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March 3rd, 2008, 10:25 am #16

The girl suddenly went quiet, and that was not a good sign. The second the giant walked in - a giant Troy recognized as that weirdo Gabriel Theobaldt, Troy knew he had to escape. Not just because of the sword he'd brought in with him, but because to Troy, Gabe was so eccentric that he didn't know what was going to happen with the other sword. Without thinking he went past the open area and flung himself into the stall nearest to him, his supply bag's centripetal force causing him to slam against the shower wall close to the knobs. He came within inches of Gabe's bulk, but that didn't quite hit him before he'd locked the stall door.

He could hear the resulting murder from the cell, and - perhaps unknowingly - pulled down his pants to relieve himself of his fear while Gabe was busy. Having to work all that with one hand, the other clenched tightly around the fireplace poker, was easy. The hard part was actually escaping before finding out what happened with the collar around his neck.

Fortunately for Troy, that also turned out to be easy. He unlocked the shower door and kicked it open, the door hinge swinging toward Gabe. He didn't stop to think about if it hit the guy or not...but within seconds he had made it out the shower room door and into daylight.

He didn't look back. He didn't want to.

((Continued in Say Goodbye, Hollywood))