Bryony’s face, the most earnestly happy she had looked for a long, long time.

“Can you see me, Alice?” she said. “Can you see what I’ve done? I’m… I’m almost there, now, thanks to you…”

She breathed out. Somehow, a delicate, gentle laugh exited her mouth as well.

“One more day… Then this will all be over…”

God, she was exhausted.

She couldn’t keep her eyes open any longer. She didn’t really need to. She needed some rest before tomorrow, even if all she was going to do was hide. She needed to keep her strength up, just in case.

Bryony closed her eyes, and fell asleep.

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