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March 8th, 2011, 2:36 pm #11

Micheal offered Gloria a small smile. You know, comforting. She was twitchy, twitchier then normal. The whole, pointing a gun thing and all. He needed to talk her down. Make her do the not pointing a gun at people thing. They might go and get the wrong impression if they saw that. Like the impression that someone was going to get shot. Which, you know, fair point reaching that particular conclusion. Gun and all. Which was why it would serve everyone if she put it away.

“Don’t be sorry. Just, you know, be careful, yeah?” He looked toward the other group then back to his surroundings. Not back they way they came, then, And not forward. Which…limited choices some. But that was okay. Adaptability was key, right? Forward and back weren’t options, but they could just head east or west. Anywhere but here. Judging by the shouting, sticking around was probably bad for his health.

And, as if to prove his point, some guy comes charging out of nowhere with a chair. A chair! Well, also, probably not nowhere. If he was paying attention, he probably would have noticed. But he wasn’t, so he didn’t. So he was caught completely unaware as a chair started flying around in his immediate personal space. Which, in case it wasn’t obvious, was very bad.

His immediate instinct was to move, and for lack of anything better, it was the instinct he followed. Micheal ducked off to the side, holding his free hand up to his face in a warding gesture. For a second, he forgot about Gloria as he tried to get clear. The possibility that Gloria was the target was so ridiculous that he didn’t think it warranted much thought anyway. So, he ducked away under the impression that he should expect a chair to smack him in the head any second.

It belatedly occurred to him that he armed. At the same time it occurred to him that if he looked toward the assailant, he’d be hit in the face. He arrived at the compromise of slashing out blindly with the Wolverine claws. In his mind, he was the very image of a blind warrior. In reality, he was flailing about like an idiot.
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[[Brief GMing permitted by KamiKaze]]

Gloria tried to smile--getting a pretty shaky, twitching one because she was crying, but it was a smile. Michael was smiling at her, so it was right to smile back, right? "Y-Yeah, o...okay...c-c-areful..." she whispered, nodding as she wiped her face again.

She didn't even have time to react, really. One moment, she'd taken a step forward, intent on following Michael--it was time to switch leaders, she supposed. No sense in having the leader be weeping and aiming guns at everything--and then there was the rustling.

Bushes rustling.

A few twigs snapped in rapid succession.

Someone ran out onto the road where they were, looking more like a blur than anything.

Gloria looked up.


Gloria let out a quick, short cry as there was a horrible pain at the side of her head. The pain didn't even last for too long, actually--right after impact, Gloria felt like half her face had gone numb, and she was afraid to move her jaw, fearing it might be stuck, dislocated, broken...She fell to the ground, half screaming half gasping as she lifted her non-gun hand to where she'd been hit, tears streaming even faster down her face now.

"A-Aaah! St-s-s-sta...l-lea'me...!" she tried to cry out, words and sentences being jumbled and mixed up, her stutter suddenly getting worse. Her hand tightened around the gun--it was honestly a miracle she hadn't let go of it--and she tried to crawl forward, get away from the crazy guy with the chair, get to Michael, he had a weapon on him that didn't need to be properly-aimed right, he could help her, he had to--

Someone else ran out just then, and Gloria briefly saw a flash of metal in their hand. She didn't know who he was coming to protect--her or the chair-guy. Shaking and choking on her sobs, Gloria looked up in time to recognize the face--That's Remy, we saw each other in hallways a few times, I heard people say his name once or twice--and then there was another searing pain in her arm.

She screamed again, shaking the arm that the knife was embedded in, in a desperate and stupid attempt to get it out. The knife was pulled out by its owner, thank God, but what if he stabbed her again she didn't want to die oh God what had she ever done to deserve this and now her arm was bleeding and her head was numb and it hurt it hurt it hurt she was scaredscaredscared...

"H-H-HEL-ELP M-M-MEEEE!" she wailed, her whole face wet with tears, saliva, snot...she looked a mess but she didn't care about that right now. Who could in a time like this? Still on the ground, she pulled the gun closer to herself by accident as she tried to crawl/drag herself away from these people. "D-D-DAAAD!" she sobbed.

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March 10th, 2011, 12:16 pm #13

((Sarah Tan continues from Keep on Smiling))

Sarah didn't know how long she'd been running. She knew it was a ridiculous course of action, and she knew she should have thought it over, but...Nick Reid was a killer. If she wanted to live, if she wanted Stacy, and Sapphire, and Harun, and Rashid and...and everyone to live, she had to get out of there.

But...she didn't know if they were following her. Oh dear, had she just abandoned them? No, they wouldn't have just stayed there, would they? Stacy, she was following, right?...right?

Eventually, Sarah stopped. It must have been a well long time ago since she saw Nick Reid. He was a really thin boy, and even though she was short, she could run faster than him. That was a definite. Sarah's little legs were still pumping though, and she just needed to sit down before they busted from just standing up, just on this small bridge.

But even that she had no time for. Someone was crying, somewhere.

Sarah couldn't let that happen, someone was hurt! She needed to help them! Now!

She surveyed the area, and...

...oh my word, it's...Remy!

In her wildest dreams, there were people she really never thought she'd see again. Some of them were still alive, but...she didn't know how they'd react if they saw her. Especially Hayley. But...Remy...Remy, of all people, she had to make sure he was okay.

She ran towards him, throwing all caution to the wind.

"REMY! Remy, it's me! Sarah!" she shouted towards him, while trying to run across the road. But as she got closer, Sarah realised why she was running towards something she had no right to be in. 4 people. 2 of them she knew, and the other two were...oh no...

George, the boy she mentally blocked out from the Warehouses all those days ago. He'd...there was a girl on the ground, her name was Gloria, she'd often see her at the library. She was on the ground, in pain, with a-a knife in her arm!

What? Who-who did that!? I-If she lets me, I-I might be able to fix her up, but...who did that? Was it one of those other boys?

There was another boy there. His name, it didn't mean anything, because right now, Sarah was looking at Remy's hands. In them was a gun. And he had it aimed right at the small girl on the ground.

Her run came to a stop, almost a complete halt, and her mouth was left slightly open in shock.

"...Remy? What's...what's going on Remy?" Sarah asked. She really had a reason to be afraid now.

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((Stacy Hart continued from Keep on Smiling))

Stacy was a fast runner, and had taken after Sarah only moments after she noticed her start to run. She caught up fairly quickly, but not quickly enough. Sarah had managed to run into a very messy situation and now Stacy was there too. Unless this got diffused quickly at least one of them was going to die there. For a moment she tried to think of the words to say, but there weren't any. This was The Game, and the clock was running.

"Sarah, get back!"

She raised her gun and tried to figure out who to aim at. Everybody had something that could be potentially deadly, or very harmful, and she honestly had no idea who had started what. All she knew was that she was there to rescue her friend. And that's exactly what she was going to do, no matter what happened.

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March 12th, 2011, 6:03 am #15


Pain. Blood. Pain. Blood.

Remy fumbled on the ground, searching for the knife. Oh god, where was it? Where was it? Some a-hole had shot at him, and he didn't know what to do. Oh fuck. He needed it. He needed it to defend himself. And they were probably going for him again.

Ah. There it was. His hand trembling, both from fear, anger, and blood loss, he picked up the switchblade with his undamaged right arm, and looked up. The douchebag with the chair had ran forward towards one of the other people, a girl. That was... that was who had shot at him, right? And suddenly...


The chair connected to the girl's head, knocking her to the ground. Remy slowly lifted himself off the ground as he watched the scene. She was being smacked over the head repeatedly. And, despite all the pain and blood coming from his arm, he ran forward.

She shot at him. She tried to kill him. She shot him. She wanted to kill him.

And before he knew it, it happened.

Within the next minute, he had stuck his knife inside her arm. Remy, with a bit of difficulty, removed the knife. That bitch made a horrible screaming noise. Damn it, she was loud! And she was only going to attract more psychos, more people that would attack him. It was completely inhuman, completely animalistic... and that face she was making... oh god...

Of course, to Remy, thanks to the amount of anger, his paranoid delusions, the pain and bloodloss, and of course fear he had, it sounded and looked... wrong. But to anyone else, they would realize she was crying for help and was in serious amounts of pain.

He moved to bring the knife down, but-

Someone was saying his name.

Who was it? No, couldn't be that sister of his, couldn't be the girl he was stabbing, couldn't be chair douche... who... who was it...

Reika? It was her, wasn't it? No, wasn't Reika. Not Reiko or that sister of his, either.

Remy looked towards the girl, squinting to get a better look.

"Sa... rah?"

Sarah Tan. Sarah, who he had met that day in tenth grade, and watched as she got ill over the frogs. Sarah, who was always there. Sarah, who was his friend. Sarah Tan. She was here.

She was here. She had seen everything.

She had seen how he had been shot at, and how that girl was responsible for it. She had seen him stab that girl. She saw it all.

"Sarah... that girl... she attacked me... I'm bleeding... and I don't want to... so I fought back... already fought once..."

In some corner of his mind, he was aware that he was still crying, from the pain. Of course it would be from the pain. His left shoulder felt numb after being shot, and he was sure he wasn't able to move it much right now.

But what if Sarah was like everyone else? Fucking crazy, fucking batshit, only thinking of killing everyone else? To be honest, the last person he wanted to be crazy was Sarah. But she was here. He had no clue what she was up to. She was here. She could be anything by this point. Everyone else had gone batshit...

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((Ericka Bradley continued from A Day at the Beach))

Tired. Hungry. Thirsty. Afraid.

At this point those words could describe anyone on this island, except maybe those to which the word dead was a better description. By the time this was all over there would be a lot more in the latter category than in the former. Did that matter anymore? It wasn't like Ericka didn't care that all her classmates would die, it was just that... well... if she wanted to be the one to go home she couldn't care.

Her immediate concern now would be to restock her own, now low, food and water supplies. And since she had no clue how to hunt, forage, or purify water, she would have to steal those supplies from someone who already had them. More weapons wouldn't hurt either.

Voices. Shouting. People were nearby. Was this her chance?

She approached the source of the noises. There were more people there than she expected, and the whole group was already starting to fall apart. Maybe Ericka could use the chaos to get what she needed? She could wait until it was all over and scavenge the supplies... No, they'd all be taken by the people already there. If she could slip into the group unnoticed then maybe she could grab a bag or two and leave before anybody noticed her. With the amount of people that were in the group and the ongoing commotion, they couldn't keep track of everyone... could they?

After circling around the group she decided on an angle of approach and began cautiously moving towards them.
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March 13th, 2011, 12:50 am #17

She found herself losing her cool. There was a scared girl with a gun, and a boy with wounds looking for his knife, and she just wanted to start shooting. In the back of her mind she knew they all weren't so bad, but also that fear could change a person. If things didn't slow down soon, she knew she would absolutely lose it.


In retrospect, she could have handled that much better. But she had a gun and the beginnings of a nervous breakdown. She was tired and hungry, and she hadn't been in a situation this tense since she got dumped onto the island closest to hell. She wasn't sure if that was lucky or unlucky.

Her hand shook a little. She needed something, anything. She just needed to get off of that damn island and do teen things with her friends.

Any other time she might have laughed. The ones who would live were the ones who'd broken the rules and couldn't come on the trip, or the ones who were sick, or just anti-social enough to skip the trip. There was some kind of lesson there. Maybe that was what they were supposed to be learning. Maybe that's why they were doing this, and maybe they'd stop once the country learned.

Or maybe they're just evil.

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March 13th, 2011, 1:30 am #18

((Kari Nichols continued from Hmmmn))


Such a good word. It described her perfectly. Fit her like a glove. She was tired, head to toe. Tired of seeing killers in every cranny, hearing ghosts whisper from every hole and shadow. Tired of hearing Danya gleefully rattle off the names of dead friends, tired of hearing him congratulate the newly-minted murderers. And above all, just plain tired.

Mizore wasn't in the Parish. She didn't even know why she was bothering to look for her any more, except it was something to do. It wouldn't like it would do any good. Mizore was probably safer without her, anyway. She could talk her way out of Alcatraz, confound the most hardened killers through sheer force of personality. Besides, Kari was a jynx. Bad luck. Everyone around her met their doom in short time. Maybe Mizore would be different, though. Maybe she hadn't had time to rub off on her.

A gunshot rippled across the landscape. Focus replaced fatigue. Just like on the beach. She broke into a run.

She skidded to a halt not far from the developing melee. Unfolded the stock of her SMG,held it up. Part of her wanted to just open fire, end everything. Part of her wanted to run away. And part of her wanted to figure out just what was going on.

"Oi! Just what's going on?"
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March 13th, 2011, 1:44 am #19

Things were getting a little too intense for George. While he had a good chance of taking two people in a fight, being able to beat-what was it-seven or eight people was far beyond his physical abilities. Besides which, he had beaten in this girl's skull enough. She wouldn't be shooting anyone ever again or, for that matter, doing much of anything. So far as the wannabe adventurer was concerned, justice had been served with a tasteful garnish of grim satisfaction and a cool glass of ego boosting nectar. Many ballads would be sung of the great hero who broke a chair over the head of a scared girl who was shooting at someone who he couldn't care less about.

And broken it was. Staring down at the implement of justice in his shaking hands, George noticed that all but one of the legs had come off. Holding onto the back of the chair, he considered that this weapon did not seem to have much life left in its saggy wooden frame. Alas, but this new friend had already been broken and beaten beyond any use or repair. He would need to find something else that he could use, but that was a concern for a time when half a dozen folks weren't bearing down on him.

Fortunately for George, a few of the new folks were more distracted by the people with guns and knives than the hapless idiot running around with a piece of furniture. Ditching the chair to hasten his exit, he ran off into the trees, realizing that taking the road itself would open himself up too much to pistol fire. All things considered, it wasn't a worthless encounter, but it was hardly a productive one either. In the future, he would be better off assuming that the person on the other end was armed and dangerous, and react appropriately.

(George Leidman continued elsewhere)

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March 13th, 2011, 1:50 am #20

Before she could process what the hell was going on, Stacy turned toward the shout that had just rang out. It belonged to a girl with a gun. A big gun. From everything that Stacy could gather it also had a lot of bullets and could fire them very quickly. That was bad.

A thousand thoughts surged through Stacy's head in a very short frame of time, and soon it was pounding. Then it was all down to one; We are so fucked..

Her movements were almost mechanical, and she wasn't even fully sure that she was really doing what she thought she was until she felt her finger pulling the trigger back. As a bullet exploded from the barrel of the revolver and the force made her lose her footing, she had just a moment to reflect on the experience. Some people might think about the fact that they'd just shot at somebody who had just come to the wrong place at the wrong time, with the misfortune of having a very scary looking weapon, but Stacy only had time for one thought after her first time using a gun.

She hadn't expected that much resistance from the trigger, or that much kick. But then again, what the hell do I know about guns?