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"You are such a fucking cheater!" Jay said, dropping his controller to the ground.
"That's the only way you could've beaten me this many fucking times in a row."

"You really got to stop this cussing thing, brother" Mia chuckled, powering down the Playstation until the screen went dark.
"And the exact number of times I've beaten you is twenty-three times in a row"

Jay shook his head, irritated "first off, It ain't been twenty-three fucking times in a row and I'll cuss when I fucking want to, where I fucking want to, and how I fucking want to."

Mia couldn't help herself but laugh at him, which only further irritated him. She stood up from the couch, stretching her arms out. "But you sound fucking stupid, when you say it."

"I don't say fucking like that!" Jay said.
He hated the tone in which she said the word fucking, knowing it was just to make fun of his voice for being high.
"Also, You sound stupid when you say it too."

"No I don't," Mia answered, heading towards the kitchen. "Because unlike you brother, I actually know how to cuss properly."

Jay thought about that for a second, before answering. He followed her into the kitchen, sitting down at the kitchen table.
"Then teach me how to cuss properly, sis."

Mia pulled out a bowl and a Frosted Flakes cereal box from the cabinet.

"There's no way I'm teaching my brother how to cuss." she said.

"Why not!?" Jay said, "I don't think that's fair."

"Well, who said life was fair?" Mia said, with the bowl and Frosted Flakes box in her hands.
She sat down at the kitchen table, across from Jay. Slowly, she poured the frosted flakes into the bowl, and then the milk.

"Aaron and Jalen cuss all the time, why don't you say anything to them?" Jay asked, putting both his hands on the table.

"Because they're not my brother." Mia responded, chewing a spoonful of cereal. "And since you are, I can't have you going around embarrassing me"

"I don't embarrass you." Jay shot back, defensively.

"Yesterday, you wore mix-matched shoes to the grocery store," Mia said again, eating another spoonful of cereal.

"I already told you, that they looked alike!" Jay exclaimed.

"One shoe was red and black and the other one was all white, brother." Mia laughed.

"It was dark, I couldn't actually see what shoes I was putting on, sis."

"It was seven in the morning!"

"So, it was still dark!"

Mia shook her head giving up on the whole conversation.

"Brother, you have so much to learn." she added, taking another bite of cereal.

"I know," Jay said, smirking. "But first, teach me how to cuss"
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